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  1. Mud2Money

    The next guy that claims "green (or orange) paint doubles the price"

    Another thing to consider is commonality of the tractor you purchase. The poor guy with the massey has a model that wasn’t all that popular and didn’t run for a long time. The farm I worked at had all older Massey’s from the late 70s - late 80s. They were popular models and still had parts...
  2. Mud2Money

    Land of lake effect

    I’m in the lower thumb and it’s snowing good. One of the last times I was in houghton snowmobiling we got over 2’ of fresh snow in a night.
  3. Mud2Money

    No start fixed - THANKS TO ALL

    My old Kioti has the bars across the glow plugs. Once or twice in its life I have pulled them off and cleaned up the corrosion. This solved my glow plug issues.
  4. Mud2Money

    Shooting range

    I feel you ! I used to have a nice shooting range until my township decided to put a stupid walking trail in the middle of no where. Now I have a bike path running next to and behind my field. I have plans to build a new range next year. This one will be a large 3 sided embankment. I have seen...
  5. Mud2Money

    New 8’ bucket today

    We pay .22 tax on gas and .29 on diesel in Michigan. The roads still suck majorly. The worst is we hear every excuse for high fuel cost etc. Yet we have a large Marthon refinery. I’ve noticed to living by a major border crossing that the fuel/gas prices are .10-.25 cents higher in the major...
  6. Mud2Money

    Shooting range

    I would build a bigger stop. In 2018 we had a elderly lady got one to the head from a stray bullet while in the kitchen having coffee with her husband. I surely wouldn’t want to be the husband hearing a crack to turn and and see my wife hit the floor. Neighbors on a crossroad were shooting at...
  7. Mud2Money

    Moving and need to buy a new TLB next year.

    I would either buy a TLB or farm the job out to get cleared. I just priced a dozer and a excavator to dig a pond. Trucking and rental cost were $8500 just for a week. Another $1500 in fuel at least and if you don’t have a lot of experience running larger equipment you will waste a lot of...
  8. Mud2Money

    Flatbed trailer project.

    Thanks guys ! Sure beats my current trailer I’ve been using. Weight wise this wasn’t bad at all. Most of the time I’m hauling a jd333 skid steer around, pipes , fabric , buckets.
  9. Mud2Money

    Flatbed trailer project.

    It weighed 5980 at the scrap yard. So I’m going to guess maybe 6200 with the added in steel framing , box , chain basket. The over spray isn’t to bad. I used rust oleum implement paint so it’s pretty heavy already. Thinned it out a decent amount and added hardener. The frame was over all...
  10. Mud2Money

    Flatbed trailer project.

    The rest of todays painting. Hopefully the weather is still nice tomorrow morning to shoot one more coat on.
  11. Mud2Money

    Flatbed trailer project.

    Well I picked up this 1994 titan 20k gooseneck. I got it for what I think is a pretty good price. The cancer wasn’t to bad. Looked like it sat untouched for many years. I will be using it daily. So I decided to squeeze in one more fast project before winter. I started with fabricating a chain...
  12. Mud2Money

    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    Man all you guys wanting arm rest , telescopic arms , comfier seats , tool boxes just need to upgrade to a MT573 😃. Has it all and then some haha. My only complaints so far is that fuels not free and no valves to close off the hydraulic line when changing the hydro filter. Other then that I love...
  13. Mud2Money

    Check your trees for hazards

    Where I hunt at I keep the maples trimmed up around my stand. Every spring my uncle and I go clean up a cord or two of branches that just pop right off. Most being 3-6” diameter and 10-20’ long. I had no idea about the exploding branches though. Good information !
  14. Mud2Money

    5inch minus spreadability?

    Sounds like the road isn’t getting worked deep enough to eliminate the potholes. If you watch road graders they usually cut it as deep as the potholes. Even worse if you don’t have a ton of fines. The potholes just act as a bowl to hold the loose stone until it rains and the hydraulics of it...
  15. Mud2Money

    High hour LS

    Heck I feel like people don’t use tractors for much these days. I only have 155 hours on my 7 month old MT573. But so far it’s been problem free and a joy to run. My only complaint is fuel ain’t free ! But luckily this units been very fuel friendly. Hopefully it last as long as the old family Kioti.
  16. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    My groups tightened right back up. I’ve looked at reloading but I already have a full archery shop setup and my lathe stole the space for a reloading bench.
  17. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    I feel you ! Took me about 150 shots to get back into the groove recently. Luckily sighting in all of this seasons hunting guns got me a few weekends of good practice and testing.
  18. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    I was hoping for a slightly further shot. But they came in closer going broadside. Went to raise my rifle and that doe turned dead straight facing me. I do feel lucky though as what was left of that bullet only traveled about 13” total and didn’t hit guts.
  19. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    The study seems very poor. The last deer I shot with a lead bullet certainly showed they do fragment. I shot a doe with my ML at about 12 yards frontal with a 250gr hollow point. I found a few flakes and barely a base of a bullet. It weighed 112 gr. It pretty much disintegrated.
  20. Mud2Money

