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  1. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Oversized flail for undersized tractor ok?

    I’ve got an opportunity to buy a flail mower that’s just wide enough to cover the width of the tractor but what worries me is the pto requirements which is more than my Branson’s rated for. Flail is 40-60 hp and my Branson is a 35 (29 at the pto). It’s also a hydraulic side shift. Is it still...
  2. Aquamoose

    Tractor blowing dust - what’s your remedy?

    Every time I operate my tractor over dry earth, the radiator fan kicks up dust creating a nuisance that I dread going through them when working. Sometimes I hose the area heavily to keep dust to a minimum but it’s not always practical. Have any of you made a fix to deflect the airflow to the...
  3. Aquamoose

    Bucket wings

    I want to fabricate removable bucket wings to allow me to move more snow, like snow pushers but on a budget. Bolt on in the winter, take off in the spring. How should I make mine? Any tips? Pics?
  4. Aquamoose

    Backblade upgrade!

    Well, that was a catchy title eh? Anyhow, I was tired of jumping on & off my tractor to make angle adjustments on my backblade so I went and added a hydraulic cylinder! I had to cut off a portion of the bracket up front (at the base)so the 10” stroke cylinder would sit in the optimum position...
  5. Aquamoose

    Counterweight build

    Had some 8” square tubing lying around and decided to use them for my counterweight. Instead of concrete, I decided to just use sand. It’s 4’ wide and has a receiver hitch. I also had two cargo tie downs from a Chevy Suburban which were used to provide lifting points during the build. It’s...
  6. Aquamoose

    Double ended forks mod

    I bought a 48” quick attach pallet forks from Titan and wanted it to be useable on the back end so I added two steel plates with holes, bought 3ph pins, and voila! It’s so simple that it should be a product offering. Anyone else do this too?
  7. Aquamoose

    Is there anyone that can lathe a bushing?

    I have one to copy from. It’s lightweight material but I’d settle for machine able brass. I have all the measurements & pics.
  8. Aquamoose

    2005 John Deere 4320

    Hope you don’t mind me inquiring here but I have a neighbor friend who’s looking to sell the 4320 she has after her husband passed. (He was a former Flying Tiger pilot whom I’ve had the privilege hearing stories about!) I’m not buying hers as I already have my own. Can anyone give a ball price...
  9. Aquamoose

    Temporary beam/pole trailer?

    I’m planning on having 2 pieces of 36’ beams cut from a saw mill operator who can cut up to 45’. The trouble is, he’s 45 minutes away via country roads. To transport would be $250. Has anyone transported beams/poles via “utility” style where the trailer wheels are chained to the pole &...
  10. Aquamoose

    The holy grail coupler!

    I have almost always struggled with hydraulic couplers when switching between quick-connect implements on my loader despite being mindful of relieving pressure and such. Also, two of my couplers failed when they refused to uncouple due to loose or stuck ball bearings that locks the couplers...
  11. Aquamoose

    Kubota BX76 Backhoe owners?

    Hi folks, Would anyone be willing to verify the measurements of the bucket pins for the BH76 and see if it matches the one in the image? Thank you!
  12. Aquamoose

    Comparison I’m wanting to buy a ripper for my BH76...

    ...but Bro-Tec does not list any Bransons. However, I heard that Amsung makes the backhoes for both Kubota and Branson, both have called them BH76. Any chance a Kubota BH76 owner can assist in comparing measurements to see if they are the same?
  13. Aquamoose

    Value of a 12k trailer?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, what’s a good ballpark value of a 12k trailer? It’s 2,200 empty, two 7k axles (8 lug), 80” wide, 18’ long (16’ w/ 2’ beaver tail). Ramps are stored under the rear, has drop down stands, no dents, all electric brakes, & tires looks good & plenty of tread. 2 3/8”...
  14. Aquamoose

    Driver friendly work lights

    I know everyone has outfitted their tractors with all sorts of work lights that would light up a football stadium but I want to use a pair of “driver friendly” work lights to the front to avoid blinding oncoming drivers when I’m on the public roadways clearing snow. I’d rather that they see me...
  15. Aquamoose

    Other uses for grapple...pull cows out of the mud!

