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    Satellite Reception

    I'm in Canada, Quebec to be precise and we've had much power outages and damage. Going on a week now, but power is back up. Here is the problem. Many stations simply are not working, like CTV, CNN CBC etc. (mostly the ones I frequent a lot) Others work OK. What might be the problem? Is a...
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    Is this a scam? or phish or what?

    joe jansen joe jansen is offline New Member Join DateSep 2020Posts0Tractorjohn deere Default reference Location:Charlotte,he has what you are looking for up for sale in good condition Here痴 his email* I did not link, but this was in my alert message box.
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    Stolen Kubota M7060

    My friend had a nice low hrs Cabbed 7060 (100 hp) (only 5-600 hrs) C/W 8 ft blower and extendable 7-12 ft reversible (pull back) front blade. Also had an HD 8ft blower installed. Well seems there was a demand for that model and last Wednesday in the wee hours the 'perps' came equipped with a...
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    Wanted---Kubota F5220 B or C snow blower

    Have a Kubota F 3680 tractor and need a F 5220 B or C blower.
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    TN60 turbo

    We have a TN60 that has a blown turbo and need to identify the part no. A supplier wants the number that is on the casting but it is just to cold here to take things apart in the field. NH on line does not reveal that #, just minor maintenance parts like filters etc. I understand that many...
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    9.5 x 18 R3 substitute

    My nice handy Mitsubishi MT180D came with nice turf tires, well they used to be nice. Being well weather checked I had a new set installed at considerable expense as I wanted peace of mind. Think it is called 'proactive' as I dreaded a flat at minus 30 deg. Turned out that I was sold the last...
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    Posting in private party section

    My posts exceed 5000 and when I go to post a new add in 'private party' there is no 'new post' link. Some searching ended up saying that my post position is not sufficient. Is it me? did I miss something or is there a problem. Thanks.
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    Trail Cams

    I get a lot of adverts for MOULTRIE Game Spy A-5 Gen2 Low Glow IR 5 MP Digital Game Camera and seriously considering installing one. Question I have is how good would this be as a security cam at my driveway entrance ? It gets below 0 often during winter, what is battery life like in cold...
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    Mitsubishi MT180D rims/tires

    I have had bad luck with my front rims and am in need of a new pair. They are 5 hole one piece that fit 6 X 12 tires. The actual PN is 5Jax12. that are to fit turf tires. Would like to find a good pair of used rims. Pleas PM me if you can help.
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    Just a tip to fellow TBNers. I received in the mail a sale pamphlet from Kubota promoting the liquidation of all snowblowers in stock. Might just be worth a visit across the border. They seem to have a lot of stock with all sizes and models like Normand,Agrimetal,Pronovost. etc. standard...
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    A WELL problem

    One of my client's well simply gave up supplying water. Well was proper artisan installation about 40 years old but simply gave up. Local dynamite work was partially suspect. I contacted many drillers and they all wanted to drill a brand new well giving all sorts of reasons all of which would...
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    Annoying Pop up adds.

    I have been getting this new popup for the last few days. Very annoying. So far I can't determine the source and wonder if it does not come via TBN as it is only while reading TBN postings. "You Have (1) New Reward Want to know what your reward is? Complete this survey to find out - they are...
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    Links not working

    For the last while when I click on a link I often get the following message: (example) The requested URL "" Am I alone? is it coming from TBN or did I pick up some sort of virus or bot...
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    MT180D sway chain rod

    Bad luck! That rod that the sway chains attach to broke on the left side. It happened once before about 6-7 years ago. Sort of understandable as the intent is to prevent side swinging of drawn attachments but not meant to withstand strong side forces while pushing backwards. In my case it is...
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    TITAN P 150

    It is a 4 x 4, all terrain 585 hp vehicle! but it is a fire truck, airport style. The monster is 29" long and 11'6" high. Doubt it would win any fuel economy awards. (MPG) Buddy always wanted a fire truck so he bought this 'toy' (don't know what he can do with it) But then should not everybody...
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    Starting a thread

    Using both netscape and Firefox I was unable to start a thread on the Mutsi/Sotah forum. I keep being told to enter a topic but the space will not respond or accept any text. In fact the page even looks different from this one that I am on now.
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    MT180D Fuel bowl

    I need a new fuel bowl for my MT180D (and gasket/seal). That is about 2" long and takes a filter that is about 1" in diam. PM me pls. Tks.
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    Fuel Filter MT180D

    Need a heads up to locate a bowl, filter and the O-ring. to seal the bowl to the filter assy. My bowl seems to have shrunk as NAPA filters don't fit (is that possible?)
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    Pending Environmental Disaster!

