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  1. frank_f15

    front wheel drive

    on a b2400, is front wheel drive engaged when the lever is in the forward position or the rear position?
  2. frank_f15


    selling pice for b2400 1998 450 hrs bb 5 ft fiisn mowerhydo trans,toothbar' jront losdrr ps/pb garage kept LIKE NEW WHAT SHOULD SHOULD I ASK FOR IT?
  3. frank_f15

    I have kidney cancer

    hey guys i won't be around for a few weeks going in monday to have my left kidney removed and mabey a few other things. might be in 5 day or as long as 14 days, have to see how it goes. For those so inclinded a few prayers won't hurt.
  4. frank_f15

    Price Check 98 KUBOTA B2400 SELL PRICE

    HEY GUYS i might need to sell my kubota b2400 (1998) it has only 410 hrs . Has FEL. 6 ft. back blade, 5 ft. Befco finish mower, and detachable toothbar.Tractor and all implement alwalys garage kept. also is HYDRO TRANS. ANY IDEAS OF SELL PRICE IF MY WIFE HAS TO SELL IT.
  5. frank_f15

    Help with Brain cramp

    Hey guys i need the Techinical name for the name of the AC fitting on newer cars. will feel like a jerk when i hear it but for the life of me i can't remember.:confused::mad::(
  6. frank_f15

    power service addative

    Have not had to use tractor in 4 days (but darn sure will need to move snow) tomorrow, Altough the diesel is winter blend , with three nites of O deg temp and worse tonigh i decided to add some power service, added 5oz to 6.5 gal tank started tractor and let it run about 20 min. all was fine...
  7. frank_f15


    I have a laptop that i use strictly as a back up for when my desktop goes down or i loose power, have heard to trains of thought. 1) use ac ower all the time so battery is awalys charged 2) let batter run low and then recharge, which is better? and if #2 how low should i let the battry get...
  8. frank_f15


    need a new basttery for kubota 2400 , check online with interstate batteries they have one listed for this tractor at 410 CCA is that sufficent for cranking over that size engine?old battery i do eleive is factory installed 1998 and jsut now seems to not spin the engine that fast. no...
  9. frank_f15


    i live in a rueal area and our phone lines stink, the are older than me and have been having problem for the last month with line noise, buzzing sound on the phone and my dial up speed take a dive. the lines are owned by VERISON A BUT I HAVE TO CALL A MY LOCAL SERVICE idt . NOW THIS IS...
  10. frank_f15


    my wife and i are retired and decided it was time for another puppy we got a little pomerain chichaua mix only 3 months old, had him 2 weeks and he is doing fine. but for some reason this little guy loves to root in the grass and find and eat worms on ocassion. why does he do that and will...
  11. frank_f15

    might need a new GT

    Well parked my 15 yr. old sears gt the other afternoon was fine . went to start it today and no dice, turns over fine, backfierd and would not start, put in a few new plugs and same thing. this thing has been golden for 15 years but now wondering if just better to replace it. i am getting a...
  12. frank_f15

    Rear Finish Mower hours bet. greasing RFM

    HELP settle a discussion, how many hours before you re-grease your RFM
  13. frank_f15

    microwave oven info

    our microwave took a dump today (only 14 years old) have to get a new one but don't have the book on it and the lable does not give the size. so what cu.ft. is a mico with an inside measurement of 13.5 w x 16 deep x 9.5 high? i came up with aout 1.8 cu ft. or did i really mess up:cool:
  14. frank_f15

    Transplanting young trees

    i have some young trres that i planted 2 and 3 years ago they are oaks, flowering trees and a few pine. would it be ok to transplant then at this time of year?
  15. frank_f15

    corn for ethanol good or bad idea?

    just wondering how the most of you folks feel about using corn to produce ethanol? My personal opinon is it is not a good thing.
  16. frank_f15

    computer question

    HI GUYS i know there a quite a few computer savy folks on this site. anyhow for the last 2 days anytime i am online and not doing any thing the little computer icon in my sys tray seem to be active, like they are dowloading or up loading. i run AVG (GRISOFT ANTI VIRUS) SPYWARE BLASTER AND...
  17. frank_f15


    what do you guys think for an atv for a young person? my grandson is 8 and rather tall and large and he just can't fit in his electirc car. what do you think of a atv in the 50cc or 90 range made fo youths with adajustable max speed. he will have plenty of open space to ride when he is...
  18. frank_f15

