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    Is there any food you do not like?

    MossRoad inspired me to start this thread when, in another thread, he mentioned the only two foods he doesn't care to eat. I can't think of a single food I don't like. I'll keep thinking and add it to this thread if something comes to mind. How about everyone else... Is there any food you do...
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    What's For Dinner - Thanksgiving

    It's been a little quiet on this Country Cookin' forum. What are your plans for Thanksgiving dinner? How are you cooking your bird, ham, or whatever will be on the main platter?
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    Gravely Blade On BCS

    I had an old Gravely blade I saved when all my dad's old Gravely pieces and parts were sold off. Last summer we finally had a chance to get a blank male coupling from Joel (Earth Tools), and make up a conversion plate to bolt on the Gravely mounting hardware. It worked out better than I...
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    Easter Dinner

    For those of you planning an Easter dinner, what will you be serving? I think ours will be Ham, German potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, and maybe some sweet corn. :licking:
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    Rotella Sale and Rebate

    There's been some discussion in another thread about a rebate and some sales on Rotella oil, so I thought I'd toss this out here where's it's easier to find. I picked up 4 gallons of T6 at Menards yesterday. They have it on sale for $19.99. I think there are some other places running sales on...
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    High Mile Truck Brands

    Here's an interesting study. Toyota, GM and Ford trucks are all well represented, and look to be a safe bet for the high miles. Deleted link
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    Rescia Guiliano Snow Blower

    I'm wondering if there are any good reviews or comparisons of the Rescia Guilliano blowers compared to BCS, or even Berta. I've only read about them on Earth Tools, and they look interesting with the side drive. That 32" width looks like a beast for a single stage blower, but I'm not sure how...
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    "That's no Messick's"

    There's been a Kia commercial on TV lately, featuring a Christmas light show (including car lights) synchronized to music. It's nothing special. It came on last evening while I was watching TV with my wife, and after it was over she commented "That's no Messick's light show". I don't know if...
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    XLink Cell to Home Phone

    Does anyone use XLink? XLINK Communication Hubs | XLink BT Cellular Bluetooth Gateway or Xtreme Technologies Xlink BT Bluetooth Gateway - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories It's a box to plug your land line home phones into, and connects via blue tooth to your cell. The idea is to...
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    Sears Selling Craftsman Brand

    Sears is selling their Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker. The only reason I shopped Sears was for their tool section.
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    Price for BCS 605 with Tiller

    I'm thinking about selling my BCS 605 with 30" tiller, to get a new 853. My main reason is to get the transport speed from the 853, since I use a sulky and/or trailer quite a bit. What would be an average selling price for the 605 with tiller? It has the 12.5 v-twin vanguard engine that starts...
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    Rotella T6 On Sale

    TSC has Rotella T6 on sale for 19.99 in case anyone is due for an oil change.
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    Ethanol - A new battle brewing?

    I recently noticed quite a few television ads by Is the ethanol mandate the most broken policy in America? | Smarter Fuel Future I checked them out briefly and noticed their backers are many of the poultry, cattle, or other food producers. I thought most farmers were in favor of ethanol, but...
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    DX 55 Control Valve Leak

    2007 Case IH DX55 Control valves for the FEL and the rear remotes don't hold the cylinders in place. The loader bucket has always dropped slowly, but it is now more of a nuisance if I am mowing with the FEL on. It drops inches in minutes. I've recently added top and tilt cylinders on the rear...
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    Rear Blade Everything Attachments XTreme Duty 6 way Tractor Scrape Blade

    I have an old 6' Ford industrial scraper blade and use it for maintaining my gravel drive mainly. It also does a great job of cutting ditches etc. I've been debating on a box blade or plane for the drive, but can't settle on either as the best tool for the job. My drive is has twists curves...
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    Batteryminder 1500 Review

    There are several old threads on battery chargers, tenders, minders, etc. They had me confused and not sure on which one to buy. Then last fall my battery was slowly failing on my Case IH DX55. I finally decided on the BatteryMinder 1500 due to it's new ambient temperature sensor and other...
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    Who plants a cover crop?

    I'm getting ready to clean up a garden area this weekend and plan to plant a cover crop of winter Rye. I try to rotate a larger garden area between at least 2 plots with cover crops rotating in the 'off' years. Do many of you plant cover crops? In the Fall only, or does anyone...
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    Anyone else have a lot of Dragonflies this year?

