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  1. schmism

    TC 33 3pt issue

    Turns out the draft control linkage got ripped off the control arm that goes through the housing. The reason was the control arm that pivots froze up. Had to pull the rear remotes and pull the 3pt control off the side of the tractor in order to mount it in the vise and get it freed up.
  2. schmism

    Bobcat 450

    I just picked up a baby bobcat for cleaning out the old basement barn. Anyone have a pdf of the service manual they can send me. Looking for service info (fluids change, greese points) as well as adjustment because it creeps.
  3. schmism

    Mounting tires

    I've been around the block a time or two. I've mounted my fair share of troublesome tires. Wheelbarrows, yard carts, lawmowers you name it. However I have never had to mount one of the large rear R4 titans on my class 2 CUT. This past week was my first (unpleasant) experience having to...
  4. schmism

    TC 33 3pt issue

    the 3pt control on my TC33 has gotten.... odd? The 3pt lever is supposed to have the positional type valve. SO that the lever has a 6" stroke the top of the lever corresponds to the top of the 3pt travel, middle = middle hitch height, bottom is bottom and so on. The hitch has gotten...
  5. schmism

    Moving from 2001 E350 to 2013 F150

    So the time finally came. Time to update the ol 2001 1ton van. First on the list of reasons - the wife was tired of getting stuck in the winter trying to get hay out of fields in the 2wd van. The new ride is a 2013 F150 3.5l ecoboost Fx4. The above is 32 sq's and two 6' rounds I've...
  6. schmism

    Mahindra Roxor "jeep"

    What are the odds i could buy a C5 tub(title) on craigslist and it would bolt up to the Roxor frame for a street legal version?
  7. schmism

    TC33D dash

    I have a odd dash issue that shows up intermittently. Usually just after starting the dash needles max out. fuel max - tack does not work. Sometimes the dash "sticks" in this condition other times ill look down some minutes later and everything is reading as it should. Other times after...
  8. schmism

    Buying a 3-5 year old truck

    The time to update the tow vehicle has come. The wife has complained about needing 4wd for the last time when we go get hay on the trailer for the goats. That and the existing 2001 E350 is getting a bit long in the tooth with 225K on it. On the short list is a 2011-2013 Toyota Tundra...
  9. schmism

    got tongue weight?

    lets remember why its important to have that 10-15% tongue weight (bumper pull)
  10. schmism

    My Ice storm/ generator lessons

    The peoria area was hit with 1/8" of freezeing rain (ice). We had had 2-3" of rain before that and the ground was well past saturated. Then the morning of the ice we also had 30mph winds. That combo (soft soils, heavy trees and wind) ment power lines, poles and trees came down. We were...
  11. schmism

    moble scales

    I live at a location that is perfect for the local sheriff to setup the mobile scales. They do this bout 3-4 times a year from what i can tell. This morning was one of those times. Of note this morning was the line of "commercial" trucks with trailers he had pulled over. These type thats...
  12. schmism

    Trailer for this project?

    Could go in the projects..... this is on CL for $1000. 32' bucket lift Lets say, we bought a 4x8 utility trailer for it. mounted it over the axle. Built some outriggers and used some trailer jacks as levelers. Hydraulics provided by the tractor that pulls the trailer around the...
  13. schmism

    the all in one trailer?

    Finnally an answer to my "want a dump and a flatbed but dont want to trailers" thats a 14' dump 6' flat. perhaps a 16' dump 4' flat. no sides on the rear and standard 60/40 split for axles and im sold! FYI the want $9500 for the above
  14. schmism

    ATV trailer

    anyone think its worth trying to modify this (which i already have) into this (which is more of what i want)
  15. schmism

    Thoughts on 02 2500HD

    2002 Duramax 2500HD 4door 4wd. pros and cons for this year truck? (i know nothing about them and have no brand loyalty to any flavor) Listed at $9K private sale.
  16. schmism

    Must remove the hitch?

