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    Exhaust conversion from grass burner to stack

    I don't dare run my Kioti in long dead grass for fear of starting a fire. So after 5 years of thought and designing I bit the bullet and took her apart. We separated the loader from the tractor; The bolts holding the muffler onto the manifold were easy to take out; I needed to remove the...
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    I need some advice on how to rig a horizontal tree to pull it sideways 30'

    I have a downed tree in my back yard. The tree is/was 80' long/tall. Either way it is still 80' of tree with a fork in the bottom third. It is still attached to the stump, but that is shredded fairly good. I have at my disposal a small backhoe and a Jeep with a 12,000 lb winch, two pulleys one...
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    Loader My loadeer seems to be a little weak

    The loader on my 2012 Kioti seems to be a little weak. The bucket wont curl like it did 6 years ago. The Hydraulic oil is full to the mark. Is there any way to increase the flow of oil to the curl cylinders without doing damage to the HST?
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    I need advice on making a concrete pad

    I want to make a concrete pad, 12' long by 8' wide. This pad is only for a patio. We have bad weeds, strangler vine and the goobermint outlawed Round Up and other effective weed killers. Can I have some advice on how to construct this? To the best of my knowledge the soil has not been disturbed...
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    I just pulled the trigger on new chains

    After 5 hours of slipping and sliding around on the sloppy wet snot that we got yesterday and overnight I bit the bullet and bought a full set of chains. Front and rear. Duo Grip from Canadian Chains. $984.oo tax in and delivered. It will probably take about 2 weeks to get here from BC.
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    Can I usee copper pipe for exhaust pipe?

    The typical exhaust gas temperature is 1,000 F. Copper melt point is about 1900 F. Why cant I use copper pipe for exhaust pipe?
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    Severe storms in the Central U.S.

    I see that you people in South Central U.S. have severe T-storms and Tornadoes......Stay safe!
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    Heat pump hot water heaters?

    Has anybody here had anything to do with heat-pump hot water heaters? A link to what I am looking at....8 page pdf file Do they work more efficiently than standard hot water heaters? I am on a well. My water...
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    Power steering axle pivot point outboard

    On the power steering joint (right hand side) I have about 1/4" of play. The left hand side has about 1/16" play. The question is, should I tighten up the right side or just ignore it?
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    Differences betwen 3 pt and subframe backhoes?

    I am in the process of pricing out a backhoe for my CK27 Kioti. One place has a 3pt backhoe with self contained pump and hydraulic tank for $5,800.oo + $500.oo for a 12" bucket + 13% tax =$7119.oo The other one has a sub frame and is a genuine Kioti BH with a 12" bucket for $8,850.oo + 13% tax =...
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    220V electricity and 110V

    I don't know if this is do-able or not, but I want to take 110V hydro off one of the 220V legs of the power that is going to my well pump. The pump is 220V and draws 5amps. There are 27.5 amps available in the 220 circuit. The way I understand it is that the 27.5-5 amps leaves 22.5amps I want to...
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    front mount hydraulic brush hog

    I want to get me a 5' brush hog and run it with hydraulics . I have two hydraulic motors, one I could plumb off the rear PTO (540rpm) or off the mid PTO (2000 rpm). I also have a hydraulic tank (20 gallons) that I could mount on the 3 pt hitch. I want to use a skid steer hog so I can mound it...
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    Mid PTO not coming out of gear

    All winter my mid PTO worked flawlessly, up to today. The lever moves, but the PTO stays engaged. The external linkage is connected and working as it should. This happened two years ago and the dealer fixed it under warranty, I've got a call into him but I don't expect to see them before Monday...
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    I need some advise on how to remove a frozen windrow from the snow plow

    I need some advice on how to remove a frozen windrow from the snow plow that has been driven on many times and is frozen rock solid. I do have a rear blade mounted. I have a snow blower on the front and unfortunately my loader is buried at the moment. What I was thinking is take my tow chains...
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    The screens covering the vents for cooling

    The screens covering the vents for air flow and cooling on my CK27 seem to plug up when I am blowing snow. The question is, what can I do to keep them open? Would 'fluid film' work in this case? I have a cab on her so I am not really concerned with wind direction. Maybe I should be for this very...
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    3pt hitch

    How much wiggle room side to side is there on the three point hitch. My CK27 is 63" wide from outside tire to tire. I want to install a 6' BB. IF there is about 6" of wiggle room, then I can use the 6' er. Otherwise I will have to go to the 7.
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    Clutch drain hole?

