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    Kubota L3010 value

    The tractor is hydro. I had never heard of the tractor house - will check that out. It would seem natural for the sister in law that got all of the property (house and 6 acres) would want the tractor. But since there are no horses anymore she really just wants something smaller. Frankly I...
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    Kubota L3010 value

    I am in the unfortunate position as executor of my father-in-law's estate. He has a lightly used about 2000 model L3010 with loader. It has less than 500 hours on it. I have a B2710 (1999 model) and this L model is huge to me. Looking for advice on how I can sell this tractor for the estate...
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    B2710 Lost Transmission Filler Cap

    I was going to till in my cowpeas today and I was horrified to see that the yellow plastic filler cap behind the seat is missing. Unfortunately I had done some light dirt work a couple of weeks ago after having replaced two hydraulic hoses which required topping off the UDT. Musta forgot to...
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    Oil & Fuel Black sludge or burnt?

    Changed the fluids and filters on my 1999 B2710 today, the tractor has 913 hours. When I removed the right side suction filter this is what I saw. The black stuff won't come off - it appears to be stuck. No issues with the operation, but I wonder if somehow it got overheated at some point? I...
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    Need a walk behind string trimmer

    The weed eating I do is with a Stihl FS85, but my wife loves using the wheel trimmer. I purchased a cheap Troybilt (MTD) high wheel trimmer in 2001 and it has been great. B & S 6.75 engine. Offset to the left to get up against stuff. It still runs fine but the bearings are seizing on the...
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    Who can afford a new truck anymore?

    I cannot believe how expensive trucks have become. Looks I will never own another new one. Other than those making money from their trucks, and others that have a pile of money, I don't see how people can afford a new truck.
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    B2710 hard to start

    I have been on this board for 16 years and it was feedback on this board that caused me to buy this new tractor in 1999. It now has about 900 hours and I have not posted much about the tractor because there have not been any problems in years. Now, all of a sudden the tractor is hard to...
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    Tires for Mule 550

    I have a 10 year old Mule 550 2WD and the rear tires are shot and one of them I can't seem to plug the leak. The sizes appears to be 22x11x10. Should any "ATV" tire work OK? It has some kind of Dunlop tires on it, can't really make out the model. Anyone have a good source for such a tire...
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    Strange gizmos on trailer going down the road

    Actually I first saw two of these on a trailer at a gas station then later on the interstate. A seat with an engine on each side. any ideas what this is?
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    Grasshoppers 3.0

    Infested once a again. They are eating everything, even the window screens. Put out nolo bait 2 weeks ago when they were small but now they are near adult and are not phased. Sprayed sevin a week ago on everything. Seemed pretty effective but yesterday we are wall to wall on every plant, on...
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    Planning pole barn sheate d / greenhouse

    We have decided we don't want the greenhouse to have a floor, so water spills and over watering will just go into the ground. Probably will use gravel for the floor, maybe pavers for a walkway down the middle. One end of the building will be a shed and we plan to put a wood floor in there...
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    Yikes! Well pump replaced.

    2005 was $2500. 2014 $5,672.34. 500 foot well, 5HP 20gpm pump, motor, and control box replaced. After the job was done I asked what if I put a 10 gpm pump, maybe a 2HP? Would have saved $2,000. Not sure I could tell any difference.
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    Water well pump kaput and can't get to it

    We were having a nice Easter when our well pump quit working. The well service guys showed up this morning and tested the control box and determined they would need to pull the pump. Only problem is, it came 1.5 inches of rain last night and the service rig is now stuck in my yard. What...
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    Useful tool to find short in vehilce

    My 1994 Ford F250 has been blowing the taillight/instrument panel fuse. Wouldn't blow it immediately, usually only have drive a few miles. I found this tool and although I am not sure I have actually fiixed the short it gave me a good shot to locate it. You connect the buzzer/breaker to the...
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    FG110 tiller won't stay running

    My wife uses this great little tiller. The primer bulb crumbled and since then it will not stay running. I replaced the bulb this morning but still can't get it to run. Changed out the gas but didn't do any good. It will fire and run for 1-3 seconds then die. Seems if I over prime it runs a...
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    Discouraged by the work involved changing implements

    Bought my Kubota B2710 new back in 1999 and it has been great. But as I get older I am finding it harder and harder to change out implements to the point many times I just don't do what I planned because for example I know I will need my tiller in a month and it is on the tractor now and I...
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    Buzzards are pests

