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    Good video from Messick's about Titan confusion, FEL mower.

    6 minutes. Frank discussion about Titan Attachments vs Titan Implements. (now Ironcraft) Also short blurb about FEL mounted mower taken off the market for patent reasons. (Trail Blazer, maybe?)
  2. J

    Flattening mole tunnels

    i no longer have a mower suitable to pull my lawn roller. Anybody ever float their loader bucket and drag the yard? Did you have to add weight to the bucket?
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    2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

    Never heard of doing this before but then, I don't get out much: "The Tundra also catches up to its urban-cowboy competitors with a more civilized multi-link independent rear suspension. With the trailering upgrade, the rear coil springs are swapped with air springs. Now you’re talking. The...
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    Toddler drowns in post hole. Toddler must have fallen headfirst into a post hole with standing water. I've heard that toddlers have drowned in home toilets the same way.
  5. J

    Grapple model suggestions for cleaning out swales?

    I've got 4 culverts under the driveway that plug up with tangles of sticks and leaves at their entrances. Sometimes those tangles fill up the swale for 10 or 15 feet upstream from the culvert. I've been using a backhoe or a root grapple but they're slow to maneuver on these small areas of...
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    I'd like to minimize delivery trucks on my 5/8 mile, soft-when-wet lane. Thinking about mounting a job box or similar down by the road and train the drivers to lock packages in it instead of racing up to the house as fast as the potholes will allow them to drive. Seems like they would...
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    Possible metal source in small quantities

    Saw these guys advertising on TV. Alro is a big regional materials distributor for industry and fabricators. Last I knew, they had a truck route down here from their Indianapolis warehouse. Looks like they are branching out with walk-in outlets to retail customers. Too bad their nearest...
  8. J

    New-to-me scam.

    Thought people who haven't seen this one yet might enjoy it:
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    L4330: tips to change hydraulic filter without changing oil?

    Service schedule says change hydraulic filter every 200 hrs but only change hydraulic oil every 400. Counter guy at dealership said that's not a misprint. So last time, I lost a lot of oil in the process, even though I tilted the tractor sideways to elevate the filter side. Anybody have a...
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    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    What is a Barndominium? Snip ..... "Blending the words “barn” and “condominium,” it is exactly what it sounds like: a barn that has been converted into a low cost living space – or a house plan purposely designed as living space but with barn-like storage and working spaces associated with it...
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    Grapples at Rural King

    Probably old news because I don't get over there too often. Local RK had several grapples stacked out with their other attachments. Couldn't stop but they looked like they were narrower than most, which can be a good thing. They were the style with a horizontal floor, not the clamshell type.
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    Pothole theory

    I read somewhere, probably on TBN, that before filling a pothole in a gravel driveway, you should scratch up the bottom of it. I hate to disturb the larger gravel in my base and it's more work. Any thoughts?
  13. J

    Mice condo

    Don't know if this is a new idea or one I subconsciously borrowed. For the barn mice smarter than the traps, what about providing them with little nesting containers in the barn that are more attractive to them than an engine compartment, for example. Then just periodically "evict" them. Like...
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    Blizzard of 1978

    On the recent anniversary of Indiana's worst blizzard (and probably other Midwest states), our local paper just dredged up the big stories/pictures from back then, along with readers' more recent accounts of their predicaments at the time. In a state where 6" of snow is a big deal, when it's...
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    Small farms with passion

    Our local food coop has their own herd of small farmers with whom they have formed a symbiotic relationship. IIRC, they even inspect these farming operations periodically. This one featured in their recent newsletter Is definitely a family farm. Excerpt: "Kyle says that Bloomingfoods is a...
  16. J

    Tax comparison between US States

    If your thinking about retiring to another state, this might be interesting. Breaks down each states' taxes by State, inheritance, vehicle, retirement income exemptions, property. Fed taxes not include since they're the same everywhere. Some states (mine) also have county taxes that vary by...
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    Ideas for an improvised restrictor to shred leaves with a zero turn?

    I need about a cubic yard of shredded leaves every year for winter gardening stuff. My Toro zero-turn grinds a few of them up pretty fine but discharges most of the rest without shredding them much. What kind of a restriction over the discharge opening would shred most of them? Pics below...
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    Does exhaust pipe tubing have any protective coating?

