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  1. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Bring some of that warmth back with you, please, Drew.
  2. Engineer42

    Ideas for fastening strobe light to tractor roof

    Use Liquid Nails to attach a piece of flat 304 stainless to the roof then attach light with its magnets to the stainless.
  3. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    I ran into the same issue two weeks ago. They ended up rubbing Corn Husker Lotion on my fingertips to get the machine to read my prints.
  4. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Kyle, put tennis ball sized amount of rice in a sock. Tie it off well. Put in microwave for about 45 seconds. Place it against your closed eye with some pressure when cool enough not to burn. Do this several times a day. Prescribed by my eye doc. Worked for me.
  5. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    If I recall, the Major was started with a shotgun shell. Correction, it was the Field Marshall.
  6. Engineer42

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/26/22 650 am
  7. Engineer42

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Yeah it will. Slipped a tube in the small pocket of my jeans one day. Guess I bent over with it in there and split the tube. Good thing I had long John's on. Glued them and the jeans to my waist. Had to cut a hole in the long John's to get it off my skin.
  8. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    You sound like Mr Food, lol. We had Veal Parm. He’d have said the same thing here.
  9. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Hmmm. How far north, Buppies?
  10. Engineer42

    Plow Light Problems.

    If he just wants the plow lights and no headlights set the headlight switch to parking lights.
  11. Engineer42

    Tip of the day.

    With the price of bottled water, this is cheaper and more convenient.
  12. Engineer42

    PT-180 Tram pump issues

    Is that a crack in the flange by the bottom arrow?
  13. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    22 degrees this am. Sky is clear.
  14. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    He may have gotten enough water in the muffler to choke her up If it has the front lower exhaust pipe
  15. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    First timer? Revolver would be ideal. Then if she likes it, you can progress to an auto. Just my 2 cents.
  16. Engineer42

    modifying the M comfort seat?

    This worked for me. Up 3”and back 2”.
  17. Engineer42


    I had one like that this spring.
  18. Engineer42

    Rear blade chatter when moving snow/slush?

    Then it comes down to adjusting the lift arm height to level the angled blade side to side
  19. Engineer42

    Rear blade chatter when moving snow/slush?

    Maybe get an upper link for just the blade. Or are you using a quick hitch? Better yet, get a top and tilt setup.
  20. Engineer42

    Rear blade chatter when moving snow/slush?

    Adjust your upper link, shorten it, rather than put washers behind the cutting edge. Chatter would occur with the poly edge as well in dry areas. Either way it will make some noise.
  21. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    B Bet that was an exciting ride down. Hope he didn't get banged up.
  22. Engineer42

    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy. Thank you for your service to our country.
  23. Engineer42

    Yes, he was, and his wit and guidance will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.

    Yes, he was, and his wit and guidance will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.
  24. Engineer42

    Worst weld ever

    Probably works good for snagging the plastic bags lying in the road. Eco weld.
  25. Engineer42

    My weekend...

    I believe I would see if the hoe would pull it out
  26. Engineer42

    Restricting the top link… advice?

    Taixin Hydraulic High Pressure Ball Valve 1/2'' NPT 5800PSI Hydraulic Valve Shut-Off KHB Hydraulic Ball Valve
  27. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Brass Winterize Blowout Adapter,1/4" Male Quick Plug x 3/4" Male Garden Hose Threading, With Ball Valve For Blow Out Water Winterize Sprinkler Systems
  28. Engineer42

    Cat 933

    Third pic doesn't match that machine. It's for an International. I'd say the 933 in the pic is way older than an 85. Should be a Cat plate on the tractor. Get me the serial # and I can age it for you. They were made between 55-68.
  29. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Inlet parking lot?
  30. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    I've had an 870 Mariner for over 25 years. It has held up well. I have a couple Mossburg 500 blued. All good guns.
  31. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Yes, Sodamo, there is a Good Morning Thread in Heaven (Sung to the tune of Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus) Sodamo wistfully wondered if there was a Good Morning thread/TBN in Heaven. Many have pondered this, hoping that it would be true, that in that great ever after there would be a...
  32. Engineer42

    Are prices like this everywhere?

    Always use an AC Delco filter. The $25 for the tech includes health and welfare costs. I only use the Dexos oil because that's what GM uses and recommends. I use Rotella 15-40 in my truck and everything else diesel. My comment omitted the fact that three years ago they were charging $52 for the...
  33. Engineer42

    Are prices like this everywhere?

    Was pricing motor oil to change oil in wife's suburban. Seeing much higher costs, I thought I'd see what the dealer would charge for a service. I called and was quoted $109.95. 😲 I bought a filter for $7, and dexos 0w20 is $35 for 5 qts. So l'll figure $42 for 6 qts, + $7 for the filter, and...
  34. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Sorta like this one, Paul?
  35. Engineer42

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    It is close to Knife Point, neither is a place you want to willingly visit.
  36. Engineer42

    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    Look up a woods pull type finish mower. Then look at the parts diagram. They show rollers that bolt to the front on each side for anti scalping. Might have to fab or maybe just drill holes to mount. But that would solve your problem with scalping I think.
  37. Engineer42

    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    When I still had the open station MF 175, I brushed a pine tree base on the last pass while mowing. Mowed past it hundreds of times previously over the years. Evidently that year jug hornets had bored a hole into the tree. I noticed something buzzing around my head and looked back to see the...
  38. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Drew just put a gated wye on your washing machine hook up for your tub if the other spigot is not on the filter run.
  39. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Busy day yesterday replacing fuel pump in youngest sons pickup. Always seems to be a hot day when repairs are needed.
  40. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Kyle, I've had good luck with mineral ice ointment. And turmeric supplement pills. And arnica, which I heard of on here.
  41. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Maybe put that comfy seat on this one Drew.
  42. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    saw this at the steam show today and thought you’d like it
  43. Engineer42

    Father left this world

    Sorry for your loss. I went through almost the exact situation with my father. Sounds like you and your wife took good care of your father.
  44. Engineer42

    Groan part quatre

  45. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Little warmer here
  46. Engineer42

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    Yeah, I did that with a push mower when I was about 13. Mowing under boxwood bushes one Saturday morning and poof. Fur blown about 20 ft from mower.
  47. Engineer42

    Deep frying

    cooking sweet and white potatoes in them instead of baking in the oven turns out very good as well.
  48. Engineer42

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    I thought that was Mobil with winged horse. Nope, you we correct. Gulf No-Nox gasoline was promoted with a bucking horse leaving an imprint of two horseshoes. Several promotions centered on the two horseshoes. In 1966 bright orange 3-D plastic self-adhesive horseshoes for car bumpers were...
  49. Engineer42

    Good morning!!!!

    Let me know how your solution works, please. My metal roof is looking kinda dirty also.