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  1. crazyal

    Torque Wrench Suggestions

    An ex GF had a 2003 (IIRC) Trailblazer. It not only had an aluminum oil pan the oil pan was also the front differential. There's a driveshaft from the transfer case going back into the oil pan. There's a reason why they sell so many different oil drain plug repair kits. I would hate to have...
  2. crazyal

    Bare metal epoxy primer for truck frame

    I would look into a product from International paint. It's called Pre Prime 167. It's a clear liquid that's designed to be painted on rusty surfaces that can't be properly prepared. The first time I saw the results were at a local paint dealer. They had an I-beam that was clearly rusted...
  3. crazyal

    Husqvarna Chain loosening problem

    When adjusting the chain lift up on the loose bar. Some saws (at least mine) the chain will loosen slightly. So I lift up on the bar to set how loose it is and then lift up on the bar when tightening the nuts. That way of the bar works it's way up the chain isn't going to loosen up.
  4. crazyal

    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    I would like to have seen the teeth on each blade after the last test. I was surprised how many blades showed signs of chipping after such short use. I was leaning towards getting another Evolution blade but the Diablo was also on my list. In part because they are made in japan and Italy...
  5. crazyal

    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    14" is the standard size while 15" is an optional size. But I think only Evolution makes a blade that size. I think the chipped teeth happened from cutting thin metal. Even when new the blade seems to throw off sparks so I put almost no pressure on the blade.
  6. crazyal

    Evolution Metal cutting saw blade replacement.

    The blade on my Evolution 380 has a number of chipped carbide teeth and several that are missing. So it looks like it's time to replace it. It looks like several choices. Does anyone have an opinion on which blade is worth getting. For the most part I only cut thicker steel. Is it worth...
  7. crazyal

    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    I had some green rough cut red maple that I tried to dry but at the time I didn't have an open area. Before it could dry powder post beetles got to it. It takes plenty of air movement around the wood to remove the moisture. Too little and mold and infestation will result. I don't know if...
  8. crazyal

    Kubota overheated!

    Seems like a remote pressure gauge might be worthwhile to monitor the cooling system. It would be useful to know if it's too high (pointing to a broken radiator cap) or too low (a fluid leak). It even could point to a bad head gasket if the pressure is bouncing. As for the OP I would...
  9. crazyal

    ATV Tubeless Tire Repair

    Just remember that you may run the tire at 4 psi but once you debead the tire you'll need more pressure to mount it again. If it's that big of a gash a patch may not be enough to keep the tube inside the tire while trying to seat it. I don't know how close they are to you but Pete's Tire Barn...
  10. crazyal

    Kubota overheated!

    I'm guessing thick weeds means your radiator most likely needs to be cleaned out. I would change the engine oil and send out a sample of the old oil for analysis. They will easily tell you things like antifreeze level in the oil and bearing wear.
  11. crazyal

    Pouring fuel from cans

    For gas I have valve stems. For diesel (which I don't do very often) I use round plastic racing gas cans. The hole in the top is about the size of a tennis ball. The caps have the ability to have a flexible tube added to them (I think 3/4") but I just use them with a huge funnel. It takes...
  12. crazyal

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Sorry but the dealer should have easily caught this. Every cashier's check has the name of the bank and a phone number on it. It's not like the second he walks out the door he's gone. He still has to load the tractor. Someone should have been calling the bank to confirm it's legit. In...
  13. crazyal

    Premium UDT Oil for Kubota

    I was going to order some from Messick's a few years ago but the shipping was a killer. I paid more per gallon at a local dealer and had to pick it up vs being dropped off but the savings were worth it.
  14. crazyal

    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I've had the 18v now for about 10 years now. No problems. I don't have any M12 tools so it was an easy choice. It doesn't use much power so even the smallest capacity battery is more than enough unless you're doing a fleet. Hopefully you got the plastic case. It's really nice to keep the...
  15. crazyal

    How to use all of this sawdust?

