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    Rear Blade Tufline GB4 Rear Blade - anyone own one / opinions??

    I'm going to be looking at a used Tufline GB 8 foot rear blade possibly this weekend & was wondering if anyone had one of their unit or had an opinion on them? I don't have any experience with the brand but it seems they have been around since 1958, so just looking for some info... Tufline...
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    Stow DP-80 Diaphragm Pump - looking for info

    I was given a Stow Manufacturing Co. DP-80 Diaphragm Pump from a friend... Looking for a user manual / info on the unit so I can get it working again... The Honda motor is the easy part need information on the pump... I would like to take it apart to examine it & see if there are any issues...
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    Ratchet Rake Questions - specific to our tractor bucket & our use

    Looking at possibly purchasing a Ratchet Rake for our NH TC40D with pretty specific use in mind. I’ve read tons of threads on TBN (thank for all the info) & viewed multiple videos (most terrible) & pretty convinced on purchasing one… So without going into a huge debate on if it is a good tool or...
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    Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch Recommendation

    I know this is a pretty rudimental attachment.... but wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a reasonably priced Clamp On Tractor Bucket Hitch that works well? I want to purchase one but see prices all over the place & mixed reviews. A friend of ours has a generic / no name one he...
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    New (to us) Splitter - planning a couple of mods

    Been borrowing a splitter for the past many years either from my brother or one of my friends for our splitting needs. Although not convenient it worked, but we always had the idea of owning our own splitter; we burn 3 to 4 cord per season to heat 3K+ sqft home. We decided we wanted a few things...
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    Debris Blower -remote rotation & defection mod

    We picked a used but in good shape RAD PTO Debris Blower awhile back & after a good greasing & changing its gearbox oil we used it a couple of times & planned to continue to use it as it was. At one point prior to us it had the optional electric deflector setup but it wasn't working when we got...
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    TC 40D Glow Plug Light Staying On - Question

    Ok been on here for 10+ yrs but don't post much... well because you all have taught me so much & I usually don't need to ask questions because I can find the answers here... (ok I'm 10+ yr old novice tractor owner so I read alot... but don't have much to add to the knowledge base here...) So...
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    Over Running Coupler Recommendation TC40D??

    First I would like to thank everyone on here... I just realized I've been a member for 10yrs & on here all the time but only have 2 posts... lol... This is all impart to all of you, because I'm on here all the time (multiple times a month) looking for answers to things I don't know. So it...