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  1. GaryM

    Hustler zero turn control question

    My zero turn has a "snubber cylinder" attached to each control lever so they kind of stay in place and don't move on their own. On one side the attachment unscrewed from the rod. I need to screw it back together, maybe with loctite, but don't know how to pop the plastic piece off the ball to do...
  2. GaryM

    Tires JD 4100 Wheel bolt torque

    I'm hoping I don't need to go look for my 4100 manuals, and I won't if anyone can provide the required torque for the wheel bolts. I figure someone has all that stuff at the tip of their fingers. Thanks in advance.
  3. GaryM

    HVLP Portable Paint Spray Gun

    Like most of us I have some painting projects around. Doors, door frames, picture frames etc. Nothing big like the side of a barn although painting walls in the house is a possibility. I've been looking at the Wagner HVLP sprayers that are self contained and plug into AC. They have a built in...
  4. GaryM

    RoundUp/Sprayer Sludge Question

    I may have asked this last year, but don't remember any answers if I did! I buy RoundUp concentrate and mix according to label directions. 2.5 Oz per gallon in a 2 gallon pump sprayer that's used for nothing else. Now I usually don't use all I mix for a particular spray session so some often...
  5. GaryM

    Found a Power Trac in the wild

    I stopped by a place in town to get the phone number of a fellow who's done some pruning for me in the past and saw this machine. The fellw asked me if I knew what it was and I said "Sure, it's a Power Trac". He replied that I was the only one who ever knew what it was. It's 13 years old and...
  6. GaryM

    Gravel Road Dust Control

    Well, summer is coming and with that comes dry weather and dusty gravel roads. I'd like to spread Calcium Chloride on our subdivision road and am looking for some advice. I have a JD4100 and access to a borrowed cone spreader. I've reads that calcium chloride can be spread as either a 35% more...
  7. GaryM

    A RoundUp & Pump Sprayer Question

    I use RoundUp, the real stuff, in a 2 Gal. pump sprayer to keep my gravel drive clean. I also use it to spray around obstructions such as light posts etc. I mix according to the listed directions. I often don't use up all that I've mixed, so leave it in the sprayer. Sometimes a half gallon or a...
  8. GaryM

    JD 4100 Hydro electrical connector

    There's a two wire socket at the rear of the frame that's not connected to anything. It's got no power with the light switch in the OFF position No power with the flashers ON 12V with the headlights ON No power with the headlights and flashers ON I've going to use it to power a rear facing LED...
  9. GaryM

    Broken seat!

    I guess I need to drop a few pounds. I discovered that the seat brackets on my JD 4100 tractor were broken! Had to buy and install a new seat. Easy job, only on cotter pin to pull and replace. Guess I need to skip a few lunches and dinners.
  10. GaryM

    JD 4100 Electrical Question

    I have a JD4100 that's about 5 1/2 years old. I guess it's a 2003 maybe. It's the last year of production. I'm considering purchase of an electric sprayer to mount on the 3PH. Any idea were I can tap off the power to run the pump on the sprayer? I think they are diaphragm pumps and don't draw...
  11. GaryM

    Wooden Sign for Subdivision

    Saturday morning one of the local teen drivers missed the curve and wiped out our subdivision sign. :( No one was hurt, so that's OK. His folks say they'll pay for a new sign. The old sign was made by one of the residents. It was a glued up panel with purchased wooden letters applied. The...
  12. GaryM

    Folded Massey

    I found these pictures on a non-tractor website and do not remember seeing them here. They are recent, last month according to the date, and are quite dramatic. The story given is that he was trundling down the road towing a trailer when the FEL dropped and dug into the road surface bringing...
  13. GaryM

    More hydraulics on my 4100 Hydro

    Anyone have any ideas on what it might cost to add hydraulic outlets on the rear of my 4100? I'd like to be able to add/use a top and tilt on the 3PH. I'm thinking maybe outlets at the rear with QD and maybe a push button on the existing joystick so the control for my loader could divert power...
  14. GaryM

    JD Tractor Talk on RFD-TV

    Anyone see this last night? I recorded it but haven't had a chance to view it yet. Was it worth watching? :confused:
  15. GaryM

    Looking for a GOOD motion detector floodlight

    I've got a MD floodlight, two heads, mounted between my garage doors. This is the second one in two years. They work fine for a while, then get erratic in their operation. They don't work when it's been raining and it's damp. Or they don't work when it's really cold. Two brands, both from the...
  16. GaryM

