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    Silicone Spray - Not Sure if It Is

    For years I had bought CRC Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant spray for a variety of uses. Sprayed on, it left a slick surface, but not appearing wet. Lately I haven't found it at my usual locations and online it seems to be around $21 online for an 11oz can (used to be about $4-5). I just bought a...
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    Ariens Rear Tine Rototiller - Drive Transmission Gear Lube?

    Older Ariens RT5020 rear tine tiller that probably should have the transmission gear lube changed out. I have no idea what the previous owner put in, but it looks milky brown on the dipstick. The Arien's manual specs 'Ariens L-2 Special Gear Lubricant' which is obsolete and any reference I can...
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    Battery Charger/Reconditioner - I Was a Skeptic

    About a six months ago I replaced an old battery charger with one that has a 'reconditioning' function. I had only used it as a charger occasionally for the lawn tractor battery and once when a dome light in the wife's car got left on overnight. About a month ago the battery in my car started to...
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    Wasp and Hornet Spray

    I've got some yellow jackets that seem to have made a nest behind a chimney on the outside of the house. Some of the sprays I've tried kills the ones I see, but don't think the potency is enough to kill off the ones further in. I used to have some cans of spray I had acquired when I worked for...
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    Really Weird Morning with a Trip to the Doctor

    Had an overnight accumulation of sleet in the driveway which I cleared with the tractor and then some shoveling off of the back deck. Went to clear some of the sleet that was remaining on the vehicles and next thing I remember I was in the house thinking I need to put the tarp cover back on the...
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    House Wiring (Romex) Push In Connectors

    Back years ago when I upgraded some of the wiring in my house I used screw on connectors to join wires in junction boxes. I've got a couple circuits I've got to do some work on and happen to come across 'Push in' connectors that appear would be pretty easy to use. I'm thinking I might buy an...
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    Reading a Surveyors Plot Plan Question

    I've been going over some of my old home and property records and I came upon and old plot plan from 1967 just prior to when my wife and I bought the property. The actual property line between me and the neighbor has never been disputed and likely he doesn't know where the property line actually...
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    Tire Air Pressure Gauge... What Have Ya' Got?

    Recently discovered the air gauge I've been normally using isn't very accurate after checking it against two other gauges (one analog, the other digital) that read within less than a pound of each other at 30#. The suspect gauge leans about 5# on the high side and read about 35#, which likely...
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    A Couple Loaded Tires Questions

    1st question ..... One of the rear loaded tires was looking low and was breaking loose on the rim when pushing snow. I added air to bring it up so as to not look low, but am not 100% sure if checking the pressure with a gauge what I should get. I took a read with valve at the top of the tire so...
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    Replacement Chainsaw Bar has No Sprocket Grease Hole

    I've got a Husqvarna chainsaw I bought back in 2013 that needed the 18" bar replaced, so I ordered a Husqvarna brand one from Amazon that matched the Husky part number on the old bar. The new one has no sprocket grease hole like the old. I did use to grease the old one when I thought of it...
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    Eagle Brand Diesel Fuel Can and Funnel?

    If you have an Eagle safety can......... The good (non-safety) spout on my plastic can finally broke and I think I may get a metal Eagle brand can with the funnel that attaches to the can. With my old can and spout I was able to rest the edge of can with the spout inserted into filler on the...
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    Tires/Wheels for Utility Trailer - Hub-Centric/Lug-Centric

    I think I know what I need, but some conflicting information has made me a bit unsure....... - The trailer currently has wheels with a 2.5" center 'pilot' hole and is snug to the mounting hub. - The current wheel mounting holes are conical to accept the conical faced bolts. - Most all...
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    Boot Sole Repair - Shoe GOO ???

    The Vibram rubber soles on a pair my good boots came detached. Wondering if there are any recommendations for for adhesives/glue that might be better than 'Shoe GOO" ?
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    Medicare with Medigap Supplement - Deductible??

    I changed for this year to Medigap Supplement coverage for my Medicare. I thought I had a good understanding of how the Part B deductible works ($183 for 2018), but after getting my first 'Medicare Summary Notice' it left me not so sure. I had had one doctors office visit for this year in March...
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    Tires Attempting to Add Air to Tire Cost Me $155 !!

