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    Hyd pump for sale.

    The pump well fit the B2710, B2910, B3200, and B7800. It came off a engine that was striped down to use on a 18 wheeled trailer for ref. I got the clutch and pressure plate at the same time I got the pump. I was told the engine had a little over 50 hrs when taken off. By the looks of the clutch...
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    How do I set things to flag me on threads I have posted in? It is alerting me when someone has posted in threads I have read and I would like to stop that.
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    LK2610 Rear remotes

    Got a new LX2610 with 2 remotes and the way they are mounted wasn't going to get. I changed and well show you how I did it with a list of parts. All the fitting are from discount hyd. 4 X 9058-06-06 bspp 45 deg 2 X 2501-06-04 90 deg 2 X 2501L-06-04 90 deg The 4 ag coupler came with the...
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    BX2660 Suspension for seat

    Been wanting to put better suspension for the seat from the time I got it. My land is bumpy and this helps out a lot. I also put the new seat that a few of the guys got a while back, the seat is better then the one that came on it. Take a look at the deck. I put them on and only had to...
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    Oil & Fuel injection pumps

    Fuel injection pumps with there own oil bath, what oil are you using in it ?
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    Missouri BX2660 bucket cyl.

    I went to twin cyls. on my Bx2660 and I have the bucket cyl. to sell. I know for sure there one hose, maybe 2 asking $200.00 for them. This cyl well fit a lot of the loaders. Part #7J612-64013 check it out.
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    BX2660 Fuel Filters and Fuel Pump

    I put fuel in my BX2660 and the fuel nozzle was full of lady bugs. This was 1 1/2 years ago. After cleaning tank it ran good until this year. There must of been 3 to 6 I didn't get out. Had to pull mower off and blow back into tank, removed 2 or 3 bugs. Ran good for about a week then had to do...
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    Kubotas B's Creeping in Neutral

    If you have to ever have to split your tractor to get to or near the hydrostatic drive. Change the neutral holding bearing, other wise you have to do some grinding to get off. The bearing is real small about the size of a nickel and check around on price, it's all over the place. Kubota part...
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    JD 4120 Hyd Screen

    A friend has a JD 4120 and he me asking me if he had a screen in the rear end for the hyd oil. I couldn't tell him if it did or not. Can someone please help us out? Thanks, Lee
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    A little up date on input shafts seal leaks

    This is a update on this post. I found out after replacing the 4wd and input shaft seals 3 times and with the latest seals and housing. Don't over look keeping the Hyd front cooler clean, I...
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    Stihl Chainsaw Parts Help.

    I have been all over the net and can't find a place that well let you look at the parts manual. Can anyone put me on a sit that lets you look up parts? It's a Stihl MS361 and also does anyone know the air gap between the ignition module and flywheel. I have been from .004 to .011 and can only...
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    Loader Twin bucket cyls on a BX2660

    Got a good start putting twin cyls on my BX2660 this week.
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    B7800 rear remotes hook up.

    BAS8N wanted to see my set up for my B7800 and I could not see how to add picture in the PM. I have show some of this before so it's mostly for BAS8N, but maybe you might pickup some ideals. Picture #1 & 2 is the plate for the valve. The valve on there now was changed to a 2 spool late. The...
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    Parts Drawings

    I have tried to copy the parts drawings and the pictures will not show up. The numbers show thats all, can anyone tell me how to get them to show up?
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    Splitting A Kubota GL4240HST 4WD

    This thread is going out in 2 parts. The tractor is a 2007 and at 550 hrs 5-14-10 the in put shaft seal to the hst trans was replaced under warranty. Got it back and at 756 hrs it started leaking again so said I well fix this time and maybe find out why. Well when I got it apart the seal was...
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    John Deere Loaded (Deal)

    There is a JD 200ck loader for sell at Schroon Lake, NY on Govdeals. The loader looks like new, but did not say anything about subframe. The bid is at $368.00 now and only has 19hrs to go. If you can use here is the link. John Deere Tractor Bucket -
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    Case 970 hyd.

    Can anyone tell me if the Case 970's hyds is open center or closed center?
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    Cement Wheel Weights #2

    Well done my L4240 last week. Ended up with 260 lbs in each wheel, with loaded tires I have around 1200# on the ground now.
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    Shaker #2

    Here you guys are moving snow and I was running my shaker. This is the 2nd shaker I made, the 1st one just wasn't built strong enough and keep coming apart. After fixing it 2 or 3 years I made this one. Ran it monday for 6 hrs for a test run and not one thing went wrong. My L4240 couldn't keep...
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    Tractor icon in address bar

    The TBN icon changes to a white square blue background with something that looks like a checkmark. It doesn't happen on the home page and it isn't doing it on this page. It also doesn't do it when I look at a picture. The TBN icon well show until the page gets loaded then the checkmark icon pops...
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    half pages

    Why is this All times are GMT -5. The time now is 07:11 AM. coming up in the middle or top of page, it's right under the side ads. That at one time was always at the bottom left side above the big blue part I think. If no adds it's at the top. On the general forums the big blue bottom...
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    bad fuel.

