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    Groan part quatre

    My Brother in law makes scrapple with deer. It’s the best!
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    1025R Big job for Little Bitty Big John

    You will get your reward in heaven my friend. I am sure they are grateful.
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    What are you OCD about?

    The United States Flag flying backwards on a uniform drives me nuts. Fire and police chiefs from huge departments representing their state on the national news and somehow the person who is the departments seamstress can’t fly the flag right. That and putting the letter U in Nuclear twice. Other...
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    Paintball Tips

    Depending where you are bring bug repellent. Bad season here for the flys and other biting friends.
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    Things to do at Watkins Glenn?

    Letchworth state park is a neat place to hike and paddle.
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    Groan part quatre

    My Ex from years ago was a DJ at our local rock station. If they needed a potty break they played that since the tune takes forever.
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    Got to love developments in rural areas

    On top of a housing boom we have mega wear houses being built. They sit empty. Even ones filled are laying off people. They get a huge tax break to build it and then walk away. Lehigh and Northampton counties used to be relatively rural. Now it’s all big trucks and new exits leading to huge...
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    I was always a St. Bernard guy until this new miniature Australian Shepard. If I had the time I think it could do my taxes.
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    I’m so honored

    Awesome story! A neighbor makes or breaks the peace one has at home. Thank god mine too are great people… and part time. We watch the place and plow his driveway and cut the grass if their not around. In return he pours bourbon that I could never afford. All works out.
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    Groan part quatre

    Thank god your back!!!
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    Groan thread closed..Why?

    I enjoy waking up and checking out the groan and the word association game. I’m lost how if your somehow offended by it not being about tractors you wind up even looking at it. Who twists any of our arms to look at any section.
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    What's your weather today?

    39 and foggy in north east Pennsylvania. Winter starts later here the last few years and runs later. Ski areas look terrible.
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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    Great movie! Smokey and the Bandit. I liked Fred.
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    Phone call from deceased mother

    My mom passed away in April. Her Poltergeist busts our chops at least weekly. I consider it a blessing. My mom actually busts my wife’s chops more often than mine. My wife was my moms home care nurse her last few months and my wife chats with her almost daily to this day. Please consider it mom...
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    That particular stretch of the Lehigh gorge state park is loaded with snakes of all kinds. If the season you can’t not see a poisonous snake. I had one swim right in front of me years ago while in a kayak. My first experience with a swimming rattle snake.
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    Please answer without comment

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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    Be kind and rewind!
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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    Blockbuster store?
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    Winter Chore Boots

    I have a pair of Lacrosse insulated boots that I can’t complain about. I got frost bite back in the 70’s as a kid. My feet are usually cold but these keep me warm while moving snow for hours.
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    Where are all my birds?

    In north east Pennsylvania we were asked to pull in our bird feeders this summer because of something killing off birds that was transmitted from feeder to feeder. We just put ours out for the winter. A few cardinals that’s it. Chickers are gone. We usually have hundreds.
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    Where Do You Start?

    We talk about this often. At what point do the insurance companies say we’re not doing business here. Some places get hit constantly.
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    But even school districts are handing them out to superintendents who don’t work out. Ours right now is being paid not to come in his last 6 months or so and an interim super we pay her $700 a DAY to clean up the mess. Now the district is interviewing for the next superintendent. We have been...
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    Looking at the L4060 have some Questions

    My M7060 picks up a ton of wood pellets off a truck like it’s nothing. Once I have the ton it gets lowered right to the ground. I thank god I only have a very short trip into the garage. I can feel that the tractor ain’t too happy. For that project I wish I had a skid steer.
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    Finally, I’ll be able to perform properly

    As luck would have it it’s my left hand AND I am totally left handed.
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    Finally, I’ll be able to perform properly

    How bad was that. That surgery is coming down the pipe for me. Not too bad yet but it’s coming.
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    Bagworm Tsunami

    It’s wet enough here that we burn them out if I can reach them with a long stick and a rag burning on the end.
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    Never had pain like this before!!

    Pain is always the worst when it happens. For me I was 27 and had chest tubes ripped out after having my aorta replaced. I am now 57 and had herniated disks L4/5. My new awful is the nerve pain. At least chest tubes pulled out ends. Just had the disk problem fixed and still nerve pain on the top...
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    A bicycle or a lawn tractor?

