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  1. Rebeldad1

    anybody know anything about the CURT 51701 BetterWeigh ? trailer scale. good?

    Seems like it should be good if its Curt. Should I try it?
  2. Rebeldad1

    Can I test/measure the load at my generator?

    Is there a way when the generator is running with a load to measure the load ? at the generator itself?
  3. Rebeldad1

    How do you store your outside generator?

    Underground wiring is all done. Generator is ready. How do you cover/store your outside generator? Protected from the weather yet easy to access for starting and service. Could use a little help on visioning this. Thanks!!!
  4. Rebeldad1

    Hey Rip! can I get a ride to the train station?

    Season 4 is almost here. Its going to be a exciting evening with lots to see.
  5. Rebeldad1

    Anyone out there Have a Mini-Split Heat/Ac unit?

    With all this crazy heat and cold weather this looks like a great upgrade. The good? The Bad? Thanks!!!
  6. Rebeldad1

    Need a finish for my trailer deck.

    Trailer is a couple years old and the trailer deck needs some protection from the weather. What do you use to protect the wood surface from the weather but not leave a slippery painted top cote? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Rebeldad1

    Lithium battery generators for Dummies PLEASE!!!

    I see mention of these pop up in forums sometimes How about someone (s) who has and uses one tell up your experience? We are remote and loose power more often than not during storms. I have 3 generators. Honda EU1000I. EU2000I and a 9500W dual fuel standing by for long outages when...
  8. Rebeldad1

    Cooking a Prime Rib roast in a Instant Pot???

    Going to try a Prime rib roast for Christmas dinner. Has anyone used their Instant Pot for this? What is your favorite cut of roast for this and how did you prepare it? How did you cook it? Thanks!!
  9. Rebeldad1

    Cooking for the dog. Best recipes

    What are the ingridients you like best for making your own dog food? looking for healthy stuff to add to dry kibble. Thanks in advance.
  10. Rebeldad1

    Best place to shop fpor portable sawmill blades. Best blades to use?

    Going to pickup my Woodland Mills sawmill Wednesday. Looking to the future I need a source to purchase blades from. and Best all around blade to use? I am not interested in resharpening my own blades so I also would be interested in hearing about sending them out. Any good paces for this...
  11. Rebeldad1

    A follow up to locating a mini-excavator flail mower.

    Choosing the right mower for the size of the mini-x Since there is little to no information here on mini-x flail mowers I thought I would add some information. My last post on help locating one came up flat. My excavator weighs in at a little over 6000lbs with the extended arm and added...
  12. Rebeldad1

    Anyone own a small portable sawmill? advice on buying one please

    We have a lot of trees and the wind and rain supply a small amount of possible lumber to mill I'm not planning on selling for profit but will be doing some honey do projects. Any advice on what to look for or stay away from? cant seem to find any used ones.
  13. Rebeldad1

    So.. these no name phone calls???

    Reading my daily rural stuff and I get yet another no ID phone call. I quit answering these a long time ago. They left no message. What is a good web site to put the phone number in and see who called? Tried searching Google and it comes back with tons of the "FREE" services that show nothing...
  14. Rebeldad1

    Best bar oil??

    I have a chainsaw that leaks with the thin oil and would like a thick bar oil. Any good ones out there? Thanks
  15. Rebeldad1

    Front window for mini-x Polycarbonate or Acrylic?

    Need advice on what thickness would be needed for a front safety window on a mini-x polycarbonate or acrylic roughly 24" wide by 30" tall. Thanks!!
  16. Rebeldad1

    CK27HST bucket weight????

    Does anyone know the weight of the 60" bucket for the KL130 loader. Just need the bucket weight only. Thanks!!
  17. Rebeldad1

    what are the small hydraulic lines on a mini excavator used for?

    I have a E26C mini excavator. Along with the two lines on the boom for the thumb I have 2 smaller (about 1/2 the diameter) lines at the end of the boom. What are these for or... what can I use these for? Thanks in advance
  18. Rebeldad1

    How do I make my garage door 6" taller? Has anybody done this???

