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  1. GMIslander

    Unnecessary Backhoe

    I have a DK45 with a KB2485 BH. 2012 model yr. I have never removed the mounting brackets but I would guess eight caps crews would remove both brackets. Removal would also give you added ground clearance maybe 6 or 8 inches max. The hoe assembly slides on and off fairly easy. It's handy when you...
  2. GMIslander


    You are right newbury. I had an extra ott in there. I've had this saw 20 years and it's perfect for me.
  3. GMIslander

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    "Happiness isn't having everything you want, it's wanting everything you have." I think that's what my 45 year old gay son said!
  4. GMIslander

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    When younger I played hockey left batted right or left. Now at 70 I remember those days \
  5. GMIslander

    Kioti CK35HST cruise control problem

    My dk45se cruise control works on smooth going. I believe there is a bump switch in there that disconnects for safety on rough going.
  6. GMIslander


    Installed my starlink a week ago. It's wonderful. I can actually use my computers now. Best speed before was 1.2Mbps down 0.5 up. Now is 250Mbps and 50 up. I have no obstructions, I have a 0260 stihl.
  7. GMIslander

    Dog pics

    Mick gone a year ago he was 15. The little Yorke just two weeks ago he was almost 17. Truck seems empty now.
  8. GMIslander

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    When I was 18, right out of high school I started a three month job as a temp diesel power plant operator. Forty seven years and three trades later I left. Their still paying me. No on call and no overtime=retirement.
  9. GMIslander

    Sunset photos

    USA to the left Canada to the right.
  10. GMIslander

    Dog pics

    Had to say good by to this little guy Monday. He was two months short of 15 years. Mick sings the Beatles with Wilma - YouTube
  11. GMIslander

    Big drill bits

  12. GMIslander

    Good morning!!!!

    My Daughter a fisherman.
  13. GMIslander

    Dog pics

    Mick seated Illi standing
  14. GMIslander

    2010 DS4510HS -- should I buy a backhoe or trade in or rent?

    On or off in fifteen minutes.
  15. GMIslander

    Good morning!!!!

    Ferry leaving the island this morning. This ferry is 300 feet.
  16. GMIslander

    Looking for recommendations on HST fluid for my Kioti DK40 SE HST tractor

    I use this in my 2012 DK45 SE HST. I put this in at my 400 hour service. It works perfect for me. Some tractor owners complain of HST whine with different fluids but this is fine by my standards even in cold weather. I don't think these model tractors are noted for having much of a whine...
  17. GMIslander

    Perils of retirement

    I just retired August 1 after forty-seven years. I turned 65 in June. Twelve years diesel power plant operator, industrial mechanic (millwright). Thirty-five years power line tech (lineman). Most of my years working meant being on call 24/7, I don't miss that, or any of it for that matter. Same...
  18. GMIslander

    DK40 cranking but not starting

    There is a 10A fuse labeled "alternator/engine stop". It is located fifth slot down on the fuse block located right side below the steering column. Right is pre 2007 left after May 2007 In your pics you can see the fuel shut off solenoid is pre 2007.
  19. GMIslander

    Alcohol vs marijuana

    There are approximately 30700 deaths a year in USA from adult beverage related disease. 90000 if traffic related deaths, homicides etc.are included. I expect that's all coming from the 0.1% of misused adult pops. The large majority of people who abuse alcohol are neither alcoholics nor addicted...
  20. GMIslander

    Broke off my hydraulic filter

    This is on a DK45 but something similar would work. I installed this after damaging brake linkage, hyd. pipes and QD's coming apart.
  21. GMIslander

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    A week ago. We have had two more dumps of snow since then. 2.5 to 3 feet total.
  22. GMIslander

    Kioti backhoe swing boom pin lost and resulting cylinder damange

    Are you referring this bolt? Is it a 2485?
  23. GMIslander

    48" grapple choice

    48" Single Cylinder Root Grapple Bucket Attachment — Skid Steer Attachment Depot
  24. GMIslander

    Ballast To load or not to load. That is the question.

    Had tires loaded this week, he said it was beat juice but mixed with something so it doesn't get to thick in the colder weather. He called it agralime or something? I'm pretty sure they are using vodka to thin it down. This added somewhere between 800 to 900 lbs:) While doing this I flipped the...
  25. GMIslander

    Bucket Hooks? Or clevis mounts instead?

