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    2019/20 MX5400HST Kubota 125 hours FOR SALE $32,500

    Moved off mountain to subdivision so selling all but RTV AND Yard MOWERS. MX5400HST 125 hours about 2 years old, maybe 3. Come see, come drive, come buy. Somerset, Ky 606-679-4514 with questions. Also 1957 Ford F100 on Dodge Dakota running gear for $17,000.

    Easy Peasy self oil change

    A recommend for those that want to change their own oil but can't get back up after crawling under the car/tractor to loosen the oil pan bolt. I've used this on 4 wheelers, or my grandson has and used it on the VW Beetle yesterday and it works fine. Can pay for itself after one use instead of...

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    I and a friend looked all around my MX5400 trying to find the sightglass to see the level of HST fluid in my tractor yesterday. Couldn't find it. Have owners manual which hasn't answered my question and know owners of a MX5400 will know where it is and tell me. Will be going to dealer in a few...

    Defeated the Kubota Gorilla from factory install of bolts and filters

    Did my first service on my F2690 yesterday. Changed engine oil and engine and hyd filter. Used the same strap wrench that gets tighter on filters as you turn one way or the other and it kept slipping. I had purchased a filter removal wrench some months ago for removing filters on Polaris ATV...

    ZD1211 Lost mowing deck wheel like on my F

    Many years ago the front wheel on my mowing deck on my F came off and never noticed it but returned over mowed area and found it. Put it back on. Later it came off and I ran over it, cut the rim and wheel. Apparently the force of my rough mowing and then ditches broke lock ring or pulled the pin...

    Should I try to buy this farm by Barlows

    This farm is next door to Barlows which could cut down on delivery time and testing of equipment and quick visits to discuss trading and even learning about new Kubota/Landpride Equipment and even great used trade in and using no gas in my truck/car. Just hop the fence or cut a hole in fence and...

    RatchetRake or BXpanded Piranha Toothbar-BOTH

    I bought my first RatchetRake many years ago, about the first year they started selling them online only. I loved it and usually had it mounted on my tractor bucket 95% of the time but it did restrict bucket pick up and front bucket digging. I actually bought about three of them over the years...

    Anyone made their own doors for a Kubota RTV????

    Cheapest doors I can find for my RTV500 is a bit over $300. Has anyone made their own? I believe I can buy two Lexan sheets and hinges for less than that or make lower wood and upper Lexan half for much less than that. ANYONE?????

    Found three (3) used Kubota Fs for sale!!!!

    I traded a F3080 to Barlows and today Steve Barlow told me he now has three (3) used low hour Fs for sale!!!! One is my F3080 trade in and one is a Kubota demo display F3080 and one is a F2690 4wd he took back from a gvmnt entity sale since they expressed a preference for a Z for their property...

    My old Sold BX2370 pulls my new Z724X out of the ditch

    I sold my brother who lives next door my 50 hour BX2370-1 and bought a used 99 hours Z724X from Barlows. I was testing the Z on some steep hillsides behind and beside my brothers house and was crossing a steep hill when my Z rear wheels got in a water run off gully/10" ditch that was wet. Got...

    Good bye F3080 HELLO F2690 4WD!!!

    Nearing 300 hours on my F3080 and hit a rock and bent a blade and it clicks when it taps the deck and front wheel on deck is wobbling again so I asked Steve Barlow about taking it and fixing it and bringing me a new one. He agreed to do that and has a 60" side discharge deck on hand but the...

    Previous owner of trade in known...ME RTV1140CPX 200 hours

    I traded my RTV1140CPX yesterday to Barlows for a RTV900XT and the physical trade should be completed this week. paper work done. I bought this RTV1140CPX new and maintained it per owners manual since new. It has a top and obviously is camo. Here are some pics and it's also in my profile pic. I...

    Barlows has a John Thomas trade in 200 hour Camo RTV1140CPX

    Had to go to Barlows yesterday to pick up a new battery under warranty for my BX2370-1. Saw this black RTV in the showroom and thought I'd visit with Steve Barlow for a bit if he had time. He took time in between drop ins and calls to trade me a RTV900XT for my Camo RTV1140CPX with about 200...

    Make your own Lexan windshield for low price RTV500

    1Pack 1.5 inch Rubber Cushioned Stainless Steel Cable Clamp, Hose Clamp Pipe/Wire Cord Installation Clamp - - There's 4 pics will try more. I made my own two piece windshield for my RTV500 with sloping windshield posts. I wanted two piece so I can remove or tilt the bottom piece...

    Kubota RTV500 joins the other 4

    My Grandson wanted a dirt bike which I won't help with so we (He and I) moved to a 4 wheeler which are on record as being so dangerous and injury reports so bad around here so I chose not to got that route. My RTV1140 is so big and my Grandson has been driving it since I bought it 8 years ago...