    JD4100 Suspension Seat

    Here's the deal. I have a JD4100 and am looking for a seat with some springs or other type of suspension. My tractor, with R4s, rides really hard. My ground isn't too smooth and I'll admit to not lowering my tire pressure when mowing vs. using my loader. I had lowered the pressure and then went...
  17. GaryM

    Dirty Jobs on 1/17

    Anyone watch this show last night? Several examples of unsafe practices shown at the potato farm. The owner had Mike driving a Bobcat. The top was cut off. No roll protection. No safety bar. And finally, the owner operating the Bobcat while standing on the seat. I'd expect this guy will be...
  18. GaryM

    Mower Deck Protection

    OK, there have been many posts in the past about coating the underside of mower decks, as well as coating FEL buckets. Various products such as SlipPlate and others have been discussed. This product, Duracoat, was developed for and is marketed as a coating for firearms. It's sprayed on and can...
  19. GaryM

    First time with a PHD

    Had the chance this weekend to use a borrowed PHD with a 12" auger on my JD4100. Thanks to all the safety postings here, and those in the Attachments Forum, I knew enough to keep everyone away and operate it in a safe manner. Also knew to keep raising the auger to clear the hole and keep it...
  20. GaryM

    Top Link length Measurement

    How is the length of a top link specified? Is it the shortest length or perhaps middle length? The toplink that came with my JD4100 is too long for the rear blade that I received as a freebe. It's too long to get the rotaion axis vertical. So as a result the blade doesn't stay level as it's...
  21. GaryM

    Diesel in a kerosine heater?

    I have one of the forced air kerosine heaters. You know, the kind with the blower and pump to atomize the fuel. Looks like a horizontal cylinder above a flat fuel tank. Can I burn off road diesel in this thing? I haven't used it in a while, but might like to use it some this week end. I don't...
  22. GaryM

    Pat's Easy Change

    Pat\'s Easy Change I got to install and use my Easy Change adaptors today. They installed easily and work even better. I no longer have to try and drag the implements around to get the ball ends over the pins. They work as advertised! Changing from the cutter to the box blade just got a whole...
  23. GaryM

    Wiring question for Inspector507

    Many years ago when I installed my garage door opener, I ran Romex across the finished ceiling surface and installed an outlet box to plug in the opener cord. Now I know it wasn't up to code, but has worked fine for 30 years. But we are planning to sell soon, so I know I need to make some...
  24. GaryM

    New tow vehicle

    Have any TBNers driven the new pickups with the four wheel steering? The ad on TV showing how the rear wheel steering helps back the trailer into a tight spot looks good. Also the part where he backs around the figure 8. I probably wouldn't buy based on that alone. But if I were looking at two...
  25. GaryM

    Modine Hot-Dawg

    Has anyone had any experience with the Modine Hot-Dawg heaters? They are somewhat reasonable, $560 for 70K BTU, and are supposed to be good for garages and such. When the new home is built I'm having propane piped to the garage and am looking for a heater.
  26. GaryM

    Earth Anchors

    I'm planning to install a 70' radio tower on my property in the spring. It's guyed with Kevlar guys anchored with Earth Anchors (or augers if you prefer) just like those used for anchoring mobile homes. The ones I'll be using are 8 inch diameter and 48" long. They should be installed with the...
  27. GaryM

    New Toothbar

    I just purchased an Woods CETB-530 toothbar from my JD dealer. Here's a photo of it mounted on my 410 loader. Went on nice. Drilled 3/4 holes in the bucket with a set of Unibits. Easier than I expected. Planning on trying it out tomorrow. Cost was $290.
  28. GaryM

    JD4100 3PH Tilt Adjustment

    I have a 2001 JD4100 and am having trouble keeping the tilt adjustment tight on the 3PH. It has the turnbuckle barrel and at the bottom there's nut with a piece of rod welded across one of the flats. I adjust the tilt so the 413 cutter is level from side to side. then tighten the nut against...
  29. GaryM

    JD4100 Glow Plugs?

    I have a 4100 and am wondering why it does not need/have glow plugs. Last fall before I bought the JD I borrowed a NH of similar size and it did have glow plugs. Just wondering why the difference. The folks I know with diesel trucks all have glow plugs. No complaints, just looking for an...
  30. GaryM


    Having a new JD4100 with FEL, and not wanting to pay JD $200 for their metal box, a different solution was needed. I had read several posts about making your own weight and thought that there were excellant ideas. Here's my version: A Rubbermaid 22 Gal. storage tub, some 7/8 steel rod and some...