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  1. mike69440

    2 tractors and an excavator with front blade. How the heck did I end up with all these attachments? What's your list?

    I was just mentality making a list. 18,000lb PC75UU2 with blade and Hyd. Thumb. 24" & 28" buckets Kubota L39 TLB with 1000, lbs. of wheel and other weights and thumb. Mahindra MAX 28 XL with Loader & 3 pt. Quick Hitch, removable 750 Lb. custom ballast block & tool box/ tool holder Kubota...
  2. mike69440

    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    Is anyone able to post .pdfs of the service manual pages related to removal and service of the real axle assembly? Parts list, exploded views etc.? I drove through into a hole, nothing huge, something hung up a bit,, and right after axle is loose and leaking oil. I hear something broke...
  3. mike69440

    Aftermarket 3 Point hitch system? Kolpin Dirtworks 3-Point Hitch System - YouTube What do you think? I think...
  4. mike69440

    Suddenly Max28 will not fire up, but cranks fine?

    Suddenly my 2013 Max28XL Shuttle will not fire up, cranks fine?? I use the tractor regularly, it has been firing up easily for over 3 years. Today it would not light up cranked. Cranks strong, and I tested battery and it is good. I'm Keeping batter charged. Glow Plugs seem to be cycling fine...
  5. mike69440

    Waah_waah_Shoot!, broke glass bent door on my PC75UU2

    Tree won for once. Figure a used good doo would cost $4 figures, so Polycarbonate Scratch and UV Sheet and straighten door. How thick? where best place to buy? Darn stupid me.
  6. mike69440

    Mahindra "Jeep" I think it could sell?

    The Mahindra Roxor Is a New Side-by-Side That Looks like a Jeep CJ-7 I wonder what its' low speed capability, it does have 2 speed trasfer case. Also did they considered making it a little dump Truck? How maneuverable will it be? Can it displace a good UTV? Kubota Introduces Gas-Powered...
  7. mike69440

    Dagerous 18 Quart Heated Rubber Flat Back Bucket by Farm Innovators

    I hope our experience will save other people grief. at best a waste of money, worst case, it may kill your livestock A rubber heated watering bucket is a good idea, but this one is very poorly executed. The Plastic Heated buckets tend to crack in the cold or if mishandled. Black rubber also...
  8. mike69440

    Mahindra propaganda

    Mahindra North America Introduces New Higher Horsepower Tractors Mahindra'''s Expanded Lineup for 218
  9. mike69440

    LED Headlights for RTV900

    I fitted H11 LED headlights to our 2006 RTV900. The original lights are Halogen 35 watt #896's, similar to an H8 base. I fitted H11 bulbs, using a Dremel too die grinder to enlarge the hole and tabs in the plastic housing. Many LEDs are not as bright as automotive headlights, intended to be...
  10. mike69440

    New Addition, more critters

    Healthy Birthing
  11. mike69440

    3pt Hitch history - Three-Point Hitch At least Henry got rich, but I took a lawsuit to do it. $9E6 dollars 70 years ago was a pretty good settlement.
  12. mike69440

    Is it me, or have Kubota part pricing reached unobtainium levels?

    I stopped by the local Kubota dealer to order whatever o-rings and seals I needed to stop a very small drip coming from my swing valve block on my L39's BT1000 backhoe. An approximately ½" dia. plain old neoprene O-ring was just under $10, the tiny excluder seal just under $40, and the other...
  13. mike69440

    Amazon Scams

    Twice this has happened. Not sure where to post. In the too good to be true category. This set my BS meter off but I just had to ask. I saw on Amazon Except "Like New, Used" for $400. In NY, so I inquire with some pointed questions about more photo's where located, whats...
  14. mike69440

    My wife wants a Gazebo, Help!

    My wife wants a Gazebo, to impress all at this summer's family reunion, and maybe drink tea as I sweat during the summer. You know what they say, Happy wife, happy life. I'm really not too excited about spending money we do not have to buy a pre-built and delivered Gazebo, nor do I look...
  15. mike69440

    Snow Attachments How to steer a tractor with R4's on snow, Non metallic "chains"

    I snow plow with an L39 with an 8' Fisher commercial plow on the loader. The tractor with ballast and plow and other ballast weighs about 8,300 lbs. I have double HD chains on the rear, so mostly I plow in 2WD. The tractor for it's weight is underpowered, even with the fuel turned up a bit, so...
  16. mike69440

    3pt stuff for your Loader.

    In response to:
  17. mike69440

    L39 TLB BH1000 Control Valve Schematic, Service instructions?

    Well after 11 years of hard use I can accept that a few breakdowns are going to happen. The swing circuit on by Backhoe is almost totally failed. No Oil leaks and the cylinders themselves seem okay. There is a hissing rattle sound coming from the control valve. The swing struggles to...
  18. mike69440

    Back Saver.

    I herniated a disc in my back in October 2015. My back is not capable of taking abuse any more. I look at the thousands of tons of rocks moved and made retaining walls, The Thousands of yards of material landscaped into pastures, roads and ponds, I can't do that now. I've lost my knack with...
  19. mike69440

    100 hrs service and look over Mahindra Max 28XL Shuttle with ML205 Loader

    After I finished my Loader Cylinder upsizing I did the complete 100 Hour Service on my Max28. I hope other than grease and fuel, I do not have any maintenance for a year or so. I used a...
  20. mike69440

    McCormick X1 Series Spec do not add up?