    I though I would post this and maybe save someone a lot of trouble. I hadn't got fuel for awhile was waiting for the price to come down. When it did I got 500 gals and fueled all my tractors. My BX started to run out of fuel, done all filter changes on all tractors and fuel tank. Checked my...
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    Hub sensor

    I have 2007 ford pickup. Can anyone tell me what the sensor is for in the front wheel hubs or front wheel bearings. Thanks Lee
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    For the guys in or near alabama

    Take a look at this. Sure is a good deal, it has folding roll bar so it has the mid pto. KUBOTA B7800 TRACTOR -
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    fuel pump psi

    I have BX2660, can someone with the BX's manual tell me what the fuel pump PSI should be. Thanks, Lee
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    Seat I. D. Can anyone tell me what the hooks are for on this seat? With them facing fwd has got me. Have ask some old farm boy like me and no one knows.
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    Cement Wheel Weights

    Cement Wheel Weights Update A while back a guy was trying to put some he made into his wheels, never did find out if he got them in. After seeing that post I though I would give it a shot. Here are some pictures and tomorrow night I well have some pictures of how I did it.
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    Bucket Grabber Hyd Hoses.

    Just got done with my grabber today, just need to paint when it gets warm. This might give you some ideal what to hold the hoses up. Made a oversize curb finder to hold them.
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    7th fleet

    Does the Navy still have a 7th fleet?
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    Logging in

    The log in needs fixing!!! I have to sign in everytime I open the site. Done the check mark in the box.
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    Big Log Splitter--Little BX

    Splitting wood today with the BX. Splitter is as big as the BX, no it well not pick it up. Didn't do the trailer today just the pile behind splitter. Started at 10:00AM and stopped at 2:00PM.
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    Electric motor

    I have no ideal where to ask this ? , so I'll try here. Have a westinghouse 1/3 hp, 1725 rpm, 115/230,and style 308P185-A. I have looked on the net and can't find anything. What I need is some ideal how to wire it for 115. Here is a picture of the wires. One looks yellow, but its white...
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    Site all over the place.

    Boy this sure is getting old. I have a small screen and most of the time only 1/2 of the page shows or the bottom is on top. Sure like reading the post, but can only take so much then I have to leave.
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    Cyl Head For a Yanmar 2610

    Looking for a head for the 2610, can someone tell me some places to go look? Also I use to have a list that told me what JD was the same as the Yanmar. Have looked on the net and all my old paper work and can't find it, can anyone help there also?
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    Boom Pole ?

    I have a L4240 and need a 12" boom pole on the bucket to lift 400 to 500 lbs. Has anyone used one that long? Thanks Lee
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    I have been problems for awhile. 1- when clicking back arrow there is a google double click and now WIR_UVS2_ and so on. It's like who or how it's done they want the hits or it's based on what it cost them. 2- The pages only filling up 3/4 full with the 1/4 right side blank. If I refresh most of...
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    3pt forks or front bucket

    Made this last week. Worked great with the forks, but when I tried to pick up some gravel with the bucket on the back I bent the 1/2" strap for the lower pins. I was thinking I would need a little more room when it came to hooking up so I when 4" long on them. I was wrong because the frame is...
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    Parts manuals

    Where do you guys go to look at a parts manual? Does Kioti's web let you look up parts from there parts manual?
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    Loader, Yanmar Guys should look at this

    I just had to post this one. Best deal I have ever see for a loader. Front end loader
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    Kubota Cab

    There is a kubota cab off of a B2330, 2010 for sell in Mo. It's listed in the southern, Ill. craigslist for $1200.00. If interested here is the link. Kubota Cab I just looked it up and it's a Curtis cab.
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    Easy Way to check your trans oil level!!!!!

    Everyone knows how hard it is to see the oil level on the dip stick. I have a way that is easy, been holding up to post this, but here it goes. This is only for checking not running with it. All it takes is a Bunn coffee maker cleaning tool and a rubber grommet. Bunn has 2 one is short...
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    Bud's Clydesdale???

    I just read Impressive !! MINNESOTA CLYDESDALE and we were taking about the buds clydesdale last week. We was wondering after bud sold out, what did they do with the clydesdales?
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    From this rear blade to this rear blade for $45.00

    I wanted a light side shift rear blade, so I done this. Have to paint now.
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    2nd stage of the top on my B7800

    Started this yesterday and ready to fit the real anchor.
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    Sprayer roller pumps?

    Can someone tell me if a roller pump is self primering or need head pressure all the time? The ones used on sprayers.
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    For the guys with a 750, 850 and maybe the 950

    Check this Backhoe out in NC. Might be a good deal. BACKHOE ATTACHMENT -
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    Top link holder

    Got Hyd top link and made a holder for it. The spring is for not letting it go into the lock up. I unhook the spring when the the top link isn't in use. Just have to paint now.
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    Down pressure on 3 pt?

    I"m starting a thread on this because I didn't want to highjack another thread. I asked about this and was given a link, but it didn't help me. Can you get down pressure on a 3pt? I guess there are some tractors that has it,but I have never seen it.
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    Poor B7800 broke in half.

    I have to replace the clutch bearing. Just thought you guys might want see some more pictures. This is my 1st time and everything is going good. The loader frame had 32 bolts holding it on, over kill and it's heavy.
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    Stall Guard on The GL40's

    My stall guard drops way down in rpm before it kicks in. Like down to 1500 rpm's from 2600. My ? is has anyone had there ECU reset and how much does your's drop in rpm. It has always been this way, but starting to get to me. Come to think about it, it only was dropping from hi to lo in the...