    Heartwrenching Rescue of Cow Stuck in Mud - YouTube
  16. Aquamoose

    Side jobs with your tractor

    I’m thinking of starting a side business with my tractor, tree puller, grapple, back hoe, and PTO chipper. I do have a truck & trailer. Has anybody done anything like this and any tips/suggestions?
  17. Aquamoose

    Sequence valves

    I'm hoping to get some advice from you hydraulic gurus about sequence valves. I built a tree puller to pull out thin pine/fir saplings on my property as I have too many and it's very dense in places so to mitigate the fire danger, I'm thinning them by pulling them out. I have absolutely no...
  18. Aquamoose

    Installing a dry well

    I’m planning to install a dry well before the wet season and want to make it as large as possible as I don’t think a traditional 55 gal barrel will do. I have an old 250 gallon IBC. Can I use that? I plan to put it in an area with no foot traffic, in the woods just pass my grass. Any advice...
  19. Aquamoose

    Flail Mower Selling & Buying a flail mower.

    I’ve got a 48” Rhino commercial duty gas powered tow behind flail mower that I can’t comfortably tow behind my 2wd ATV to take care of ground cover in my wood lot but I’d like to sell it and use the funds to buy a PTO flail mower for my Branson. Problem is, I have a hard time figuring out the...
  20. Aquamoose

    Branch shear - hydraulic operated

    After building my tree puller, I started to get this “itch” to build an attachment for it that has a pole and a hydraulic operated shear at the end to reach (and cut) branches in the 7’-24’ zone of my large pine/fir trees to reduce ladder fuels. I tried googling it for ideas and I keep getting...
  21. Aquamoose

    Dual purpose mount plates (SSQA & 3ph)

    I decided to build a tree puller and wanted to buy a blank mounting plate for use on both ends of my tractor. Is there ANYTHING that's on the market like this?
  22. Aquamoose

    My 3 ton capacity logging trailer

    I went to buy some large steel tubing on CL when the owner had this trailer sitting off the side. Curious, I asked about it as it has been unused for quite some time and the tires were practically rotting away but still holding air. I was surprised when he said “Take it” as the first answer! I...
  23. Aquamoose

    Buying Advice Paint - Branson Red

    I’d like to have some rattle paint cans of factory Branson red for custom made implements and to eventually paint my 6k wagon trailer to match the tractor. Are there any readily available from box stores or would I need to get them from the factory?
  24. Aquamoose

    New find! Stout farm wagon

    Found this on CL and brought it home today. It was obvious that this wasn't home made and I barely got information from a placard on it. Built for the military in 1953, measures 10' x 4', gross capacity, 6,000 pounds!!! Makes me wonder what it's used for in the past? Anyway, gonna find cheap...
  25. Aquamoose

    Logger ripped off my neighbors

    Here's the thing, an elderly couple next to my property had a logger cut down trees close to the home that could fall on them due to experience of fallen trees from a storm 3 years ago that blocked their drive for days. It was when I did a welfare check in the area and that's how we became...
  26. Aquamoose

    Branson & Kubota BH76 backhoe ripper

    Owners of either Branson BH76 OR Kubota BH76 backhoes, (anybody) I need your help. I'm shopping for a ripper for my Branson backhoe but the choices are narrow. I often see manufacturers offering rippers for the Kubota BH76 but not the Branson BH76. Since Amsung makes the backhoes for both...
  27. Aquamoose

    3PH / Backhoe hose loop bothers me.

    I have a Branson 3520H with a BH76 backhoe that feeds off the tractor hydraulics. Problem is when I remove the BH for storage, the hoses on the tractor has to be hooked up to maintain the loop BUT it is quite long and gets in the way when I use other implements and it steals the top link...
  28. Aquamoose

    Branson BH76 backhoe dolly build

    Hey all, I just finished building a dolly setup to move my backhoe. It allows me to store it under my pallet rack out of the way. Hopefully soon, I'll get it on video with more pictures.
  29. Aquamoose

    Buying Advice Tractor for 10 wooded acres...

    Looking to invest in a used small tractor for my 10 acre level property with a 100 yard long driveway. I'd like to use it to thin out trees, clear pathway for my young kids to ride their bikes (and ATV's later), and manage snow in the winter in the Spokane area. What would you get if you had a...