    Where is this here 'clutch drain hole' on the CK27 hst? The picture in the book is pretty vague.
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    Double Pole Double Throw switch 30 - 100 Amps

    I am having a devil of a time finding a DPDT 30 Amp manual transfer switch in Canada. I know they are out there, but I surely can't find them. Any suggestions? My theory is, I am welding along with my welder plugged into Hydro, and poof the hydro goes out as is well known to happen up here for...
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    I have an Interstate 12Volt battery that came with my Kioti (2012). Question is; (A) How long is this battery supposed to last and (B) wouldn't 2 of 6 volt batteries wired in series do a better job?
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    Antifreeze leak at temperature blend valve

    I seem to have developed an anti-freeze leak at the valve you use to select either hot air or none on my factory CK27 cab. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to remedy it?
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    How do I check the speed of the mid mount PTO?

    According to my owners' manual the mid mount PTO is supposed to turn at 2000 RPM. How do I confirm this?
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    How much weight can I safely pull with my CK27HST?

    I want to rig up a wagon to haul firewood and anything else I see fit to haul, but I am wondering about weight vs traction. Maximum weight would be around 5 tons/10,000 lbs.
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    Oil & Fuel Cetane rating

    Does anyone know what the recommended Cetane rating is for Kioti ck27?
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    Block heater and hydro.

    All the month of January I left the tractor block heater plugged in. What a mistake that was....NEVER again. My hydro bill went from $140. to $250. In the future I will only plug it in the day before a storm.
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    Mid PTO wont come out of gear.

    My mid mount PTO wont come out of gear. What causes this? Only 78 hours on a new CK27HST.
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    Anybody with a CK27HST

    I have on the right hand side of my seat a small lever that moves fore and aft. It has the letters 'A' (in the forward position) 'N' (in the mid position) and 'D' (in the rear position). This lever is right beside the lever for the 3pt hitch. The question is, what does this thing do?
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    Torque settings CK27HST

    What are the torque ratings for the wheel studs/nuts on a CK27HST?
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    What is the normal idle speed?

    My CK27HST idles at 1,000Rpm. Is this normal in a 3 cyl diesel?
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Snow blower harness bolts loose

    I was looking around my meteor snow blower the other day and found all 4 bolts that hold the harness onto the front frame of the tractor were loose, real loose. I re-tightened them to 150f/lbs. has anybody else had this problem? What was your solution?
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    What air pressure shoud I run in my Kioti CK27 tires?

    My new CK27 has Industrial tires, the rears are loaded with beet juice. Question 1; What air pressure should I be running? Question 2; One of the rears is leaking juice. How do I stop this?
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    took delivery of my CK27 on the 27th.

    I finally got my new CK27, I've spent the past 3 days and 22 hours moving a few piles of pit run gravel and reclaiming a very low spot on the land. So far it has been a good machine.
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    Price Check 2012 Kioti CK 27 HST Price?

    I got a quote today for a 2012 Kioti CK 27 HST with KL130 bucket and front mounted sno-blower on Industrial tires and cab. Tax in $32,542.87 CAD. How does this sound? Too high/too low?
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    Snow Attachments CK27Hst sno-blower sub frame

    Do I need to take the sno-blower sub frame off of the CK27 to use the FEL?
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    just a little intro

    Hi all, I am not really 'new' to tractors. I own a Farmall C and am looking at getting me a new Kioti DX 27HST.