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  1. Williy


    Ilon Musk's hydrogen trucks are already running on hyways on the east coast willy
  2. Williy

    John Deere 2030 question

    why not just cut the pin hole out and put in a splice? willy
  3. Williy

    Fuel filter

    I have never replaced a fuel filter on any machine that I have owned. My F_I_L had 76 chevy 6 cyl and he put the ethanol gas in his tank and had to carry a dozen or more fuel filters as the ethanol plugged them up. I put over 100k miles on my cummins diesel pickup and it still has the same...
  4. Williy

    Tiller forward rotating models and reverse rotation tiller

    A reverse tiller is OK if there are no rocks around. When people get a rock stuck in a reverse tiller a lot of choice words seem to spew out cause its not an easy task to remove the rocks jammed in the tiller. willy
  5. Williy

    Solar PV panel Hot Water System

    I am thinking of getting a 2000 watt wind generator from MO wind and solar and a 12 volt heating element as I have an old hot water tank that I will put in my shop to have hot water to wash etc. I have a small hand crank washing machine so I can wash my shop rags because my wife would have had...
  6. Williy

    Shelf life for diesel fuel additives

    I used the white bottle PS and use it year round. I am always ready if it gets cold. willy
  7. Williy

    Branson tractor fire

    Sorry for the loss. willy
  8. Williy


    Just maybe these will fit other tractors""" willy
  9. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    HeyDude, Sorry about your MIL hate t;o hear that people suffer so. Just lost my wife on the 6th but it was quick she just collapsed willy
  10. Williy

    Yet another oil filter comparison, but a good easy watch.

    Here''s something for y'all to look at: willy
  11. Williy

    Why hasn't Yanmar been more active in the USA?

    Yanmar still makes some tractors for JD. Sometimes if you take the valve out and check for the manufacture and any information on it you can find parts or even a replacement. Lots of guys example say I need a starter! Needed info: tracator car or truck 12 volt or 6...
  12. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I retired over 22 years ago and it used to be honeydo's but now its just me and no pay willy
  13. Williy

    Ga. cold and diesel fuel

    I'm not sure but didn't the old big diesel units have a pony engine run on gas to start the diesel??? willy
  14. Williy

    Thank You!

    Rdrcr Branson and TYM is now TYM they merged Congrats on your new tractor and hope you enjoy your tractor as much as I enjoy mine. willy
  15. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    IMHO I do believe that after tax time and the weeds begin to grow tractor sales will rise. Usually people wait until after tax time to purchase any big items. willy
  16. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I purchased my tractor in June 2021 with a loan for 6 years and next month I hope to pay it off. I will be saving over $1500 by doing this. I Purchased the tractor, tiller, brush hog and land plane, quick hitch and thumb for the backhoe. SS only paid $250 many many years ago for a burial and...
  17. Williy


    The videos from Youtube I found interesting and though that maybe someone on here would like to see them also. ALSO I was probably on; youtube when they first started out! So instead of saying something with no meaning just don't watch what I put here for someone who just might have an...
  18. Williy

    Amsoil vs. Kubota Super UDT2

    When I change motor oil I always try to fill the filter with oil even if its sideways at least its half full willy
  19. Williy

    JD 855 4x4 Axle $2800 ring gear!?!

    Call Motive Gear Toll free: 800-934-2727 don't know if they have tractor parts but they have rear end parts willy
  20. Williy

    Picking up lots of big-ish rocks

    Many years ago; 400 lbs was easy for me to pickup but 19 years behind a desk and now I can still handle the 80 lb cement bags but if I get a rock to big for me to push into the bucket I use a strap and winch it in. willy
  21. Williy


    There are more accidents on youtube right now willy
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  23. Williy

    This ain't for ME!

  24. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    It all comes back to me now said the blind man as he was peeing into; the wind willy
  25. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Ilon Musk says do;n't buy anything for 18 months. In Fond du Lac Wisconsin the welfare man got a snowmobile for a family and the husband was making over $50K per year this is back in the 70's I also seen a couple with two heaping shipping carts full of lobster and paid with food stamps. willy
  26. Williy

    another hiccup to going solar?

