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  1. GLyford

    Mice and Mini Split AC units.

    Mice got into our mini split outside compressor housing and trashed the wiring and insulation. I would not be surprised if the wiring has soy based insulation like many people complain about in their vehicles for similar reasons. Harness is not available as a replacement part and the...
  2. GLyford

    Quick garden structure (pergola)

    In another thread, I said I would post how this project went together once it was done, so here it is. An aluminum deck vendor was mentioned in another thread, Aluminum Decking, Railing, Fencing, Pergolas and Deck Framing by Nexan Building Products and I was looking to see if they had something...
  3. GLyford

    Who else is looking at bare trees? Gypsy Moths doing a number here...

    Pretty much our whole end of the county looks like it is the first days of spring and not the longest days of summer. Anyone else here under siege?