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    Kubota Mechanic in upstate SC.

    My Kubota M6800 needs some repair. I have various leaks in seals and routine issues like bearings that need addressed. My dealer closed several years ago so I need a good tractor mechanic who can tackle these things. Do any of you guys know a reliable mechanic in the Greenville area? I...
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    What’s causing this drip?

    My Kubota M6800 has developed a drip in the front axle. There’s no Kubota mechanic nearby. And I have no mechanical skills or desire to learn. What’s your best guess on the cause? I assume this is gear oil, and I expect a bad seal. It almost looks like it’s coming out of the grease...
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    What rear tractor tires to buy?

    I’m in need of new rear tires for my Kubota M6800 4WD, size 16.9-30. I will fill these, and want R-1 Ag tires. I use it for general work on my hunting property...disking, Bush-hogging , and FEL work. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but want good quality. What’s your advice on what tires to...
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    Pulling a drag harrow with an ATV

    I’m considering buying a drag harrow (standard chain type) to pull with my Polaris 550 ATV. I’m looking at a 6’ wide, 8’ long Tractor Supply version the weighs about 248 pounds. I want to pull it over tilled soil after broadcasting seed. Will this be too big for my ATV to handle? Any of you...
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    Water pump replacement.

    My radiator on my M6800 needs replacement. Now that I’ve disassembled everything, I’m going to replace the water pump, thermostat and hoses and belt. I’m not a mechanic so are there any tips? Bought new gaskets for both the pump and thermostat. Obviously I need to clean the mating...
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    Disc Harrow Industrias America 3 point disc

    I’m looking at this Industrias America model 2220 disc. I can’t find any information on this company, nor the weight of this disc. I know this brand is not a name brand, but it looks pretty decent and very heavy. Discs are 22”. I’ll use it for primary tillage of small food plots. Any...
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    Disc Harrow Your opinion on this old harrow

    I’m looking for a harrow to disc some remote food plots, that are in tight places. I have a big offset disc that works great, but it’s a pain to transport. I saw this old Deere disc, about 7 feet wide, and it looks in decent condition. Anyone have any knowledge of this Model 100? I also...
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    Why is my hydraulic quick connect blowing out?

    My friends big John Deere keeps blowing out the hydraulic hose to implements from one of the rear remotes. The female inside of the remote looks normal, as does the male hose end connector. But when a load is on the line, it blows off the hose. What’s going on? Is it just a bad female or...
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    How do you tarp a trailer?

    I have a 16’ tandem axle landscaping trailer with 18” tall sheet metal sides. I frequently haul mulch or landscaping debris. Regular tarps just don’t work well. The grommets tear out as the wind gets under it. Are there aftermarket tarps that hold up and are easy to secure and place...
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    Drilling multiple holes in a line.

    I’m building a landscape rake and need to drill 50 3/8” holes spaced two inches apart along a straight line. I plan to use either 1/2” or 3/8” angle or something similar. I have a floor drill press, but it’s not a great one, but adequate. I’ve even thought about buying a mag drill if I...
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    Building a landscape rake

    I have a Landpride 35 series rear blade. They sell a rake accessory that uses the main frame, but I want to build one. All I need to build is the rake bar itself. My tractor is a 70 horse, so it needs to be fairly stout. I’ve researched many different builds and can’t decide how to attach...
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    Pulling implements with an ATV

    I have a Polaris 550 4 wheeler. I see many people pulling light implements with similar ATVs. Specifically, I was thinking of pulling a drag harrow, say 6 or 7 feet wide and perhaps weighing 150 pounds. My question is does this harm or accelerate wear of the transmission? I also worry...
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    Another snake identification

    My sis killed this snake. All I’ve seen is this photo. Couldn’t see pupils. Head looks like a viper but color confuses me. What’s your identification?
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    Help me design a way to transport and lift this fuel transfer tank

    I have this steel diesel tank, 36 gallons. I want to design and build something to help me lift it from the bed of my truck (full of diesel) and place it in my shed, just a few feet away. I’ll lift it with my FEL which has a grapple with teeth, which had plenty of power. Basically, I want...
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    Plasma cutting square tubing or angle iron

    I'm learning about plasma cutters. Cutting flat stock is common, but how do they perform on square tubing or angle iron? Other than flat, are plasmas useful for other metal cutting purposes in fabrication?
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    Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

    Does anyone have any experience with the Powermax 30 Air? I've read some favorable reviews of it. Having a built in air supply appeals to me. I wish they had this feature in the 40 amp model.
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    Question about my Everlast Powerarc 200

    I have an older PA200, bought in 2011. The owners manual was a joke. In reading about the newer models, I see they have a dedicated negative port for 6010. Mine doesn’t have this. It only has one negative port. My question is can 6010 be run on my machine effectively, or should I use...
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    How to switch a 12 volt pump remotely.