    In the evening, we have "flocks" of 50 - 100 dragonflies buzzing and bugging around the yard. They stay in a group that slowly moves around the yard or garden area. Last evening we had a camp fire next to our garden and they covered the garden, staying almost entirely within the limits of the...
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    KK Tiller - Added row markers and other mods

    I recently purchased a King Kutter 84" tiller. It's been raining every day for over a week and water is standing everywhere, and another 7 days of rain are in the forecast. It will be some time before my soil dries enough to get into the garden, and I'm getting the itch. While I'm waiting, I...
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    Replacing bolts - which grade?

    When rebuilding an old cultivator, or any old attachment for that matter, which grade is typically used for the general frame hardware bolts? I am working on an old Dearborn cultivator and I'm replacing most of the bolts due to rust as I make adjustments to it. I'm not refurbishing it, but...
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    Spring Peepers

    In the other thread about our first signs of spring, there were several people who mentioned Spring Peepers. Last night during a warm 48* rain I noticed we had some visitors. We haven't heard any singing from Peepers yet this year, and these little guys were doing more "peeping tom" action...
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    Tiller King Kutter Tillers On Sale

    If someone is looking for a King Kutter tiller, several of them are on sale for a few days at Rural King. The 6' is $1599 and the 7' is 1999. There are others on sale too, so you'll have to check for the size you are looking for. The store closest to me has the same price as the web shows...
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    Concrete pad with footings for shed foundation?

    I live in northern Ohio, with a 3' frost line. I have been wanting to build a 12x20' shed for some time. I plan to use 1/4 of it for a chicken coop and the rest will be a small work area that I can heat easily in the winter when needed. The site is on a slight grade with 10" fall over the 20'...
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    Sprayer Winterize Your Sprayer

    This is a reminder to all you Northerners. Don't forget to run some sort of antifreeze through your sprayer pump, tips, and wand before winter. It will save you parts and aggravation next spring. I use RV antifreeze, but I've heard of several other options.
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    Increased Ethanol %

    I saw a segment on a farm show the other day, discussing the most recent push to increase the percent of ethanol in gasoline. A few of the highlights from the show were: -The ag community is split over this, with the grain producers pushing for it, while the rest of the ag community fighting...
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    White pine weevils can be more dangerous than expected

    I was out with my son last evening trimming trees that were damaged by white pine weevils. I used my carryall to take the branches to the burn pile, and I hope I got to them before the weevils left the shoots. As I walked up to one of the last trees, I made a couple of cuts trimming the main...
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    Fine thread bolts - what advantage?

    What advantage do fine thread bolts have over coarse threads? I notice on most old implements, the bolts are fine thread rather than coarse. I'm working on an old plow now and have to replace quite a few bolts as I go. They are various sizes ranging from 3/8 up to 3/4. I can buy coarse...
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    TSC Welder and Compressor Coupon

    In case anyone is thinking or purchasing a welder or air compressor, see the link to a 10% TSC coupon below...
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    Antifreeze mixture warning

    I heard this on the local weather the other night, and was shocked I had never heard it before. They warned viewers to never use more than a 50/50 mix of antifreeze. I've seen this on the antifreeze jugs many times, but always figured a stronger solution was bad for seals or something. What I...
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    What's a good choice when buying a Multimeter?

    I'm planning to buy a multimeter or VOM soon, and would like some input. There are many models to choose from, but I don't want to spend more money than I have to. I will use it for general tests aroung the house and farm, and when troubleshooting on my tractors. Are there any options I...
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    Case IH Survey

    I got a call last evening asking if I had 15 - 20 minutes to discuss my CaseIH DX55 I purchased over a year ago. I agreed, and he proceded through a series of questions regarding overall satisfaction with fit, finish, quality, power, starting, fuel usage, ease of use, fluid leaks, maintenance...
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    1/8 NPT zerks

    I'm trying to replace a couple damaged zerks that are 1/8 NPT. The threads on the original zerks are obvioulsy tapered, but when I try to fit the new replacements they only turn in 1/2 turn and then are tight. I've forced the new ones in a turn or two but this does not seem right. They are...
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    Removing LX360 Loader

    I know it's a Case and belongs down in that forum, but we don't get much traffic down there. I got my DX55 with the LX360 loader last spring, right after the new models came out. I've wanted to remove my loader several times since then, but just used it as it was to save the anticipated trouble...
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    Hiniker FEL Quick Attach Snowplow