    Trailer weight/advice needed

    Can you do it , yes. Legally ? Maybe not. Depends on the trucks weight ratings. It’s a big equine area by me and people pull gooseneck horse trailers with 3/4 tons all the time. The big thing is though combined weights. Michigan anything over 26001 pounds you need a cdl.
  21. Mud2Money

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Did they like just use a car battery and some welding wire or what ? I’ve seen dirt cheap Chinese stuff come with better welds. No continuous pass , little to any penetration, porosity. I wouldn’t trust those welds for nothing. I’m honestly shocked the gate didn’t just fall off.
  22. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    Being a big hunter , I have heard of some lead poisoning problems but it’s been mostly birds of prey. I get the push for waterfowl shot to be lead free due to being in water. The biggest reason I use copper is because I like the results. I’ve had some lead pencil hole some big game.
  23. Mud2Money

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    Other then my 22s I pretty much use all copper for hunting. I’ll sight in with some cheap target fmj if I can obtain it for that caliber. I mostly use barnes. No failures yet and very consistent expansion.
  24. Mud2Money

    Farmall® A or C Series? Or, ...?

    Do you have any LS dealers by you ? The MT573 would be in your specs as well. Great lift capacity. I lifted a whole skid of 60# bags off the trailer. I run a 7’ hd tiller fairly easy in hard clay. But overall dealer support is a big thing.
  25. Mud2Money

    Joining LS Club

    The loader frame kind of protects the hydraulic tube and filter as well. I don’t think you will run into any issues with clearance unless your taking it log crawling.
  26. Mud2Money

    Branson 6530C still having AC issues

    I am not familiar with this models components but I would assume it has a pressure switch. Has anyone changed it ? I had a f250 that would run cold for a short while then go hot. Shut the air off and turn it back on. It would blow cold then cut off. The pressure switch ended up being bad. After...
  27. Mud2Money

    Gannon grader box hydraulic cylinder for ripper shanks

    That would be a bore spray application. The company I recently worked for makes there own. Chrysler and Ford use them for cylinder walls instead of steel sleeves. Contact a few hydraulics shops. The cutter shop I worked at had a few tool designs with cylinders. We would often have them re...
  28. Mud2Money

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    TimberFarm. I bent mine in clay. I bent it back and put a wicked edge on. For sure worth the few hundred bucks. I would recommend you ask them to make the side tabs longer or lower. Mine ended up on the corner of a welded on strengthening plate.
  29. Mud2Money

    Buying Advice Who makes ls implements?

    I just recently bought a bad boy 7ft box blade. It’s light but I’m just pulling top soil and grading drives with it. So far it’s been great and for $1100. It was cheaper then a tar River.
  30. Mud2Money

    Buying Advice Who makes ls implements?

    I just recently bought a bad boy 7ft box blade. It’s light but I’m just pulling top soil and grading drives with it. So far it’s been great and for $1100. It was cheaper then a tar River.
  31. Mud2Money

    Buying Advice Who makes ls implements?

    I believe bad boy makes some of them.
  32. Mud2Money

    Buying backhoe for CK2610 vs Renting Mini Excavator

    How deep do you want to dig the pond ? I do excavating work and recently we have been doing multiple ponds for flood issues. I can certainly tell you I wouldn’t want to rent a backhoe to dig one. You will burn a hole in your piggy bank. Having full swing , depth , and a large bucket to move...
  33. Mud2Money

    Joining LS Club

    I can take a quick measurement when I get home from the bottom of the loader frame to the ground. I can tell you it’s never been a issue though. It’s been through the woods brush hogging around blow downs and stumps , muddy construction sites , and muddy fields. Drove over several material...
  34. Mud2Money

    Cab tractor for around the home?