    I need to cut the opening to the garage 6" taller. That is the easy project as the building is plenty tall for this. The door track should be easy as well. How do I add 6" more to the 16' wide door itself? The panels are aluminum. Appreciate any ideas... Thanks!!
  19. Rebeldad1

    Simple way to make yeast??

    Its amazing that no grocery stores have yeast. This has been going on around here for a couple months. Any simple way to make some??
  20. Rebeldad1

    Mini excavator brush cutter help!!!

    I have a 6000lb mini excavator and am looking for a brush cutter for it. Any help and advise will be greatly appreciated Whats best??? Thanks in advance
  21. Rebeldad1

    Welding helmet recommendation help please

    over 70 and fighting to see a weld like a lot of you. Never used a auto darkening helmet. Still old school. I'm sure (hoping) a auto darkening hood will help me start my welds where they are supposed to be. Dont do much welding anymore. Some stick, some wire feed. Looking for a reasonably...
  22. Rebeldad1

    best online place to but bulk bird seed?

    My wife feeds the birds. probably 200 birds a day. When we go to town 65 miles away we buy around 300-500 lbs of seed. Any online places that ship at a great price?
  23. Rebeldad1

    Rural living and Paypal

    Like some of us living the rural life I order stuff over the internet. Ebay, Amazon etc. And like some of us I have a Paypal account. I have received 2 (sofar) notices from Paypal of suspecious activity on my account. My account doesnt show activity so I did as Paypal requested I sent the...
  24. Rebeldad1

    Snow cleanup and tractor chippers

    We have a lot of small downed vine maple and assorted tree limbs. I have a Woodmaxx pto 3point chipper. Always used it on dry materials during summer. How well do these chippers work on wet wood? Is it even worth trying?
  25. Rebeldad1

    What do you do with your Instant Pot you cant do with a crock pot?

    Getting my wife one for Christmas. She uses her crock pot all the time. Any great recipes?
  26. Rebeldad1

    Post your best Black Friday deals!

    I always see posts on what great deals everyone got after Black Friday is over. Post them early so we all can enjoy them! Thanks in advance
  27. Rebeldad1

    Best way to refill 1lb propane bottles

    I see there is both throw away and refillable bottles available. Any advantage? Whats the best way to fill them?
  28. Rebeldad1

    How to generator power pass through to inside the house.

    You guys always come up with amazing ideas and comments so I thought I would ask first for the best. When we have power outages they usually last less than 1 day. but... We had a sub station go out that lasted over a week. During the outages we run a power cord under a open window with a towel...
  29. Rebeldad1

    Can I improve on my splitting ax?

    I have been using a single bit 3 1/2lb 30" handle for years. It does a good job and I split mostly maple. I have seen the single bit that are a "hybrid" splitting maul shape. Looks like the sides come out more like a wedge. Are these actually better with the same weight? As I am a couple days...
  30. Rebeldad1

    Any chromebook users that know how to get pics out of Google photos to TBN???

    Is it just me? Chromebook is great but finding pics and getting them to TBN or my email sucks. Any help here?
  31. Rebeldad1

    No spell check???

    Is it just me or is there a spell check? Would be great if I could find it...
  32. Rebeldad1

    Garlic Scapes anyone??

    Ok.... I screwed up my last post. Posted as onion scapes So..... How do you use garlic scapes? My wife grinds them up in a bullet. Mixes in avacodo and onion. Great dip.
  33. Rebeldad1

    HELP!! a simple way to remove the husk off of walnuts fresh from the tree???

    My wife spends a lot of time cleaning these. She uses a knife and had wire brushes them. How do you clean them?
  34. Rebeldad1

    Anybody with a Bestco Flail Mower Unhappy with anything at all??

    I am looking at their 68" flail mowers. Leaning towards the medium duty or up to the HD. Anything you were disappointed in or ???? should I move on to another brand. THANKS!!!
  35. Rebeldad1

    Onion Scapes... What are your best receipes for cooking and storing?

