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  1. countrybumpkin

    Rustoleum lubricants?

    Anyone tried any of these, just seen them at Menards while getting some fluid film, wondered if they were worth a darn.
  2. countrybumpkin

    Armorpoxy Floor coating.

    Finally got around to doing the floor coating for my shop it’s only been sitting 3 years waiting for me to make a decision on which coating and also the time to do it. I ended up going with Armorpoxy brand and there armor ultra kit, it’s a 3 coat process. So far I’m really pleased how it...
  3. countrybumpkin

    PEX for shop air lines?

    Anyone using pex water line for compressed air lines in there shop?
  4. countrybumpkin

    Dodge OEM bed hooks?

    We have a new 3500 dually with the under bed gooseneck prep package, it has safety chain hooks that lock into the two rear pucks that we also use as extra tie down points when not towing. By design they don’t fit the front two pucks, does anyone make hooks that fit the front?
  5. countrybumpkin

    Steering wheel split.

    Well I used the tractor yesterday putting out a bail of hay and noticed a 1/8” wide spit in the wheel. [emoji35] Not sure what I’m going to do yet, but I’m not buying another one just to have it do the same thing.
  6. countrybumpkin

    Rake Landscape rake with offset

    Been looking for a landscape rake for a while now but haven’t found any good buys on used ones, so I’m going to end up just buying new. Anyway, for those that have one with the ability to offset , do you find that you use it much? I use it a lot on my rear blade but seeing that very few rakes...
  7. countrybumpkin

    Auger storage rack?

    AnyOne built there own rack and storage system for a hydraulic SSQA auger drive and bits? Only thing I've come across is "Auger Rack" which is a really nice design, just curios if anyone has come up with anything different.
  8. countrybumpkin

    Hydraulic ssqa augers?

    Looking into buying a ssqa style hydraulic post hole auger, local dealers have Danuser, land-pride, Mcmillen. Mainly looking at the planetary drive style over the ones with a standard gear box and hydraulic motor , such as the shaver style. This will be used as small farm - ranch, not...
  9. countrybumpkin

    Post hole auger bit?

    I am looking at buying a couple new augers for my step dads 3pt pto digger. The ones he has are way beyond there usable life, how ever he thinks they are just fine. :) Anyway I'm looking at primarily digging in Red clay with rocks anywhere from baseball, or softball and down in size, what type...
  10. countrybumpkin

    NX parts online diagrams

    Has anyone else had problems viewing the parts diagrams for the NX tractors when going through a vender such as Michigan iron and equipment, or any other ones that use the parts stream links? They use to show up but now they don't anymore, I have checked other models and those diagrams still work.
  11. countrybumpkin

    NX Check engine light.

    Used my rotary cutter for about 5 hours today, after finishing up I unhooked the cutter and then went to park the tractor in the shed. While driving to the shed , only about 100 ft away, I looked down and seen the CEL on and the engine speed seemed to jump around for a second, after parking the...
  12. countrybumpkin

    Traveller Premium vrs Mystik JT5

    Anyone have any issues or thoughts on either of these, my dealer was using Master pro tech j20c oil but is no longer in business and I'm unable to find any info on master brand fluid. Been looking at what I want to use to do my next full service.
  13. countrybumpkin

    Another Tractor Accident , be careful on the highways.

    This happened here today when the Tractor Trailer clipped the rear of the hay conditioner the tractor was towing.
  14. countrybumpkin

    Adding teeth to a bucket

    Decided it was time for a tooth bucket, instead of doing a bolt on tooth bar, I found another bucket and added teeth to it. The bucket had some wear on the original welded on cutting edge, so I added a heavier weld on edge and weld on teeth mounts, went with 9 teeth on a 6 foot bucket.
  15. countrybumpkin

    Another ECU update letter?

    Received a letter from Kioti today stating my NX needed to have a ECU update for the emissions by March 17, anyone else received one? I had a update done about a year ago for the same type of issue, it was related to issues at altitudes above 5000 feet if I remember correct. Bad thing is my...
  16. countrybumpkin

    Bucket tooth spacing?

