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  1. caver

    Air Cleaner Vacuator

    That little rubber piece on the air cleaner housing on a DK40SE HST. Rats/mice have nibble the end off of mine a few years ago. Hopefully when I go over in the next few days I can get a measurement and find one close to it. I learned it is called a vacuator. As you can see Kioti wants to sell...
  2. caver

    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I'm in the queue for a timber frame kit so I figured I would start a thread. It will be 20x30 with a walk out basement and loft with 4' extensions. They suggested a 10' foundation height. When I expressed concerns about how high this would stick up they recommended putting the sub-floor down...
  3. caver

    Recommended wood stove brands

    It will be for a 22x30 timber frame cabin either in the living room or basement. I will have a propane furnace for days i may not be in the mood for loading firewood. I'm not interested in exterior boiler units. Brands mentioned in this thread: Jotul Blaze King Hearthstone Soapstone Pacific...
  4. caver

    Home flooring underlayment

    My house was built around 1976 per county records. It's time to do a quick remodel and unload it so I can move. I should have remodeled this place years ago but I hate finish work. Back then I recall 3/4" plywood put down as a sub floor and then a thinner particle board over that as an...
  5. caver

    Ryobi gasoline powered drill/hammerdrill

    So I bought a new unused? Ryobi EH1930. I see them either in completed auctions or there are a couple new/old stock open box units for sale. Mine was listed as such and it looked unused. It did have the old gas stench in the gas tank but no staining or sign of fuel. I have a feeling these were...
  6. caver

    Concrete fake log siding

    I didn't know something like this existed --->shown in the video link. Anyone on here ever used it or know of someone who has used it? This is a young couple doing the YT thing building their own home in Idaho. Link should start where they are attaching the first run. They also covered it in...
  7. caver

    We want to buy your land

    I started getting these solicitations in the snail mail a few years ago. I've owned my place for 14 years. They get the info from the courthouse on your parcel. The words vacant land is always used. It has an offer for the property. Often if you look them up it's in a small strip mall. I have...
  8. caver

    Looks OK to me

    I hate vague subject lines so forgive me for this one. :D Bend? What bend? Swing cylinder off my backhoe. It started leaking last fall. When I pulled it out to rebuild it I was in disbelief. I must have tweaked it when the hoe was stuck next to my creek and I was trying to lift and waddle it...
  9. caver

    DK40HST 4 wheel sometimes clunks when disengaging.

    Mine is a 2008 I believe and about 400+ hours on it. Recently I have an audible clunk when switching off the four wheel. I'm often in and out moving between places with brush etc. It's like gears maybe in a bind that release. I find it tends to not do this if I switch off 4x4 and back up a few...
  10. caver

    Anyone having trouble accessing The Forestry Forum site?

    For weeks I have been getting phishing alerts blocking the site with Malwarebytes.
  11. caver

    Washing Machine

    I recall the thread on dishwashers, lets talk washing machines. I have possibly a 26-30 year old GE top loader that has just about died and no interest in working on it. I'm sticking with a top loader because water is plentiful around here. Looking at new GE reviews they are not impressive. In...
  12. caver

    Who makes a good caulking gun?

    I find the throw away ones often will decompress so that the next latch notch won't grab or the tube holder starts to bend. I hate caulking and don't want to spend big $$ on one but the throw away ones are just that. I'm gathering a collection of them.
  13. caver

    Cleaning hydraulic oil off a backhoe cab from a leak

    My bucket hose blew out on my backhoe and sprayed oil all over the cab. It was late in the day and I thought I will deal with this on the next trip. The initial rupture was bad enough but then I had to jockey things to get back into transport mode so I could get it down near the barn. A local...
  14. caver

    Trimming out a replacement window

    I'm trying to spruce up this house so I can get it sold.I paid a guy to replace this 6'x7' picture window which had fogged glass from the day I bought it and the exterior started to rot. He redid the exterior vinyl siding and trim after we got the window in. We never discussed the interior trim...
  15. caver

    Coleman Equipment no longer a Case dealer

    I was looking up a part for my Case backhoe and thought to cross reference with online exploded view in case it had better data than my parts book. Looks like they've been dropped. Too bad as I had gotten few parts from them before.
  16. caver

    Anyone build a Jamaica timber frame kit?