    Went to Barlows yesterday just to research

    Have a charge contract being paid off this month (One more payment) with Kubota for a small Z I bought 4 years ago. That has me down to only owing for two Kubotas............ well until yesterday.:D:laughing::D

    RatchetRake or Pirinha for my current needs?

    I bought one of the early produced RatchetRakes about 12 years ago. Hard choice since almost no one had bought one to give owner report. I sold that 1st one since it was for a big bucket and traded tractors for a smaller bucket. I've kept and been using the 2nd one for many years and it stayed...

    My current herd of Kubotas

    Down to only 4 Kubotas now. Sold rental property and bought additional 28 adjoining acres to home property last year and this is my current herd.

    Front deck mower gear box leaking

    A warning to those with mowing decks with gear drive, like the front deck 72" on my F3080. Yesterday when I would engage the deck it would kill the engine immediately. I first checked nothing wrapped around blades. I checked fluid in gear box and it was low or empty. I added fluid and it powered...

    One side of SSQA comes out of slot on one front implement

    Using my front hoe on my L3901 and sometimes when pressure is applied to the digging bucket to pick up a rock using the bucket and thumb or digging a hole with bucket and the left side top attachment plate comes out of the slot. I'm considering having someone weld a piece of metal to make the...

    May have lost my F3080

    I bought my, then 12 year old, grandson a BX2370-1 with MMM with mulching kit last year so he could help me mow. I have my tiller mounted on it now so my Grandson used my F to mow with a few days ago. He has a broken wrist and I knew he could use the F with one hand and easy steering. He was...

    SAD DAY, Son in laws BX1500 MMM hunting for a new home

    Good news bad news. Good news: Daughter has a contract on a home. Bad news: small level lot so they don't need the BX1500 MMM and do need the money sooooo the BX1500 MMM with around 800 hours basement stored is going on Craigs list for $6500.:anyone: He has been so proud of this mighty mower...

    Got the small tree remover grapple today and I'm excited!!!!

    Thanks to Robertm's input/information/recommendation on this TBN thread ....... I just spent a bundle of money and very excited about it. I recently bought 25 adjoining hillside acres that has...

    Runaway truck and trailer with me driving the tractor on it!

    Yesterday loaded my near new L3901 with grapple attached to front to take to Barlows for blowing front hydraulics fuse problem. Mechanic looked at it on trailer but asked me to leave it till they could get it in shop and find the short that kept blowing the fuse. Should be fixed today for pick...

    New BX2370-1 needs spring seat!

    Steve Barlow delivered the new BX2370-1 a couple days ago. My wife and Grandson used it first :D which is why I bought it. Some help with mowing!:cool2: She told me later that it sure rode rough. I did an hour on it and came in and ordered the spring assist seat from the company in Indiana so...

    Make your own Sunshade for under $50

    I have a few Kubotas with sunshades which cost around $400 apiece. I recently was diagnosed with a probably sun related cancer on my nose so sun avoidance is important to me along with light sensitivity vision issues. I let a family member keep the sunshade on the small Z mower I sold them so...

    F3080 72" deck one blade loose AGAIN!!!!!

    One of my blades is loose again. Tightened two of them with air impact wrench before last 5 hours mowing and todya after airing up the one flat tire AGAIN I was mowing and noticed not getting a full 72" cut. Outer blade was not cutting AGAIN. I've replaced the two washers, one bowed in the...

    RhinoHide Sunshade experience, anyone?

    Need a sunshade for my L3901. Planned to use mostly in woods but looks like most work has been out in open sun and have recently discovered skin condition not conducive to sunshine. I've bought several of the heavy fiberglas ones from Barlows but would like one a bit less money and easier to...

    Non leak 5 gal fuel container

    I have many 5 gal plastic fuel containers. They all suck. I have a bit higher priced siphon I bought from Amazon, takes forever to move fuel. While on vacation last week I saw a couple of blue 5 gal plastic containers at a Thrift Store for $6.99 with a turn valve. I decided I'd buy one and try...

    L3901HST FEL LP 6' Rotary Mower LP 60" Grapple delivered, Last Trade :)

    L3901HST FEL Front Hydraulics Loaded Tires 60" Landpride Grapple and 72" Landpride Rotary Mower Final Trade :laughing: Delivered and trade ins picked up. I'll try for posting pics.

    Front bucket mount HD25 Post Hole Digger......easy remove/install?

    Picked up my B2650 yesterday at Barlows with my new HD25 Landpride posthole digger and 12" auger installed. Have to keep the bucket high to move around! I augered it into the ground and had other things I had to do so not much time with it and it's wet, wet, wet here. The concern....It mounts...

    Grapple Which Grapple Root or Claw???

    I have a B2650 Kubota and have decided I want, different than need, a grapple. Have been researching for a couple weeks and talked with my Kubota dealer a couple times about getting one. If I use it I will be doing some brush pick up, no big trees or stumps. I also have many rocks in the 24" to...