    I have a sprayer that I made from a 275 gallon tote. It has this 12 volt pump. It will be on my 3 point hitch, have a deep cycle battery. I want to be able to switch it on/off from my tractor seat. Do they make a switch pre-made that would work or be adapted or guess I can make one from...
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    Any Camper Advice?

    I’m thinking about buying a used camper (19, or 20 ft) to place on my farm/hunting property. I’d like to spend an occasional night there in the fall and winter, but never when it’s hot. Hopefully talk my wife into joining me. But there’s no electricity, well, or septic system. It’s about...
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    Rotary Cutter Help with Rotary Cutter. Clutch issue?

    I have a Woods BB 72 rotary cutter. It wasn’t cutting well last year, and smoking from the clutch, so I dismantled the clutch, found the two disc pads to be shot, so I replaced them. Also cleaned up the metal surfaces. My buddy used it for the first time today, tested it on an area with...
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    yellowjacket protection

    I have been preparing my foodplots this week, and encountered 6 nests, and of course, it's always on an uphill where the tractor is bogging down, and there's no acceleration. Plus most of our elevated deer stands have paper wasps nesting, so they need to be sprayed, but climbing into a stand...
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    Problem with posting

    Wasn't sure where to ask this, but when using this forum, I'm having problems. On my I-Pad, with spell check on, this happens....when I write one word, then hit the space bar, my device closes the ap. So I am forced to disable spell check when I post. When it is off, all works great. Any...
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    What price are Superduties in your are?

    I have an '06 F350 SRW crew cab long bed. Lariat package with off road package, towing controller, etc. I need to sell it to make room for another. . It has 234,000 miles, and is running great. Its had regular maintenance, an EGR delete, and tuner. Everything else is stock. Body is...
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    Extended Warranties on a Superduty

    I know the common opinion is to avoid these extended warranties. But I would like to hear specific examples, good and bad. My truck is out of warranty due to age. a warranty was offered that covered most everything except normal wear parts. It was very specific, and seemed quite extensive and...
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    help me decide on Superduty

    i have an 06 F350 diesel SRW longbed crewcab with 230,000 miles. Its mainly my hunting truck and I use it to pull a 25' gooseneck with my Kubota M6800, maybe 6 times a year for local trips of 30 miles max. Total max load of trailer, tractor, implement may run 15,000 pounds, I guess. It pulls...
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    Tractor rim question

    I want to get a spare rim and tire for my Kubota front wheel. The rim is a 6 loop, with a R-1 tire. If I buy a rim and tire (minus the center hub), can I use it on either side? Of course the valve stem will be reversed, but that's ok. I guess I can put the 6 nuts on the outside, and change...
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    Hauling mixed concrete?

    This is a really dumb question, but I am pouring a 3/4 yard slab sidewalk right by the road. Having a truck delivery will cost $250 due to the small load. I have a mixer, but I'm lazy enough not to want to mix 25 bags of pre mix, and worry if I can mix fast enough. Unfortunately, there...
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    Why is my Kubota losing power?

    I have a ten year old M 6800. For over a year, it sporadically loses power, starts chugging and stalling out when under load. It happens more when is hot after being used hard, sometimes seems its worse when fuel level is low, but that may be imagined. Its hard to duplicate. Every time i...
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    Dump trailer info

    A friend has offered to loan his dump trailer to me. He has no idea about its load rating, nor have I seen it. Anyone recognize the brand or manufacturer? What's your best guess regarding the axles and capacity? I plan to haul crush and run, and soil. Obviously it's not a very...
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    Help me identify this John Deere.

    My friend inherited this tractor. Can you tell me about it, it's age, specifications, and potential value? Also, he has not tried to crank it. Certainly the battery is dead. Would it be a 6 volt? What does he need to do to try to crank it? Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Question about masonry restoration

    My 100 year old brick house needs some mortar repair. I know the mortar is unlike the modern Portland cement based mortar, as it is much whiter and softer. I assume it's a lime based mortar common years ago, Having read lots about it, I want to experiment to try to match. I know I can get it...
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    Electrical question

    I'm looking at a home to purchase. One has an existing garage with a fairly new 100 amp sub panel (the main breaker is 100 amp so I assume my terminology is correct). I want to use this as a workshop, and need power to a 220 V table saw, a 220V jointer and I would like an outlet for my welder...
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    Tips on using a rear blade to grade a road

    Just bought an 8' Gill rear blade, heavy duty, weighing in at 600 lbs. I'll pull it with my 65 horse Kubota. It has no hydraulics, but I do have a hydraulic top link that can be used. I've used a box blade a lot, but never a rear scrape blade. I plan to use it to maintain the dirt roads on...
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    Replacing tines on a King Kutter rototiller