    I stumbled into these folks website a couple years ago. That was after someone had mentioned Clydesdale Frames out of Kansas in a TBN thread. I've read a few threads on building timber frames. It's a bit of a drive/fly to Jamaica Vermont but I have considered it. I like their Vermont cabin...
  17. caver

    Chainsaw flooding from pickup bed travel

    I just thought I would share an issue I've been dealing with for the past year or more. When I make the 120 mile run to my property I often throw both saws in the F250 bed. It rides like a log wagon. Often I get over there and neither saw will start. One is a Stihl the other a Makita (Dolmar)...
  18. caver

    Filtering certain forums

    Is there a way to filter out forums/sub forums you are not interested in? Often if I'm on here everyday I just click on New Posts but even then have to filter down through all the sub forums I have no interest in. I know rvnet has this feature but most likely a different forum software.
  19. caver

    What's your bottom dollar?

    Regarding selling used stuff online. Is this some kind of Millennial thing? I don't recall 20 years ago people saying whats your bottom dollar? or what's the lowest price you will take? That would be like negotiating against myself. I would say 99% the people that pull that are not going to buy...
  20. caver

    Buying off CL and the buyer wants cash

    I'm talking about something your interested in off CL or FB Marketplace that's maybe 150+ miles away and they want cash. We'll say an asking price of $10K+ I've been looking into replacing my camper with a used one and dealers around here have nothing I want. I have been telling the sellers up...
  21. caver

    Death and social media ettiquette

    When you find out someone has passed away, please don't be in a race to share it on FB etc. Yesterday I was an hour or two away from finding out my brother had passed away, from a well wisher cousin on FB. My mom is not online and didn't want his passing plastered on FB. She could not get ahold...
  22. caver

    Switching from a dual sport to a RZR

    I currently own a Yamaha WR250R which is a street legal dual sport. I've been contemplating switching to say a Polaris RZR. Background: Most of the time the Yamadog sits in the garage. I do take it out west for a three week vacation every year. I enjoy riding the fire roads, Jeep trails etc...
  23. caver

    DK40HSE hydrualic coupler size

    I've read in here that the rear remotes are 1/2" Just wanting to double check with a picture of mine and a tape measure. I bought a grapple and need to have hoses made up for it.
  24. caver

    DK40 clicks but won't turn over, battery ok

    I've seen others on here have a similar problem. It started last year and it seemed like a dead cell in the battery. Replaced battery with a known good battery and the problem returned. It happened again yesterday so is there a known problem with these units before I start checking every high...
  25. caver

    Replacement windows from big box store or lumber yard

    Several windows need to be replaced in my 30-40 year old split foyer prefab home. When Dad and I replaced the siding it was obvious the walls were built in a factory as they still had the webbing lifting straps on the ends under the soffit....anyway...I plan to do the job myself before the...
  26. caver

    Aggregate in a masonry cement mixer

    I picked up a used mixer a few years ago where the U shaped tub is stationary and a shaft goes through the tub with paddles attached. Designed for cement not concrete since the paddles run close to the edge where they will pinch aggregate between the walls. Anyone ever try modifying the paddles...
  27. caver

    Missouri man dies from Copperhead bite

    St. Charles man dies after being bitten by copperhead at Missouri state park : News Be careful out there.
  28. caver

    Tractor falls through suspension bridge

    Tractor Falls Through Suspension Bridge « CBS Denver OK, fess up, which one of you screwed up? :D By the way they did remove it Monday. Tractor removed from Swinging Bridge in Browns Park | Craig Daily Press
  29. caver

    Craigslist translator

    So...I'm browsing CL ads and looking at construction machinery I see these actual lines in ads and it reminds me of other read between the lines stuff you see on CL. Feel free to add your own. :D What the ad says____________________________________What it really means Seems to be a good solid...
  30. caver

    Generic game camera settings

    What type of photo delay settings have you found that work best? Number of photos after initial trigger and/or amount of delay after the intial trigger. I originally set mine up for three photos after initial trigger with about a second or so delay between them. Mine has video too but I...
  31. caver

    Buying house plans online

    I've been wading through so many house plan sites it's all a blur. Are there any places TBN members have used they would recommend? My dad says get some grid paper like he did and draw out what I want. :laughing: That's what he did when he built our last family home in the 70's. I don't think...
  32. caver

    Screed pipe size

    What's a good size for concrete screed pipe? 1"-1.5"-2" ? My dad poured foundations when I was a kid but he subbed the flat work out. He hated doing flat work. I was thinking the pipe was 2". internets are not much help.
  33. caver

    Log in pop-up

    If you've cleared your cache and cookies a "sign in become a member blah blah" pop-up, pops up before I have time to log in. I find that annoying.
  34. caver

    Removing master cyilnders from a Case 580K

    Anyone ever remove them? I'm wondering how hard it is. One of mine is leaking. Mine is a phase 3 unit.
  35. caver