    Didn't know whether to post this here or on the 'Country Cookin' forum... Anybody know if exhaust pipe tubing comes plated or coated with a durable material that would be toxic if it couldn't be removed? I'd be willing to hone the ID if necessary. It's for a cooking widget that would be in...
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    NRA suit for fraud

    By Carol D. Leonnig August 6, 2020 at 11:42 a.m. EDT Add to list The chief executive of the National Rifle Association and several top lieutenants engaged in a decades-long pattern of fraud to raid the coffers of the powerful gun rights group for personal gain, according to a lawsuit filed...
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    Good time to pave a driveway?

    There's been some pretty knowledgeable paving threads here over the years. I have a 1000 foot section of my driveway that needs to be repaved and was wondering how much these low oil prices might affect the price of asphalt. Also, wondering how available contractors might be under this new...
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    Corona Virus #6-A

    Well, it looks like my sacrificial thread idea, Coronal Virus #5-A, didn't keep the helpful thread, '#5, from being shut down. Last try here. Remember the sacrificial thread concept- all obnoxious posts that we're tempted to post on helpful thread '#6 should be posted here on '#6-A instead...
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    Corona Virus #5-A, not to be confused with Corona Virus #5

    This thread as a sacrificial thread to protect Corona Virus #5. Here's how it works: Post helpful information on '#5. For those of us who just can't resist; post the abrasive, snarky or self righteous stuff here on '#5-A. (Like this first post, for example!) Moderators can then shut this...
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    Messick's interesting heads-up about certain OEM parts thru Amazon

    Makes sense. Avoid Amazon and SAVE money on equipment parts | TMT - YouTube
  24. J

    Stabilizing a treacherous SxS trail- advice?

    I'm building a side by side trail that runs from a ridgetop down into my bottom ground. Most of the slope is impassible but one grade is only about 20 degrees down a hill-curve- and it's narrow. Problem is, that grade is tree canopied wet leaves and exposed slippery bedrock and it runs...
  25. J

    Illegal deer hunting?

    It's bow season in Indiana now. The land next to me has changed hands and someone put up a deer stand over there a few feet off of me. Noticed that below their tree is a pile of corn. Is that legal?
  26. J

    Side by side tire tread direction

    Dealer Pic below looks like the front tread direction is consistent with tractor tires (pushing the dirt away from the tire somewhat) but the rear direction looks opposite from the front. Is one of these pairs on backwards? Thanks.
  27. J

    Delay fall bush hogging for pollinators?

    Below is a comment about bush hogging later in the fall, for the pollinators' sake. It was sent to me without a citation but it seems reasonable: "DO NOT MOW/BRUSH HOG DITCHES & FIELDS RIGHT NOW!!! I almost just crashed my car on my way home as I witnessed someone mowing down an ENTIRE field...
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    Messick's parts department (Kubota)

    They're 3 for 3 on great customer service with me so far. Ordered a gas cap and a rear blinker. Took them about 1 minute to find the part numbers, had them in stock, shipped cheapest way ($9.00) and they arrived in Indiana from Pennsylvania in two days. Messick's also support this site.
  29. J

    Tornados vs pole barns

    Tornados thru here yesterday, about 30 miles SSW of Indianapolis. Sure looks like the roof in the attached pic was by far, the weak link. Building's walls unscathed, despite being giant sails with little support, once the roof left the building. Several years ago, after hurricanes in the...
  30. J

    Persistent pop up locks up TBN

    Anybody else getting this?
  31. J

    GM pickup truck plant announcement yesterday

    This might be old news by now but they are expanding the pickup plant to meet demand. Last paragraph is interesting- sales up 20%, prices up $5,800 over previous model. GM Chairman-CEO to make major announcement at Fort Wayne plant
  32. J

    ATV with a fully manual transmission?

