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    Hose barb adapter?

    The suction side of my system includes a plastic pressure switch that has a 7/8" non barbed connection diameter, but the other side of the hose has to attach to a 3/4" metal barbed fitting. So I either need a hose barb adapter with 7/8" on one end and 3/4" on the other, or a specially made stub...
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    Mounting electrical panels on wooden utility pole

    I need to mount a couple electrical disconnects and panel on a round wooden utility pole, approximately 12" diameter. I'm thinking of bending some threaded rod into a Ubolt and attach horizontal unistrut to the pole, then mount plywood on the unistrut for the panels. Any other ideas welcome.
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    What kind of disconnect is this?

    400A service coming into central location on a farm, aerial service branches out from there to 3 buildings and the house. Upper right is 200A breaker feeding house main panel, upper left is some kind of disconnect I've never seen before. Here's the inside of the upper left disconnect box...
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    Expanding foam that birds can't eat

    I've got a spot where rain blows in along a lean to roof on my barn that I've tried closing with expanding foam, but the birds like that spot and/or the foam because they keep pecking it away. Is there any kind of foam that hardens enough that birds can't peck it? It's a prorib style roof and...
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    Backup camera with its own access point

    I need a backup camera to use in an area with no power or wifi. So I'm looking for a camera that comes with its own access point that I can connect to with my phone to use when I backup a trailer. It would be similar in concept to my inspection camera which has its own access point connected to...
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    Chalk line anchor pin, where can I buy this

    I've had an anchor pin for my chalk line for so many years I don't know where I got it. There's no name on it and I can't find anything like it, anyone happen to know where I can buy one? There are anchor pins online, but none have a safety cover for the pin that I can find.
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    Motion activated switch for barn fan

    Our horses only stand in front of their barn fans part of the day, the rest of the time the fans just use power doing nothing. Is there any kind of motion detector I can use that would stay on as long as it detects motion, like the swishing of the horses tail or moving their head? They don't...
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    Broken hose, lift stuck in air

    I broke a high pressure line on my lift while it was in the air. Is there any way to lower it so I can change the hose on the ground? On the attached schematic the line that broke is near the top of the drawing, right above the word "Cage" on the drawing. The hose is broken right under the cage...
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    Need ideas for a raised walkway

    This path out to our barn gets icier every year and we keep getting older. Looking for ideas on building some kind of raised wooden walkway that we can keep free of snow and ice. I'm thinking of building segments about 10' long and 3' wide out of deck planking that I can pick up and move with...
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    Automatic gate opener

    I'm looking for an automatic gate opener for a lightweight dual gate. I had a mighty mule years ago and had nothing but trouble with it in our cold climate (Chicago) due to thermal expansion in the mechanical components. I'm looking at Ghost Controls and USAutomatic, both have good reviews, and...
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    Why do filter part numbers change?

    The part number for the hydraulic filters on my tractor have been superceded 3-4 times during the time I've owned it. Why do part numbers get updated, it looks like exactly the same filter from the outside. Are they different inside?
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    Suggestions for a pressure tester

    It's too cold to do anything outside, so I want to make a pressure tester. I'm thinking a T fitting with a female quick disconnect, a male QD, and a 5000psi pressure gauge. Before I do this, any handy tips on how to make it better or more useful.
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    How to find a suction leak

    Is it possible to pressurize a hydraulic system to some low value to help locate a leak in the suction lines? I was thinking of fabricating a cap for the oil reservoir that will have a shrader valve in it so I can hook a compressor to it and put some low pressure (5-10psi?) in the system to find...
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    Cage leveling on aerial lift

    I have this aerial lift. I'm trying to figure out how the hydraulics that control the operator cage leveling work. As the cage is raised or lowered by the boom, there is a small hydraulic cylinder directly under the cage that extends or retracts to keep the cage level. The operation is...
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    Wire rope tension

    I'm putting up a fabric hoop building, they use wire rope and turnbuckles for diagonal bracing. How tight should the wire rope be? I've looked online and can't find any info, the instructions don't say. I'm thinking it should be like a fan belt, where they tell you how far you should be able to...
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    Need to break up limestone screenings in arena

    We put limestone screenings in our horse arena years ago and in spite of going over it with a landscape rake fairly regularly, it's gradually packed so hard it's almost like concrete. I can break it into large pieces with a lot of effort with my bucket, but it's slow going and then I have huge...
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    3pt not working, not sure what I broke