    1956 Farmall cub

    doing some research for a friend of a friend, he has a 56 cub that he wants to sell, have not seen the tractor, just this picture. It apeears to be in excellent condition, no attachements just the tractor. Rough idea of it's worth.
  19. frank_f15

    accidents happen quick

    this afternoon the Bride left for work, so i went out to the garage to check out some electrical circuits, pulled out a cabinet to get at an outlet, tractor was parked there, as i turned to go back to the panel, both shins hit the back blade and over i went, my head hit some steel...
  20. frank_f15


    BEEN a very mild winter here so far, not much snow and not 1 real storm, wonder what is going to happen in the next few months? not really been that cold either. strange for this area in WESTERN NY. anybody else have odd weather for your area????
  21. frank_f15


    LIVING UP HERE IN THE NORTHEAST I USUALLY HAVE WINTER BLEND IN the tractor at this time but this year i have a tank full (6.3 gal) of summer blend. so i bout some power service today. Bottle says for MAX winter protectio from gelling add 32 oz to 50 gal. what amt would you suggest for a 6...
  22. frank_f15


    Hey guys i need to buy a new monitor(current is 10yrs old) leaning towards an LCD ! What shoud i look for? wide screen or regular? if wide screen how do web pages disply on it? also name brands that you like ,thinking of at least 19" . any and all suggestions appreciated.
  23. frank_f15


    HEY GUYS the chief (can you say wife) asked me a question that i was not sure of the answer. IF i had to sell my tractor what would we get for it? it is a KUBOTA 1998 B2400 , 400 hrs, 4wd, hst, ps, with r4 tires, ,FEL, 6 FT BACK BLADE, 5 FT BEFCO RFM, AND A DETACHABLE TOOTHBAR...
  24. frank_f15


    APRIL 8 has been down into the low 20"s for the last 4 days, snows every night and snowing now ! what happened to GLOBAL WARMING? I AM DEPRESSED:( BLASTED groudn is so wet i could grow rice.:eek:
  25. frank_f15

    single cylinder 20 hp LT

    JUST wondering the pro's and con of of a 1 cylinder 18/20 hp LT . i seem to want to stay away from that don't know why but just my thought. any ideas about that? which is better or more durable ?
  26. frank_f15


    well we had a mild winter thru jan. 3 or4 " of snow every day or so, but the tempeture has plumented 3 deg. with wind chill of -18 deg has been snowing since yesterday have about 2.5 ' of snow on the ground now and still snowing like crazy. have not even tried to plow, will deal with it when it...
  27. frank_f15


    well i guess most of you have heard about the new play station that hit the stores today. around here people have been camping out at the stores for 3 days. The better model 60 gig sell for about $600 but they are selling on Ebay for an average of $3500.00 but for a real OH MY...
  28. frank_f15


    I have noticed that the times a post was made does not give with the actual time. I just looked at 7 posts and they were way off to the actual time. i am EST and looked at post that said post was TODAY 7:04 PM WHEN IT WAS ACTUALLY 6:15 PM. never noticed this before. and the post were...
  29. frank_f15


    Probably as most of you a s most of you know, we have had a terrible october up here in the BUFFALO , NEW YORK AREA. i was kind of lucky as i was just on the edge of the storm and only got about 8" of snow , but it took down a bunch of my limbs off my maples and of course my willow, has not...
  30. frank_f15

    grandparents day at school

    well my grandson is in kindergarden, and on friday it is grandparents day, so i guess i have to make the 100 mi trip(one way) get up in the middle of the night to make sure we get there in time , because he told me it is imperative i be there cause he told the class and the teacher that...
  31. frank_f15

    1 million post s

    TBN will hit 1,000,000 posts soon. that is truly amazing and i think a tip of the hat is due to the guys that make it work and the guys and gals that make it such a great forum.:cool:
  32. frank_f15

    43rd anniversary

    OCTOBER 5th 1963 i married the woman of my life . we have had (so far) 43 years of life together, 3 GREAT CHILDREN, 3 WONDERFUL GRAND KIDs. I am posting this on oct 4th, we went out to dinner with some friends and came home and just relaxed, the LOVLEY bride is watchting TV and...
  33. frank_f15

