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  1. airbiscuit

    Help me choose a 7mm-08 Youth Rifle for my Grandson

    My grandson will be 12 next deer season. His Dad has a 7mm-08 Browning A-bolt. This season and last, he used a Ruger 44 Carbine (great gun). It's time for him to have his own, and it will be a 7mm-08 because it is a great caliber and the simplicity of having the same caliber as his dad...
  2. airbiscuit

    How much more would it cost you to buy your tractor(s) today?

    I'm having a hard time keeping up with new and used prices. I bought all my tractors used, and they are currently selling for 20% - 25% more than I paid for them. I did look for bargains, but still, the marketplace is on fire these days. What is your experience?
  3. airbiscuit

    Must Tractor ROPS Be So High?

    One consideration in buying a CUT is where you're going to store it. There are lots of stories where owners ran into the siding over the garage door. A foldable ROPS works until you forget to fold it down. So my question is, Could CUT manufacturers design a ROPS that is more garage...
  4. airbiscuit

    Tales of running out of fuel (and the remedy).

    I know that it's best to never run out of fuel, so I never let my tractors get below 1/2 tank. That said, I've still had to bleed/prime my system. Experience #1 - Had a New Holland TC 21D that started running poorly. I noticed a lot of water in the fuel filter bowl, so I changed the...
  5. airbiscuit

    Who is Behind the Curtain Building Compact Tractors for Other Brands?

    I'm curious and just want to start the conversation. I'll start it off with I think I know: Kubota (Japan) Kubota John Deere (Japan/USA?) Used to be Yanmar ... Now Yanmar engines but built where? LS (South Korea) LS New Holland Case/IH Kioti/Daedong (South Korea) Kioti Bobcat TYM...
  6. airbiscuit

    Seed Drag Built with Tire Chains

    A lot of food plot seeds need to be buried fairly shallow - 1/4" - 1/2". I have a disc, a springtooth and a drag to till the soil. I needed something with a lighter touch to cover the seed. I used a scrap piece of angle iron for the front attachment point. I bolted the chains together every...
  7. airbiscuit

    Tool Bag on ROPS

    I have been wanting to add a toolbox to my CUT for a while but there was no good or easy place to do it. As I thought about the fundamentals of what I wanted to carry, I thought - why not just hang a tool bag on the ROPS? I had an unused toiletries bag laying around, and I thought it would be...
  8. airbiscuit

    Why do we like trails so much?

    When people on TBN talk about what they will do with their CUT, inevitability maintaining trails is one of the tasks mentioned. I remember the fun of making and exploring trails as a child. It seems like when I'm not working on trails, I'm planning on making more. So, what is it about trails...
  9. airbiscuit

    Kubota & Yanmar endured - What happened to Mitsubiski, Iseki (Hinomoto)?

    In the beginning, there was Kubota, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Iseki, and arguably Hinomoto as CUT brands in the US before mainline brands joined the market. Why didn't Mitsubishi, Iseki, and Hinomoto stay in the game as their own brand?`
  10. airbiscuit

    List of 3pt Equipment Manufactureres?

    I'm sure there's a thread somewhere, but I grew weary in my search effort, so I'll start one here. I know there are lots more, so feel free to add. Bush Hog Frontier Land Pride Rhino Woods Befco Behlen Country Buhler/Farm King County Line Everything Attachments King Kutter Kodiak Titan...
  11. airbiscuit

    Best Android App for MAPPING Hunting Trails?

    Anybody know of any free apps that are good at mapping trails? My old Garmin GPS did that well, but my BIL lost it (there is some irony there). I have tried to use the free version of Huntstand. The imagery, property boundaries, distance, area, etc. are excellent, but the mapping sucks. The...
  12. airbiscuit

    Rationale for Shared Hydraulic/Transmission Oil?