    I thought we had discussed this recently. I looked for a thread but didn't find one quickly so... new thread. Had a guy at work this past week knock his shin on a hitch in the parking lot and report an injury because of it. This prompted the company to release a company wide email pointing...
  17. schmism

    Trailer tire backspaceing

    Anyone know of any limitations to back spaceing on standard trailers? Ive been looking for some 16" rims on CL for spare tires for my trailer, and i ran across a set of AL 16" off an GMC truck (6on5.5 that i need) but it occurs to me that stock truck tires from back in the day often featured...
  18. schmism

    Ford recall

    Had my 2001 E350 in for a recall on the cruse control wiring for fire hazard. (as an aside, we dont fix the cruise control deactivation sensor, we just add a fuse to the wireing harness, so when it shorts out, cause its always on, it trips the fuse and you get to do the whole nine yards over...
  19. schmism

    consider a wrecked trailer?

    2013 TRAILKING TKT12U TILT EQUIP TRAILER would you buy it for parts? axles? Can a trailer have a salvage title? Rebuild from the tongue V back with new steel in a non-tilting version?
  20. schmism

    small bridge

    So I know the topic as come up many times in the years I've been around here..... Here is a new one. Mud matts that large trackhoe's would use when working in soft conditions can span small creeks and take a lot of load. proof
  21. schmism

    price point

    Just put 2 new green balls on my 5x10 utility trailer. from sams 205x75r15 LR-C (on the shelf) They will not touch the trailer, you have to take the wheels off and roll them into the shop. $83 for tires $15 for mount/balance/warentee tax $215(ish) out the door I have 2 more to put on my...
  22. schmism

    The hardest hole to dig

    After years of helping a friend with alpaca's and wanting some ourselves we were finnally able to get 2 alpaca and a llama for our hobby farm. We had worked hard at building fences, cleaning woods, and were finally in a position were we felt we could take care of a few. This timming worked...
  23. schmism


    Got this in email to day. is "recently" 7 years ago? FYI not interested in the spam, I DID update my settings just now to disallow admins from sending me email. We will see if that changes this for the future.
  24. schmism

    mimi trucks---- and beds

    you know the mini trucks that are greymarket anyone know where you can get just the bed from one? I want to make a yard trailer out of the bed with drop down sides.... bonus if it has the dump.
  25. schmism

    Generator build

    I seem to have a collection of vertical shaft single cylinder engines commonly found on riding lawnmowers. 12-16hp range. Some of these are still in frames of old lawnmowers others are sitting on a shelf. Id like to do something productive with them, and the idea of converting one or more...
  26. schmism

    $500 livestock trailer rebuild

    As you may know I picked up a $500 livestock trailer. The goal was to have it road worthy by last weekend (i missed that date by one weekend) to bring some new animals home to the property. I detailed my brake rebuild in a separate thread as that is really independent of the trailer type...
  27. schmism

    axle/brake rebuilds

    So my $500 livestock trailer. Needs some rebuilds I figured id make a thread for the trailer, and a thread for the axles as the axles are rather independent of the trailer type and we have seen some other rebuild candidates come across the boards in terms of suggestions. The trailer is a...
  28. schmism

    Paint the trailer

    Ive got my $500 livestock trailer to paint. I was innitally thinking of rolling on some rustoleum. Then i thought i might have Maco spray it after i prep it. But the I thought why not practice spraying rustoleum. I have plenty of other projects that could do with rustoleum paint jobs so...
  29. schmism

    New trailer (to me)

    So latest CL addition to the farm. $500 16' livestock trailer. (we are getting goats, a Lama and an alpaca in a month or 2) Yes it has some rust.... but it does have a good floor and the structural part of the trailer is sound. I guess the PO kept like 4" of manure in it all the time and...
  30. schmism

    locking bulldog hitch

    In the past when ive wanted to lock the hitch on my trailer i usually put a paddle lock through the hitch release. Its enough to keep the honest guy from takeing the trailer all im really interested in deterring anyway. Anyone do this with a bulldog style hitch? i guess there is a hole you...
  31. schmism

    Upright frost free freezer.