    Sold my Honda Fourtrax 300 in 1993 and haven't keep up on ATVs in the meantime. That one would have been more fun with a fully manual transmission, IMHO. Is there such a thing as an ATV like a motorcycle- clutch and everything?
  33. J

    Quick question about trailer wiring

    Are all 7 wire male trailer connectors standard? ie, if I used someone else's trailer, would my plug fit it?
  34. J

    YouTube subscribe question

    What is supposed to happen when you subscribe to a YouTube video? I did and I'm not seeing other stuff by the same guy. Do you have to register with YouTube? Thanks.
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    F250 7.3L Diesel starting quirk

    I don't use it much-1999 w/24,000 miles... Last week cold snap with ice storm coming- parked it down by the road and waited for thaw to (try to) bring it back up to the barn. Weather had turned warm and very damp. Ran the batteries down somewhat without the slightest fire. Road service tried...
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    Creepy. (Re: online privacy)

    So, my former wife called today and mentioned her recent garage door repair. She said that the repairman had also sprayed the noisy spring with WD40. We are both on our cell phones. We hung up and she texted me a photo of the repairman's business card for some work I need to have done...
  37. J

    Ft Wayne Farm Show starts today

    Runs through Thursday Allen County War Memorial Coliseum - Event Details
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    Free shipping mystery from third world solved.

    So, a guy in New Jersey makes a widget and the third-world knockoff industry adopts it. He knows they can make stuff cheap over there but how can they ship it here for free? It costs him $6 just to SHIP his across the street and they are selling theirs, DELIVERED, for less than his shipping...
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    Black Oak Down! (Advice?)

    I just discovered this blocking my driveway. Glad I dont have to be anywhere important for awhile. Theres only one way out of here. Those track strips across the bridge are 18 inches wide for perspective. Trunk is supported only by the bridge and by the rootball, just out of the picture. At...
  40. J

    Farm Show in Indianapolis

    Exhibitors 12/12/17-12/14/17. Free admission, $5 parking Anybody been to one of these? It's only an hour from me and the the annual farm show in Louisville is too big.
  41. J

    L4330 GST mystery: won't move in either direction

    So, this tractor only has 450 hrs and it always works great. Today I took a break and shut it off and it would not even crank or click when restarting it. Dropped the loader bucket suddenly to jar the tractor and it started right up on the next try. Ran fine until I shut it off again and then...
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    Please remove me from the TBN membership roster.
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    Air drying logs

    Hello, I think I read that you should put some kind of sealer on the ends of green logs so the ends don't dry out too much faster than the inside of the log. Anybody know what kind of household product would work for this? (It's just an experiment on a fallen beech tree so failure is an...
  44. J

    SSQA spring life?

    All, Anybody else have issues with a SSQA releasing when pulling in reverse? It's not the sloppy fit problem where the seller apologizes and sends you shims. I've had this Kubota with a factory SSQA since about 2003 and never had a problem. Recently, with a grapple-backdragging a log with...
  45. J

    Property owner etiquette: stealth tree stands

    I have some "neighbors" hunting my property without permission. It's a remote corner of my 40 acres near a bunch of houses on the other side of a steep ravine- my property line. A lot of rental houses up there, right on the road. I've been clearing a trail thru there so it's less remote and...
  46. J

    Motorcycle drivetrain on an ATV?

    Ever since I was a kid driving a go-cart, I always thought it would be fun to replace its stock engine with a motorcycle engine/manual transmission. Now that I have some elbow room for a track, is there such a thing for rough ground? I see those two seaters with a suspension system about...
  47. J

    Washing machine anatomy

    All, I wouldn't ordinarily impose on the TBN brain trust for something like this but I have house guests coming soon (deer hunting friends) and a lot of laundry to do before they arrive. And the appliance repair shop hasn't returned my call. Today, my 30 YO Maytag top load washer sounded...
  48. J

    Rural broadband plan

    Recent Indiana news release about getting broadband into underserved rural areas. Apparently it involves mounting broadband infrastructure on underutilized cell towers. Seems like it could happen anywhere (and, knowing Indiana, we're near the back of the pack). Sorry if it's old news. WATCH...
  49. J

    Round bales rolling down loader arms

    A friend once told me about his dad lifting a round bale with an ancient dozer before ROPS. The dozer probably didn't have a seatbelt as well and that might have been what saved his dad. With the bucket curled too far, the bale rolled down the loader arms and over the seat, just after his dad...
  50. J

    Off-roading term escapes me.

    Hello, What is that term for getting stuck by going over too steep of a bump and bottoming out on the frame between the axles? (Seems like it was "high-something".) Usually the missing words pop up later. Not this time.