    Looking at a used 72" fel bucket to weld some 23tf teeth on, I've found anywhere from 6 to 9 teeth on 72" buckets. Just wondering what others have on this size bucket? Also anyone tried the twin tiger tooth, I see most are using the standard digging style.
  17. countrybumpkin

    Bent Brush Guard on NX

    Why in the world do they have to make the hood open with such close tolerance to the brush guard :) Back a couple months ago I was using a rear blade on the loader to unload some trailer loads of dirt, I bumped the rub rail a few times with the brush guard, went to open the hood a few weeks...
  18. countrybumpkin

    Oil & Fuel Another dk stuck at full throttle.

    Friend of mine called me yesterday and said his dk45S stuck at full throttle, and was unable to shut it down with the key. He finally was able to get it shut down. We got it loaded up and brought it into the shop today, took the loader off and have it ready for me to start working on it over the...
  19. countrybumpkin

    Backhoe NX 5510 backhoe install

    Finally started the backhoe mounting on my NX , I ended up buying a factory subframe from my dealer at a big discount I couldn't pass up. The backhoe came with my kubota L3410 when I bought it 10 years ago. I sold the kubota after buying a new NX5510 cab and decided to use the backhoe on it...
  20. countrybumpkin

    Another leak

    Well I was cleaning the NX5510 and noticed another hydraulic leak, this one is between the left axle housing and brake case. Appears they use sealer instead of gaskets on these so I'm guessing they missed a spot or had it to thin in a spot.
  21. countrybumpkin

    NX 3 pt lift cylinder leak

    Have just over 200 hrs on it now in a years use, and noticed a couple weeks ago that one of the lift cylinders was wet, so I have been keeping a eye on it and now its starting to leak worse. Just curios has anyone else had issues with there lift cylinders leaking yet? Guess I'll go see what the...
  22. countrybumpkin

    Buying Advice MF 1660 L130 loader?

    I'm looking at a used 1660 with 300 hrs, cab, 12 speed power shuttle, R4s, three remotes asking 33,000. Just wanted some feed back from owners with this series of tractor if they are happy and what, if any, problems they have had? Main reason is for looking is non tier4 final exhaust. Loader...
  23. countrybumpkin

    Threepoint box blade to pull type conversion.

    So after a few other projects got put in front of this one , I was finally able to start my box blade conversion, been trying to do this for a year or better. Any how, I have a threepoint box blade that I'm building a set of wheels and a tongue for it to convert it to a pull type. The tongue...
  24. countrybumpkin

    Kioti NX5510 Smoking after startup.

    For about the last 30 hrs or so my NX5510 has started smoking after startup, seems to have gotten a bit worse but Doesn't seem to do it every-time but more often than not. First time it done this was after tractor had been started in the morning, ran about 5-10 minutes to load on a trailer and...
  25. countrybumpkin

    Joist hanger screws?

    Anyone used the screws they have out designed for metal connectors? I'm just about to start my loft build in my shop and trying to decide if I want to use them or stay with nails that are a lot cheaper.
  26. countrybumpkin

    Beam span for mezzanine

    I'm fixing to build a mezzanine in my new shop, it's going to be 12 X 30 , floor joists are going to span the 12 foot distance with 5/8 or 3/4 tongue and groove floor. I'm wanting to try and span one of the 30 ft distances with 4 post , one post at each end and then one post at 8 ft from each...
  27. countrybumpkin

    Bent bucket wear edge !

    So much for a nice straight new bolt on wear edge, haven't even used it enough to scratch the paint yet. :) Just thought I'd pass this along so maybe someone else don't have a similar issue. The design of this bar needs a support a lot closer to the ends of the wear edge , this bar is punched...
  28. countrybumpkin

    Ordering parts on line?

    I'm working on 6000 two wheel drive for my step dad and needing a new fan and couple other small items, local dealer is not much help when it comes to ordering parts, is there some good on line places that anyone can recommend maybe for getting parts?
  29. countrybumpkin

    Quick fix for adjusting hudraulic top link

    When hooking and unhooking implements a lot of times I need to shorten or lengthen the top link in order to pin it. So instead of walking around to open the door and reach in and then walk back around, I came up with a quick little handle on the valve.
  30. countrybumpkin

    Check those loader bolts!!

    Just a reminder to check all the loader bolts fairly often so you don't have to do this. :) My stepdad called me to look at his tractor yesterday because the cooling fan fell off and he found the bolt but it was broken off. I had him bring it to me so I would have a place and tools to work on...
  31. countrybumpkin

    ATV Manure spreader?

    Anyone built a small scale manure spreader to use behind a atv? My mom wants me to build her one , but not sure it wouldn't be cheaper in the end to find a small used one, if I can locate one.
  32. countrybumpkin

    Finally Brought Her Home!!!

