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  1. J

    Snow Blower Sizing - Opinions Wanted

    I've been running a 78" blower behind my 30 pto hp HST Kubota for 25 years with no issues. It's seen 4" - 4' of snow at a time. HST is the key, with the deep wet stuff I go slower. My vote - 84", you'll be fine.
  2. J

    Poulan Troubleshooting

    I've had a few Poulans, they are disposable. I'd upgrade, I wish I had years ago, but was lured to the Poulan due to the price. I have 3 Echo's, all great saws, all are 10+ years old and start and run like new.
  3. J

    Kubota New Pricing

    I just bought one, $5,600.
  4. J

    Recent Kubota RTV 1100C deals?

    You lucked out. I ordered mine in Aug, was told last week it's on a truck to the dealer and there was a $2300 price increase since Aug.
  5. J

    Stone dust for traction on ice

    If you keep it covered/dry, no issues. If the pile is in the open, it will be frozen solid where I live.
  6. J

    Stone dust for traction on ice

    Check your highway department, mine makes a 20/80 salt/sand mix available to the public. I keep a few 5 gallon buckets on hand, when I need more I stop at the town barn. The sand shed is open 24x7. They also keep a pile of 100% rock salt, but I avoid because we have dogs. All the town and...
  7. J

    1.00 or 1.25 PEX line from Well

    I used 160psi 1" poly 30+ years ago, 900' run, no issues. If I recall correctly, you can get ~20 gallons a minute with 1" pipe. More than adequate for my needs.
  8. J

    How to Prevent Amazon, UPS, Fedex 3 point turn ruts?

    My suggestion - don't sweat the small stuff, life's too short.
  9. J

    Any precautions-electrical system-when welding on tractor?

    Why not take the winch off, weld your hooks and remount the winch? For me, that's far easier than screwing around with the battery and worrying about what if's.
  10. J

    6' Tiller

    For 25 years I've been running a 6' KingKutter in heavy clay with 30 pto hp. Breaking sod is slow go, but I have HST and can creep along. It covers the rear tires, that's what I wanted. I don't regret going with a 6' tiller.
  11. J

    Taking down some trees for land clearing - how high should I leave stumps for easier removal?

    Cut them as low as possible and get a big excavator. Or leave 2' stumps and push them with a big dozer. You'll get nowhere fast with a block and tackle or a mini-excavator......
  12. J

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    And the charcoal company is still around - Kingsford, the original name was Ford's Charcoal. The wood that was turned into charcoal came from scraps from the manufacture of Model T's, early recycling.
  13. J

    Pole barn question

    Last summer I tore down the playset/swing/fort the kids and I built more than 25 years ago. It had a dozen pressure treated 4x4's embedded 3' in concrete. There was no rot. I've also pulled 25 year old pressure treated fence posts, no concrete and no rot. I wouldn't be too worried about ever...
  14. J

    Log Skidder for CK 30 HST

    Wait for the ground to freeze and drag them out. How many trees do you need to process? If more than just a few for lumber or firewood, let the big guys do the heavy lifting. A proper skidder will pull more in a day than you can pull in a month.
  15. J

    Digging 400' Trench for cable

    All my neighbors have switched to fiber, with free installs. They use a vibratory plow, it goes 6-12" deep, direct burial, 100'+ in an hour. I'm the lone holdout, I'm still on dsl. I'll probably make the switch in the spring. I wish we had a choice of providers, the local teleco has a...
  16. J

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Companies save -0-, abandoned accounts get turned over, (escheated) to the state after a few years. The state holds the money until someone wakes up and makes a claimed. I've seen $ abandoned generations ago finally get claimed.
  17. J

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

  18. J

    Plowing MUD!

    It's 4F right now, about -20F with the windchill. High today will be 12F.
  19. J

    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    It's snowing right now, will warm up by midnight with high winds, (50mph+) for a few hours. Heavy rain after midnight with flood warnings. 1"+ rain on top of our existing 8" of snow. Turning to snow midafternoon Sat, for a few hours. More rain than snow. Every few years we'll see a 36"+...
  20. J

    Puma-54 Snowblower chain stretching

    My 25 year old, heavily used snow blower is on the original chain and I've never taken a link out. I have a spare chain in the shop, bought it 20 years ago.....
  21. J

    Have a dog that eats to fast for it's own good?

    We had a rescue Newf that would literally inhale his food. We used a ceramic softball to slow him down. After a few weeks we removed the ceramic ball and he would eat at normal speed. When I say inhale, he would finish his meal in 10 seconds or less, 50% of the time he would puke it back up...
  22. J

    What size/width driveway for truck and gooseneck trailer?

    20' will barely get the job done, but you will be happier with 30'. I upgraded my 20' entrance to 40' about 20 years ago, with no regrets.
  23. J

    Wood chippers

    You will be fine, I'm chipping 4" hickory with 30 pto horses.
  24. J

    Chains: Front or Back

    This topic has been beaten to death very recently. Time to do a simple search.
  25. J

    Rotella T4 vs T6

    I just did my annual oil changes, found T6 in stock at the local walmart, $63 for 2.5 gallon jugs.
  26. J

    Chains on front or rear tractor tires for pushing snow

    I've been running double rings on the rear only for the past 25 years. I have no issues with traction. They are rough riding on the road, so that keeps me from going too far in the winter, (that's a good thing). I've related this story before. The year I got chains I tested things out. We...
  27. J

    Plowing County Road??