    We live on a pristine spring fed lake just 1 hour north of Montreal (Ste Adele St Sauver,St Hippolite) in the heart of Laurentian foothills tourist area. A mineing company has discovered serious quantities of iron ore and titanium and plan to start drilling shortly in this cottage country all in...
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    5 ft finish mower

    Wanted to buy a 60" PTO driven finishing mower. Should be in good condition (and not a DIY project) and located VT, NH or upper NY. PM any offers pls. Able to pick up.
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    WTB 3-pt finishing mower

    As title says, need good used 3-pt finishing mower. Should be located in NE or eastern Canada for reasonable pick up. Ideal unit would be 60" to use with B21. Thanks. PM offers.
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    Page Advancement

    Perhaps it is only me, but I find it frustrating when I aim my courser at the small 'next' arrow and every so often miss it. Could the active zone be enlarged to accept 'near misses'? (like google has on their 'next') Thanks.
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    Deere 710-D planatary assy

    AS stated we need a used serviceable Deere front planatary drive to fit a Deere 710D 4X4 backhoe. All leads appreciated. If you have one, PM me. THanks.
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    Kioti Power Steering Cylinder

    Have for sale a new power steering cylinder PN 4630-31202 that fits the DK 45 series. This is 'new in box' as it was lost freight, I bought thinking I could adapt to my tractor but my loss your gain. Lists at $400, take $200. OBO. Shipping extra.
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    Have a 48 " bush hog that I won't use. Decent shape, cleaned up and prime painted ready for your favorite color. Solid condition good gear box (no leaks) (Wheel bearings need replacing) Located near Montreal and would load 4U.(trailer of PU) Pick up only. Asking $400. Might trade for 60" PTO...
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    48" BUSH HOG

    Located near Montreal Nice 48" bush hog in good condition all cleaned up and prime painted ready for your favorite matching color scheme. Includes PTO shaft. Gear box is tight and no leaks, Wheel needs bearings. $450. U pick up. (will load)
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    PTO driven finish mower

    Looking for a PTO driven rear finish mower for a Kubota B21. Preferance is for 60" but might consider bit bigger. Would need to be located in NE or even in Eastern Canada. PM me any offers. Thanks.
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    We need an FEL complete installation to fit a B7000, or easy to adapt 'kit'. Part owner is an interstate long haul trucker (travels weekly to Calif), so we can handle pick up. PM me if you have somethig that would be suitable. Please no junk, WILLING TO PAY DECENT $$'s and would even consider...
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    Have a Corneleus WW2 compressor that is rated at 2800 PSI, runs on 28VDC and would make a great paintball compressor. At one time we used to fill SCUBA tanks with them, but not being offered for that purpose. If anybody is interested PM me. Seem to recal capacity was about 3 cfm. This is a 3...
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    WTB FEL for B7000

    We need an FEL complete installation to fit a B7000, or easy to adapt 'kit'. Part owner is an interstate long haul trucker, so we can handle pick up. PM me if you have somethig that would be suitable. Please no junk.
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    PR 6 X 12 4 ply AGS

    Wanted: a pair (new or good used) ag tires , SIZE 6 X 12 4 ply, for a B7000, inner tubes optional. Must be willing to ship to Canada! (USPS surface would be best.) PM me! Thanks
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    Stripped front hub

    Was snow blowing today and kept hearing a metallic clank or crack sound mainly whenever I raised the blower to reposition. I ignored it believing my lift arms were simply contacting the toolbox or similar item. My wrong! My front wheel hub was leaving the tractor, all the stud holes were chewed...
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    Mitsubishi RIM

    I will soon need a Mitsu rim size 9.5 X 18 PM me if you have one available with price and location. (As fitted on MT180D) Thanks
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    Tires TIRES MT180D

    I know I've posted elsewhere but-- I need to replace my mains on my MT180D. Presently are 9.5 x 18's (4ply) Bridgstones and I am having a hard time to locate them on the web. Manual shows outside diam as 870 (34 1/4") and the rim W8 x 18. What would be current size nomenclanture? Being 4WD I...
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    NEED TIRES-9.5 X 18 R3'S