    MY tax dollars at work

    Every few years the town sends this down to cut back the brush along side the road, this year the guy made 3 passes and really cut it back, i was thrilled, nice to be able to pull out of drive with great line of sight. would i love to have my seat in that seat for a few hours:cool:
  34. frank_f15


    this probably has not made the national news, but for 5 months the police have been trying to capture an escaped prisoner. he shot a trooper in june(he recovered) and the criminal seems to stay in this area as he has friends and realitives here. well thursday he shot 2 troopers that...
  35. frank_f15


    bought some solar powered malibu lites for decorations this summer, they were the better name brand and seem to work quite well EXCEPT WHEN IT RAINS then they do not light at all, is this normal? not just one or two but all 10 of them don't light. tonight it is raining and very dark and...
  36. frank_f15


    I know this subject has been addessed before, but i had a flat tire on the front this afternoon, went to get the B2400 from the other garage and the left front was flat. Took it off and to the tire place and just the bead was lost. put it back on and checked the pressure and noticed it was...
  37. frank_f15

    computer question

    I have been using Norton anti virus 2003, but latey it won't let me use live update (am paid up till 2/07?) they have a work around but it is a 50 step process. It has been sugessted that i dump NORTON and get another virus protector. 2 questions. 1) will norton uninstall completly remove it...
  38. frank_f15


    OK guys and girls , fess up !!! who likes canned spam beside me and the bride? seems to me a whole lot of folks must buy it as they still make and sell it. just my presonal survey to see if it is only poor folks like me that enjoys it? and what is your favorite way to eat it?
  39. frank_f15


    Just wonder if the cost of gasoline has changed the way you mow you grass or the frequency of which you mow it. I guees this would relate more to larger acreages, but mabey not.
  40. frank_f15

    B2400 instrument panel lights

    I hardly ever use my tractor after dark ,only when it is necessary yo plow snow at dark, today for the first time this year i had to plow right at dark, noticed that the tach ON LEFT and the fuel and Temp gauges ( on the right ) were not lit. all the other indicators light up, 4 way...
  41. frank_f15


    ASKED this on a few other forums, but thought i would see what you guys have to input. I have a septic system, and need to replace my toilet. I am concerned with the 1.6 gal flush, any recomendations on wich type , name brand toilet will give a good flush with that amt of water.
  42. frank_f15


    Trying to help a friend out, all of a sudden his tractor is using almost 2 x the fuel it normally uses,his tractor is a Kubota B9200hst-d(about 15 years old) engine is Kubota V1200-A 4 cyl. we checked all over and there are no fuel leaks. what would cauase that? also as i posted in another...
  43. frank_f15


    i want to get a repair manual for a kubota B9200 for a friend, where i can i get one and will it include engine repair? this tractor is about 15 or 16 years old.
  44. frank_f15


    Seems like the leaves on the trees are not turning color very much up here, 90% are still green some yellow but very little red. how is it by you?
  45. frank_f15


    Never met Bob, just wanted to pubicly thank him for a favor he did for me, not important what it was, just that he offered and followed thru with it. Its folks like Bob and many others like him that make this site so special. BOB hope you don't mind, but i felt inclinded to post this!
  46. frank_f15


    Need to replace one of my 5 gal. gas cans, went to local NAPA store and now due to new improved NYS law you must buy a ventless, spill proof, child proof, ploy can. $28 so i bought one, figured out how to use it (a pain in the dis hear) also to let fuel flow u have to make sure a...
  47. frank_f15


    POULAN CHAIN SAW WON\'T START this is a occasional use chain saw, probaly only use it about 1 hour per year, has been a great saw, used it to day and it fired right up, used it for about 15 min, and shut it down to clear debris, could not get it started again, thought i flooded it so popped...
  48. frank_f15


    BEE STINGS I know i could have added to previous post but i thiught this was improtant enought to deserve it's own thread. LAST juluy 4th (2004) i got stung, went into very critical reaction, ambulance was called and i spent th whole day in hospital, seems i suddendly developed a n...
  49. frank_f15


    I have benn using SPYBOT S/D for some time now. I recently ran a scan and it found DSO EXPLOIT i clicked on fix problem and it showed as fixed, but the nextime i ran the san the same DSO EXPLOIT showed up, the scans were done one after the other, i tried 2 or 3 times and it still shows up...
  50. frank_f15


    I had this starte rebuilt 13 mo. ago, no problems till today, would not start just made grinding sound. so i proceeded to remove it AGAIN numerous covers, shrouds, air cleaner assembly etc. Finally got to where i could see the starter and the flywheel and ring gear, so fo the heck of it i...