    And its illegal to kill them. They sit on my TV antenna (have destroyed one and damaged the replacment) and crap all over my cooking patio. I have sorta been out of commission with surgery and now I find I am going to have to pressure wash everything before I can cook. These are the black...
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    Regular cab pickup seat comfort

    Many years ago when looking at regular cab trucks I found that I could not get the seat back far enough for comfort - mainly I like to lean the seatback back somewhat - I don't like to feel I am sitting straight up in a dining room chair. I am only 5'9", not a big buy at all. My F-I-L 's...
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    Regular cab pickup seat comfort

    Many years ago when looking at regular cab trucks I found that I could not get the seat back far enough for comfort - mainly I like to lean the seatback back somewhat - I don't like to feel I am sitting straight up in a dining room chair. I am only 5'9", not a big buy at all. My F-I-L 's...
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    Greenhouse design ideas

    We have decided we want a greenhouse. My wife loves growing stuff and wants to be able to start vegetables like tomatoes from seed etc, get a head start each spring. I am mainly interested in vegetables - she is also into flowers and such. There are kits that are basically all glass with...
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    Windows XP kaput come April '14

    While our work computers and the laptops my wife and I use at home are Windows 7 I have the need to set up a mother in law computer using my older Dell Latitude D830 which is really an nice and workable laptop but it has Windows XP on it. It developed sticking touchpad buttons and I retired it...
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    Wel-Bilt pump - what kind of pump is this?

    I have a friend who lost her dad and is going through is barn stuff and sent me these pictures. It is a pump driven by a 110 volt electric motor, would seem to be some sort of well pump? I am posting pics of the pump and of the label on the pump housing hoping that someone could identify it...
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    Have run into a health issue - need prayers

    Looks like I have tumor on my kidney. Not real small either - 7 or 8 cm. Didn't have any related symptoms, no abnormal blood work except something call Ferritin which can relate to too much iron or liver problem. But an ultrasound of the liver found the mass on my kidney. Going to a...
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    2001 GMC Yukon XL heater hoses

    I took the truck to Pep boys to get them to look at the coolant leak it has had for a year. While in New Mexico last August I found a leak and after studying the situation I detemined that it was not the water pump but rather coming out of the thermostat housing around the gasket, maybe the...
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    Thinking of replacing 2001 GMC Yukon XL

    I have posted quite a bit about this great vehicle. It has 204,000+ on it now. For a year it had a very slow coolant leak (started while we were in New Mexico). Since we are about on go on a 500 mile trip I got it checked out today. Turns out the water pump is leaking at least now - sure...
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    Planting cowpeas

    I know I'm pretty late, but I need to plant the cowpeas on about 3 or 4 acres. I usually till it about 3" deep, broadcast, then drag it. I was thinking doing it different this time by broadcasting then dishing. The cowpeas need to be covered with dirt, maybe a half to 3/4 inch. Seems like...
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    Stihl bg55

    I bought this small handheld blower today after reading numerous glowing reviews. Frankly so Ifar I am not impressed with the power which is odd since the only blower I have ever used is an electric which is really a craftsman shop vac. The wind just doesn't seem to reach out there and move...
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    Smartphone Photo of the Day

    My 9 year old grandson is the catcher
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    My distant cousins

    My 9 year old grandson is the catcher
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    Cars are really hard to work on anymore

    I have a 2006 Honda Accord. It is my commuter car and has given no trouble in 218,000 miles so far. I noticed the surpentine belt (original) looks cracked and needs replacing. I picked up a Gates replacement at O'Reilly's. Got home and thought I could do this in maybe 30 minutes tops...
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    Well water - clogged screens on faucets and hot water heater

    Here is an iPhone pic of my water heater screen. That white stuff is what I am talking about.
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    Well water - clogged screens on faucets and hot water heater

    The last few years it seems all the faucets are getting plugged up and the inlet screen on the tankless water heater gets clogged up in just 3 or 4 weeks and I am constantly having to clean them. The washing machine gets to where no water will flow into it. I have to pull the hoses off and...
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    Cooking a steak...and brats

    After years of cooking steaks on charcoal I find that I have much better luck on the gas grill. I have a Weber Genesis and if you clean out the drip tray and the "flavor bars", the secret is NO flareups! I turn on all 3 burners full blast to get the grill to 550+ and cook 1" ribeyes about 6:45...
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    Return Stihl MS 250 and go back and get the MS 290?