    I get the logic of using that large transmission housing to also be a reservoir for hydraulic oil - it's already there, saves space, acts as a heat sink, etc. What I've wondered about though is the purity of the transmission oil. We are all fanatical about the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. I...
  13. airbiscuit

    Let's Talk Fiat - Hesston

    A new TBNr would like to see more threads about Fiat - Hesston. So, what say you?
  14. airbiscuit

    Are People Dumber than a Pothole?

    Our friends have a cabin on a lake. It used to be a resort with 9 cabins. It has a 1/3 mile driveway on sandy ground and it is straight and pretty flat. Eight of the cabin owners are from the cities. The road is actually in pretty good shape, but they fret over a few potholes. And yet...
  15. airbiscuit

    Northern Tool or Harbor Freight

    Back in the day, Northern Tool came onto the scene with a few stores, a killer catalog, and lots of good stuff for good prices. Then Harbor Freight started to appear - first on the web, then more and more stores and lots of catalogs. So, who do you buy from more, and why?
  16. airbiscuit

    Anyone Make a Guard for a Kubota L3010 Hydraulic Filter?

    It is a little exposed.
  17. airbiscuit

    How durable are roads on sidehills/steep slopes?

    It's not an issue that I have, but I am curious. I enjoy reading the threads about people making roads on slopes and sidehills. I see in my own small hills how damaging erosion can be, and the need to be vigilant. A small problem can get a bunch worse real fast if left unattended. So my...
  18. airbiscuit

    New Kioti Dealer in Rice Lake, WI !

    A new Kioti dealer just opened in Rice Lake, WI. They are called Happy Trails Equipment, and the owner also owns Northwest Honda which has an excellent reputation for service and support. They have been around for a long time, and this is a nice extension of their product offerings. They just...
  19. airbiscuit

    Are there enough used CUTs out there?

    As a hobby (obsession), I frequently peruse the used CUT market. The numbers seem scant to me, and they seem to hold their value well. My hypothesis is: People hang on to their CUTs for a long time 0% financing drives people to new CUTs Used demand exceeds supply What are you seeing in your...
  20. airbiscuit

    Will I like my L3010 GST?

    I just bought a 2001 Kubota L3010 GST sight unseen. I will be using it to mow trails on hunting land. I have always thought the GST was a cool transmission. I have a New Holland 21 hp hydro and a 40 hp shuttle. So, how will I like this Kubota? Any idiosyncrasies?
  21. airbiscuit

    How did your roads / trails hold uop after the big storm? What worked, what didn't?

    I get that sometimes, nothing can stand up to torrential rains. That said, I am guessing that some of you are pleased that road work held up as well as it did. I also am guessing that others are rethinking their erosion control techniques. So, what did you learn, for better or worse?
  22. airbiscuit

    Adding Mirror to Loader Frame

    I maintain a 1/2 mile private drive and occasionally travel down local roads. I like to see what's behind me. I saw on TBN that someone used a Jeep Wrangler Mirror and attached it to their loader frame. I thought I'd try it. The Jeep Wrangler mirror is perfect. Flat attachment point, nice...
  23. airbiscuit

    How Does a Tractor "Ride"?

    Occasionally I here comments about how a tractor rides. Other than narrow narrow tractors being less stable on side hills, air suspension seats being nicer, is there a lot of variation about how a tractor rides? On a related discussion, how do different tire configurations "ride" R1...
  24. airbiscuit

    Are CUT Manufacturers Smart Enough to Follow TBN?

    I am always impressed with the quality of content on TBN. There is a lot of legitimate information about poorly designed or incomplete websites, quirky design features, quality issues, ideas for improvement, etc. I would think it would be a gold mine for marketing research. The question is...
  25. airbiscuit

    Good Source for Aftermarket 3 point 3pt Hitch Parts?

    It often comes up that a TBN Member is looking for 3pt hitch parts (there is one for a Ford 1710 currently). I know Tractor Supply, Rural King, Agri Supply, Farm & Fleet all carry such parts. That said, someone posted a link to a site that had lots and lots of options and also gave the...
  26. airbiscuit

    How to Best Add a Little Heat to an Animal Shed

    I have a neighbor with a few alpacas and sheep. The weather for the last two weeks has been brutally cold with lows ob -10 to -20 and rarely above 0 during the day. She has an enclosed metal shed that got very cold. I offered to give her my 80,000 btu propane construction heater, but she was...
  27. airbiscuit

    Anyone built a Quiet Box for their Generator?