    B2710 with HST, I was using post hole digger and tractor was really laboring, our soil is really rocky. I heard/felt a loud bang so I stopped. Here's the situation: * 3pt arms won't raise. they dropped to the ground freely and I can raise them by hand, but the hydraulics won't lift them. * PTO...
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    Installing ground screws

    Has anyone ever installed these? I'm thinking of using ground screws to install the mounting rack for a solar system. I know my post hole digger won't work because it doesn't have any down force, and they're 73" long so my post hole digger isn't tall enough. The people selling them say you can...
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    Solar for barn

    Our barn is about 200' from the house, see attached diagram. House is bad spot for solar panels because of trees and layout, but barn is a good spot for solar panels. We have an automatic backup generator that runs the whole house if we lose power. My question is if I add solar panels and...
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    Snow Front snowblower for B2710

    I want to get a front snow blower for my B2710, hopefully I can find a used one. I'm confused on part numbers. I've found the following numbers on the forum and googling: B2771 51" B2772 63" B2781 51" B2782 63" Are those part numbers all correct, and are there any other part# that will fit...
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    How tall is an L or MX with a cab

    I'm in the market for a used tractor, probably an L or MX with 50ish horsepower. I can't find the height of this size tractor with a cab on it. I have a 10' door, I'm thinking that might be a bit close. Does anyone know how tall tractors like this are with a cab?
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    3pt problem on 3203

    My neighbor has a JD 3203 that I borrow so I'm trying to help him. The 3pt lifts very slowly and leaks down fairly quick, say in 2-3 minutes with ballast weight on it. If I close the drop rate valve while it's in the up position it will stay up, but as soon as the valve is open the 3pt will...
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    Popups on my android phone

    I keep getting this popup on my android phone, only happens when I'm on tractorybnet: I scanned my phone for malware, nothing comes up.
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    Water passing through fuel tank filter

    I use 55gal drums for diesel, have an electric pump and this filter. I get a small amount of water in the sediment bowl of the filter, but a lot of water in the sediment bowl in my tractor. I expected the sediment bowl on the filter to capture more of the water, but maybe the turbulence of the...
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    Is this a scam? Scammers are getting sloppy

    This little beauty has heat and A/C but oops, forgot the cab:
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    What lubricant in caps on spool valve

    The caps on my front loader valves were filled with rust and water, I cleaned them up and drilled a drain hole. What kind of lubricant should I put on the end of the spool that extends into the cap before I reassemble things? There was a light grease on there when I took it apart, not as heavy...
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    B2710 valve adjustment and cylinder # question

    The service manual says the #1 cylinder is the one closest to the gear case. This surprised me, I expected the #1 to be closest to the radiator. So I rotated the timing mark to TDC and sure enough, the cylinder closest to the firewall is on the compression stroke and the cylinder closest to the...
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    Lock that won't freeze

    Need to put a chain/lock on driveway gate. We get ice and snow so I'm looking for some kind of lock that will work in those conditions. I've never seen a key lock that didn't freeze, maybe there's some kind of combination, push button, or something I don't know about that works well in winter...
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    What is this electrical breaker

    My friend's well stopped working, he traced the problem to the 20A breaker in the attached photo. The 120v line power/neutral comes in to the top left and right screws. There are 2 screws at the bottom of the breaker, one feeding the well pump, the other feeding the sump pump in the well pit...
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    Magnesium repair

    I dropped my circular saw and broke the blade guard, which is magnesium. I'm pretty good at tig with steel and aluminum, but never welded magnesium. What filler would I use, any tips on settings? Hopefully I can use argon. I've done some brazing, would that be a better option? Here's some...
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    Limestone screenings

    The limestone screenings I've gotten have always been gray colored, and compact really well. My neighbor got some screenings that are more light beige in color and seem to not drain as well, and end up being almost muddy when it rains and the horses walk on it. Are there different kinds of...
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    Anyone know what this is

    Found this tool in an old barn on my neighbor's property before they tore it down. This was always farmland, so it's likely something to do with farming. It's brass or bronze, the handle is spring loaded, and that half round ball is made of very hard rubber, similar to a kitchen faucet seal.
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    Venting a 55 gal drum for diesel

    Finally got a 55 gal drum for diesel, I have an electric pump for it. I assume I'll need to vent the drum when I draw out fuel. I'm thinking of just cracking the plug in the 3/4" bung every time I use it, or is there a better way to provide a vent?
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    Why does this slip clutch vibrate

    This slip clutch came with the pto shaft on the 5' King Kutter I bought a few years ago. There's always been more vibration in this thing than I liked, so I finally took off the slip clutch as the first step in diagnosing the problem. With the clutch off, the thing runs smooth as a sewing...
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    Is this spool bad?