    You may save nothing buying two bikes for say $1,500 and after your first 10 minutes the wife’s hands fall asleep and or your neck hurts. Bikes are like hiking boots or trail running shoes for me. I have to try them on. Trek has bike stores all over the place. Even Virginia. [emoji13] you can...
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Way back Kate Smith sang God Bless America for Flyers games that mattered, not the National Anthem. The game don’t start till the fat lady sang. During the Broad Street Bully days.
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    Rant on shipping

    Although it may be piggy backed onto the city.
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    Rant on shipping

    I think New York is a county in New York. Go figure.
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    I’ve had several bosses over the years that if “Their” team lost our entire station suffered. Had the purple paint law been in effect back then I would have painted my work mail box purple. And my back! [emoji13]
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    Does anybody follow the Olympics?

    Why would any country or city spend the money to build all this nonsense for a bunch of spoiled rich kids. If we must continue to have the olympics why not just have it at the same neutral play ground every time. Winter games in Switzerland n summer games in the Netherlands ? Save us all money.
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    Dialects, got to love them

    The coal region of Pennsylvania has a language onto its own. I live maybe 45 minutes away and have no idea what some of their short cuts translate out to. An old Sgt. We had here from there would bounce over to it and it sounded almost foreign. He called it Shendo-Speak.
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    Help me pick a mower

    Congrats on your new toy!
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    ?????? GROAN 2

    Google “Tri-clover firehouse burned down by member “. One of our volunteer firemen back in 1990 burned down his own firehouse so he could come to the rescue. Idiot went to our church too. Can’t write this stuff.
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Some sort of half governmental entity auctions it off. But one can’t just sit on it. Detroit land bank maybe?
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Look at Real estate in down town Detroit. It looks like Berlin after the war. You can buy a city block for almost nothing. Only catch is you have a rather short time to either knock it down and replace or fix up what’s there.
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    Two things I will never understand in life...

    With identity theft today one needs to check on their young kids credit. I took an identity theft maybe 10 years ago where a kid was looking for college loans and his identity was shot by some dirt bag who ran his credit into the ground. Good luck straightening that out.
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Yep! As a kid we watched phili fall apart as every night (almost) another Phili mobster got killed in a very public place that my dad would think nothing of walking through. (How I wish I didn’t know know what my dad never knew).
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    Boots, what are you wearing, what do you recommend?

    OBOZ hiking boots last me longer than anything else. I have very narrow feet so a lot of the suggested boots so far are off my list. OBOZ is from Montana so it’s kind of American? God knows where they are actually put together
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Oh the perception dancer. Still the best all round kayak. (My current life jacket is purple so still on topic)[emoji38]
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    Help me pick a mower

    To the OP.., if I have learned nothing else lurking this forum if you don’t leave this most knowledgeable group some financial boundaries your advice will be all over the map.
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    The Lehigh gorge state park is a great example of the state saying enough is enough. (In Pa.) rafters were shot at for floating through several hunting clubs land. The state said that’s that and made the entire run a state park on both sides of the river. I guided that river for years. You still...
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    Do you know what the purple paint law is?

    Pennsylvania has done nothing to educate the public about the purple paint law. If I didn’t have to take legal updates I would never have known. Funny thing is along our state game lands and a huge water authority here they use paint to let you know you CAN play there. A little education of the...
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    Hearing Aids?

    My dad passed away about two years ago from Alzheimers. Prior to him being diagnosed we got him hearing aids to the tune of about 4K dollars after insurance kicked in. He hated them n never used them. His doctor told us there is a correlation between lack of hearing and Alzheimers. There is a...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    Try crossing the country in a TESLA. If something goes wrong your average garage can’t touch it. I have friends with towing services and they are afraid to touch them.
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    Flail mower vs Bush Hog

    As usual Messicks has a decent YouTube video comparing what you are using and what you are looking at. All in the same rather high grass field at the same time. Neil also explains how each works and the pros and cons.
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    Sorry, a tad off the original topic.
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    Maybe if your lucky enough to have settled in a place not too close to a city life is almost the same as when you were a kid. I am 57. As a kid my dad thought nothing of taking us to down town Wilkes- Barre or Scranton or Hazleton in north east PA. to go shopping. Today forget it. The cities...