    I've looked into it, not so much for sawdust but for wood chips. The stuff you put into the mill has to be very fine. Usually you need to get a hammer mill to break it down before it can be formed into a pellet. Even sawdust from a lumber mill may not be fine enough depending on what types of...
  16. crazyal

    Diesel prices take a jump yet again

    With all this talk about record high diesel and gas prices and how big oil is raking in profits what's missed is the biggest winner. States and federal government. A number of states tax fuel with a percent tax vs a fixed amount per gallon. Even the states that don't are still making more...
  17. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Tomorrow I'm sure some of us will find out. I'm trying to decide if I drive an hour and a half to a HF or just order on-line. If I drive I can cross a few other things off my list and I can there's a couple of nice restaurants near it but it'll eat up close to a tank of gas burn the better...
  18. crazyal

    2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

    Gone are the days when you had to climb into the engine bay to work on a pickup. The engineering problem with those old square body GMs were you couldn't reach the plugs unless you were 6'10". Now, with so much extra junk under the hood pulling the cab is just easier. Plus it makes it more...
  19. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I have several Makita tools. The cordless ones I've moved to Milwaukee after having problems with battery life but their corded stuff has lasted decades without any issues. I've looked at their sander but each time I just can't justify spending that much on a tool I rarely use. As it is I have...
  20. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    There's no HF close to me so I haven't gotten a replacement yet. I did pick up a Bauer jigsaw and it's worked just fine (except that the LED laser guide light is always on when plugged in) the few times I have used it so I'll probably pick up the 4x24 Bauer sander too. I did find a local...
  21. crazyal

    I need a propane torch that works

    The TS4000T doesn't have any control over how much gas comes out. It's either on or off. I use mine to start my woodstove daily. The only issue I have is where the holes are to let the air in is a weak spot. If it gets knocked over it's probably not going to be an issue but I had my first...
  22. crazyal

    My bucket is broken !

    Call some of the welding schools around you. Chances are you can find one that will let a student weld the bucket. It's also a good teaching opportunity for the school. A buddy of mine who runs a couple welding schools usually doesn't charge if the "customer" buys some beer for the students.
  23. crazyal

    Kubota backhoe cylinder fitting welds are horrific

    If it was mine I would put some labor into it and stop the problem. First remove the lines and put plugs in the cylinders so you can remove them. Then I would sand blast the rusted parts to strip any flaking metal and rust. If you have a local bridge painting company they use some of the best...
  24. crazyal

    I need some input on roll around tool boxes

    I have older Craftsman boxes but when I looked at the new stuff in Lowes it felt like the steel was thinner. But I didn't look too closely. I did pick up one of the 5 drawer pit carts from HF (the kind where the lower half is open and the top of the box opens up so you can't put a box on top...
  25. crazyal

    How to maintain wooded walking trails

    The problem with packing snow to walk on is that sooner or later it's going to start to melt and that packed snow is going to be very difficult to walk on. It's different for a snow machine (or any other tracked vehicle). In that case you want the snow to help lubricate and cool the track...
  26. crazyal

    Loader hoses

    I would call before taking a hose to a local shop. I made the mistake of just getting one hose made for my front mount snow blower (about 10' long 1/4 hose and fittings). I dropped it off and came back to pick it up an hour later along with a bill for almost $140. The same hose on-line was...
  27. crazyal

    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    You can always try to flush it by changing the oil a couple of times to try and get out anything that the magnet isn't catching. I use the Deere oil in my x500.
  28. crazyal

    I'm downsizing tractor but would like to keep my box blade

    I have a 6' grading scraper that I use for maintaing my driveway. It weighs around 800lbs but was always kind of light so I have two logs (beech about 15" in diameter on the back of it for extra weight. I would guess that it's pushing at least 1600 lbs now. The tractor will squat a little...
  29. crazyal

    Is sub compact big enough?

    Maybe I missed it but does the OP want gear or HST? Along with a list of tasks (including how important are they) would be the first questions I would answer. A large gear tractor is going to be a handful in tight places around a house or in the woods. But HST is very different. With HST you...
  30. crazyal

    Red-Neck Mailbox ???

    I'm just wondering how long it'll take before some fool goes around that corner too fast in the winter and hits it. Of course owning up to driving too fast isn't as likely as a lawsuit.
  31. crazyal

    Rpm's and long downhill runs

    I don't run my diesel truck at 2500 rpm all the time so why would I run my Kubota at that speed all the time? In fact I often run it between 1800 and 2000 rpm. That seems to be the sweet spot for the engine.
  32. crazyal

    Kubota parts.