    Something has to have be lost in translation, as the Specs on these new tractors for the S1.25 do not add up. First off the entire product range seems really rugged and well constructed. I hope the S1.35 thru S1.55 get some serious attention. I like the S1.25 but why did they go with a 6 X 2...
  21. mike69440

    TL1000 Loader Question for L39 owners

    Attached are the spec sheets for the L45 and both the Original L39 Tier 3 and the Teir4 Interim later model that went out of production in 2014 I believe. Note that the Bucket Breakout force at the Pivot pin is for the Tier 4 model is 4605 lbs while on the older model the breakout force is 3560...
  22. mike69440

    Upsized Hydraulic Clyinders for Loaders

    I'm looking a my options to obtain exact fit interchangeable up sized hydraulic cylinders for my tractor's loaders. These will have to be custom built due to port location, that they are metric sized, and have non standard weird piston stroke and retracted lengths, as well as having metric pin...
  23. mike69440

    Weak Loader Curl Possible Solution For the Max28

    There is a possible solution for the weak curl of the Loader. First off, the 1400Lb Lift at the pins just is not honest. The Loader manual states that the 1402 Lbs lift at the pins is developed at 2175 PSI System Pressure, 100 PSI more than what the relief valve is actually set at. I read that...
  24. mike69440

    RTV900 Power Steering just quit?

    Hi Anyone ever experience an RTV900 power steering just quit? No oil puddles, Hydraulic pump still works, steering wheel just goes around in circles, no stops. I can barely turn front wheels by hand, Right front wheel has a lot of play by hand turning right to left, etc, left side not so...
  25. mike69440

    Max28 and cold Weather

    Not even cold , just a brisk 13F I get home early and figure I'll clean up the 2"-3" of snow that has packed down on our road and area around the barn using the max 28 and 6' box blade rather than the Bota with plow. Max was stared last week...
  26. mike69440

    Max28 with Land Pride BB2572

    This is the first time I used my BB2572 box scaper on one of my own tractors. Over 8 years ago my former neigbor "borrowed" my new BB. I always did my BB work using his Kubota L3400 (with Loaded Rears). The Kubota kind of struggled doing any serious work with the BB, but was fine in light...
  27. mike69440

    Need Big 3pt Hitch capacity in a small tractor?

    If the answer is yes, consider the Mahindra Max26/28. I am very impressed how much of a hitch is on this small machine. I find the small tractor size really helps getting into buildings an working in tight quarters. The Max will handle bigger implements than its size suggests. For instance...
  28. mike69440

    50 Hour Mahindra MAX28XL Shuttle Review (Long Read)

    ITEM INFORMATION Model year: 2013, Date Purchased: 12/11/2014 Number of Hours as 0f 8/15/15 :53 plus My Max28 Shuttle now has +50 hrs of actual work on our farm, and its all dirty, like a tractor should be. The bucket paint is all not shiny smooth anymore. I am been a mechanical engineer for 40...
  29. mike69440

    Hay feeder for large stock

    See Attached Material List for 2 Bins, Qty. 4; 2 x 6-12 PT Qty. 1; 2 x 4-8 PT Qty. 2; 1 x 4-PT Qty. 2; 1 x 3-16 Strapping
  30. mike69440

    Max28 Filter intechange List. (Bet this is a repost!)

    I did a quick search, and came up with not much, so excuse me for asking again. What aftermarket Filters fit the Max28/26? I'm coming up on the first service. Thank you.
  31. mike69440

    L39 Hydraulic hose replacement from main Valve to BH QD

    Anyone ever change the Hydraulic hose from the pump block to BT100 Back hoe. My leak id a fairly large and seeems to originate just in fromt of the rear tire from the hose that behind the inner fender but outside the sub frame. Very hard to see.
  32. mike69440

    Comparison More red in the neieborhood

    More Red in the neighborhood. Now I have the tiny red one. Farmer down the road had his new 5010 Gear Cab ML156 and 595 loader parked in his driveway, so I stopped by Dan's to check it out. His cousin, 3 houses down bought a 410 open station about a mouth ago and put it to work in the...
  33. mike69440

    New owner report on my recently sold B7200D

    "She's running great perfect for what I need thanks for all the literature. It all helps I love to read as much as I can on something I'm going to be maintaining thanks again, Kevin" Anther reason for owning a Kubota, at least an old Kubota.
  34. mike69440

    Here is my 2013 Mahindra Max 28XL Shuttle with ML205 Loader review.