    This valve leaks slowly when connected to a cylinder, it's a valve I bought from Surplus Center but didn't get around to using for 8 years. There are visible lines on the finished surface of the spool running in the axial direction, but I can't feel any of them with my finger nail, so I don't...
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    Will new directional control valves go bad if not used?

    I bought 2 Prince directional control valves from Surplus Center about 7 years ago and mounted them on the tractor, but just got around to hooking them up to cylinders (I know, I'm a slug). The cylinders leak down really bad when connected to the valves, but hold when I remove the quick...
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    Cheap suction hose for oil change

    I'm changing the hydraulic fluid on my lift, I need hose to run from the suction side on the pump into a pail of hydraulic fluid. I'd rather not spend $5 a foot for hose that's only going to be used for about 15 minutes. I think even tygon tubing would work for this if I could find it in the...
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    Small bolt in side of cylinder

    What is the small hex head bolt on the side of this cylinder for? It's started leaking a little bit and it seems tight, but it's rusty so I don't want to mess with it and break it. I can't see a sealing washer underneath the head.
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    Can I change hydraulic fluid like this

    I need to change the hydraulic fluid on my boom lift to a different viscosity, trying to figure out best way to replace all the fluid. Attached is hydraulic schematic, in the lower left hand section of the drawing I've added the notation "Open Here" and a red arrow next to the pump where I...
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    How do I get these orings out?

    I'm replacing the spool orings on a set of valves, on some of the valves the stepped washer shown loose in this photo pops right out, but on other valves it's stuck from years of corrosion so it's trapping the oring: I've seen non metallic dental picks advertised, is that what I should use to...
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    Hay spear recommendation for large square bales

    I'm looking at titan hay spears, wondering if people can suggest the best spear configuration for large square bales. These bales are about 700#. I have a JD 300CX loader, so I'm looking at these from titan: 3 spears 2 spears I'm leaning toward the 3 spear model and moving the middle spear to...
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    Rust in top spool cap

    The valves I'm rebuilding had quite a bit of rust inside the top spool cap because the rubber boots were torn and let water in over the years. Should I just wipe that out with a rag and WD40 and leave it at that, or is it important to do a better job cleaning that up? I was thinking of putting a...
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    Would this damage remote valve

    Accidentally had my remote valves connected wrong: Tank port was connected to what was actually power beyond hose and Power beyond port was not connected to anything. Of course I realized this as soon as I tried to use the other hydraulics, but would this damage the valve?
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    Quick Disonnect for TNT?

    I'm adding top and tilt, I notice many installation photos I see here use QDs on the remote valve to connect the TNT cylinders. I'm wondering if there's any reason not to hard plumb them in. I wouldn't be able to use the rear 3pt without the TNT cylinders connected, and I have an extra valve...
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    Tig weld problem

    Not sure if this is contamination or what, but I've been welding this frame together with no problem on all the other joints. All of a sudden this one joint causes sparkling and popping, it contaminates the tungsten even though the tungsten doesn't touch. In the photo you can see it leaves a...
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    Can I repair bush hog sheet metal with stick welder?

    I've got an old ford bush hog, the sheet metal is rusted through around edges but gearbox and structure is in good shape, so I'd like to try to repair it. I'll be cutting out and replacing the 20ga sheet metal with patches. Then I have to weld the new 20ga patch material to angles and brackets...
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    Ford bush hog 22-50 and 22-177 use the same gearbox?

    Anyone know if the bolt pattern on Ford bush hog model 22-50 will fit model 22-177? I have a 22-177 that has the deck completely eaten away by rust, and a guy with a 22-50 for sale that has a blown gearbox but good deck. If it helps, my 22-177 also seems known as a model 908, not sure what the...
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    Where is seat safety switch in schematic?

    I have a B2710 and noticed the engine did not shut down when I hopped off the tractor with the PTO engaged. The B2710 has two seat switches, one to sense presence of operator, one to sense if the seat is tipped all the way forward. Both switches are working properly, so I looked at schematic and...
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    Anyone have experience with either of these seats?

    Need to upgrade seat on my Kubota B2710 to something that's easier on my back over rough ground. Looking at two styles of suspension seats. 1. The first style has the whole seat assembly suspended by either springs or a hydraulic cylinder behind the backrest. 2. The second style has springs...
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    Charging battery at starter connection

    The battery on one of my machines is a devil to get at and I'd like to charge the battery overnight in the cold weather we're having. Is there any reason to not connect to the positive terminal on starter? The only difference I can see is there's a few feet of cable connecting the positive post...