    I put 2 hooks on like this. But one hook in the center is much more safe on a small tractor, I realized that after I put mine on (just a tip). All your welds are nice.
  26. GMIslander

    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    This truck has almost $300,000 worth of lobster on it.
  27. GMIslander

    Skidding winch-- to skid, or not to skid?

    My hydraulic driven logging winch has a max speed of 2.4 feet per sec., about half speed of a comparable pto driven winch. And I intend to use it this afternoon. I usually run the tractor at 1500 rpm while using the winch.
  28. GMIslander

    DK40HSE hydrualic coupler size

    Reduced from 1/2 to 3/8 out of the QC. Hoses made with 90's. Ran hoses up the left side attached to cab frame and tool box bracket. I added a set of QC in front of the tool box the hose was made with 3/8 NPT both sides here. Up and along the loader arm similar to hoses on the right side. The...
  29. GMIslander

    60hp tractor, skidding winch, and inexperienced owner. What could possibly go wrong?

    Something you may want to consider if you are a one man operation is a wireless remote for your logging winch.
  30. GMIslander

    A backup camera for $50!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in for $85 cdn including a wireless kit at $18. I may drop the camera an inch for obvious reasons or not, see what it looks like outside.
  31. GMIslander

    Snow Kioti CK 35 HST ~ Is HLA 2000 72" or 84" Too Much For This Tractor

    I'm not saying your tractor won't handle it but you wold want lots of weight aft and chains I would think.That 600lbs. is heavy out there. I use my bucket.
  32. GMIslander

    Stump Grinder Woodland Mills WG24?

    Included with the WG24 Stump Grinder is a slip clutch style PTO shaft.
  33. GMIslander

    Seeking Grapple Wisdom

    Ritcheyvs, I also have a DK45 and just got this grapple. I like the size and delivered price. 48" Single Cylinder Root Grapple Bucket Attachment — Skid Steer Attachment Depot
  34. GMIslander

    Cruise fuse

    DK45se (2013) The 15A fuse in the cruise circuit only lasts for a few minutes before it fails. Anyone have experience with this?
  35. GMIslander

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    This was in my way so I applied the 2485 BH to it. Ten minutes later it surrendered.
  36. GMIslander

    Skidding Winches

    Hydraulic, a bit slower than pto operated but I am not in a race. I really enjoy the wireless remote being alone.
  37. GMIslander

    Juno (2015 Blizzard Tractor Pics)

    Had some work then to moving snow. Tarp blew off my boat first time ever. Wind gusts +95mph
  38. GMIslander

    Major Noreaster predicted for the weekend

    That small dot between the point of the arrow and Saint John is where I am. Looking at this forecast and the predicted wind it looks like an all day NothEaster with lots of snow. Gusts to 75mph is plenty.
  39. GMIslander

    Which 3pt log skidding winch?

    Forestry winches | Les distributions Payeur This is a Canadian company, they build several models both hydraulic and mechanical. Seeing where the CDN dollar is right now, $.80, it may be very attractive for a US customer to buy. I have a TR65H model, hydraulic, with a wireless remote and it is...
  40. GMIslander

    Tire chains on DK35SE with cab

    I have these chains on my DK45SE, same as your machine I believe. DuoGrip Tractor Tire Chains Just put them on snug and they will slack up with use. I have no problems with clearance and the chains work well in the woods and plowing snow.
  41. GMIslander

    Holz Hausen-Dry Wood In Three Months?

    Still with the round configuration, I got about a cord and a half in this bucket.
  42. GMIslander

    Finally, Hydraulic Backhoe Stabilizer Locks, Lift and Lock,

    I think Kioti may have stolen your idea only difference being is that the spring is on the inside and the hole on the outrigger end of the strap is elongated so it automatically disengages when you retract the outrigger slightly.
  43. GMIslander

    dk55 Head installation

    Not a DK55 manual.
  44. GMIslander

    dk55 Head installation

    This is form the "EX35/40/45/50" shop manual but you can be assured the sequence would be the same as it is on all simple cylinder heads.
  45. GMIslander


    The winch requires only 5 gpm to operate so the tractor at ~17 gpm can handle it easily at 12 to 14 hundred RPM. I believe the hydraulic system may be more trouble free and easier to work on than the clutch. But this is the first skidding winch I have had so take it from there. The wireless...
  46. GMIslander


    Made in Canada hydraulic skidding winch.