    My buddy has a King Kutter tiller, either a 5 or 6 footer. I haven't seen it, but he says the tines are very worn, and if I'll help him replace them, I can use it whenever. So any advice? I see the tines online, both OEM which seem to be made in China, and also Italian tines (which the...
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    Planting pine trees after timber harvest in South Carolina

    We own 300 hundred acres in upstate SC. It's mainly used for hunting deer. It's rough land, having been timbered 20 years ago, and now it's mixed pines and hardwoods. Recently we had about 70 acres timbered. Mainly pines were cut, in areas where they were predominant. Now it looks like a...
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    Kubota M 6800 loss of power

    My 10 year old Kubota starts to loose power when the fuel level gets to about half a tank. It begins to run as if it's about out of fuel, but then when I add diesel, it only takes around 5 gallons to fill it to the top. Once I fill it, it runs fine. But run it back down to about half a tank...
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    Advice on welding link repair

    Broke the ball link on my telescopic stabilizer. I found a weldable link at tractor supply that matches. I ground out the broken area and fitted the new one. Being a rookie welder, I'm reluctant to go further. But I would rather repair it myself than take it to a professional. Please...
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    Welding a tall deer stand

    I have a great deer stand in one of my favorite places that is about 32 feet up in a big oak tree. I've hunted if for years. It is attached to the tree with 3" angle and 5/8 lags and decked with treated lumber. I climb the tree with screw in steps ( which I don't trust). Also the steps have...
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    Has anyone built a receiver hitch tote for an ATV??

    Have a Polaris X2 with a small receiver hitch. One thing I really dislike about Polaris ATVs is the worthless plastic rack system. It is really hard to carry anything or even to bungee loads. I am thinking of building a small tote to quickly plug into the receiver to carry tools, especially...
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    Example of a project using a grapple

    Wish I had documented this better but thought I would share. This area had a small creek with a channel about 5 feet deep and with about 6 " of water during normal periods. Obviously it's pretty low, as the creek empties into a bigger river just 30 yards away. I wanted to be able to cross the...
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    Transporting a Cat skid steer

    This is a dumb question but I'm borrowing a midsize Cat skid steer, not sure of the model. Since I have not seen it yet, I have no idea what the wheelbase width is, but assume it's about 60" max width. I have a Big Tex deck over gooseneck, with the standard two ramps, and transport my...
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    Whats this planter worth?

    I restored this old Allis Chalmers three row planter and have decided to sell it. What's your opinion of its value in your neck of the woods? It's in great shape, with all new parts that were worn, sandblasted and painted. I converted it to a three point hitch style. I just wanted to hear...
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    Help me understand campers please

    I have some property where I use for recreation, mainly hunting and tractor work. I've considered buying a used camper to leave there just to spend a few night occasionally, perhaps with my wife or hunting buddies. Don't want to spend a lot, but I see some for 5 or 6 grand, and that's within my...
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    PTO shaft damage on a spreader. Why did this happen?

    Hooked up my cone style fertilizer spreader to my 3 point hitch yesterday. It is fairly new, used last Fall. The telescopic drive shaft connecting the spreader to the PTO was stuck and wouldn't telescope. I couldn't budge it. Figuring it was corroded from sitting a season, I finally had to...
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    Telescopic stabilizers on a Massey 240?

    I don't like the chain stabilizers a on my Massey Ferguson 240. I see this telescopic style for sale. Anyone have them or an opinion? . This is what I have now.
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    What size chain binders and chains?

    I plan to replace my ratchet strap binders with chains and ratchet load binders. I tow a 70 horse Kubota on a gooseneck and normal implements like rotary cutters, etc. I'm thinking about the ratchet style rather than the lever style. Looks like Northern has all I need. What size chains...
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    Help with 220 V outlets

    I am in a situation where I need to power my 220 V table saw or jointer using my Miller Bobcat as a power source. It has a Nema 14-50 3 pole 4 wire outlet. My saw has a standard 220 V Nema 6-15 plug. How can I do this. Can I make an extension cord with these plugs and receptacles to adapt...
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    Build a rear scrape blade??? from an Allis Chalmers Model D grader

    There is an abandoned Allis Chalmers model D road scraper on my property. Been sitting there for decades. The blade assembly looks good. I debated about a full restoration, but don't have the mechanical skills to do engine or transmission work. Looks like I could easily remove the blade and...
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    12 volt pump to lift farm implements question

    I need to lift a grain drill into the transport position but my tractor is at another property. Normally I just connect it to the rear remotes to lift it. Rather than trailering my tractor 30 miles, do you think it is possible to lift this drill with a 12V dump trailer pump? I have a nice...
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    Can this be straightened with a frame machine?

    I hung a log in my FEL and bent the ATI Tach All aftermarket skid steer quick connect adapter. The main beam is about 3" angle iron that is bent and twisted. I can cut out the angle iron and replace it, but there are a lot of thick weld beads to grind and also would dictate having to...