    Backhoe B2350 with a front back hoe

    Oops! I have a B2650 not B2350. Finally got the Skid Steer hydraulic hoses changed on front mount backhoe to hyd lines to fit my B2650 tractor. After much ado I got it mounted on my tractor and dug my first trench to bury electric wire to barn. If I were coordinated a bit better it would have...

    Foam filled front tire on F mowing deck

    I've replaced the front tires and rims on my F decks a few times over the years and different Fs. Learned the bolts holding the rod holding the tire rim on to the deck would break and replaced them with hardened steel bolts. After wheel falling off and running over tire/rim. Had a tire deflate...

    Anyone with actual hands on experience with DR Redi Plow Plus Model?

    Anyone have actual hands on experience with a DR Redi Plow Plus snow plow for UTV?

    RTV1140 for plowing snow advise

    My skid steer isn't much on hill side snow removal. Believe my RTV1140 will be better for much less money. Anyone got some advise concerning plows (model and brand identifying) and prices (Dollars cost) and mistakes to avoid. I know more expensive is usually better but I won't use the plow but...

    SS stuck in snow twice, tire chains?

    Traded Kubota tractors to GEHL3640e SS. Have 16" to 24" plus drifts on the ground. SS now stuck off drive in yard. Been stuck twice when I get off level drive, slides sideways or gets at angle (not level ground and I live on a hillside) and gets stuck. Also now remember why I moved from BX to B...

    Used SS attachments?

    I have a new Gehl 3640e with bucket and non swivel backhoe. I have hook over bucket forks and a RatchetRake and believe both will fit on my bucket but haven't tried them yet. Would like to get some other attachments but not at high prices. My SS is just for home landscaping and most of that has...

    New Gehl 3640e, can't get hyd line released?

    I know I posted this on my other first SS thread but know some people don't read threads that may not interest them but will read one that they have an answer to. My Gehl 3640e arrived yesterday with BH attachment on it and bucket slide over into my yard. :thumbsup::D Tried to pick bucket up...

    Do skid steers tip back easy going up steep hill?

    I've bought my first skid steer. Delivery soon

    Back to where my F buying started!!!

    I'm back at Lake Tansi, Crossville, Tn where the golf course maintainers are doing their course maintenance early every morning with me on my deck drinking coffee watching them. The last time I was here was July 2008. While drinking my coffee outside I saw this man drive by and back and forth...

    Kubota F2680e 72" side discharge compared to ZD326 60" rear discharge

    The property I mow with these is mostly level 4 acres of rental property with multiple structures and some open field areas. I've used the F2680e for 6 years and the ZD326 for 2 1/2 hours. Will take less time next time. The Z is quicker/more manuverable between units but slower in open areas...

    Best method for cleaning cut grass off of the deck, machine and underside of F mower.

    Never to old to learn something new and a better way. I have a leaf blower and had never used it except this past year to blow snow off my upper porch during our historic snow fall days. Used the blower yesterday to blow off the underside and deck of the...

    Joining the big size Z owners family. ZD326RP 60"

    Ordered and on it's way. 6-3-15 expected arrival day I bought a small Kubota Z a couple of weeks ago for home help from wife and she's claimed it. I'm thinking the ZD326 RP 60" may be a bit faster trimming around all the rental units than the F2680e 72" deck and more maneuverable being so much...

    Low oil in front drive damage BX.....Not.

    Bought a used 600+ hours BX1500 a couple of weeks ago. When I checked it the oil was way below the dip stick in the front. Told Steve Barlow about it after I had the mechanic fill it. Mechanic said he had filled it before setting it out. Also the battery was dead and a new battery was installed...

    Got a Kubota Proud $500 off new Kubota certificate-----Wonder why? :)

    Got until June 30th to buy a new Kubota and get $500 off along with any other rebates or discounts. Maybe a B2320 HST would be nice. Non transferable certificate. To bad.

    Kubota F 3080 to the rescue

    My wife took her daughter and our 3 Grands up in the woods in the RTV1140 on an old logging trail I keep mowed with my F3080. There is one steep rutted slick after rain hill. It's been raining. 12" Tree fell down across trail and no getting back up super slick deep rutted hill. Thank God for...

    First Z, switched to a BX!

    Called Barlows and ordered a Z122 or 121 or whatever it was Saturday morning, went by later to make copy of drivers lic. Saw a used BX1500 MMM at about the same money, except one 0% financing and the other not. (Yeah, a first for me, cash instead of financing with Kubotas money) Barlows was...

    Called Barlows and ordered a new Kubota Z on the phone for pick up Monday

    SILs lawn mower is pouring oil out the bottom which will kill his grass and since he lives on a hillside with a road at the bottom of his yard he'll hit the oil and slide down the hill and get killed. So, he has a new Kubota to pick up Monday and I'll have someone to start using my F2680e to mow...

    Power service, white bottle

    After reading here about fuel addatives a few years ago I started adding power service in the white bottle regularly. Recent reading indicated only for really cold weather. I quit using it......until it got history breaking -15 degrees here. RTV1140 would start but not rev up and die when put in...