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  1. J

    timing window location

    Hey guys, just getting ready for the 800 hrs valve adjustment on my L4740 Kubota and I can't seem to find the timing window. Unless it is hidden behind the right side loader mount which would just about be the worst place to put it. workshop manual isn't really clear about its location other...
  2. J

    leds conversion before and after

    Here is a before and after comparison of the tl3240 stock replacement LED lights. these are plug and play with the kubota connector just bought two to do the back since they get used the most when clearing snow but after seeing the difference I may get two more to do the fronts. I got these...
  3. J

    pto clutch pressure readings

    Hey guys. Just a little info I would like to share about an interesting observation I made on my PTO clutch pressure system. been chasing a PTO clutch problem around for a few years now and trying to avoid splitting the tractor to repair. My point is to be careful when checking the...
  4. J

    kubota loader cylinder threads (ride control)

    Hey guys, looking for a little info. I'm planning a ride control mod on my LA854 loader on my kubota L4740. I've already got the tee in NPT thread but just realized that the threads may be some kind of weird japanese version of NPT. anyone know for sure if the loader cylinder fittings are...
  5. J

    tie rod ends modifications

    Hi guys, Just found out my LH tie rod end has some slack in it. I know someone had a thread about adding a zerk to the tie rod end and I believe it was on a kubota grand L series but I just spent 45 minutes trying all kinds of search terms but I am getting nowhere fast. the search seems to...
  6. J

    wood splitter sudden loss of pressure

    My wood splitter lost pressure suddenly today while splitting wood. splitter is hooked to a remote on my tractor but has it's own valve with it's own relief valve. I am familiar with hydraulic systems but would like to confirm my trouble shooting steps. the cylinder does leak down somewhat...
  7. J

    kubota L4740 hydraulic pump problems.

    Here is a run down of what is going on. tractor is new to me since february. no problems when running the snowblower. I checked hydraulic pressure at the rear remotes when I bought it and I seem to remember it being on the low end of the spec but not out of spec. It was cold when I tested it...
  8. J

    kubota grand L4740 weak charge pump, weak pto pressure, suction screen??

    Tried to adjust my pto pressure this week and found out I don't have enough range of adjustment in the valve to bring it up to spec. From the information I was able to grasp from the service manual. The pto pressure comes from the HST charge pump. I do not have the gauge and adapters...
  9. J

    how do cushion valves work

    I need a crash course on cushion valves. I have a pronovost pxpl 80 snow blower with a blade on the back. at idle it takes 8 seconds to lower the blade on the extension stroke of the cylinder. It takes 6 seconds to lift the blade on the retract stroke. the problem I have is when I go to...
  10. J

    electrically operated ball valve

    I'm looking at building a ride control (hydraulic accumulator) system similar to the ride control (comfort ride) offered by wr long but I want mine to have a switch in the cab to turn it off and on. anyone have a clue what I would need to look for in terms of an electronically operated ball...
  11. J

    rear wiper park position

    Just got a new to me grand L 4740 cab and the rear wiper park position is vertical meaning when you spray the washer fluid the wiper wipes it up then parks in the vertical position and the washer fluid that got wiped up to the top dribbles down and messes up the window. Is there any way to...
  12. J

    throttle up switch

    Just tried out a grand l 4760. Is it just me or is the throttle up switch useless. I thought it was an on off switch that would stay on as long as you wanted it and then you pressed it again to lower the rpm but no. you have to hold the stupid little badly placed switch as long as you want to...
  13. J

    computers in tractors

    with all makes adding more and more computers in tractors now do the grand l60 series tractors have some type of obd2 style connector where you can plug in a scanner and get some data or read codes?
  14. J

    log splitter valve modifications

    anyone know how to make a log splitter valve like the prince ls-3000 series spring to the retract position instead of spring to center. the parts lists for the prince valve only show one spring on the spool so there must be another spring between the spool and the housing since they do not...
  15. J

    log splitter relief valve adjustment

    I'm trying to adjust the relief valve on an old prince valve for a log splitter. I took the pipe plug out expecting to see an adjustment screw but there was a spring with a seat and a ball in the bottom with another ball seat that appears to be adjustable. but the spring also had shims. I...
  16. J