    As for me I would never have solar and getting power from electric company. First its a big expense for the equipment and you have to have an electrician to hook you up. You can spend that money on more batteries! I use the power company for 220 volt items water heaters. Never pay a company...
  27. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I heard well read this: Silicon Valley Bank employees received bonuses hours before government takeover willy
  28. Williy

    Battery replacement

    IMHO you should get the battery with the highest amp rating that will fit! When its below ZERO you will have plenty of amps to start you vehicle willy
  29. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Don't know if this is true or not but I heard that the silicon bank gave all employe's a hefty pay bonus just before they went belly up! willy
  30. Williy

    YT aftermarket filters

    amazon Yanmar OEM Lube Oil Filter, Part# 129150-35170 $18.45 Yanmar 129470-55810 Fuel Filter 129470-55703 $19.57 Yanmar Transmission Hydraulic Oil Filter #198535-48080! $99.99 Yanmar Fuel Filter Element #129A00-55730-12! $64.89 OEM Yanmar HST Filter #1A7180-48210 - FREE Shipping $108.00...
  31. Williy

    Yanmar 186D - hard to start

    What about the air filters? For a manual/service manual: willy
  32. Williy

    Service manual for 186d

    Check out these web sites maybe you can find what you need???? willy
  33. Williy

    Yanmar 186D - hard to start

    It don't sound like the glow plugs are working willy
  34. Williy


    Thanks for the edit MossRoad willy
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  36. Williy

    To upgrade or not

    mo1 do you add blueberries & walnuts to your oatmeal?? Really good willy
  37. Williy

    Looking for input on fiberglass canopy brands

    Have you tried the golf course they usually have surplus canopy's willy
  38. Williy

    Selling a Tractor Back to the Dealer. Is this a possibility?

    IMHO going to the dealer you will loose way more than you want to. Sell it yourself or put it on tractor house to sell as they have great coverage to sell items. willy
  39. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    I haven't had a house payment in over 40 years. I have had car & truck payments. Now its just a tractor payment and next month will be the last payment except electric, trash, internet & phone The wife just passed last Monday I buy very little as I don't need much. willy
  40. Williy

    Willy's wife passed

    Thank Y'all for your kind words Its just me and the dog. All relation are in Wisconsin willy
  41. Williy

    Willy's wife passed

    My wife of 56 years passed Monday I can thank the Lord that is was quick and no suffering willy
  42. Williy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Well hopefully next month I will make my last tractor payment! I will not purchase any new vehicle too much electronics to go wrong willy
  43. Williy

    Heating Oil (28 sec Kerosene) Added to Diesel

    I have diesel fuel in the tank in my pickup bed and its over 3 yrs old and works great in my tractor. I would't be afraid using it in a 1 to 10 ratio willy
  44. Williy

    LS XR4145HC starting problem....

    Are the cables good not rotted out inside? You can't see if the cable is rotted on the inside from the outside, use a ohm meter willy
  45. Williy

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023

    I can't remember the town but it was in the middle of Wisconsin maybe Watoma area and it was all the old fashioned equipment that was used way back and it all worked. Steam tractors, really old tractors It was great to see how the old timers lived with the equipment to farm with. willy
  46. Williy

    Diesel oil or not.

    Diesel oil has special additives to take care of the high volume of soot etc that diesel engines create willy
  47. Williy

    Kubota or John Deer

    I have a Yanmar the dealer is 120 miles away and the only other dealer within 25 miles is John Deere So I will gladly go the 120 miles. Yanmar has been making tractors since 1912. Also the only Manufacture with a 10 year warranty! willy
  48. Williy

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023

    Do they still have the the old tractors, steam machines etc??? We used to go to those shows back in the 50's willy
  49. Williy

    3cyl Diesel Not 'Warming Up'

    If the tractor is not heating up could it be the thermostat is not closing or don't have one??? willy
  50. Williy

    Two questions for YT owners..

    Did you check for a fuse???? willy