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  1. Xfaxman

    Weather Radar

    The forecast was for a 100% chance of rain for central Oklahoma. They got it right: NextGen Live Radar
  2. Xfaxman

    New Posts not working right

    New Posts is showing posts that I have looked at. The results are the same as Today's Posts. This is New Posts showing on my Chromebase computer: This is Today's Posts, It indicates posts I have seen: Notice that the results are the same, they should be different. .
  3. Xfaxman

    Different Labels

    Just noticed something new:
  4. Xfaxman

    Terrible Idea. Two machines connected together.

    I had this terrible idea. A stupid idea. But I did it anyway. Now you can laugh. Push Me - Pull You: Tug of war without the rope: Toolcat won.:unsure: For those that didn't see the thread: Adding SSQA to a Box Blade
  5. Xfaxman

    Adding SSQA to a Box Blade

    I have this old fork frame that never had forks on it: I used it about 12 years ago to put a three point cedar tree cutter on the V417: I do not have the tree shear now so I removed the 3 point hardware: The frame now weighs 236 pounds: Will be using 4 of the holes to bolt on a piece of...
  6. Xfaxman

    2016 Ram Fuel Gauge Stays On Empty

    Will the computer shut down the engine?
  7. Xfaxman

    SOLD: 2016 2 Horse Living Quarters Sundowner Trailer

    $29,500. 5 new tires. Walk through door to the WERM floor in horse stalls. Empty weight is 6,500 pounds, 4,160 on axles, 2,340 on the gooseneck hitch. Located east of Guthrie, Oklahoma.
  8. Xfaxman

    What Is It?

  9. Xfaxman

    Test Landscape Mode From Flip-Phone

  10. Xfaxman

    Help, can anyone identify this houseplant?

  11. Xfaxman

    ?????? GROAN 2

    Don't know why the other one got shut down with no warning.
  12. Xfaxman

    Found A New Feature On The New Version

    Moving the pointer over the contents of "Location" brings up an underline. When clicked Google Maps opens in a new tab displaying the location. This may just be a new feature on Chrome?
  13. Xfaxman

    Crank Up Counterbalanced Workbench / Lift

    Over the years I have had some crank up lifts, but this is the first counter balanced model. It doesn't have the Forks like this: It has the Boom Option: They also have a Load Platform Option: So I added a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to the top of the boom to make my combination load...
  14. Xfaxman

    Help, need a special relief valve.

    Have a finish mower on the Toolcat. It has a one way valve to prevent the blades from turning the wrong way. I think it might also let the motor spin down when aux hydraulic flow is shut off. Last time I mowed the back yard one blade hit a root growing up on the surface. That stopped all...
  15. Xfaxman

    One Way Valve On A Hydraulic Motor

    This one way valve prevents the motor from turning the blades backwards. Does it have any other function?
  16. Xfaxman

    Water Well Monitor

    This is my way to monitor the status of the well system. I put the gauge basically out of sight until you are standing there looking at it. If the pressure is between cut on and cut off that is good. If the pressure is below cut on or above cut off that is bad. If the pressure is dropping...
  17. Xfaxman

    Not Going To Unread Messages (Posts)

    Using my computer and Chrome when I click on a thread it goes to the "New" message not the first unread message like the old version did. Is there a setting that I need to change?
  18. Xfaxman

    Bookmark on New Version, How Does It Work?

    Have saved some, but see no way to use them.
  19. Xfaxman

    Clock Time When Post Was Posted

    Just noticed this morning that the time of posting is now gone after a week. The day and time shows for a week, then it shows the date without the time. I guess it doesn't matter, it is just another change for my old worn out brain to deal with. :(
  20. Xfaxman

    New Problem on New Version

    I typed the reply, clicked the blue Post Reply button and got this: Clicked the X and clicked the blue Post Reply button, got the same error. Reloaded the Tab, the Reply was posted twice. I deleted the second one. On computer, W10, Chrome and WI-FI Hotspot to cell tower. Now that I think...
  21. Xfaxman

    Error 520 and 524

    Got it this morning. On computer and Chrome. Screenshot: Retry worked OK.
  22. Xfaxman

    Hay Bale Bundle

    I didn't know about small square hay bale bundles until late last year when we bought a 21 bale bundle for the horses. The bales are stacked on edge and strapped with steel bands.: We bought two bundles this month. The bundle on the trailer is laying down, the one in the truck is standing...
  23. Xfaxman

    ?????? GROAN

  24. Xfaxman

    Tankless Water Heater Advice and or Experience

    Our tank type propane water heater is 14 years old and needing to be replaced. We are on a water well with not the best quality water. I can stay with Propane or run #6 wire and a 60 amp breaker for electric. Need help deciding which type to get. Thanks in advance.
  25. Xfaxman

    My Lumber and Plywood Cart

    The problem, all that stuff leaning against the wall: Did an image search for ideas, found these: The solution to the problem is my version of a storage cart starting with a saved 4' by 6' pallet that stall mats came on years ago. Added two 2x4s and casters:
  26. Xfaxman

    Anyone run a generator on the Toolcat 5610 hydraulic PTO?