    Well I finally brought my new NX5510 home and even but it to work. Wow , very nice and a nice step up from my open station kubota. Here is a couple of pics even a poser shot.
  33. countrybumpkin

    NX belly pan

    I decided to make a real fast simple belly pan for my NX 5510 , main concern was the fuel line and outlet on the bottom of the tank. I could have just cut enough to cover just that area but decided for now to make it cover from side to side. The loader braces that run under the tractor to the...
  34. countrybumpkin

    My carryall built from a utv bed.

    Pick up this new utv bed from a local auction to be gain my carryall build. Very nice, solid made bed with tail gate and sides that lock in a flat position. Should make a nice set up. It's 5' wide x 4' long and when unfolded about 7' wide x 5' long.
  35. countrybumpkin

    NX series courtesy light.

    Well I decided that it would be nice to have the dome light to also work as a courtesy light when you open the cab door. I wired in a small magnetic reed type switch to the dome light, so now when the left door is opened the dome light will come on. Works really well getting in and out of the...
  36. countrybumpkin

    Dirt scoop I.D.

    Anyone know what brand or have any experience with this design of scoop? Guy says it's approximately a 1yd scoop.
  37. countrybumpkin

    Air cleaner saftey filter?

    Any reason not to add a safety filter to my new NX series tractor? Summer time I usually see some pretty dusty conditions from time to time, and just like to add the safety filter.
  38. countrybumpkin

    NX 540E / 750 PTO

    Does anyone have this option on a nx tractor?
  39. countrybumpkin

    Backhoe NX series SubFrame ?

    Has anyone put either a factory or aftermarket subframe on a NX for a Backhoe? Trying to decide if I want to buy a subframe for my backhoe or redo the subframe that I used on my kubota. Dealer is asking 750 for a kioti brand frame.
  40. countrybumpkin

    Switch cut outs?

    Anyone know if these snap in panels will fit into the factory cut outs in on a NX series cab, I'm trying to find switches that will snap into the factory cutouts. Contura Single Switch Mounting Panels
  41. countrybumpkin

    NX rear scv part numbers all 3

    I just wanted to pass this along for anyone else looking to add all three rear service remotes to there NX.
  42. countrybumpkin

    Kioti NX5510 LEDs

    Bought I would post a few pics of the new LEDs on my new tractor. I installed 3 pair of them. I used flood on the back of the cab and the front lower ones on the front of the cab, then used spots for the front top of the cab.
  43. countrybumpkin

    Ls parts on line?

    I'm looking for a good place to order parts for LS on line? I'm needing to order a left side arm rest and bracket from a xr4046
  44. countrybumpkin

    Foot Throttle ?

    Just curious if anyone has modified there foot throttle to improve the peddle position? The new kioti NX5510 cab I just bought has the foot throttle really hi off the floor and too close to the seat for me to comfortably use. It's drive by wire so no linkage the rod comes right off the side of...
  45. countrybumpkin

    Cab roof insulation?

    I'm getting ready to remove the roof on my new nx5510 , to install a radio, back up monitor, new led lights and what ever else I can think of. Anyway while I have the top open I was thinking about adding some insulation anyplace I have room in the top just to help with the heating and cooling...
  46. countrybumpkin

    NX5510 radio plug?

    AnyOne know if there is a wiring harness available that will plug into a factory kioti one? I'm just about ready to install the new stereo and hate to cut the factory plug off the harness if I don't have to.
  47. countrybumpkin

    Left side armrest?

    Just bought a new nx5510 with cab and shuttle shift, there is only one armrest on the seat and it's on the right side just wondering if a left one is available or if someone knows of one off another model that would work?
  48. countrybumpkin

    Nx5510 link arms?

  49. countrybumpkin

    Price Check Nx5510 Cab Loader Shuttle??

    Well I have just about had enough and have decided its time for a cab tractor. I've looked at a bunch and have just about decided to go with a kioti nx5510 just wanted to do a little price checking first. 2014 nx5510 Cab , shuttle trans, with kl6010 loader, one rear remote, 4x4 I was quoted $...
  50. countrybumpkin

    Pull type box blade with tilt axle??

    Been looking at pull type box blades , and thinking of getting one that has a tilt feature in the axle, but not sure if either style would be better than the other. Here are pics of the two types of axle styles I've seen.