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    What grease should I use?

    I have a 5055E that is less than a year old. I know I need to be greasing everything and my implements. What is the best grease to use?
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    Disc Harrow How big of a disk can I use?

    I have a 55 horse JD 5055 4WD. I am looking to disc a field and wondering how wide of a disc I can pull with this tractor. The field has very loose sandy soil. TIA
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    Ballast box questions

    Looking at getting one so I can lift more with my loader. Question is what should I fill it with? If not concrete, I suppose I need to drill holes in the bottom to let water drain. How thick of metal would I be drilling through? Thanks.
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    Side mirrors for JD

    I have a JD 5055 open operator station. I would like to use my tractor to maneuver trailers around my place as it gets better traction in my soft ground that my truck but I realized that I can't see to back my travel trailer as I don't have side mirrors. Does anyone make something and where...
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    Tight turning with 4WD on

    absolutely. I have very soft sandy ground and that is when I use it.
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    Tight turning with 4WD on

    I have a JD 5055e. I know it's not good to turn sharp in 4WD in vehicles. Is this also true with tractors or should I not be worried about it? TIA
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    Liquid in tires

    Thanks. Yes, it has a FEL and it is 4WD. It's kept under a shed with 3 walls, but is not out of the cold.
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    Storage in tube in loader

    Has anyone rigged up a way to store stuff in the empty cylinder in the joint of your loader? I've seen the idea on Youtube but need details on how to cover the ends. Seems like a great place to keep a chain and other things. Thanks.
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    Liquid in tires

    I have a pretty new 55 hp JD. Should I add liquid to the tires? I have a canyon in my property with a couple fairly steep roads going down there and wonder if liquid in tires would help. I have not yet braved these roads as I'm still getting use to the tractor. If so, what kind of liquid. I'm...
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    I want a quick hitch for my 5055. I'm told that the Pat's is the best way to go. Anyone have experience with them? TIA
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    JD 5055E; Draft control and PTO speed

    I have a new JD 5055E open station. Can someone explain the rockshaft draft control and how to use it? I have only been bushhogging so far. Should I be using it for that at all? Will draft control allow the bushhog to follow the contour of ground? I have a lot of hog rooting and it is very...
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    JD 5055E new price; extended warranty

    I'm being quoted $40,649 for a new JD 5055E. I'm in Texas. Does this sound about right? Also, does anyone have opinions on the extended warranties that JD offers? They increase the years and lower the hour thresholds. Just wondering if anyone has experience with claims or if the think the...