    I have a Coleman 6,500 W generator that works well, but it is LOOOUD. I've looked at a couple of YouTubes on the subject, but they look like they would trap too much heat. I have some Styrofoam panels collected (from the local Sears dumpster), that I plan to use. I'm thinking about possibly...
  28. airbiscuit

    Debris Forks for Ttan Pallet Forks

    I hate dragging brush to burn piles. I have been watching for a good deal on used forks/grapple/rock bucket to no avail. On a whim I found that Titan was having a sale on forks, and got SSQA fixed width forks for $251 with free shipping! I looked around and rediscovered a couple of pieces of...
  29. airbiscuit

    Forks Titan (economy) Pallet Forks

    I have been watching Craigslist and various online auctions for reasonably priced forks or rock buckets. I am convinced there are no deals out there. After the latest auction bids crashed and burned, I lazily checked the internet and found Titan 46" Pallet Fork Attachment Skid Steer Quick tach...
  30. airbiscuit

    PTO Shaft won't slide

    I belatedly picked up my flail mower. Last fall the seller put some grease on the PTO shaft and pushed the two halves together. So last week, I picked it up, and wanted to take the tractor half off so I wouldn't lose it in transport. We both pulled on it,and couldn't get it to budge. I...
  31. airbiscuit

    Road building with a Dozer track Drag behind the skidder!

    That thing does a pretty good job.
  32. airbiscuit

    Not trying to start a fight, but let's have a little fun .......

    So, we all have opinions. If you had to describe the major CUT manufacturers with just a phrase or two, what would you say?? All in good humor of course! I'll start it off John Deere - used to be universally good even if +$$ for green paint. Lately their design and quality seems to be...
  33. airbiscuit

    Compact Utility Market Share Numbers - Anybody have Facts or Guesses?

    Anybody have any information about the market share of the major players (John Deere, Kioti, Kubota, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, New Holland)? I am guessing John Deere and Kubota are at the top by a bunch, but is anyone rising and anyone slipping? Would prefer to hear facts, but opinions are...
  34. airbiscuit

    John Deere 3032e Bucket Needs a Little Blue Pill?

    I have a friend that has a 3032e that he bought new. He absolutely loves it, but the bucket droops. The loader raises and holds just fine, but the bucket tilt will not hold position. Has been back to the dealer a few times where they supposedly rebuilt the rams and the loader control valve...
  35. airbiscuit

    New Holland T2310 (40hp) PTO use advice

    I have been using a John Deere 850 for brush hogging. It has a freewheeling two stage PTO clutch, so no issues when I run into something, or just shutting it down and letting the cutter freewheel until it stops. I gather that the newer New Holland that I have has a brake on the PTO. Does that...
  36. airbiscuit

    Updated to 48w LED Lights on ROPS - Better than I expected! (Pics)

    I saw a good deal on Amazon for 48w LED lights, so I thought I'd see how they compare to my 55w halogens that I had previously installed on the ROPS. The results were better than I expected. They should be really good in the snow. Full post at link below...
  37. airbiscuit

    48w LED vs 55w Halogen Comparison - Pics

    So, I've installed 55w Halogens on the ROPS of two of my tractors, and they served me well. I needed more light up front because the loader often blocked the tractor lights, and I needed a rear work light. I've talked with friends who have installed LED lights, and I've seen more out in the...
  38. airbiscuit

    Road Drag - Driveway Drag

    I was doing a little work on my road drag, so I thought I would mark up the dimensions in case anyone wanted to make one of their own. I slapped on a coat of paint so it would show up better in the photos. For some reason my PDF of the dimensions wouldn't upload, so I scanned the pages as...