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  1. o2batsea

    Tires Keep rolling beads

    ugh second time in less than 10 hours I rolled the front tire off the rim. I dunno what I'm doing wrong exactly, but I'll just keep after the tire pressure and hope I stop doing this. it was $30 this time since it took two guys a half hour. any tricks I should learn ?
  2. o2batsea

    New to me

    Picked these up yesterday in Leesburg. The faded one has a Kohler 16 hp twin. Paid stupid cheap for all.
  3. o2batsea

    Leaky front swivel seal...again (DK series)

    Well $80 later the new seal is in on the '06 DK45C. Fortunately I bought this giant snap ring pliers set to take a turbo apart with, so I did have the right tool for the job. So to save the next owner a lot of time doing useless stuff like taking everything completely apart.... Remove the...
  4. o2batsea

    Axle housing leaking...again...

    Bleah. Opened the barn to find a huge tidal wave of 90 wt trailing into the center drain hole in the floor and coming from the RF axle. The very same one I repaired three years ago. Guess I know what I'm doing tuesday....
  5. o2batsea

    Trackhoe base for 3 point BH attachment?

    Forgive me if this has been covered. I have a fine 3 point sub frame detachable backhoe that is great for what it can do on a tractor. I find that there are many instances....mucking ditches in particular...where I wish I could turn the whole mess 90 degrees to the tractor. How wacky an idea is...
  6. o2batsea

    Slo Blow 60A fuse woes

    Just for your edfification, I spent a good half hour trying to figure out what the problem was. Good power from battery to terminal lug on starter, but no power to ignition switch, lights etc. Checked slo blow fuse and it was good. Still nothing. Finally just tried wiggling it ( I know, real...
  7. o2batsea

    Hive mind query: Tig welder...

    Good deal or run away? TIG Welder Thanks.
  8. o2batsea

    3-Point Hitch Pulsing, jumping lift when cold

    I have noticed lately that when I lift the mower deck or the bush hog or whatever is hooked up to the TPH, it kinda bucks and jumps until things warm up. Anyone else experience this? Not sure it is a symptom or a feature. '06 DK45 SEC. Tanks
  9. o2batsea

    Windmill FAIL

    finally got round to putting up the pond aeration windmill. It was going pretty well until the thing was about ten feet up. At that point the fiberglass pole I was using for a support gave out and the thing came down head first. I think I can save some of it, but it's pretty jacked up. As they...
  10. o2batsea

    Kioti help on my Land Rover project

    When it's man vs car a loader helps. Got all the body parts off the old chassis. It's getting a new galvanized one, along with a turbo diesel.
  11. o2batsea

    Kioti vs irene

    Had to whip out to the Eastern Shore to get stuff up out of the way of the coming flood. Property is waterfront on a creek a half mile from the Bay. Couldn't have done it without the DK45. Moved several engines, lifted a transmission, giant roll of fiberglass cloth, and more too numerous. Hope...
  12. o2batsea

    Backhoe on CL Eastern Shore

    No affiliation, just passing this along: backhoe attachment
  13. o2batsea

    Front axle seal fix

    Before anyone else has to spend hours figuring out this darn thing, let me tell you how to replace the "floating seal" on the axle steering housing. The secret is that there is no secret to getting it all apart and back together, except that you need a really really good pair of snap ring...
  14. o2batsea

    Blown front axle swivel seal

    Opened the barn door to find the floor covered in a big oil stain. Obviously originating from the DK45 since there weren't any Land Rovers in there at the time LOL. Anyway, investigation revealed that the oil seal on the front axle (passenger side?, OK right side) had failed and half the...
  15. o2batsea

    Canopy DK45 Cab puzzlement

    OK I must be an idiot. About two thirds of the way up on each rear corner are two welded brackets that are kinda L shaped. I have had this tractor for three years and have never seen any reference to these things anywhere in the literature or on the web or anywhere. Are these actually for some...
  16. o2batsea


    After taking so much grief, I suppose I must show what I have been working on. Here is the progress as of yesterday. Total investment so far is about 11 million dollars, not including my own time. The frame is made from 1.5 inch fiberglass square tube and glued with West Sysytem epoxy and...
  17. o2batsea

    Your time is not free

    I see so many threads where the poster claims they only have a few bucks worth of materials in a project. I always calculate my own "shop hourly rate" into my projects to see whether I am actually saving money by doing some of these things myself. My personal rate is $90/hr. My current wind...
  18. o2batsea

    200 hour service calesthenics

    Gosh, I thought Rovers were hard to work on. Did the 200 hour service and it about wore me out. Granted I wasn't as prepared as I coulda been...shoulda done my push ups more regular. Anyway its done (DK45 Cab) and I feel better now. Air cleaner in particular was kind of a PITA to get out, as was...
  19. o2batsea

    Chains Can i make a dk45 into a turbo

    Am I wrong or is a dk55 nothing more than a dk45 with a turbo? If so can one simply add the turbo manifold and turbo and be done? There may be other small details like exhaust plumbing and such. It would be nice to have the hp. Am I nuts?
  20. o2batsea

    20 bucks a foot

    Just scored a Woods RM59 for a hundred bux. Look out poison ivy.
  21. o2batsea

    How do you say it?