    Just starting to get into these. Any great advice? Cooking and best way to store over winter? THANKS!
  36. Rebeldad1

    Thinking ahead.... keeping a Pressure Well Tank from freezing

    Our Pressure Well Tank is inside a storage shed. What is your best way to keep yours from freezing? For the last couple years we have been using a small radiant heater in front of the tank pluged into a temperature controlled plug. Freezebuster FB3/TC3 Thermocube. Activates when surrounding...
  37. Rebeldad1

    Do I have to give my neighbor a 30 day notice to move something he has put on my farm

    My neighbor moved in last summer. Started a BNB managed lodge and now does not live on the property. We have had easement issues (previously discussed here) and not on the best of terms. While he was here we discussed if he knew wjere the property line was. He pointed out what the previous...
  38. Rebeldad1

    Brake pedal lock ever fail?

    Living on the side of a mountain I often find myself stopping on a grade requiring using the pedal lock. Always feels like it positively locks and never had a problem. It does make you think though if you are working around it. Has the HST so I cant leave it in gear but shut off there is always...
  39. Rebeldad1

    Help on a outdoor thermometer that works!!!!

    My wife keeps replacing our outdoor thermometers. they all fail after a short time. anyone have one that seems accurate and has survived a few years? Thanks!!
  40. Rebeldad1

    Need 3 hands to connect PTO shaft to tractor.

    I have two PTO shafts with the newer style quick release ring that slides back to attach to the tractor. I keep them clean and well oiled. It takes two hands to slide the ring back fully and that at best is just barely enough. The balls dont retract 100% It also takes another hand to grab the...
  41. Rebeldad1

    Whats the best sack concrete to use for remote post holes

    Have some posts to put in away from a water supply. What is the best pre mix sack concrete for this?
  42. Rebeldad1

    Does Maple make good posts?

    Might be rebuilding my gate. Was going to use two railroad ties as posts. We had a 12" diameter maple tree blow over during a storm ad was wondering if that would make a good gate post?
  43. Rebeldad1

    Do solar electric gate openers need a gate lock?

    Looking into a solar gate opener with key pad. Do they need a gate lock? and why? Thanks
  44. Rebeldad1

    Is there any such thing as abusing a easement across my property?

    I bought this property 4 years ago. There is a easement allowed up our driveway and beyond to a cabin. The cabin just recently sold and the owners turned it into a rental, listed it on AirBNB. It now is relisted as a year around Lodge. I have gone from a car or two once in a while going by to...
  45. Rebeldad1

    Anyone else out ther own a new New Holland or Case E26C Mini Excavator?

    Just checking to see. Maybe a few mods that you might have done? Just ordered several buckets and rake for mine.
  46. Rebeldad1

    Can we start a specific Mini-Excavator forum??

    I have searched for a specific mini excavator forum and non to be found. There seems to be a rapidly growing family of us tractor owners who also are adding minis to there herd. Most questions asked and answered in other general forums seem to be non brand only questions all of us owners might...
  47. Rebeldad1

    How do you carry a chainsaw on your mini excavator?

    Doing clearing with a mini excavator requires a lot of chainsaw use as well. Looking for a great way too carry it on the excavator. usually I throw it in the bucket with the gas and oil. set everything on the ground when I am working.
  48. Rebeldad1

    Mini excavator quick coupler question

    Can anyone explain the different types of quick couplers and what fits what? is one better? and how to recognize what fits? thanks My New Holland E26C has a C&H and a 36" cleanout bucket was $1400.00 When I looked at Sanys they had a CWS quick coupler and a 36" cleanout bucket was $750.00
  49. Rebeldad1

    Best affordable site to buy buckets, attachments for a mini excavator?

    Just bought a New Holland E26C Would like to have a choice of a couple different size buckets and maybe a brush cutter or? Dealer prices are really high
  50. Rebeldad1

    Long tractor Repair manual

    Sold my tractor and have a PDF manual for a Long 360. 460. 510. Should have lots of relative information for close other models If interested PM me.