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    Why are people in Indianapolis going postal.

    We have a mental health crisis in this country. That, coupled with a moral compass omission. When the morality of a nation is on a sliding scale there is no right or wrong. There is only my right and your wrong. (Grammar error intentional) Then, all we're left with is a struggle for power and...
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    LS Tractor Price

    I won't fuss either. I'll just reply that I bought from Bruno's a very expensive mower. They shipped for free, as well. The State of Florida never batted an eye. Florida is pretty liberal when it comes to any & all Ag. business. If you buy your tractor here and have taken the time to file for...
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    Zero turn thoughts on common models

    May I offer my Ferris IS2600Z into the discussion? You've got hills? This thing has full 4 wheel suspension. Now granted, I saved up for a number of years for this one but they do offer many mowers in their line-up for around you price point. It feels like mowing in your easy chair at 10 mph...
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    Irritating new ads

    Same here. Ad Block Plus is the way to go
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    Where to order LS oil filters?

    10 yrs now with WIX & NAPA