    I find myself pronouncing "Kioti" as if the first syllable rhymes with "key". Like "Key-Oh-Tee" I don't know if this is unusual or if it's just my Maryland sneaking in. I guess it's supposed to be pronounced like the canine, "coyote". "Kye-Oh-Tee" Yup, Friday and not much happening at the moment.
  22. o2batsea

    CK20 grille guard tip...

    Search ebay for "BUSH HOG GRILL GUARD KIT" and you will see this. Not my auction or anything, just noting it for anyone who might be interested.
  23. o2batsea

    Adding second remotes, what can I do with them?

    As I mentioned in another post, I picked up a brand new unopened second remote kit for the Kioti DK45 Cab on ebay for a ridiculously insane price. I haven't installed it yet (no time) but wonder if it will be usable to power quick tach implements like grapples. I assume it works like the current...
  24. o2batsea

    Kioti Fiberglass cab top repair

    I posted this in the Kioti section. I hope it helps others. Tractor is a 2006 DK45 Cab. I spent some quality time repairing a serious crack that i created when a partial wall fell on the tractor about a year or so ago ( long story ). I first had to get the cab top off and down where I could...
  25. o2batsea

    Repair fiberglass cab top

    I spent some quality time repairing a serious crack that i created when a partial wall fell on the tractor about a year or so ago ( long story ). I first had to get the cab top off and down where I could work on it. The cab is held in place with 4 12 mm bolts. Once undone ( the frigging lights...
  26. o2batsea

    Rear remote kit eBay kill

    Just opened the box with the DK45 dual rear remote kit I got on eBay for $50. Plus shipping. It's all there, brand new kioti parts. Reading the instructions,one has to take off the right rear wheel. The add on kit simply bolts to the side of the existing rear rote detent valve, and there is a...
  27. o2batsea

    iPhone in the cab

    Next up on my list is a way to incorporate my iPhone in the tractor (Kioti DK45 cab). Oddly, I get pretty good reception...even 3G the cab. My problem of course is that have to stop what I'm doing to answer a call or change what's playing on itunes. I'm looking into integrated...
  28. o2batsea

    iPhone/iPod dock in DK45 cab

    Next up on my list is a way to incorporate my iPhone in the tractor. Oddly, I get pretty good reception...even 3G the cab. My problem of course is that have to stop what I'm doing to answer a call or change what's playing on itunes. I'm looking into integrated bluetooth and stereo...
  29. o2batsea

    Cattail Killer, or how to clean up around the pond?

    Here's the deal...I have a small 1/2 acre pond that's part of the septic system. It's got a gentle slope into the water of maybe 10 degrees. The berm is somewhat soft when the water is high and in the summer it's rock hard when the water is low. The best time to cut is obviously when the water...
  30. o2batsea

    Hy Guard sticker shock

    I guess it's been a few years since I bought my last buckets. 2 of em were over 120 bones (faint)
  31. o2batsea

    Looking for yokes & ujoints for Gravely PTO shafts

    OK I know this is just a lawn tractor, but I know someone will have an answer. I have several PTO shafts for this old Gravely riding tractor. Some were clearly for a 400 and some are for an 8000 ( which is what I have). What I'm trying to do is make a 15T to 13T double u joint for the snowblower...
  32. o2batsea

    Ditch mower from bush hog?

    I have need of a ditch mower. The tractor in question is a Kioti DK35 Cab model. It has rear remotes. Hydraulics are the run of the mill loader set up with joystick. I was looking around on ebay to see whats out there and saw something like this: Well if that isn't a Bush hog offset with...
  33. o2batsea

    hydraulic power to quick attach implements?

    Is there anything that would allow one to have a separate hydraulic line to the front of the loader for powering attachments? Can you tap into the hydraulic circuit for the FEL? I assume that you'd have to have another joystick controller for the implements circuit. Does Kioti make a kit for...
  34. o2batsea

    Try not to drop a wall on yourself.

    You hate to tell people thse stories because it makes you look so stupid, but here's a small testimonial to the cabs on the DK45. I was dopey enough to think I could raise the end wall of my new barn by myself using only gravity and the loader. Keep in mind this wall is only 32 feet wide and 16...
  35. o2batsea

    DK45HST Cab Pics, stereo?

    Thanks for the pix Wallace. Am I seeing things the right way? Is that a cassette player in a brand new tractor? Just curious if this is a popular thing in Korea over a CD or even an MP3 player. It's a nice feature to have in my '06 DK45C, since I can listen to all my old Depeche Mode and ELP...
  36. o2batsea

    Cab roof removal

    One of the chores ahead of me is a small repair to the fiberglass portion of the cab roof which will require the roof's removal. Has anyone taken one off? Is thee anything specific that I should be aware of? It looks more or less straight up as far as taking it off goes.
  37. o2batsea

    Backhoe Backhoe tips and tricks?

    I know there aren't too many backhoe users here, but if there are any I'd like to know what kind of issues you have and what tips you might offer. I have a 2006 DK45 Cab (Cassette player? Really? Come on) and Loader along with a 2385 Backhoe attachment. The thing with the backhoe is that is a...