    $373K for 2000 miles of road? Our town is responsible for plowing the town and county roads, 150 lane miles, (75 miles of road) with a budget of $700K. We also mow the shoulders of the town and county roads. County road paving and maintenance and bridge repair fall on the county. The town...
  28. J

    Plowing County Road??

    Don't give them a reason to abandon the road, you maintaining the road gives them a reason to start ignoring it. You pay enough in property taxes that the road should be cleared timely. Send your highway superintendent a certified letter complaining, the road will get the attention it needs...
  29. J

    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    I mow 3 - 4 acres a week for ~30 weeks, change/sharpen the blades annually and clean and oil the deck once a year. I've never seen a rusted out mower deck. My current mower is 20 years old and should have at least another 20 years of life left. When I change the oil in the fall, I change the...
  30. J

    How's The Weather?

    The pond froze over last night. High today was 33 with 20 - 25 mph winds. We have a little snow on the ground, but nothing like western NY, (5'+ in some places).
  31. J

    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    We burn 600-800 gallons of fuel oil annually. My last fill-up was at $5.39/gallon, now it's $5.79/gallon. I expect to spend $4,000+ on heat this year. I have a 20 acre wood lot, but grew up on wood heat and hate it with a passion. I may need to rethink my vow to never use wood as a heat source.
  32. J

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    riptides said: re -.1 How about adding in an opt-out plan and lump sum payouts for monies inserted at certain ages? I think a lot of people could have done a lot better managing their own monies. Many people cannot manage their money, if they had to manage their own retirement, they'd...
  33. J

    Thoughts On Lining Up Bucket to Front End Loader

    My bucket comes off, but I've never removed it in 25 years. I have a neighbor with a quick attach, getting things lined up for him is a 2 person job. The first time I helped him it was a 5 minute job, after he made many repeated solo attempts. Now his wife simply waves him in. She does the...
  34. J

    Plumbing question

    If I run a 10 micron filter, it lasts a week or two. The 30 micron string filters last 6+ months. I bought a case, now that they are used up I've switched to 20 microns, they last 4+ months. The fridge filter is .5 microns for ice and drinking water, it gets swapped out every 6 months. I...
  35. J

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Property and school tax here is almost $1,000/mo. And they wonder why people are leaving NY state...... Yes, we have a nice house, on 45 acres, but we've been retired for 6 years with no COLA's. We're fortunate to both have good pensions, we have not touched our 401k's or started SS. We've...
  36. J

    Oil feed to turbo

    Red Locktite and the proper torque.
  37. J

    Wall Mount Garage Door Opener - Question for Current Users

    I have both, no problems with either, 20+ years.
  38. J

    Carpenter ants in trees

    More than once I've seen nests of carpenter ants 40' or more off the ground in lightening damaged hickory. The first time I saw it I thought it was a one off. A few months later I saw another occurance, than another.
  39. J

    Best way to cut large tire in half?

    I've done this with a sawzall. I think the angle grinder would gum up and smoke like heck.
  40. J

    Annual BX2230 service today

    I'm a big fan of those Fumoto oil drain valves, I've been using them for 20 years on my cars. I don't have them on the mower or the tractor, since they only see an annual oil change and the tractor would take two.
  41. J

    My Brothers Estate

    Same here, no issues, fast and easy transfers.
  42. J

    My Brothers Estate

    Eddie, Cut through the back or the side, you'll find it much easier than cutting through the door. the doors to these safes are impressive, the other 5 sides, not so much.....
  43. J

    Snowblower Woods SS74 snowblower bad performance

    1/4" - 1/2" gap is too big. My 25 year old agro trend blower will still pickup a nickel, so the gap is less than 1/8". I think your issue is more than the fan gap, but it certainly is a factor.
  44. J

    Studs vs chains for tires

    800' driveway, 80" rear snow blower and double ring chains on the rear. I have been quite happy with this setup for the past 25+ years. I'd like a cab.... Chained up I have significantly more traction in 2wd vs no chains and 4wd with the diff locked.
  45. J

    Road Side Mowing with a Sickle Bar

    Nice job. When you get done, can you swing by and mow the bank on my pond? :)
  46. J

    From mow to snow.

    I'll mow one more time this week, I finished brush hogging last week. I'll put the winch on and do some logging begore switching over to the snow blower and chains in early Dec. I'm hoping for a late and mild winter. This nice fall weather has allowed me to catch up on my summer chores. I...
  47. J

    Common sayings that are wrong or butchered

    "When ever", when "when" is what is meant. For example, "When ever y'all get around to it". Really means "When you get around to it". "Y'all" or even "You all", and I lived down south for many years, but could never wrap my head around the use of "Y'all". "Whatever" "It is, what it is"...
  48. J

    Nut splitter

    I use a small diamond blade mounted in a dremel for the small stuff. Die grinder for the bigger stuff. I never had much luck with a nut splitter.
  49. J

    Lifting safe - Ballast Box needed?

    You can always remove the door of the safe to reduce the weight. The door to my safe is ~40% of the total weight of the gun safe. Just don't lose the ball bearings in the hinges, (one ball per hinge). Four stout guys brought my safe into the house and up a flight of stairs, it would not have...
  50. J

    Wheel Loader Tires on Tractor?

    ~10 years ago I changed the front tires on my L3710 to skid steer tires. Same height and circumference, but close to twice the psi and number of belts and load capacity as the OEM tires. No issues, I'm a happy camper. The skid steer tires where in stock, OEM's were not.