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    Oil leak - older PT425 60” finishing mower

    I still have less than 200 hrs on my PT425, but the finishing mower is one of my used attachments with unknown hours. I normally use another smaller mower to save hours on the PT, but the grass was very tall from all the rain. Anyway, there was a sizable oil leak at the deck’s hydraulic motor...
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    Visit to Tazewell this week

    I stopped by Power-Trac this week while I was in the area to pick up some hydraulic filters for my PT-425. A couple of things I learned: 1. Someone mentioned before on this forum that the Deutz 30hp has been discontinued for emissions reasons. Curious about the future of the PT-1430, I...
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    Hydraulic filter change, then engine issues. Coincident?

    Well I thought I had all issues worked out with my 2016 PT425 and was getting ready for an updated post to sing its praises. But... Presently I'm in the middle of large trenching project for electrical conduit at newly purchased home. Ive opened up about 200 feet of trench in my yard and...
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    the saga continues... PT-425 engine problem at 10 hours?

    After doing about 2 hours of loader work today the PT started sputtering. Thinking I was about out of gas I rushed back to the garage to fill it up. It still had almost half a tank, but filled up anyway. I also checked to make sure the fuel line didn't get kinked from where I replaced the gas...
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    New PT-425 Owner

    I promised an introductory post once I got to use my new PT a little, so here goes... I picked the PT-425 up from Tazewell on 9/2 along with a mini-hoe and stump grinder. The following day, I went to KentT's and picked up his all eight of his T8 attachments that he was selling. I finally got...
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    Tractor Sizing B26 vs L4701/L4600 with BH92

    Hello, everyone. For a while, I have been trying to decide what tractor to get. Immediate need is to repair long gravel drive with a land plane and/or BB. Would also like to a small rotary cutter to trim beside road. Based on this, I started looking at BX and B tractors, which would be...