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    Grass seed question

    I have a couple areas at my place that grass just will not grow, it tries, but the combinations of shade, trees, rain, runoff and whatever mother nature throws at it just eventually kills it off. I want some grass there, I don't really care what kind. I've seeded with fescue, zoysa, and sodded...
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    Kubota D1105 Fuel shutoff issue?

    I have a piece of equipment(Terramite t7) with a D1105 engine. It's been running rough for a few days, and checking the service records shows me it overdue for filters. I replaced both(it has a small plastic trash filter near the fuel tank and the cartridge filter bolted to the motor) Fired it...
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    MF 1734 Skid plate availabilty?

    After having the belly tanks pretty much ripped off for the 3rd time, I'm looking for a belly skid plate for my 1734. It's a poor design, the factory guard is just tin, combine this with the fact it's a rental unit, and it spells problem$. I've looked into building one, but 1/4 inch plate is at...