    For whaterver its worth, here is my 2013 Mahindra Max 28XL Shuttle with ML205 Loader review. ITEM INFORMATION Model year: 2013, Date Purchased: 12/11/2014. Number of Hours as 0f 5/4/15 :18 Tractor has 15 hrs of actual work on our farm. Like any good tractor it is now dirty. The bucket paint...
  35. mike69440

    Duh-OH! Mahindra Max28XL saves Kubota L39

    I must have poor muscle memory. For instance every year I have to practically relearn how to ski. I'm embarrassed at my lack of skill I show when getting back on equipment I have not used all winter. (i.e., my excavator). After a little seat time I could hand you a beer with my old excavator...
  36. mike69440

    Kubota TLB Specs-Pricing Info

    Glad I'm not shopping! See Attached.
  37. mike69440

    MaX28XlL is 98 lb weakling, Main Pump Pressure Low

    My 2013 Max28 XL shuttle has less than 4 hours on it. I bought it as a new leftover in NY State. (Tier 3!) I have not worked the machine other than play move some snow, but immediately noticed the loader seemed especially weak. The machine has no ballast, in fact the front guard is removed...
  38. mike69440

    Max 28XL, LED Lights on ROPS.

    Photos are at: As the Aux wiring said 3 Amp max, I kept my Lighting to 36 watts, consisting of a pair 18 W LED worklights, one pointing fore and one aft. I hope the LED Lights do not dim over...
  39. mike69440

    Loader Max 28XL, Wimpy bucket beefed.

    Anticipating what is in store for this little tractor, I took some preemptive action to avoid completely destroying the bucket.
  40. mike69440

    Just bought a new tractor, my comments on tractors Sub Compact thru Utility.

    I have spent a lot of hours on tractor seats/ heavy equipment, so I do my research when I buy, a new/replacement machine. Tractor purchase is something I do not do often; thank God for that, as I can not afford it. After doing my research, and buying the best fit for my need, I thought I share...
  41. mike69440

    Custom 3 point attachment 2" reciever, Weight Box, Tool Carrier/work table.

    I designed a combination weight box, with 2 receiver and provisions for a workbench / tool carrier specifically to fit my newest tractor, a little Mahindra Max 28XL. I think the design is slick. There are lots of places to buy tow bars, tool carries, and weight boxes for Ag tractors, but I...
  42. mike69440

    Max 28XL Custom 3 point attachment 2" reciever, Weight Box, Tool Carrier/work table.

    Max 28XL Custom 3 point attachment 2" reciever, Weight Box, Tool Carrier/work table. I am putting forth a group buy offer for a custom fit 3 pt. hitch combination weight box, heavy duty 2 hitch receiver, work platform designed to fit the Mahindra Max 28XL. What is unique about the attachment...
  43. mike69440

    Definitly having doubts about making a Mahindra Commitment

    I have 3 Kubotas; 2 tractors and a RTV, and one old Komatsu excavator. The smaller Kubota a 32 Year old B7200 Compact, still has a like new motor and the gear and PT0 never have given me trouble, but the tractor itself is just plain wore out. Front end, Loader and some of the hydraulics are...
  44. mike69440

    Breezy Ridge Farm 2014 Project to date (Photos)

    I realized I have not taken any pictures of my logging road. I've been just too busy scrambling to get firewood for the winter. my poor old excavator needs a little TLC once I walk in out of the wood, before winter. Major work this year was: AFTER THE SNOW MELTED Add risers to septic tank...
  45. mike69440

    Seldom do I plug a product.

    If you are in a bind having to remove a pressed in bearing or bushing by pulling from the I.D. Sizes 11/16 ro 1-5/8, then this little tool is well worth it. I looked all over and what I found either looked like junk mush metal, or was SNAP-ON tool like expensive. I was impressed with the...
  46. mike69440

    Backhoe L39_ Sure helps to have some weight and wider rear track

    I have a bit more than 1,000 Lbs. additional iron on my L39, in the form of custom wheel weights and some addition reinforcements to frame and bucket, a mechanical thumb , etc. I was still surprised that the BH could lift and hold out full extension a 30" ID x 36" OD x 34" tall Well Tile with...
  47. mike69440

    Benifical Use Biosolids

    Just had +30 Tons of Class A pasteurized, pathogen tested, metals tested pile of composted dead bugs that died happy eating poop delivered. I think you could mix this stuff with beach sand and turn the sand into loam. I'll have to mix a few piles of it in with the manure and spread it
  48. mike69440

    Hydraulic Oil filters L39 Magnets! - Cool!

    With so many aftermarket filters physically interchageable with the OEM Kubota filters and even Kubota has sereral filters that fit, I thought it best to stick with the OEM recommended filters. Gald i did, my oil is 1400 hours old and this is the third oil filter change after 1800 hours.. I'll...
  49. mike69440

    Mystery, RTV900 not starting

    Our Kubota 2005 RTV900 suddenly will not start. This occurred during a sudden cold spell where temps dropped way below 0 deg F. The RTV 900 started and ran ok twice during this 4 day cold snap. Battery is strong. I just went out to use it again. The outside temperature was up to 12 F. I...
  50. mike69440

    Kubota 2005 RTV900 suddenly will not restart after stating with motor racing.

    Our Kubota 2005 RTV900 suddenly will not start. This occurred during a sudden cold spell where temps dropped way below 0 deg F. The RTV 900 started and ran ok twice during this 4 day cold snap. Battery is strong. I just went out to use it again. The outside temperature was up to 12 F. I...