    A little background.... I have loaded rear tires on my Mahindra 2216. Beet juice to be specific. A while back during the winter I was losing the ability to push snow. Engine maintained RPM's, but no forward motion. I really thought the clutch was slipping. I went to the dealer and after a bit...
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    Something a Bit Different from Mahindra

    Ran across this and found it interesting........ Upcoming Jawa bikes to share engine platform with Mahindra Mojo - Autocar India
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    Oil & Fuel Gelled Fuel - How Much Additive

    No joy with fuel gel on a 10 deg F morning and the tractor didn't like it. Have been adding Power Service Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost at about 2oz per 5 gals of fuel (directions on the 32oz container are 8oz per 25 gals) so slightly more than recommended. This is added to the jug of fuel prior...
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    Veterans Online Shopping Benefit & DD214

    I stumbled onto information that US veterans can now online shop at four different military exchanges ( ), but supposedly to get verified they are looking for a certain version of the DD214 discharge paperwork, what they refer to as 'Member Copies 2-8'. 'Member Copy 1' evidently...
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    Wax or Rubber Flange Seal on Toilet?

    My anticipated project for the beginning of the week on an existing toilet. Has had wax for 20 or so years and has been replaced a couple times over the years. Pros, cons of each?
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    Bifocals and Progressive Lenses

    Well I needed a new pair of glasses and I think at 69 years old and using bifocals for most of my life that worked just fine, I shouldn't have taken a chance trying progressive lenses which I got today. Holding my head still and looking straight ahead far and near is OK, but in the periphery...
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    Diesel and Centane Content

    The place where I had bought diesel fuel for years for my tractor decided the cost of replacing his inground tanks was too much and quit selling fuel altogether, so I found another fairly place to buy it which is a major chain of gas stations in the Northeast. The most recent tank full I put in...
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    New Clothes Washing Machine Day

    The 30 something year old Maytag washing machine bit the dust yesterday, so need to buy something. I've got a well, wouldn't mind saving on some some water, so wondering if the 'high efficiency' washing machines are any good. I've read reviews of people that like them and reviews of people that...
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    Speed Deterent with 'Fake' Radar Signal?

    I live on a rural state road which is considered residential. The road has a lot of curves and blind driveways and the speed limit is set at 30mph. It's pretty common that some vehicles are doing upwards of 55 mph, including larger trucks. Both myself and my wife have had close calls pulling out...
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    Rusted/Frozen/Rounded Nuts on Exhaust Systems

    Got any tricks you've used to get rusted, maybe rounded nuts off of bolts/studs on an exhaust flange? I've got a flex joint pipe I've got to replace in the near future and not looking forward to it, particularly the nuts up at the manifold which don't have good accessibility. I've side cut nuts...
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    Social Security - Change in Online Login Security :(

    If you have online access to your SS account as a retiree you probably got an email about a change in logging into it, now requiring a passcode that you receive as a text message on your cell phone. Kinda wondering if you use the online SS access, are you one that uses texting on your cell much...
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    Any Thoughts on This and Implications? Other States Could Follow?

    Toughest gun laws in Massachusetts already and then...... Massachusetts Just Banned The Sale Of All Semi-Auto Guns “Decided By State” Effective Immediately – American Military News
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    OBDII Scan Tool - Have a Favorite?

    I've got an older OBDII reader that is kinda limited as to what information it will pull off a vehicle, so sorta in the market to get something a little newer that might be more comprehensive than what I currently have. Any recommendations?
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    Coronary Calcium Scoring Test

    I had a hernia repair a few months back and while I was under my ticker had a substantial drop in heart rate and pressure evidently from the anesthesia which the surgical crew didn't like. Ended up with a visit to my cardiologist to check things out and had a treadmill stress test which didn't...
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    New Thread, Never Read, Jumps to Last Page, Last Post

    This has been bugging me for a while..... I'll see a thread in the list that's several pages long that I've never read. Click on it and it jumps to the last page, last post, so now I've got to back track to the first page and first post to start reading from the beginning. I looked quickly in...
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    Compost Bin Stimulus???

    Anyone using any magic additives to promote composting in a bin? My bin of vegetable food scraps, garden and yard waste just doesn't seem to breakdown as quickly as I think it should. I have been stirring it up every so often to keep air in it.
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    If Ya'll Got a Chainsaw and a Pair of Ice Skates :)

    Who's up to tryin' it?? :D:D:D:D:D
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    Battery Charger/Maintainer Mounted Under Tractor Hood

    With the talk of hard starting in the cold, I'm giving thought to getting a Battery Tender to mount under the hood of my 2216. I have an AC outlet near the tractor for a magnetic crankcase heater, so having the AC plug from the charger accessible from under the hood might work out better than...
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    Pepper Spray/MACE - Pros/Cons

    Any thoughts on Pepper Spray as a deterrent either at home or out and about? The wife isn't licensed for a firearm and while I am, I don't feel the need to carry (yet), but am thinking some means of deterring a threat wouldn't be a bad idea at times I might be in a remote location fishing or...
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    Drone/Unmanned Aircraft Registration

    Has anyone registered their drone yet and if so how much information was necessary? Required creating an account to see what was required and no paper forms are available as samples. Kinda concerning to have another government agency with more personal info that potentially could get hacked or...
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    Alternate Energy (Electricity) Providers - Savings?