    I just need a saw for occasional limbing and firewood. More recently I need to take some trees down. I use a chainsaw maybe 5 or 6 days out of a year. I have a Husqvarna 141 with 16" bar that has been a great little saw and it still runs fine. I like it because it is light and I can use it...
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    Hydro fluid leak

    My B2710 (1999) has rubber tubes that hang down right under the dash, somewhere between the dash and the filler cap. I have noticed for years that sometimes when I am running the tractor in the shop to warm it up there is a 6"-10" puddle under the hose on the right and it is clearly coming from...
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    Utility vehicle for the mountains

    We own a 2WD Mule, a model 550. We like it just fine since we don't care to go fast. However it does not have much power for going up steep hills and even worse, it will free-wheel coming down. So we are thinking of a more powerful unit, one that has more power and the trans will hold it back...
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    Good digital camera

    A pic of my friend the turkey buzzard at my office, taken with iPhone 5. Actually this is a bad example as it is taken through the window. I downloaded the mobile app and uploaded this. Pretty cool app.
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    Solid state drives not reliable

    Got 5 new dell computers and replaced the hard drives with SSD drives from crucial. In 6 weeks two have totally failed and one is iffy. Replaced one with an intel SSd so far so good, replacing another with intel today. These are very fast but very disappointed in the reliability. Thank God...
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    Trailer Tires

    I have a cheap 16' tandem trailer I bought new for $900 in 1999. No more miles than it has on it, the tires still have plenty of tread, but a tire just went flat and separated a belt just sitting there. So, I need to replace the tires. Where should I go for cheap tires for the trailer? New...
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    C Yukon CL coolant leak

    I don't know how the title got changed to "C Yukon CL coolant leak". Should be 2001 GMC Yukon XL coolant leak"...anyway..... I posted other threads about doing various maintenance on this 195K mile vehicle and our trips, most recently to Red River, NM, which is where we are right now. I...
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    Ozark, MO to Red River NM best route

    Taking a trip to see my wife's dad for his 75th birthday next weekend - he lives just outside Ozark, Missouri but we are staying in a motel in Ozark. After a couple of days we plan to leave there and go to Red River, New Mexico, more than 700 miles. Yahoo maps recommends a route off the...
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    I give up

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    1955 Chevrolet 3100 Series truck

    I was watching Pawn Stars and they mentioned someone was bring this 1955 Chevy pickup. But when they showed up I didn't see a 1955 model which I recall as have the open grill (like the '55 Chev Belaire car) and hooded headlights. The truck that showed up was what looks to me like 1954 and...
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    Flood zone effect on tax appraised value

    About a year ago I posted about the recent FEMA maps putting most of my property and all of my improvements in the 100-year flood zone. Last month I received my new appraised value and they have upped the value of the land about 20%, probably on the basis that the land next door, with similar...
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    I give up

    I am trying to build my soil. Two years ago I planted cowpeas and by the end of the summer there was more Johnson grass then cowpeas. Last year I sprayed roundup and wiped out the Johnson grass. I planted the cowpeas. It rain a little and they came up to about 4" tall. Never rained again...
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    Plague of the locusts

    In the last 2 weeks we have been totally infested by grasshoppers. They have eaten all the plants in my wife's flower garden, ate ALL of the tops off the onions, and are working on the tomatoes, jalepeno peppers, and watermelon. They have even eaten my wife's monkey grass to the ground and...
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    Short Term Internet Service

    Looking for ideas....... My 89 year old mother loves her computer, email, and Drudge. Her health has declined recently - been in the hospital this year for heart problems, lung problems and most recently fractured her hip and had to have partial hip replacement. She then suffered a heart...
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    GPS Units

    I have a Garmin 755T, just wondered if any of you have a GPS that works well and does not have these problems (that mine has): 1. The next turn is the same highway I am on. For example, I get on highway 82 in Gainesville TX and will get off on highway 287 in Henrietta, about 75 miles away...
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    TSC Farmhand 3/4" impact wrench

    I went by TSC to get deer corn today. They had the big impact wrench for $99 (regular $179) on clearance. I learned weeks ago TSC is discontinuing the Farmhand brand. The only had one left maybe I should have grabbed it, but I was unsure of the quality and $99, well seems like every time I...
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    Oil Selection for hot weather

    I have a Scag Wildcat with a 26hp Kawasaki liquid cooled engine, about 400 hours so far. I changed the oil in March, put 10w-30 dino oil in there and have about 40 hours since then (100 hour schedule on oil changes). Because of the 100+ heat we are having regularly I figured I needed to up the...