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    oil change 5225 jd

    manual says 11qts includes filter. this amount overfills on the dipstick. what have other owners discovered? this includes 5325, 5425, 5525 and so on.
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    3032 seat adjustment

    can someone post a pic of the spring adjustment attaching points and maybe a pic off the jd website showing this area. off a google search, any website i visit sends me to join and sign in to the john deere website which i rather not have to do.
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    is there a less noisy 50-60 hp jd tractor

    5225 is a noisy thing but has been a good tractor.
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    mice or rats use hood of tractor for latrine

    jd 5225 no cab. has fel. first of all i dont see how the heck they get up there. i got a green poison block right there and they crap all around it. this is in a drive thru smaller shed with bait bars all around. also store firewood in there. no other food source. cant lock cats there. i havent...
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    not a mitubishi but the engine is and hard starting

    this is an international 254 tractor. 3cyl diesel mitsu engine. hard to start every time even just half hour turned off. the owner says he bleeds the fuel system and eventually starts and runs perfect. where is this tractor losing the prime? If you want, i can put this in the case IH forum, but...
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    problem fuel filter 5225

    so how does it come off? i can turn it in clockwise direction maybe half inch. is that enough? then how much effort do i have to apply to pull it down and off.
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    winter fuel

    what are you all using for winter fuel for below zero temps?
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    cruise control 3720 works part time

    this tractor is open station and i assume it is ehydro but i sure can`t tell by reading the manual. this tractor has one toggle switch on the right fender which is the cruise control. It works part time. so what is wrong? yesterday would not work at all.
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    no lights on a 4310

    fuse is blowing, no lights of any there a common ground for all lights that i can check and where is it, or do i have to check each light. it is the 30amp fuse that keeps blowing.
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    another 2305 ques

    my friend is buying one of these. the dealership is a pain. this is with loader and backhoe. on the jd website confiruator it says something about the loader is not figured in and look up a code 950x or somthing like that....what on earth does that mean. the config price is $16xxx, is that...
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    Price Check pricing a 3032e

    i hope some owners of this tractor are viewing friend/neighbor is looking for a compact tractor and he wants to do a 2000 series. something 25 or so hp...I don`t like them as well as the 3032e for example. better step to access floorboard besides the floorboard is flatter on the...
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    those hyd connectors

    I have a 32o5 and a 4310. the loader was on the 4310 and went to put the loader on the 32o5 and the female hyd receivers are a different size. what a bummer that was/is...what is jd thinking?????my question is...what is the best way to handle this, get a new set of female recievers for the 3205...
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    3203 hard to steer

    it is hard to steer. it is brand new. maybe needs to be limbered up...the manual says there are grease zerks on the tie rods, but i don`t see any grease zerks. are the zerks covered up with a cap or something????
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    how much $ for the dx55

    I just come from the caseih web site and the build your tractor page doesnt work. so what kind of a ball park figure of money does the dx55 need. also what about the jx55 for $`s. both would have fwa....(4x4)
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    3ph on 3203

    I just did a search on this tractor and I don`t know what some of the folks mean about no 3ph control. please explain.
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    4310--one complaint

    I can always find something wrong with everything. it is a fault of mine..but,,,on my 4310, there is no 5mph speed at the rated pto speed. i find this as a very bad judgement on the part of john deere. it jumps from 4.6mph to over 6mph. such a dissapointment. it makes for either slow mowing or...