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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    As stated it really depends on what you call basic essentials. Most of us live without city water so we need to think about powering the well if grid power is not available. That means you need a generator that can provide 220. We get by with a 6500/8500 generator. We have to manage the...
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    I am not a fan of coyotes, but live and let live for the most part. We had one that was too bold. He would be in the horse paddock in the morning when we went to turn the horses out. He would run off. Then he stopped doing that. So he became a potential danger to the horses. One morning I...
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    How to spend your legacy?

    I would find local charities that deal with issues important to you. Talk to their Executive Director about planned giving. Give some money while you are alive so you can see what they do with it. Obviously you have to keep enough for yourself to live on for however long that is. If you have...
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    Starlink Best Efforts

    So someone just pulled fiber down my road. It is going from the main road down to the 8 houses on my road. It then stops at the over pass for the highway. So not likely it is for back haul on a cell tower unless they are building a cell tower on my neighbor's property. I think it is AT&T who...
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    My 6800 watt unit came with a battery and a maintainer built in. It finally failed after about 9 years. Time to get a new one. Last time I had to fire it up I had to jump start it with the tractor. I like the idea of having a li ion jump pack around for this task as well.
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    2 Stage Snowblower on a Gravel Drive (How To)

    Um no the video is clearly about a snowblower.
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    Another three dishwasher load Sunday, I am blessed!

    Sounds like heaven. I love to have a house full of people over for a meal and connecting. Even better when it is family.
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    Plugging in generator to your house dangerous?

    Well OP you got a lot of good advice and a lot of really bad advice on this thread. Do it safely and get it properly locked out. Even if we agree the lineman will not get hurt because they ground their stuff before they start, you don't want to risk your generator getting toasted when the...
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    Proposed ban on gas stoves...

    I suspect if they do it will not be an immediate ban. Just cannot sell a new one after x date. So be sure to buy a new one just before that date and keep it in reserve for when the current one fails? We have an electric stove just because that is what the house had when we bought it. Too...
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    Walmart, credit card problems BE AWARE

    Code talkers. They used Navajo because it was an unwritten language so the odds that the Japanese even knew the language existed was extremely low. Then they used code words within the language. For example I believe for a tank they used the word turtle and things like that. Probably because...
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    Walmart, credit card problems BE AWARE

    Yes I love the alert for charge over $x. That has saved me a couple times. I call the CC company right away as soon as I get the text and they can stop the charge and send me a new card.
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    Things that happen in your small town that you wonder if it happens everywhere?

    It is to make folks driving take the turn a bit wider so they do not hit pedestrians if they cut the corner close. That would be pedestrians standing darn near in the road to get hit.
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    Deer Hunting and deer hunters

    Indiana has a form for the landowner to sign to give someone permission to hunt their land. It contains a release of liability. There is a place for the landowner to sign so the hunter has proof of permission, and a place for the hunter to sign so the landowner has the waiver of liability...
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    Yep. This is the key for even more than just the generator. One of the reasons we like the home we are in is it has the master suite on the first floor. So as we age if one of us cannot do the stairs we can remain in the home longer. A wheel chair would be a bit of an issue as there are...
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    I am in northern Indiana. We had the wind and the -35F windchill. Thankfully we dodged the snow. About 15 miles north of us got pounded. So we did not have the widespread power outage you had. If we did the gen would have been running 24/7 because the pump on the boiler was running darn...
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    I always thought I would not run the thing 24/7 in a power outage too. However what I have learned is when we have these -35 wind chills the pump on the boiler rarely shuts off. So to keep warm I will be running the thing 24/7 in those temperatures. If the temperature were more moderate I...
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    When I bought my tractor they had a 0% "deal" going. I asked this question, what is the price if I bring in a bank check? They said same price. Great sign me up for the 0% financing. My investments can keep earning a return and you will get a few bucks a month from me. Seems like a silly...
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    OTC hearing aids

    Looked into this for my parents. Costco is made by the same company that makes Phonak. Cheaper cost as well. The folks in the store seemed pretty knowledgeable as well. Consumer Reports also lists them as the best hearing aids on the market.
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    How to prevent locks from freezing.

    Kept our locks from freezing in Northern Indiana in the recent "why the hell do I live here" conditions.
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    A 10KW generator will use 1 gal of propane per hour at 50% load. Depending on what else you do with your propane it might not last as long as you think it will. That is before the "penalty" you take in power for being at altitude. We have a 6500 running watt (8K starting) and it will run...
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    Overthinking posts for gate?

    We used the wedge-loc for corners for our first horse pasture. The first corner took me like 45 min to build. All other corners like 10 min. Easy peasy once you understand how they work.
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    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    They are saying get off the roads by 5 as it is going to flash freeze and we will have black ice.
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    I have never had a problem using my Amex internationally either. I pay zero annual fee, get a cash back bonus. Internationally I do pay some kind of processing fee on top of the purchase price. There are cards (Amex and non-Amex) that do not have that fee. Once we start traveling again I...
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Debit cards with a Visa/MC/Discover/Amex logo are processed as credit but have lower interchange rates than a true credit card. Significantly so. 90% of my processing volume is debit cards and the cost is dramatically lower than a true credit card. Amex is accepted at 99% of all retailers...
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    Looking for new Windows 11 laptop with a deep SD card slot

