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    Cause of a slow leak?

    My Kioti RX8030 (76hp to give you an idea of the size) is just over two years old now, and has just developed a slow leak in one of the rear tyres - maybe one psi per day (and it's only got 13psi to start with!) The R1 tyre and rim look perfectly seated, and I thoroughly cleaned the area around...
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    Robin brushcutter - still going strong

    I didn't know whether to put this in the Lawn & Gardening section, or here in Land Clearing Equipment - but this is the right place, given the nearly 50 years of tough yakka it's done! (Blade, not whippy-snippy nylon string) We had the engine overhauled at half life (about 25 years ago), and...
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    Horrific farm accident in Australia
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    What you find in long grass

    It wound up tight as, and gave the clutch a good workout...
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    Wheelbarrow tires going flat

    Why is it that small wheels with inner tubes keep going flat? One of our wheelbarrows with a 13" wheel, with inner tube, just won't hold pressure. I've removed the tube, inflated it, and it shows no leaks. The valve does not appear to leak. But after re-assembly and inflating to 30 psi, next...
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    What not to feed a woodchipper

    The offending item must have been delivered in a load of mulch years ago, and spread under our olive trees. During pruning and chipping yesterday, I raked the prunings into a heap and into the chipper! The anvil (bedding plate) on the Woodland Mills WC88 is totally unscathed. Must be made of...
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    8' 3PL grader blade

    I've just taken delivery of a new Australian badged, Chinese made 8' grader blade. Does anyone recognise this as one imported into and sold in North America? And if you happen to own one of these, did you have to modify the stand as I did? (Pics below)
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    Tension roller on Woodland Mills WC88

    I've just fabricated a bigger diameter tension roller for my WC88 to hopefully extend the life of the belts. The belt manufacturer (Gates) recommends a minimum diameter of 6" (152mm) for a backside idler (tension roller), but the WM design is only 38mm (1.5"). Is anyone else out there...
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    Cab window cleaning

    After 500 hours on the new Kioti (well, 15 months old, but still feels like "new"), the front windscreen of the cab had many many grease splodges as a result of greasing all the zerks on the loader & bucket every 20-25 hours. So - how best to clean the glass? From many years of flying corporate...
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    IBC tote markings

    Good idea, but --- it's opaque black! 3.78 litres = 1 US gallon
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    Nocturnal creatures

    As I went out to close the door to the chook pen for the night, I noticed this industrious little chappie, for about the sixth night in a row. Can't see him during the day, but every night, there he is: And then onto the brew shed, and saw this magnificent chap (or chapess?): Life's good...
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    Rotary mowers on skid-steer machines

    A mate of mine has a Toyota Huski 4SDK8 skid-steer, and has a need for a slasher (rotary mower/bush-hog). Is the idea of running a mower on the front of a "Bobcat" sound? He's heard that they can "run hot", but would this be caused by a mis-match perhaps - ie too big a slasher for the...