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    Hydraulic Pioneer Couplers - tape/fluid or no tape/fluid?

    Installed my DKA144 3rd function valve kit per the instructions and I have leaks. The directions say noting about using teflon tape or threadlock. I have leaks however. Got the hoses and couples threaded together pretty tight. Not really sure what is going on though. Was I supposed to use some...
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    Are tractors waterproof even if they have a cab?

    This might be a completely ridiculous question. But honestly I never thought of it until I busted out the window on my cab. I'm assuming that the underlying tractor is the same as a tractor with ROPs and can be exposed to the weather without worry. Of course there's the issue of a wet seat and...
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    Advice attaching a winch to a Kioti DK6010SE

    I have a 12K lb Harbor Freight winch. I see there is a towbar adapter to attach one of the many winch mounting plates out there. Quest is what is the best way to get power to that winch?
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    Hydraulic coupler advice

    I'm getting a 3rd function kit and some attachments and was wondering what is the best coupler to go with? Seems like the flat face couples always come as an option for attachments for some extra $$$. Are they worth the extra money?
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    EA Attachments vs Homestead Implements

    I'm going to throw this out there because I am really curious. What is the differences that would make one better than the other? For example how does the the EA Wicked 60 measure up against the HI Root Grapple Pinnacle series? EA Wicked 60...
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    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    I'm looking at planting a row of bushes. My first inclination was a hand-held auger but that might be a rough go with holes maybe getting to 10". I could use a smaller bit and drill multiple holes and try and combine them into a larger hole but when you are talking something like 50+ holes like...
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    Did I mess up the measurements on my PTO cut?

    So I watched a bunch of videos for trimming my PTO down to size. Amazing how many variations there are. The one that seemed to keep coming up was to measure the distance between the ridge in the two shafts. Then I would cut down the PTO by however many inches it took to get to that length plus...
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    Moving and dispersing water from a tractor

    I've got a Kioti DK6010Se (60kp) and happened to find several plants, we wanted to eventually plant, for 50% off at Home Depot. Now, they are going to be planted on land we are clearing. No well or water source yet on the property. I was thinking I could get something like this which would be...
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    Upgrade Kioti DK6010SE 3-point Hitch

    I'm getting a used Kioti DK6010SE and only realized recently that it didn't have the telescoping and sway/stabalizing bars and draft links. Was doing some Googling and I can't seem to find the part numbers or 3rd party kits. Can any Kioti owners point me in the right direction?
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    How do I figure out the hydraulic flow to my front end loader attachments?

    I'm getting a Kioto DK6010SE HSA. Total hydraulic flow is 16.49 gpm. The loader shows 9.62 gpm Rated Flow (Tractor System). Is the 9.62 what is available for the 3rd function valve or is there some other number I should be looking for it can calculate?
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    Lube-Shuttle: Pistol Grip Grease Gun, 12inch Nylon Flex-Hose, Lube Shuttle safeLOCK, and a case of AirTec Li400 and call it a day?

    I'm just going to throw this out there before I get deep down the rabbit hole of figuring out what grease, grease gun and zerk attachments I need. Subject pretty much says it all. Is that a winning combination? Sure, it is probably more expensive than if I nickle and dime everything but from...
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    Forks for a 60HP Kioti DK6010SE?

    I've been filling up the forum here with a bunch of questions and I apologize because I know there are fork conversation here but I could not find them. At least not for a tractor my size. Then again, I have only a limited amount of time in my day to search and read. That being said what would...
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    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    Ok. So I've seen a Kioti made 3rd function kit(DKA144) that looks super easy to install (video below) but I haven't found a dealer that sells it. Seems like most are installing the WR Long branded one. Is the WR Long any better? If so where is the best place to buy it?
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    Woodland Mills WC88 vs WoodMaxx MX-8800 vs WoodMaxx WM-8H for 60HP Kioti DK6010SE

    I'm looking to buy a PTO chipper. Originally, I was looking at the Woodland Mills WC68 but that was when I was getting a 40HP tractor. Now that I am getting a 60(57.7) HP tractor with 44.9 HP at the PTO I am looking to size up. The thinking is that the WC68 is rated up to 50 HP at the PTO which...
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    Looking for a dump trailer like this one for a Kioti DK6010SE.

    I came across the Multilander by Woodland Mills(video below) but it appears they don't make/sell it anymore. Too bad because it looks really useful. I found this brand(MUTS - Multi-Use Trailer System for your ATV, Quad and 4 Wheeler) but it doesn't look as robust. Anyone know other brands out...
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    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    I need to push some fairly large rocks around. I've was able to push many of them with a 70 hp mini excavator with a blade but I am wondering what I can do with a 60 hp tractor. I'm guessing the weight of the equipment and it being able to maintain traction is probably part of the equation...
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    Rock/Skeleton grapple vs Skelton Bucket+Root Grapple?

    I was originally going down the path is a rock/skeleton grapple to soft all the debris on it if the loam as I clear land but I am second guessing that idea. I'm starting to think having specialized equipment might be more efficient. That's why I'm now considering just buying a rock/skeleton...
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    Is a power rake the same thing as a Harley rake and is this better than a root grapple + landscape rake?

    I've been looking at implements for clearing and working some land. A grapple is a must since I have a lot of brush and logs to move but after that I was looking the next implements to prep for grass. Originally I was thinking if I got the right grapple then all i would really need is a...
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    Best aftermarket backhoe for 2021 Kioti DK6010

    I am most likely buying a used 2021 Kioti DK6010. I can get a new Kioti backhoe with a $1000 rebate bringing the price down to $9000. I am wondering, is this the best way to go? Is there a really good aftermarket backhoe that I should consider that will save me a decent chunk of change? The 2021...