    With my electric company I can choose an alternate supplier of my electricity. I would still pay my electric company for the distribution part of the electricity delivery. The alternate suppliers claim a savings over purchasing the electricity from my electric company, whose rates have been...
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    Air Compressor Oil ?

    Figured it's time for an oil change in my air compressor and Google research tells me my air compressor should have a non-detergent oil. I can get a quart of non-detergent for less than $4 or lower in a viscosity recommended for the compressor I have. If I look at "Air Compressor Oil" in the...
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    Critter Gettin' the Corn

    Corn is just starting to come in after a late start. Had something in the garden pulling down the stalks that have ears that are getting close to ripe. Not sure if it's squirrels, racoon, or possibly a skunk. I did get a skunk a while back in a trap, so I do know they're around the garden, but...
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    Roof Mounted Solar Panels - Lightening Protection

    Of solar panel installs I've seen driving around (haven't gotten up really close to any), I can see what appears to be a not so heavy duty feed cable going down into the house, but I don't see any sort of heavy cable that might be used for a lightening ground. The lightening rods on my barns...
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    Removing Skunk from a Spring Trap

    Was after squirrels that were doing damage, but caught a skunk in a spring trap. Had to finish him off with the pellet rifle and he let loose good before he went, but now how do I get him out of the trap? :( Planning on using gloves as a precaution for rabies, but the stink is really bad. The...
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    Had a bit of a steady rain the other night that left the driveway wet. On my walk out to grab the morning paper I didn't see any worms that usually meander onto the driveway and thinking more about it I hadn't seen many when I tilled the garden earlier this Spring. The soil on my property isn't...
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    New Lawnmower Time!! Tip on Side to Change OIl??

    Old mower is getting a little tired, so figured it's time to replace. Local dealer carries Husqvarna mowers and I've had pretty good luck with Husky stuff I've bought. The mower I'm interested in has a Honda engine on it, which should be decent. I downloaded the manual for the mower for a browse...
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    Aerosol Spray Paint Can Revival - Any Helpful Tips or Tricks ?

    Buy a can of spray paint, use a small amount it for a project, invert and blow nozzle clear, and then put it on the shelf. Go to use it 6 months later and the nozzle plugs up and nothing seems to work to get it working again consistently. Sometimes it'll sputter a bit paint and then just quit...
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    UPS Shipping Costs Lately?

    I haven't shipped anything UPS for a while, but had a package to send out to my son and his wife in California from Massachusetts. Not a particularly large box (24"x17"x5") and weighed in at only 4 pounds. The cost for UPS Ground tallied up to just about $32 which I though was kinda steep. Like...
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    Oil & Fuel Safe Allowable Ratio of Power Service Anti-Gel

    I've been adding Power Service anti-gel to my fuel as roughly a rate of 16oz/25gal (0.64oz per 1 gal) of fuel, which is 2x the base recommended amount on the container and is the suggested amount to maximize the cetane boost. We had some temps around -3F early this morning, warming up to about...
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    Snow Sticking Inside Bucket - Silicone Spray or Something Else?

    Moved a bunch of snow today and the snow tended to stick inside the bucket in fairly large clumps when I dumped it so I wasn't getting a full buckets worth on the next pickup. I've tried silicone spray and it works well for a while, but seems to not last long and isn't exactly a cheap way for...
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    Your Social Security and Military Service Credits

    Stumbled onto this recently and hadn't known about it when I signed up for Social Security... Special Extra Earnings For Military Service Evidently as the site states for certain years of service it supposedly is added to your record automatically. I called the local SS office this morning and...
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    The Cold Came.....

    .... and so did the mice.....into the house. I've had mice in the past, but seems like more of them this year for some reason. Traps are set and baited with peanut butter and have caught a few already. Wife wants no part of emptying the traps :rolleyes:. It's pretty much futile to try to plug...
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    Anyone Use a Credit/Identity Protection Service - LifeLock?

    It seems once a month lately a business gets hacked in one way or another that puts a persons personal information and finances at risk. I've thought about getting something like LifeLock, but just not sure it's worth it. Anyone have any experience with LifeLock or similar that it has protected...
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    Submersible Well Pump Amps Draw

    I've got a 1/2hp submersible that's down about 230'. The static water level I believe varies to some degree with the amount of rainfall we get. September in the Northeast has been a dry month and the time it takes to cycle the tank pressure has been taking longer, which has been the norm in the...
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    Cable TV Going 100% Digital :(

    I was perfectly happy with the basic and extended basic programming I had that already was overpriced and now my cable company is switching to 100% digital that will require me to rent a box (more $$$ out the window :( ). I was already getting some HD programming (unencrypted) with the QAM tuner...