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    Driverless electric tractor Looks like this could be interesting. I did not look too hard, but can't find data on how long it can run between charges.
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    Door freezing shut

    The human access door on my wife's horse barn is freezing shut. This AM I really had to put my shoulder into it to get it to open. Any suggestions on how to stop it? It seems WD-40 would work but wouldn't that degrade the rubber seal around the door? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any ideas.
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    Land of lake effect

    National Weather Service is predicting 5-10 inches. Accuweather is saying 8-12 inches. However it is lake effect. Right now 10 miles north of my office they have had 6 inches of snow. We have had some very minor flurries. Later today the wind is supposed to shift to being more NW rather...
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    Starlink Best Efforts

    I thought I would start a new thread on this so as not to overwhelm the current Starlink thread. I just got the email from SL. They had been projecting late 2022 for me to have SL available. That has now slipped to "mid-2023". However I am being offered their "Best effort" plan. It seems...
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    Left lane use on city street

    So I drive through town to get from our farm to my day job. The main street I am on (not a highway, a city street) is 2 lanes each direction, with a turn lane in the center. It dead ends into another street and I turn left at that intersection. Most folks turn right at that intersection and...
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    Rubbermaid Stock Tank Repair

    We have a plastic/fiberglass rubbermaid stock tank that has a crack in it. They are $100 new now! So I want to try to repair rather than replace if I can do so economically. One method I have seen is to basically drill holes around the crack and reinforce with wire. Then coat with JB Weld...
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    Gravel Driveway - pothole

    We have a gravel (well limestone really) drive. It is in need of a refresh. We usally put down a topping of what is called #53 around here. It is 1 1/2 inch down to powder. It usually packs well and provides a nice look. Has to be redone every couple years. We have a small pot hole...
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    Snow blower purchase

    Looking to get a walk behind snow blower. I do not want one that attaches to the tractor. Want the wife to have the capacity to use it. We have a gravel driveway. So I know I need at least a two stage but should strongly consdier a three stage. What else do I need to look at? Do the have...
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    Winter Chore Boots

    So my Muck Company Mid Height Arctic Chore Boots finally bit the dust. The "foot" part of the boot is separating from the shaft. So they are no longer waterproof. Looking for reccomendations for the next boot. The Muck was a great boot and I would not be opposed to another pair...
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    Time for a new portable generator

    So it is time for a new portable generator. Wife wants one for her barn. It has a separate well and its own electical panel. Electrician will be out this month to install the proper transfer switch and 30 amp plug in. I currently have a 6500 watt running (8500 watt surge) portable that I...
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    Generator Issues

    We had a random power outage this AM. As I write this the power outage is on going. Should be resolved in a couple hours per the power company. In any event becuase I needed to dress up for work today I had to fire up the generator to shower and such. When I ran the microwave to heat some...
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    Horse bridge for trail class

    So my wife wants me to build a horse bridge for trail class. One set of plans is here Build Your Own Trail Bridge - AQHA I don't know why this is confusing me so much. Plans call for 3/4 inch "CAT Rated Sheathing plywood". How is this different from "plywood"? I have some 3/4 inch plywood...
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    What tool do I need?

    We own an 18 acre horse farm. As spring is arriving I need to rake up and remove the remnants of all the hay we have been feeding the horses. We have a New Holland Boomer 24 with a 3 point. Silly question is a landscape rake what I need? Some stuff I have read says they may be too...
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    Horse arena footing

    Next Thursday if all goes well we should be starting a footing project in the riding arena. We have a 60x140x16 riding arena. Currently it is a clay base with washed sand on top for footing. Project is to remove all the sand down to the clay base - about 95 tons of material. Put in #10 stone...
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    Generator issues/help

    Power went out last night due to an ice storm. About 28000 homes wo power in the area. I woke up about 3 am. Temp in the house down to about 60. Power to fridge had been off for almost 8 hours at that point so decided to fire up the generator. Electric start would turn it but it would...
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    Neighbor isuses

    Sorry about the long story.... Our eastern property line is a county maintained drainage ditch. The neighbors on the otherside, within the last couple years, trenched into the ditch with a drainage line. Recently we had to have a tree taken down on our property. The arborist who came out to...
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    ZT1 Mulching Kit

