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    Rolled it over

    Well yesterday was a first, my commercial mower quit on me up the driveway so i went to get my 2425 to move it back to the garage to work on. I have done this in the past and didnt think nothing of it. ( I forgot that i had taken the backhoe attachment off and didnt have the ballast on the rear...
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    Modified muffler

    Received a muffler from Farmall140 (Thank you VERY much Sir) But the unit would not fit. I had to modify it so i could install it on my 2425, but i think it turned out pretty well. Had to cut muffler off end then shorten the exhaust end about 3 inches, then rotated the muffler down 90 degrees...
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    Repairing my 2425

    Well my starter started acting up so i decided it was time to pull the engine and do the repairs i have been needing to do to my PT. My parking brake cables were getting to the point where they would not work properly so i am pulling them both out and servicing them by cleaning the cables...
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    Well i broke it this time

    Went to lift a tote of wood heard a pop and my forks would not tilt. Upon closer examination i discovered the pivot point on my lifting arms thatcontrol the machine broke…. I guess it did pretty good considering its a 2001 model. 21 years is a pretty good run i think. I wonder if i can get it...
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    Predator yay or nay

    I currently have a Subaru 25 hp engine in my 2422 chassis but am having issues with keeping it running steadily. Im considering installing a Predator 22 hp engine into my unit and see how it does. I can get the additional warranty to guard against failure or any other issues. I dont have any...
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    Older better than newer?

    I currently own a 2001 2422 that has been upgraded to the 25 hp enging making it a 2425. I have also put a new aux-steering pump in as well as new tires. I have been mulling over the idea of getting a newer unit but i am not sure if it is something that will be a benefit for doing. It does need...
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    Backhoe for 2425

    Been kicking around the idea of selling my backhoe attachment for my 2425. Possibly trading for other Q.A. That will fit my 2425. I am looking for a rake attachment,a tree hugger or a 5 ton shear to add to my collection. Will consider other items to barter with to trade or cash. I live in NE...
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    In search of

    Does any one in the area if NE Georgia have a tree shear For the T8 class I could beg borrow barter for or steal for about two weeks? I need to clear some acreage of several hundred saplings and small trees 3- 6 inches in diameter. Would like to try the shears out and possibly buy them if they...
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    Stump grinder mod.

    This was done to my stump grinder before I bought it. Didn’t know it was a mod until I saw the ones at PT. Keeps wood chips from flying everywhere. Hope it helps someone out there.
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    Guess where I am !!!

    Most of you know where I am today !!!!!
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    Interesting attachment

    Has anyone used or had experience using the Lane shark bush hog? It has caught my attention and I’m thinking it would be a good match for the PT line up. See photo attached It can be turned out and angled to mow ditches or the banks of the pond or creek. It can be turned up on its side to trim...
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    Mod for hydraulic pump?

    I have a 2001 PT 2422 that has the Subaru engine 25 hp. It came new with the 22 hp but since was upgraded. My auxillary pto - steering pump assembly is a 8 gpm 2500 psi gear pump. My question is when I replace the pump assembly which is weak, I am thinking of putting a 10 gpm 2500 psi pump...
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    Diesel v twin

    Has anyone out there had any experience with this style of Diesel engine? I was wondering if utilizing one of these in a PT would be any advantage. I would think that they would have more torque, so if you wanted to put a bigger pump on for your aux, pto you should be able to. They make a 30 hp...
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    Pump details

    Here is some info I have found in my search for a pump replacement it is the information for the pump on my 2422 -aux - PTO Pump. Hope this helps some others out there. You can use the breakdown on the last page to find out the exact specs on the pump you have if it’s a Intertech, which is...
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    Subaru EH 72-2 parts

    Does anyone have al old bad motor that they are willing or wanting to part with? I need the front plastic cover and the cooling fins that mount to the flywheel assembly for the 25 hp Subaru engine , numbers 1 & 7 in the picture attached
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    Multiple questions

    Took possession of my new project a 2422 that has had the engine upgraded to a Subaru 25 hp. The engine has about 10 hours on it since new. I found out by experience now the hard start in cold weather. :) Am going to look into getting a stronger amperage battery to turn over faster, and also...
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    My 1500 hp ???????

    I have seen different sites on the web selling the MY1500 and some advertise different engine hp. I was under the assumption that they were all 15 hp but like the one here it claims 18 hp. Are some of the tractors outfitted with larger hp than 15? If so how do i find out which mine is ?
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    Does anyone know where the redline is on the ym 1500 diesel engine?
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    What if .......

    I recently purchased a 2001 Pt 2422 that has the upgraded 25 hp motor. The question I have is if I installed a larger oil cooler to increase my cooling capability on the engine and on the hydraulics, do you think it would be sufficient to operate a brush hog, or finish mower? I know about...
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    Power rake?

    I have a power rake attachment and not sure how to use it or what it’s purpose is for the power trac configuration, it looks as if it could be used for removing roots, small trees and leveling ground. Does anyone have experience with this attachment?
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    Called power trac and they will make you a book with parts manual, maintenance manual, service and repair manual and send it to you if you so enquirer. Pretty nice in my opinion
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    New owner looking for specs info on 2422

    Have recently purchased this unit with several attachments and trailer and am trying to figure out the specs, limitations on weight, etc.... hope someone could give me more info on specs. It originally had a Robbins- 22hp, but has newer 25 hp Robbins with about 10 hours now.