    After years of snow blowing since I was a child and years of no cab tractors , I haven’t had one regret yet with purchasing a cab tractor. After mowing and tilling this season, watching the pollen and dust running down the windows to no end I knew I made the right call.
  35. Mud2Money

    TYM T293 Lost Power After 20 Minutes Run time

    I always search part numbers. Coming from the auto industry many components on all sorts of gas, diesel, and electric machines come from the same manufactures. Not always but a good chance you will find the direct source that company purchased from. Example my arctic cat sled. AC wanted $380 for...
  36. Mud2Money

    Titan Attachments Quick Hitch Initial Review

    I started with a speeco cat 2 QH on my new tractor but after months I’ve taken it off. Slop in the pins and troubles finding the correct bushing or having to make them has steered me away. It’s had no issues fitting any of my cat2 implements. The handles did fall off the first time I tilled. I...
  37. Mud2Money

    BIY tooth bar - CRS/Mild Steel ok? abbrasive resistant metal a must?

    If you make a tooth bar I doubt you will take it off. I have a wicked on my 78” bucket and I use it to grade the driveway. Also having another cutting edge bolted on does a better job back dragging. The teeth don’t leave huge furrows like many would think. I use it with my box blade to bust up...
  38. Mud2Money

    New tractor owner

    Nice tractor ! Goodworks , sweetstractor, and everything attachments are all places I use for any online orders if my local stores don’t have what I am looking for. As for the securing the load comments I don’t think anyone was trying to be mean. I haul equipment to and from sites for my day...
  39. Mud2Money

    Plows versus tillers?

    As stated the hardest parts with tillers is first breaking ground and compaction. I combat this with subsoiling. I used to fight water even when plowing due to the compaction layer depth in my clay field. Now I first run my subsoiler to break the compaction layer. Then I run my tiller. How many...
  40. Mud2Money

    Why so Much Work on a 2400-Hour Machine?

    Was it by chance a flood machine and water killed the top end and injection system ? Sounds like it had some rust or something in the top end to require that kind of work.
  41. Mud2Money

    Mahindra 1533L hydrostatic wont turn over.

    I would check the fuel solenoid as well. That just shuts off fuel flow. It will still fire on starting fluid or any other combustible forced into it through the intake. If it ran after starting fluid it sounds like the pump isn’t getting fuel delivery and suctioning after running.
  42. Mud2Money

    weld shop clean out job and other Keweenaw sites

    My cousin live in Hanncock. We used to hit the woods on sleds and find old mining camps. I’ve spent some time around the old mill and sunk dredge. Got to see a few of the old mines. A friend in southrange guided some film crews through them and took us.
  43. Mud2Money

    weld shop clean out job and other Keweenaw sites

    I didn’t know this was up in the kee. I’ve been up there a lot. I love all the old history around from the various mines and refineries.
  44. Mud2Money

    Kioti RX 7320 vs LSMT5,Case 75a

    I originally wanted a RX but could not get one due to availability near me. I ended up going with the MT5. It’s been a fantastic machine. No problems in +130 hours. Ran it on 93 degree days tilling 7 acres no heat issues. It’s only done 2 regens both at 50 hour intervals by the computer. Came...
  45. Mud2Money

    Bad boy box blades ?

    Well fellas here it is. I put it to work on my crushed asphalt driveway first thing. Now on to re leveling 2 acres of backyard. No grips with it so far and it came with all cat 2 pin holes so no slip in the 3 point. I was worried only being mid 500# that it would not want to cut into the...
  46. Mud2Money

    LS or Kubota

    I went with LS. Dealer kinda sucked after. But the price was right , packed full of features , comfy , ergos are great , and happy to report 120+ Happy trouble free hours on it over the last 4 months. I couldn’t even touch a comparable optioned equal Hp kubota. It was going to be over 15k more...
  47. Mud2Money

    Bad boy box blades ?

    The 7ft box blade is only $1050. That’s the only thing that worries me. Even a tar River is like 1400-1500 around me. I found a new local ls dealer I want to check out and go through if they are better then the one I got my unit from. They deal bad boy stuff as well. Sounds like I’m in for a...
  48. Mud2Money

    Bad boy box blades ?

    Price was very cheap.
  49. Mud2Money

    Bad boy box blades ?

    Hey everyone, just checking to see if anyone has used/ owns any larger bad boy box blades and how they held up. I understand they are cheaper and not something crazy heavy built like a EA / Woods / land pride. It would be mainly used for drive grading and touch up as well as spreading topsoil...
  50. Mud2Money

    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I’ve done some clearing after forestry mulched. We typically get a rake grapple for the skid steer and get the majority of it up. Then used a Harley rake angled to smooth the area and with it angled it will create windrows of debris you can basically get into a line. Usually only takes us a day...