    Thinking about getting a Winco 10 kw PTO generator for use during a power outage. Wonder about continuous running on the G Series PTO rated at 25 horsepower.
  27. Xfaxman

    Any One Else Eat Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

    I started eating food grade DE about 6 or 7 years ago. After a short time I noticed 5 things. 1. Fingernails got stronger. 2. Joint pain in left knee when going downstairs, went away. 3. Swelling in lower legs above socks, went away. 4. Hair on head got thicker. 5. Age spots on the back of...
  28. Xfaxman

    Bicycle Powered Snow Plow

    Well I guess it is faster than a snow shovel: Bicycle Powered Snow Plow || ViralHog - YouTube
  29. Xfaxman

    Anyone Know What Happened To ANBO?

    Clicked on: ANBO Got this: Is there a different Website address or are they not in business now? .
  30. Xfaxman

    "Restore Auto-Saved Content" Not Working Today

    I was entering a post and clicked "Insert Picture", everything got dimmer and locked up. Had to leave to do something else. When I came back the sign in message was there. Signed in and the post had cleared up and unlocked. Clicked "Restore Auto-Saved Content" and the cursor went to the top...
  31. Xfaxman

    Trying To Delete This Thread

    Another test to delete this thread. No Delete button. Was able to edit the Thread Title.
  32. Xfaxman

    Can Not Go To Last Post In Thread

    I know it has happened before, but first time for me. And I got the Data BASE ERROR Yesterday also. This is the last one I get. Chrome on W10. Dell All-In-One computer
  33. Xfaxman

    The Tallest Heaviest Tree That I Have Put On The Burn Pile, 42', 18.5" DBH

    This oak tree put leaves on this spring, but fell over last month. It is the Siamese twin of the tall one on the right, they are connected at ground level. Reached in and grappled it at the balance point, raised the boom, but the rear end came off of the ground. :eek: Drove around into...
  34. Xfaxman

    Something New Has Been Added: "View First Unread"

    View First Unread When did this Happen? Any other changes? The one most needed change is uploaded pictures automatically resized smaller to fit the screen and not use so much of my metered Hughes Net time. :eek:
  35. Xfaxman

    My Push/Pull Pole

    Made this many years ago from two, 2" couplers bolted to a piece of lightweight tubing. I don't remember now why the TORO wasn't running, but I pushed it into the shop:
  36. Xfaxman

    Termites or ???????????

    This is the hinge side of the wood framed walk in door of the Garage. I knocked the dirt off of the front edge, then went and got the camera. What is doing this? The arrow points to the door frame in the closeup pictures
  37. Xfaxman

    The Largest Diameter (29") Dead Tree That I Have Pushed Over

    Measured the 91 inch circumference right below the branches. Tree has been dead for about a year, the bark is starting to fall off. Extended the boom, breaking the roots. Lifted and pushed it back, then knocked off as much dirt as possible. Found the balance point and took it...
  38. Xfaxman

    The Tallest Dead Tree That I Have Pushed Over. 40'

    From 3 years ago:
  39. Xfaxman

    The Biggest Dead Tree That I Have Pushed Over

    It was dead when we moved here in October of 2011. Pictures from January 2015. Early this month, the wind broke one limb off. Picked it up with the Monster Grapple and put it on the burn pile. Last week I put the grapple against the tree and slowly extended the boom...
  40. Xfaxman

    V519 Compact Telehandler

    ??? V519 Compact Telehandler Does anyone have any info on the new Bobcat V519?
  41. Xfaxman

    TORO Workman GTX Electric

    Anyone have any pre-release information?
  42. Xfaxman

    Ice Storm in Central Oklahoma 11-28-15

    Not too bad here, a lot more ice to the west. Had 3.5 inches of rain in the gauge before it froze.
  43. Xfaxman

    Hauling 10, 5x6 Round Hay Bales

    2011 Dodge diesel, 14K Delta gooseneck and 6K Big Tex tilt. Had the pop-up dovetail up. :thumbsup: Here is the Unloading thread in Today's Seat Time:
  44. Xfaxman

    Lifting The Spare Under The Gooseneck

    Had a flat repaired, could not lift the heavy load range G tire and wheel up to get it on the three studs that hold it. No problem, I will use the shop crane. Problem, gravel driveway between shop and trailer barn. No problem, roll the shop crane into the tilt trailer, push it with the Ranger...
  45. Xfaxman

    Picture Uploader has changed

    When I post pictures in the thread the sizes are different than they used to be and this is added below the post. From: The Attached Thumbnails panel wasn't there in...
  46. Xfaxman

    When is a Grapple a Tree Shear?

    A dead tree had fallen across the trail. First pinch with the Gorilla Grapple at the edge of the trunk. Second pinch, a little lower. That sheared it. :thumbsup: Picked up the sheared off trunk. Now we can ride the trail. :D
  47. Xfaxman

    When is a Tree Puller a Grapple?

    When it picks up a branch broken off by the wind. :D View from the seat. Clamped on tight. Grappled! (y) Took it to the burn pile. Un-grappled!
  48. Xfaxman

    V417 Versahandler Quit Running. Look what came out of the primer.

    Had been pulling cedars for an hour, the last 5 minutes on a slope with the right front low. Moved to a level area and the rpm's dropped like it was running out of fuel, turned it off, knew there was about four gallons in the tank. Opened the hood, checked for water in the fuel filter, just red...