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  1. murphy1244

    Kioti Backhoe 2485

    Kioti KB-2485 Backhoe with Big Feet pads and a mechanical thumb Less than 50 hours and stored inside. NE Ohio area 7250$
  2. murphy1244

    Backhoe for sale

    I have a KB2485 for sale in northeast Ohio. 50 hours of use. Comes with big foot pads and mechanical thumb. 7250 or offer.
  3. murphy1244

    New Tractor

    This is my new machine.
  4. murphy1244


    A Kioti 2485 bh with mechanical thumb. Very little hours on it. N.E.Ohio $7,250 Email
  5. murphy1244

    Tools Explained

    TOOLS EXPLAINED DRILL PRESS : A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get...
  6. murphy1244

    Anyone started a new Hobby???

    As the title asks about new hobbies. I took up building guitars from kits. Ordered a kit from fretwire that you have to finish and build then wire it up. Anyone else start a new hobby??
  7. murphy1244

    Ventrac sold to Toro

    Seems toro bought Ventrac today.........The Toro Company to Acquire Venture Products, Inc., Manufacturer of Ventrac Products
  8. murphy1244

    Brush cutter

    I need to brush cut 2 acres with prim rose and other junk among trees. What cutter has the power and torque to do the job without weighing a ton??? Thanks for any and all answers to this ?
  9. murphy1244

    part #

    I need a part # for a radiator on a 1967 MF 135. Any and all help appreciated.
  10. murphy1244

    Wood stoves

    Looking to replace my wood stove this year. I have never bought one before. My old one was just a big metal box called old timer. I looked at Jodul, Lopi and Hearthstone so far and would like to hear the good and bad about them or others. Any and all help with this is very much appreciated.
  11. murphy1244

    adjusting the PTO belt drive

    Has anyone had to adjust this drive and how do you do it?:confused3: My leaf blower is way tight and needs adjusting.:(
  12. murphy1244

    TBN Hacked?

    Anyone else get this notice? Notice of Data Breach You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving VerticalScope. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are taking to help protect you. VerticalScope...
  13. murphy1244


    Why is this spam on the today's posts all the time now? 2 pages are full of it.
  14. murphy1244

    Stump removal

    Is there anything to put on stumps to speed the removal like composting it? Have about 2 acres of hardwood stumps.
  15. murphy1244

    gas leak

    My FIL has a husky 455 rancher and it leaks gas out of the carb when the gas cap is off. Any idea's why? Once he puts the cap on its ok.
  16. murphy1244

    Knock out game

    Check out this video. Warning it may make you very Mad. I just can't believe kids today. Video of "knockout game" attack leads to arrest - CBS News
  17. murphy1244


    Any one buy a Century AK-47? Am interested in #12245-N.
  18. murphy1244

    Any one with a A&I account?

    Need to order a grammer air ride seat MSG75GBLV-ASSY they had the best price at 780.44 but are whole sale only. Thoughts?
  19. murphy1244

    Saint Paddy's day

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day All
  20. murphy1244

    Wood storage

    I seem to be going thru a lot of tarps for my wood stacks. The tarps from HD and TSC seem to last 2 years or less. What are you using for tarps and how long do they last.
  21. murphy1244

    Noise cancelling headphones.

    Anyone have any experience [good or bad] with noise cancelling headphones?
  22. murphy1244

    Tree Farms

    Anyone else a Certified Tree Farm? I just got my credentials and expecting a sign delivered from my forester. Wondering who else out there loves our tree's.
  23. murphy1244

    Ammo Sale

    Target sports USA has a sale going on for Remington Golden Saber ammo for all calibers. I bought 10 boxes 25ea of 9mm for 144.90 and get a 100.00 rebate.:D
  24. murphy1244

    Milwaukee power tools

    Hey TBNers, where can I get replacement batteries for my 18 volt lithium drill-driver?:confused3: Looking for new ones.
  25. murphy1244

    Gun Sights

    Any one use a EOTech 512 sight set up? Was wondering how it worked out for ya and any tips to mount and using. All replies welcome.:)
  26. murphy1244