    log splitter valve

    Is there such a thing as a log splitter valve that will operate like I want . I want to be able to push down and have the cylinder extend and then when I let go of the valve I want the cylinder to retract without me pushing the valve up. and it would be nice if it could pop off hydraulically...
  17. J

    x758 fuel filter

    Just flipping through my service manual and it mentions an in line fuel filter in addition to the fuel filter on the engine at the front but I can`t seem to find the in line fuel filter in the parts catalog. anyone have anyidea where to look?
  18. J

    mott 72 flail mower roller rebuild

    Any one have any ideas on how to get a tie shaft out of a 6 foot roller. I managed to get the nut off the end but now the tie shaft seems to be a tight fit on the bearings and the roller is kind of big to handle. I have it soaking in 50-50 mix of diesel and atf but I need to replace one...
  19. J

    mott 72 flail mower renovating knives

    anybody running renovating knifes on a mott to verticut their lawn. I currently have ring mounted knives that are bolted on and I am wondering if I can pin mount my clips that hold the rings or If I really must have them bolted on. I was hoping I could just install the renovating knives on...
  20. J

    flail mower upgrade heavier knives

    I have a mott 72 HD using the grass knives mounted on D-rings and I was wondering if anyone had any experience switching over to heavier grass knives. The .087" thick ones cut grass fine but as soon as I hit a little stick I hear a bunch of clicking and the stick seems to not get damaged very...
  21. J

    flail mower kevlar belts

    Anyone had any luck sourcing Kevlar belts for their flail mower. I have a mott 72hd that uses a 102631 turns out that is a C50 belt 7/8" top section and 54" circumference but I can only find regular belts Kevlar C section belts start at the much longer ones.
  22. J

    mott 72HD flail mower idler

    Just tried out my newly fixed up Mott 72 HD flail mower. I have a funny issue when I get into tall grass. the idler starts flapping around. I have 22 pto hp and this may be at the low end of what is possible but the engine doesn't seem to bog down. the RPM stays right up in the proper...
  23. J

    mott flail mower knife conversion

    I have a mott 72 finish mower flail with the short knives with clips and d-rings. mott also has a longer knife that appears to hook directly to the cutter shaft. Is there an advantage to either configuration the clips and d-ring configuration just seems to me like a whole mess of parts that...
  24. J

    pressed in zerk fittings removal

    I have a few of these on my mott flail mower and some won't take any grease. I'm assuming I can just put a vise grip on it and pull but is there a better way to remove them without trashing them.
  25. J

    mott 72 flail mower problems

    I recently got my hands on a mott 72 flail mower for a great deal (free) but the cutter shaft is seized. I though I just needed cutter shaft bearings but it seems to have other issues. I looked online and am going to contact montage for any info about a parts catalog. this appears to be an...
  26. J

    x758 powerflo bagger blowing out grass

    just mowed my lawn for the first time with my x 758 with the power flow 3 bag bagger and I must say, I'm not impressed. there is a lot of grass blowing out the front of the deck on the right hand side. my x 320 had an anti blowout kit I installed and it helped a lot but this 54HC deck seems...
  27. J

    custom counterweight

    Here are a few pictures of my counterweight build 2x2 .250 wall tubing I figure it will weight about 100 lbs when complete and will have a 300lbs block of concrete It will be a multi purpose counter weight with a removable concrete block.
  28. J

    B7800 front axle seal

    I have a leaking front axle seal where the gear case pivots when you steer. I have an shop manual for it and don't anticipate any big problems. sounds straight forward with a few snap rings to remove. My problem is that the seal is 45 bucks and the bearings are under 10 bucks. usually it...
  29. J

    ballast box / log skidder

    I'm starting the research stage of my log skidder / ballast box build If I'm going to build it I might as well including everything I could possibly use. I'm thinking of pouring a concrete block with a loop in it and making the frame around it out of steel so the ballast part can be removed in...
  30. J

    wooden bridge beam size

    I need to replace a bridge on my property span is 10 feet tractor is b7800 with loader to aprox. 2800lbs and capacity for another 800 in bucket so say 3800 lbs load with operator is an 8" X 8" hemlock beam going to do the job. I found a formula that had this constant for hemlock set at 76...
  31. J