    My poor Mitsu MT180D has left its tires in the sun too long and I fear they will soon need replacing due to 'weather checks'. Have visited mant tire sites, but cannot find this size listed. (am I blind), but then thay all seem to be auto oriented. Any leads/help would be greatly appreciated.
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    MT180D 4wd shifter problem

    I always travel in 2WD and shift to 4WD when blowing or pushing snow. As I finished up a drive, I reached down to disengage the 4WD lever and it simply flopped back and forth. My take is the roll pin that the shifter lever engages to shift the 4wd fork in/out has snapped off! (little 6 x 22 mm...
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    Doubling on suscribed threads

    I find that I often get doubling of suscribed threads. To clarify, one email containing the same message twice. (and that is not a message with 'quote' included) but actual 2 copies of same message) Kinda like when you switched over to this new program a while back. This is not all suscriptions...
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    LELAND 344

    A buddy purchased a Leland 344 at an excellent price. It has FEL and 5ft blower, nice general condition and deffinately a 'steal' price as he paid about the value of the loader and blower. I did locate manuals for him but now we need to find parts sources. For now only minor problem is a...
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    DAVID BROWN power steerin needed

    I have a buddy that owns a 1971 David Brown mod 880. The power steering cylinder incorporates a built in valve assy that is un repairable. If anybody can source a PS unit, I'd be appreciative.
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    PTO 'string cutter' ?

    While what I really want is a bush hawg, I am toying with the idea of making a glorified 'PTO string cutter' as I think I have the necessary components. I have a gravely 90 deg gear box that came from a bush hog type tool attachement as well as an assortement of PTO shafts to drive the gear...
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    Fuel Filler cap MT180D

    Well I did it! Refueled, was distracted and drove off to blow snow on 3 drives. Returned to find filler cap was 'blown away' somewheres and for sure can't wait 'til spring to search all over the place to (slim maybe) find it. Only franchises nearby are Kubota, Deere and at fair distance NH...
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    The blue band that states page number -next-previous-page (xx) OF (XXX) is all in blue except for actual page viewed. Blue on blue is very hard ro read and I bet many folks do not realize that there are more than one page of listings. I suggest the page numbers should be of a higher contrast...
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    LAST 1-2-6-12 HRS OPTION

    I frequently have used this option but over the last 3-4 weeks (using 12 hrs) brings up nothing but the header with the rest a blank space. After a while (up to 3 mins) I have to just give up. OK I'm on dial up but have never known this to be the usual response, generally it was the fastest way...
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    I have been asked to help a buddy to convert his Fergy 135 to power steering. Anyone done that? Are Charlynn kits still available? anybody out there have a 'spare kit'? Appreciate any help and leads TBN's could offer.
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    MT180D hydraulics

    On my MT180 , under the seat left side, there is the hydraulic connection for the 3PT mechanism. Sandwiched there is an accessory block to take hydraulics to a loader valve or whatever. Since I have a second pump installed for the FEL that block is unused most of the time except when I attach an...
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    1,2,3, show all

    I'll frequantly spot a topic of interest, open it and want to see a previous page i.e; 3 but it often goes to 1 instead of 3. This occurance seems to be random and not specific to any particular forum. I've tried the selection at top as well as bottom with same random results. Also I have often...
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    Sickle Bar SICKLE BAR MOWER ?'S

    SICKLE BAR MOWER ?\'S I am thinking of purchasing a sickle bar mower to control growth along my drive rather than a rotary cutter as the terrin is not suitable to drive with a rotary and the bar being offset would do the trick. How much power is needed? My CUT is a 20hp. How much unstability...
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    re: 1-2-3 SHOW ALL

    re: 1-2-3 SHOW ALL Most often when browsing, say, prev 12hr posts, I will see an interesting discussion and select 'show all' as I want the complete story. The frustration is that 9/10 times it only takes me to P1 and not ALL. Other times it gives the last P# shown which is a blank page...
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    Deere advert

    I only have dialup service and find that loading takes much longer with the Deere advert that uses flash player. (The one wherby the tractor mounts a mower and then adds a loader). I gather that a lot of rural users are faced with 'Dial up' only service. Perhaps Deere could redesign out of...
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    Bears and Garbage

    While we are in a true rural setting, we have weekly garbage pickup. The system used here is large plastic bins on wheels that are loaded by a robotic truck system. Naturally the bears tend to treat the bins as a 'drive in lunch counter' and if they trash the bin then we, home owners, have to...