    Anyone run an upright frost free freezer as a fridge? can they be run warm enough to not freeze (eg 34-38 deg)?
  32. schmism

    small engine CC's

    So most of you probably noticed by now that virtually all small engine driven items are now sold with engine size listed in CC. Doing some shopping for a few new small engine items and it occurs to me. Do i trust the new CC numbers anymore than i trusted the old HP numbers from before? i...
  33. schmism

    3pt log splitter

    so short rant on 3pt log splitter. why is it its impossible to find a decent 3pt log splitter for less than $1000? i mean inexpensive stand alone units can be had for like $600. and that includes like $400 in parts i dont need. dont need a 5hp engine dont need a pump dont need a...
  34. schmism

    replacement starter

    the little hampster inside my starter on my 2001 TC33D is retireing. Ive tried new batteries, charging batteries, jumping directly to the starter..... no change... just slow laborious grown as the starter turns over the tractor but at a speed to slow to fire it offf. Time for a new one or a...
  35. schmism

    Spring structure

    So our current property is an old farmstead from 1910. (house, barn has a chiseled date cornerstone of 1914) Indoor plumbing wasnt until the 20's to 30's and rural electrification wasn't untill mid thirties. so the house predates both. As such the property came with 1) a cistern next to...
  36. schmism

    new tow rig?

    taken by a member of the local jeep club down in St Louis.
  37. schmism

    jaw crusher

    I have an abundance of broken concrete chunks that the previous owner of my current property liked to use for all sorts of things. These are mostly flat work chunks 4-6" thick and in various size slabs. I want to get rid of it, but i have a need for gravel. It seems like such a waste to spend...
  38. schmism

    Delta faucet help

    So its been a project to get this dam delta faucet working right and it still isnt right. So im throwing it out there. I put a new delta faucet on the sink last fall. Pull out handle kind... The issue is, it wont mix hot/cold right. You can take the knob off and turn the stupid little...
  39. schmism

    Nissan NV3500

    Seen one in person sunday while running erronds. It was parked next to me when i came out of the Farm n Fleet anyone got any specs? kinda a sprinter competitor? Discuss.
  40. schmism

    RV trailer BP vs GN

    An RV crash to remember - YouTube so would you rather have a PB or a GN? I think id stick with the PB and have my tow vehicle stay upright. I like the fact that at the end the tow chains have rear of the truck suspended.
  41. schmism

    For Diamondpilot

    Commerical Boat Transport Trailers step up to the big boys :thumbsup:
  42. schmism

    edit settings ... member type?!?!

    i went to change my location (as i have moved) and i edited the one field (location) went to save and it gave me an error... must enter a member type? huh? member type what the hel is that? so i go back to settings and figure out what "member type" is... oh look there is a drop down box...
  43. schmism

    veggi oil in the fuel

    Ive got some (unused) veggi oil that has sat around for a few years. Seems like a waist to just put it with the used motor oil.... what are the thoughts of mixing it at about a 20% ratio with pump diesel straight into the tractor tank? (ie 5 gal of pump diesel to a gal of straight veggi oil)
  44. schmism

    WD hitch school

    Ok so i brought home my very first WD hitch for the back of my new E350. While there are many vids out on youtube to document how to setup your WD hitch (even one for an E350) they all seem to feature a fixed tongue weight trailer (aka RV) So setting head tilt and bar tension (by takeing...
  45. schmism

    T190 fuel issue

    SO my friend that relies on her T190 to service her farm is having issues. A friend was running the machine and ran it out of fuel. So they put more fuel in it (15 gal) and still cant get it running. They suspected perhaps the fuel filter was preventing good flow so they replaced it. Still...
  46. schmism

    buying R1 AG tires

    were do YOU buy AG tires? Trying to round up some prices and ideas of were to buy them for a set of rear rubber for a 8N. something like 10x28 or 11.2x28
  47. schmism

    8N HI/Low

    Ive been helping a friend on her alpaca/llama farm. Shes great with the animals but doesnt have a handy bone in her body and neither does her husband, and her kids could care less about the farm. Ive been working one day a week at her place fixing stuff. (the list is LONG) so last week...
  48. schmism

    seat control?

    it sounds like a stupid question i know but.... So im helping a friend on his farm and on his T190 (ish) The lever that you use to adjust the forward/backward position on the seat will not move. What is the intended direction of the movement of the lever? pull up? push down? pull out?
  49. schmism

    68' wheel horse central IL

    68 wheel horse. 32" cut runs great, does not smoke, starts right up. comes with front blade for dirt/gravel/snow includes rear hitch, and some spare parts $700
  50. schmism

    Have those spares

    The story of how to use 3 spare tires in 2200 mile cross country trip. Had a good friend that recently complete a 2200 mile trip moving every single possession he owned with his wife and 2 boys, dog and cat from Alton IL to New Port OR. He purchased an old IH 26' (5spd diesel) 1985 uHaul truck...