    Case 580K frozen bucket pins

    The pin shown below is frozen to the cast iron arm. Any suggestions on how to free this up? Both pins on each side of the bucket are this way. I smacked him hard several times with a 5lb maul. These pins have a grease zerk on one end and they won't take grease (obviuosly) This is an older...
  36. caver

    Bird nest in my 580K stack

    I had been absent from my property for about 5 weeks due to vacation and other commitments. Yesterday I fired up the backhoe and a few small grass type pieces of debris came out. A little more throttle to blow it out and the stack pukes out a birds nest along with a couple of blue eggs. Never...
  37. caver

    Slope of a driveway in direction of travel

    What kind of slope/grade can I have on a gravel road before it becomes a problem being too steep. I've got a trail up a hill where I would like to build a home. Trail follows what is an old logging path, I think. Road will be at least 1000' and gravel. I'm going to check some steep gravel slopes...
  38. caver

    Looking at a Case 550 E

    It's a dozer, long track, 6 way blade, rippers on the back, '92 model and about 5200 hours. He wants 17K for it. He said there is a steering issue on one side that he's been told is a valve problem. Cheap part but a bear to get to (his words to some extent). That last part scared me off. He's...
  39. caver

    DK40se HST, Throttle lever seems stuck at idle

    I traded my LB1914 TLB off for a lightly used DK40. I hauled it over to my property today. I got to run this thing for at least an hour. The throttle lever seems stuck when in the idle position. It seemed stiff at the dealer. It still has some warranty but I'm really not in the mood to drag this...
  40. caver

    Abandoned concrete grain silos

    You see these and some look in good shape, just neglected. Often the roof is gone. I've seen some made of brick. Why did these fall out of favor? I was driving to work today and seeing one jogged my memory.
  41. caver

    Case 580K new owner questions

    First question, five minutes running it, after they delivered it, one of the loader dump hoses popped a hole in it. Funny too as I had noticed a "booger" right where it blew when I looked at it before purchase. The local small town auto parts store say they can probably make one. When the hose...
  42. caver

    Cat 305CR mini excavator

    I'm looking at one. It's an '02 model 26** hours one new rubber track and other was replaced a year or so ago, $21K. I watched it in operation yesterday as it was on a job-site. Owner wants a cab model. The backhoe on my Kioti LB1914 is fun but has very limited reach and the loader is a gutless...
  43. caver

    Dozer on the show Gold Rush Alaska

    Anyone see this episode Friday on Discovery? Bunch of novices doing modern day gold prospecting. It was an abandoned Cat they started after sitting for several ? years. I found this a bit hard to believe. It was hard to believe someone left that machine up there.
  44. caver

    New round module cotton pickers

    Anyone seen them? The original thread became digitally corrupted and admin had to delete. I've been seeing the round modules on the way to work but haven't seen the machine other than the video below. Yes they grow cotton in Missouri in case you didn't know. :D John Deere cotton picker video
  45. caver

    Breaking in work boots

    We have to wear steel toed boots at work. Needing wide widths limits my choices even more. Breaking in new boots is like torture for me. Younger guy at work who grew up on a farm suggested filling them with soybeans, adding water and let them sit and swell for a few days. I had never heard of...
  46. caver

    1" pump discharge hose source

    I have a Honda WX10 on the way. Anyone know of a source for a 1" flat discharge hose besides Northern Tool? I can use a garden hose for now but may need the extra capacity in the future of a 1" hose.
  47. caver

    Steps for pickup bed access

    I'm looking at a side step so I can access stuff that migrates to the middle of my pickup bed. I'm also interested in anyone who has installed a tailgate step. I saw some up at Cabelas in St Louie yesterday. Bully brand for the side step but I can't remember about the tailgate step...
  48. caver

    Anyone put grease in Howse cutter gearbox

    I read one reference in the archives. I have a Howse 400 rotary cutter. Howse parts drawing Oil seal sprung a leak when I hit a large rock. I tried removing the stumpjumper blade assy and get not get it off the splines and had limited tools. I'm temted to add grease instead of oil and take my...
  49. caver

    Anyone use a brush grabber?

    Has anyone used one of thesebrush grabbers? Seems to have good reviews from Norther Tool.
  50. caver

    Highway construction NOT using scrapers

    I've noticed, on a four lane highway project on the way to my property, that they don't use scrapers anymore. Hills are dug out using a large track hoe and loaded into large, possibly articulated, dump trucks. I assume it is more economical this way instead of using scrapers to shave off the...