    When welding a muffler you'll want to clean the inside as much as possible. Otherwise when the oil residue burns off it'll mess with the welding process. You may need to use a torch to burn off the residue.
  33. crazyal

    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    I borrowed a 24' trailer once for my Kubota and it felt very long compared to the 20' I normally use. It wasn't impossible to use but it was a lot more work to back it into a spot where the 20' was easy. I would check with the dealer about test driving it first. See how it feels going around...
  34. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I bought one of these from a company called Greg Smith (that's now ToolTopia). The ram slides side to side making much easier to line up and will work on odd shaped projects better. It can be pumped by hand or by air. It's actually cheaper than the 20 ton HF bottle jack version. For a few...
  35. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Anyone have the Bauer 4x24 belt sander? I was thinking of getting a Makita but I do have a Bauer jigsaw that has worked just fine.
  36. crazyal

    Love hate our new L4060 HSTC limited edition

    When it comes to forks there's a huge difference between lifting with the tip of the forks and having the weight as close as possible to the loader. If you have, and most likely do, the quick attach it also moves the weight away from the loader and cuts down on lifting power. Do you have a...
  37. crazyal

    Who actually makes the tractor and whose engine and transmission does it carry?

    Just the way the world works now. Years ago when I installed glass for a living I had a job at a local factory. The name of the company sounded like they built boats but actually they made soap. Once inside the scent of the soap was powerful. Within 15 minutes you couldn't smell it anymore...
  38. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    When I was building my house Lowes had a deal with Stanley. On the Stanley tape measure package was a coupon for a free tape measure (the silver 25' one) if you spent either $50 or $60 at Lowes. Having a store open until 10 while building a house meant I could work all day and then swing in...
  39. crazyal

    Yard machine log splitter engine replacement.

    Check how the muffler vents. I have a tow behind leaf sucker with a 5hp B&S (Honda clone) that the exhaust acts like a funnel for water. It gets in through bolts on the top of the muffler and if the exhaust valve is open it'll fill up the cylinder. If the valve is closed it'll still rust the...
  40. crazyal

    The power of a telehandler

    Sounds like it's in England. Man's home is his castle, lol. If you read the article it says the kids got two flat tires and parked the car. Exactly what were they doing to get two flat tires?
  41. crazyal

    The power of a telehandler

    Not sure where this should go so if it needs to be moved then please do. I found this article on Yahoo today that's kind of funny but also sad. It's about some youths who felt they were right to block a farmers field. Farmer cleared of all charges
  42. crazyal

    3-Point Log Splitters?

    How much wood do you plan to split in a year? I have a cheap splitter from Lowes with a Honda engine on it. I've owned it for about 17 years now and other than changing the engine oil and hydraulic filter I haven't done a thing to it. It starts up either on the first or second pull. I split...
  43. crazyal

    L6060 Hard Starting In Cold Weather

    I have a block heater and only use it for an hour or less so the temp doesn't get that hot. But it's the block temp, not the radiator or intake manifold. I'm not sure where the temp sensor is but I would guess on the manifold. Either way even after an hour with the block heater on the glow...
  44. crazyal

    L6060 Hard Starting In Cold Weather

    A couple years ago the relay went for my glow plugs. The light would come on but it would turn over slowly and take a lot longer to start. When it did it would run really rough at first. The relay was just one of the ones that are used for aftermarket light kits for cars. I think it was like...
  45. crazyal

    Tractor Shortages

    In 2008 lots of companies got caught with way too much inventory ($$$$$) sitting on a shelf or lot unsold in a recession just at a time when they needed the money. So they all followed Toyota's lean manufacturing or "just in time" manufacturing. The concept is you only have enough inventory to...
  46. crazyal

    Sticker shock

    Anything coming in a container from overseas is going to get extremely expensive. Someone is going to pay for all those ships sitting waiting to be unloaded, all the fines for containers sitting on the dock waiting to be transported, and for storage at the next place they get stored. Everybody...
  47. crazyal

    Front Tire Popped Off Bead

    Had it happen as well, the front right tire. It was winter and too cold to mess with so the local tire guy did it. He told me to put a tube in it (but didn't have one in stock). Well I should have because that tire always seemed to leak just a little bit of air and a few years later off it...
  48. crazyal

    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    Sounds like you have an idea. Me, personally, I would never buy small with the idea of getting use to a tractor. Within 10 hours you are going to feel comfortable on it and within 50 it'll feel like you've owned it for a very long time. I do most of what you are planning on doing with...
  49. crazyal

    Engine seized???

    Another thing you could do is loosen the belts. I've seen alternators that have rusted and will not allow the engine to turn over. If it was sitting for a short period it's not too likely but you never know. You could also remove the hydraulic pump from the front of the engine. They are...
  50. crazyal

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Buying any HF tool to use on a daily basis is always a risk.