    Any one have any experience with these? I got the mower and would rather mulch the clippings. However the reviews on line are really bad for the mulching kit. Are these just folks who do not know what they are doing or is the kit really that bad?
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    Winter is coming

    For northern Indiana we are looking at a significant snow event Monday/Tuesday time frame. Current projections are 6 inches of snow over two days. For us that is not a huge deal other than it being the first real snow of the year so people will forget how to drive. Got all the snow weapons...
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    Loaded Tires

    Kind of looking forward to snow removal. Had the rear's on my SCUT loaded with Rim Guard. I know using the tiller as additional ballast made moving snow so much easier. I hope the Rim Guard will be enough weight to make significat improvement without the tiller. It will let me get up closer...
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    Fluid Change

    How many hours of labor should it take to change the fluids in a tractor? I have a boomer 24. It is in the shop and I thought while it was there I would have them change the fluids since it is close to time for that. They want 6 hours of labor. That seems very excessive to me. Oil change...
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    Ballast Roll over

    So this happened. I rolled the tractor on its side yesterday. Moving manure. Turned left w bucket full and up. Right tire went up on manure pile. I had no counter weight on back. I know better. I stepped off tractor as it was rolling. The canopy made that more difficult and it hit me in...
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    Coyote too close for comfort

    First let me start by saying we have horses. So protecting them is important. I know a lot of you here will tell me coyotes do not attack horses. They do. I have seen it at other barns we have been at. It is rare, but not zero. Also it can spook the horses and with them acting the fool...
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    2,4-D and rain

    Ok, I have googled until my eyeballs are sore.... Sprayed 2,4-D about 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Trying to kill dandelions that have overtaken my horse pasture. It was not supposed to rain.... but guess what.... 1/4 inch of rain last night. It started raining about 8-12 hours after spraying...
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    Beef prices

    So we have a friend who raises a few cattle at a time to eventually make into meat. They slaughter and process on their own. They are getting ready to slaughter one. What is a reasonable price for ground beef? I have never bought this way before. Always from a super market or farmers market...
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    Beef prices

    Deleted. Restarted thread in rural living. Forgive me :)
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    Hydraulic line wear

    As detailed in the attached picture I am seeing wear in the hydraulic lines. These are the lines that control the FEL. Tractor is about 5 years old. Has 430 hours on it. I bought it new so all the hours are mine. I bought some nylon protective hose covering which I will fit over those...
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    Woody plant control

    We have a non irrigation ditch on our property. I壇 like to control weeds and woody growth on it. Of course I want to leave grass for both looks and erosion control. It looks like Triclopyr is an option. Is this correct? Also what other options are there? Currently it is a woody bramble...
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    Cutting the cord

    So we are finally in a place where the internet speeds at the house are "good". With the upgrades we made we are getting 10+ Mb at all times. Often more like 20. Then Sunday the dish network receiver took a dump. It is dead and will not turn on. Long story short they will send me a new...
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    Weed eater

    So finally had time to dig into it. My gas powered weed eater is toast. Cylinder ring missing and piston is scored. Are any of the battery powered ones worth while? We have horse fence. I can mow under the fence with my ride on mower. Occasionally need to weed wack around the fence...
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    Safe Recomendation

    Looking for a basic safe for the house to store valuables. Cash, passports, some other odds and ends. Any one have any recommendations? I assume the HF ones are crappy? Probably looking for something with 1 to 2 cubic feet of storage. Nothing excitingly large.
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    Coax cable question

    As many of us are rural getting good high speed Internet is an issue. I have an account with ubifi a cellular internet provider. In an effort to get better performance I have ordered an external antenna for the modem/router. I also ordered a length of ultra low loss coax. My dumb...
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    Shooting backstop

    If one were to want to build an earthen backstop for shooting outdoors on ones property, how large/thick should it be? My thought would be to start at the begging of the shooting lane with a bulldozer and push dirt up into a mound at the end. That way you are always shooting a slight down...
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    Hay delivery and tips

    Ok so up until now we bought our hay from a small local farmer. He priced delivery and stacking into each delivery. Due to crappy hay production in northern Indiana this year I am using a different supplier. They are a larger operation. They have priced delivery and stacking into the cost...
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    Hernia surgery

    Just had one done Wednesday. So all this sitting around healing has me going stir crazy. Got a party to go to Saturday. So I will at least get out of the house for a while. Cannot imagine being home bound as a permanent condition. Ugh.
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    City dwelling nephew comes to the farm