    jd 316 onan not charging

    I have a 316 with an onan engine that is not charging , I've narrowed it down to the stator not giving any voltage to the regulator. my question is what needs to be removed to pull the engine. the front bolts are no problem but the rear bolts seem to be hidden. do they unbolt from the...
  32. J

    billy goat aerator

    Has anyone got their hands on one of these. model aet48. It is new for this year, looks to be well made with a good number of tines and expandable to 72 inches wide. it is a tow behind aerator. I've looked at the ryan aerator but at 3000$ it is out of my price range. I have hard clay...
  33. J

    b7800 idle speed

    ever since I changed the air filter my idle speed has gone up. before it would idle just below 1000 rpm and now it idles just above 1000 rpm. the service manual makes no mention of idle speed adjustments just timing adjustments. is this normal?
  34. J

    removing loader valve cover

    how do I get the plastic cover off the loader valve, It doesn't seem to have any bolts holding it on. the manual say to lube the pivots for the joystick every once in a while but I can't get to them with that cover on.
  35. J

    B7800 stripped threads loader frame

    I had a missing bolt on my loader frame, (the ones that go into the clutch housing) so I went and got a bolt but wouldn't you know it things are never as simple as they seem. the hole is stripped and I took out another bolt to make sure I had the right bolt before torquing them all down. I...
  36. J

    m6800 cab with no reverse

    My father in law has an m6800 cab with the four speed transmission with hi lo and creep range so I guess thats 12 speed with the shuttle shift on the column for forward neutral and reverse. the tractor is a 2000 model year. with about 1800 hours he has been having trouble lately with the shift...
  37. J

    Quick disconnects size choices

    I'm planning the plumbing for my remotes and have a few questions about quick disconnect sizes. I'm going with a two spool valve for tnt with a quick disconnect on the pb port of the valve for a splitter. this qd set will be 1/2 inch to match the male qd ends all ready on the splitter but...
  38. J

    pronovost puma-64

    just got my snow blower yesterday morning, looks very good. hopefully it will work well, I tried it out in some heavy snow beside the driveway and I'm impressed so far but I already broke a shear pin on the auger, but that was my fault, hit a hidden rock. the drive shaft is from comer...
  39. J

    Snow box blade for snow

    I just tried out clearing snow with my rear box blade and it really doesn't work that well. I clear with a b7800 and a loader and it works ok but takes a while but with the box blade on the back I can't put the bucket down on float and steer at the same time. to be fair though I didn't try to...
  40. J

    remote valve choices

    I'm in the market for a remote valve for top and tilt and I haven't had much luck finding a decently priced unit. I have all the plumbing figured out and I need to find a valve to get this project started. I don't know where I want to put the valve but I know the prince rd5200 series is a...
  41. J

    bracket for rops mounted rear remotes

    anyone have any clue who makes this type of bracketfor mounting rear remotes. It is kind of big and bulky but I like the design but I would mount them to the inside and back instead of outside and forwards thanks
  42. J

    canadian fuel color

    I just got my b7800 in september and so far have only filled my 5 gal diesel can at two places a local fuel distributor and a petro-canada station the first from a local distributor was clear in colour and the one from petro-can was a bright almost fluorescent greenish yellow. the first was...
  43. J

    10w-30 diesel rated oil

    where do you guys find your oil for kubota's. my manual says to use 10w-30 so I don't want to put 15w 40 in it especially since we do get -20 or -30 degree weather every once in a while up here. all they have on the shelf is 15w-40 or 10w-40 the only 10w-30 I found that was rated CF was...
  44. J

    b7800 rear remotes

    I just went to my dealer yesterday and he had a rear remote setup on the B7800 on the lot. I took a few pictures and will post them when i get home, there is a neat bracket that mounts the valve to the rops and the system has three hoses. one return to the tank teed into the return from the...
  45. J

    Box Scraper box blade

    I'm looking into buying a box blade and have narrowed it down to the bb 60 from king kutter at tsc for 499.00 or my dealer has a land pride 1560 for around 800 canadian. is the land pride worth 300 more? I notices the scarifier cross bar is 5/16 thick on the landpride and only 1/4 on the kk...