    Amazon has the USB adapter you need to read SD card if the lap top does not have a built in reader. Looks like this one is mostly flush when card inserted...
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    One of our local credit unions does this. I am not sure if it is 1% or 2% but they give a cash back for use of the debit card. They give the exact same cash back on their credit card.
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Discover issues and services their own cards as well. They and Amex always run neck and neck for best customer service. Really, if you are paying the card off every month, it is about just finding the card that gives you the best rewards in for your situation.
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Or just saying we are adding a 3% transaction fee to cover the cost of the processing fee with their payment processor.
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    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    There are plenty of studies out there showing it is actually more expensive for the business to take cash. You have to have controls in place to prevent sticky fingers, balance the drawer at the end of the shift, get the money to the bank to deposit, run the risk of robbery etc. The vast...
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    Self driving cars will get their drivers killed

    So here is the thing.... if the bus had been self driving it would not have pulled out in front of you and thus there would have been no need for you to do what you did.
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    Self driving cars will get their drivers killed

    They are not using GPS to keep the lane. They are using the lane marker/lines. I have lane assist on my car and it will tell you when it is working and not working. It is directly related to if the lines are well marked and if the camera can see them. If there is snow on the ground obscuring...
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    Driverless electric tractor

    Yes and interestingly the thought of what peak time is changes. There are studies coming out showing that charging EV during the day may be better for managing the grid than doing it overnight. I am not aware of any request from any government to simply not charge EV's at all. It is similar...
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    Thankfully that is a soft cap and only during peak hours. If you can schedule DL for overnight it does not count against your cap. Once you hit the cap you are deprioritized until your next billing cycle starts.
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    Repelling / Deterring Beavers

    Build a beaver deceiver Does not help the immediate tree damage but will cause the beavers to move on if you are not wanting the stream or culvert dammed up.
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    I was snookered!

    Back when I drank, those calls would come in after dinner and after I had a scotch or three. They were much more fun then. They usually devolved into me telling the guy what sex acts I was going to perform on his wife while I made his mother watch. What was really funny was I would then hang...
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    Driverless electric tractor

    10 hrs seems pretty reasonable. Also if they are fully autonomous they can drive back to the barn, recharge and get back to work. So they can work overnight while I am sleeping. As for ROI you have to factor in the money you are saving not paying an operator to run the thing. I suspect the...
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    Driverless electric tractor

    I have never understood why electric cars (and now tractors) do not have an easily replaceable battery pack. I realize there would have to be a standard across all companies..... but just drive into a "gas" station and swap out a battery pack and be back on the road in a few minutes. Then the...
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    Driverless electric tractor Looks like this could be interesting. I did not look too hard, but can't find data on how long it can run between charges.
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    Door freezing shut

    Yes. It generally happens to me when it is significantly below freezing and there is a good wind. The door faces north which is good in that it gets less direct wind on it, but bad in that it gets less sunlight to help thaw things out. Lol I do not live that far from you. I am sure SWMBO...
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    Door freezing shut

    The human access door on my wife's horse barn is freezing shut. This AM I really had to put my shoulder into it to get it to open. Any suggestions on how to stop it? It seems WD-40 would work but wouldn't that degrade the rubber seal around the door? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any ideas.
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    Just missed the Buffalo snowstorm.

    I live in lake effect zone for lake michigan. 15 min north of my house had like 30 inches of snow in November. We had like 5. Amazing how those bands set up and pound just a small area. I could not imagine 6 feet of snow in that period of time. Lots of people out on their roofs shoveling off...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Similarly that is why we have a generator. Wife did not want to be without certain creature comforts. That was when we lived in a subdivision. Now we need it to run the well so we have water for the horses. Of course we also get creature comforts from the generator.
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    I do not have any friends with tractors. Neighbor has one, they are friendly but not friends yet. We both help each other out if needed. My NH has a bit more lift capacity than his JD. So sometimes he needs me to come move something he can't quite lift. If my tractor is in the shop he will...
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    Land of lake effect

    National Weather Service is predicting 5-10 inches. Accuweather is saying 8-12 inches. However it is lake effect. Right now 10 miles north of my office they have had 6 inches of snow. We have had some very minor flurries. Later today the wind is supposed to shift to being more NW rather...
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    Tractor rear PTO vs skidsteer snowblower

    Seems like a good compromise between the two options!
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    Shooting range

    Our neighbors built a berm back stop. Thankfully they are shooting south and our house is north of them. We have horses and my wife gives riding lessons/trains horses as her day job. Thankfully we have a good relationship with the neighbors. They will check in to make sure no one is ridding...
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    Anyone watch "Yellowstone" on the Paramount network?

    Loved her in both. I watched Longmire well after its run had ended, so was able to just binge watch the whole thing.
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Generator has one built in. That battery is the original to the machine. We bought it at the old house that was in a subdivision. We have been on the farm for 7 years. So generator is about 10 years old. I am pretty happy with that battery life. If I get 10 years out of the next one I will...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    No it is a portable with electric start. With my shoulder problems I could not generate enough force on the recoil start to get it going. The power company also must employ Scotty as one of its engineers. They give us a 24+ time frame for restoration. It went out at 9:30 a.m. Since the...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Well not really a maintenance run… Had wind gusts yesterday hitting 50mph or more. Our power stayed on. Today about 930 am it went out. They are saying restoration tomorrow at 6pm. Despite having done a test run 60 days ago the generator would not fire. Jump started it w tractor and it...