    Just had a good night. My brother lives in Chicago. His kids come to town to visit grand ma and grandpa every so often. Of course they come to see us, ride the horses etc. Well for the first time we got our nephew without his sisters for several hours. He is 12. He now knows how to drive a...
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    Ditch weed maintenance

    We have a drainage ditch on our property line. The county maintains it but only about once a decade. In the mean time trees, weeds and other brush grows up on the banks. I don't have the equipment to mow up to the edge of the bank in any manner that is not labor intensive. I found this...
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    911 response time

    Sadly I found out what that response time is In my area. As many of us do here we live in a rural area. To my west is a highway. North is all farm fields. South and east are woods. Sunday night the Mrs was putting in a load of laundry. She starts screaming bloody murder and telling me to...
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    Rust questions

    I have a new to me back blade. It is very rusty. I'd like to clean it up and paint it. I DO NOT have access to have it sand blasted. I realize this would be better, but that is just not an option. Of course i have a grinder. However I see this paint like stuff for rust removal. Is that...
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    Boomer 24 routine maintenance

    Ok silly question..... manual says fuel filter change (among other things) at 300 hours. Do I need the element for like $15 or the whole assembly which runs $110? Note that I want to do it right so spring the $110 is fine if I need to. Just don稚 want to if I don稚 have to.
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    Top Link Arm

    Ok so I bent the top link arm on my Boomer 24. Not lifting anything close to the rated lift capacity of the 3 point. Lift capacity at ball ends is 1400 lbs. The tiller is 600 lbs and the bush hog is 500 lbs. Nothing heavier than those two items. I went to TSC and Rural King for a new Cat 1...
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    Neighbors Dogs Running Loose

    Two dogs I have never seen before running loose on my property. 5:00 am they set off the driveway alarm. Cause my dog to go nuts waking my SWMBO. One is a big Rottie. Not sure about the other. They both clearly have collars. When it gets light out I will go out and see if I can get close...
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    Advice on helping neighbor

    Hey guys need some advice. Neighbors are elderly (in their 80's). In years past they have had someone plow their drive. I cannot see their drive from mine and feel bad I am just noticing this. We got 5 inches of snow about 2 days ago. They are still not plowed out. Do I just go over and do...
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    Polar Vortex Preparations

    So we are supposed to get negative 20 actual air temps as a low Wed Night/Thursday Morning. I will add Power Service Anti Gel (White bottle right?) and have some 911 on hand. I do not plan on starting the tractor Wed or Thursday. By Friday we should be back up to 22 above zero. So life...
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    Rear wheel weight

    I am having a brain cramp. Having some issues with traction. If I am on the driveway no problem. I need to actually move some snow out in the "yard". Need to make a path from the barn to the manure pile for example. If the snow gets too deep before I can get to it I have traction issues...
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    Pressure Washer buying advice

    So I am wanting to get a pressure washer. First and foremost it MUST be electric. I don't want another gas engine to maintain. Hot water not necessary. Initial intended use: Power wash horse blankets before they go into washing machine Power wash equipment such as tiller, brush hog, tractor...
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    Moving small bales - bad back

    So life/age are catching up to me. I have a bulging disk in my back. We own a small horse operation. Seven horses. Currently have about 1200 small square bales of hay in inventory. We move bales from storage to the stall barn such that we have week's supply or so on hand. Currently we...
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    Carry All

    So I am probably over thinking this.... I need a carry all. My back is not what is used to be (I now have a bulging disk). Need to move small bales of hay from the storage barn to the stall barn. I was just tossing them on the FEL, but that is lifting them pretty high to stack 10 on. I am...
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    Size of auger needed.

    I need to plant some 6 inch round posts. What size hole do I need to dig?
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    Rent vs buy

    I need to plant some 6 inch round wood posts. Some now and some in the spring. No I cannot do them all at the same time. Renting a powered auger cost is around $70 for the day. Cost of buying is around $350 when you get all in with the bit needed etc. assuming harbor freight purchase...
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    Neighbors behaving badly

    So I need some collective wisdom..... My neighbors to my east I have never met. I cannot see their house from mine due to dense trees, even when the leaves are off the trees. Our boarder is a county maintained ditch. The bank on their side of the ditch is a berm meaning it drops off so no...