    Flu Season

    Anyone get the dreaded Flu yet? Its been 8 days now and not letting up. Some day this too shall pass, I hope.
  27. murphy1244

    Liberty Safes

    Anyone had the battery go out on the electronic lock??? How do you get in?
  28. murphy1244

    Work Bench Plans

    Need some plans to build a 30" by 5' or so work bench. Thank you for any and all help.:o
  29. murphy1244

    Air Compressor

    Hey Tractor Friends, I am looking for a good compressor in the 1K range single stage to run impact and sanders. Looking for a 220 volt stand up. Any and all answers would be appreciated.
  30. murphy1244

    New style wood housing

    Check this house out. Discover the amazing log cabin by Thomas Mayer | Strange Sounds
  31. murphy1244

    The Official Festivus Miracle Thread

    Re: The Airing of Grievances You too my friend. You find the Turbo, it was post #8 of that thread. Sorry.
  32. murphy1244

    Got Snow Pictures

    See some Snow Pictures and how much Snow do you have to have to clean your Drive?
  33. murphy1244

    Can't Lift

    I can buy a 3578 Land Pride Box Blade but I need to pick it up some how and get it on my Truck. He has a 8n Tractor. Any Idea's? Thanks for Reading.
  34. murphy1244


    Where can I get 3/8 Pioneer male AG covers?
  35. murphy1244

    Miiler Machine

    Have a chance to buy a Miller Welder and I need to know what its worth and even if I should buy it as being I never Welded before. Thanks for any and all. Miller Dialarc HF Tig/Arc Welder
  36. murphy1244


    Why am I getting these Cartoon slut ads for Tylon wanting to create a character?:confused:
  37. murphy1244

    Conquest parts

    Have 50lb wheel weights and tire chains from a 2011 Conquest. If interested PM me. Thanks :thumbsup:
  38. murphy1244


    Was wondering what too much ethanol can do to my car. It seems Get Go put in unblended Ethanol in their tanks Sunday and I got a call from them. I filled up but had a little over a Quarter tank and drove about 50 miles. I also have 20 gallons in containers. The Car is a Mercury Marnier.
  39. murphy1244

    The Restore Begins

    Am starting my restore on my 1967 MF135 Diesel Deluxe.
  40. murphy1244

    New machine

    Bought a 4500 series machine today! Delivery Thursday. 60" deck and 52" 2 stage blower.
  41. murphy1244

    Ventrac Quality

    Thinking of buying a 4500 series Diesel and asking other owners of possible problems you have encountered.
  42. murphy1244

    Attaching a Front mount Snow Blower

    Need info about what x series tractor that has a easy mounting Snow Bower set up. Thanks for any and all reply's
  43. murphy1244

    Trading in for a Ventrac

    Thinking of trading my Simplicity Conquest for a Ventrac 4000 series Diesel cause I need something easy to change from mower to snow blower. What do you people think about this or should I do something else.
  44. murphy1244

    Thinking of Buying

    Thinking of buying a new Ventrac for grass cutting and snow blowing. Need something easy to change attachments on and if I switch want a diesel.
  45. murphy1244

    You know your old when...

    In keeping with my Birthday, You know your old when there is more hair on your hair brush than there is on your head..:(
  46. murphy1244

    St Patty's Day

    Happy St.Pats to all, Lets hear from the Irish in TBN land even for 1 day.:D
  47. murphy1244

    Land Pride Quick Hitch

    Anyone owning a land pride quick hitch. Can you tell me if your hitch came with one set of cat 1 to cat3 bushings. Thanks for your time.:)
  48. murphy1244

    Computer Rebate Ripp-off

    Well it been 2 months since I sent in my Staples rebate and no check. Got online and found my tracking # and it says it was sent 1-12-2013. Got a phone# and a prerecorded voice telling me to get on the same website. Got ahold of staples web site and was directed to the chat line that sent me to...
  49. murphy1244

    coal mine explosion

    Head of Massey charged.Ex-coal executive implicates ex-CEO in West Virginia mine case |