    I bought a Hiniker Big Ox 7 1/2' snowplow to use on my Case DX55 FEL this year. It is quick attach so it only takes a minute to switch out from bucket to plow. We got about a foot or so of wet snow in the past day which has been our heaviest this year. I just came in from plowing the drive...
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    Worklight brands and sizes

    I have a post in the Projects section about a simple little worklight bracket I made. While test mounting the lights I had bought from Walmart, I realized they were smaller than I wanted. They were labeled as 3"x5" on the package, but the lens was actually 2.5"x4.25". Ok, that sounds close to...
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    Worklight Brackets

    There are many good threads on wiring worklights and switches, but I had trouble settling on a light bracket design. I wanted something small since each bracket would be supporting just a single light. I also wanted a design that was inexpensive, could be moved easily without marring the...
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    Hardware Selection at Lowes

    I was in Lowes a couple days ago, looking for a special nut for a project. I noticed they have a relatively large selection of pins, grommets, anchors, nuts, bolts, fasteners, etc. I probably spent 15 minutes browsing through all the drawers to see all the specialty hardware they carried...
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    ULSD and Powerservice pass first test

    After all the debates on here this year regarding LSD vs ULSD vs BioDiesel and the gelling issues etc, I am a bit concerned. I use my tractor to clear my drive and depend on it to start by 6:00 a.m. which is typically the coldest part of the day. A few days ago, the morning after our first...
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    Power Service = warmer engine

    I have a DX55, and it's been dicussed here many times the 55's run with their temp gauge at the bottom edge of the normal range. Mine typically runs right on the edge, within the normal band by a hair, even when brush hogging on a hot summer day. This week the temperatures have dipped to the...
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    Grasshopper on side hills

    I've looked at mowers and thought I decided on a Scag. After using a demo I was sold on the quality and cut from the scag, but I couldn't trim as close as I could with my old JD F525. I researched some more and found the Grasshopper front mount mowers. I am now wondering how the 700 series...
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    Scag deck size and fuel

    I demo'd a Tiger Cub 61" and loved mower but I'm concerned with the fuel usage and scalping. It was suggested I look at the Kawasaki engine models rather than the Briggs Vangard to be more fuel efficient. Can anyone back up that claim? I expected some scalping from the edges of the wide deck...
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    Log Splitter

    I've been trying to decide on whether to buy a 3ph or a trailer style log splitter. As I understand it the 3ph will be a slower unit, not as handy since I can't use it off my porperty unless I drive my tractor, but it is less expensive. Of the trailer style, I've researched the Northern Tool...
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    JD525 puffing smoke

    I have a JD F525 riding mower witha 17hp Kawasaki engine (300hrs). After a recent mowing, I hosed it down to clean off the grass. Started it and drove it in the barn to park with no problems. The following week when I started it, it puffed HEAVY white/blue smoke that smelled like oil, and it...
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    TC55 Draft Control?

    Can those who own a TC55 help me out? Can you tell me if you have a separate lever to engage draft control? I recently purchased a new DX55. The specs listed it as having draft and position control. I'm familiar with draft control when it uses a separate lever, but my DX only has a position...
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    Planters 3ph flex 71 planters any good?

    I've been looking for a decent 2 or 4 row corn planter for a couple years. Seems like either borderline junk or the 3ph flex 71 planters on ebay, with not much between to choose from. What I'd like to know is, do the refurbished flex 70 planters do a decent job? They look like they might pull...
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    TC56 ?

    I've had a new DX55 on order for 6 weeks, and my dealer said it is taking longer than expected due to new emissions standards. He said it will now be called a DX56. I've seen the other posts about new TC models coming soon but not a TC56. I'm wondering if Case is only using some of the new...
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    Ordered DX55

    I finally decided on the best tractor for my needs. I ordered a DX55, FEL w/QA bucket, 2 rear remotes, grill guard, R1 Ag tires, and loaded tires and/or wheel weights. I also ordered a Hinker QA snow blade for the loader. It will take 2 months to get the tractor since there are none in...
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    Ballast TC55 Wheel Weights

    Does anyone have wheel wts on a TC48, TC55, DX48, or DX55 with Ag (R1) tires? I'm trying to find out if I add 2 sets of weights, will they extend out beyond my tire width? Thanks for your help.
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    Where is the TC55 made?

    Wher are the TC55 and DX55 made? Are they assembled in the US or imported?
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    0% 48 months on DX and JX

    Case is offering "unpublished" financing deals until the end of Feb. 48 months at 0% for DX and JX tractors. The dealers have the details.