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  1. joemd11

    R3039 valve adjustment

    Owners manual calls for valves to be adjusted at the 600 hour mark. Thought I would attempt this myself but not sure of the procedure. Specifically, knowing when the cylinder is at TDC. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
  2. joemd11

    Dump Truck recommendation

    Thank you! It was a long term project. Still have a vacuum 2-speed rear end to install if I ever get around to it.
  3. joemd11

    Dump Truck recommendation

    I really like old dump trucks! This one has a flathead V8(100hp) and a crash box 4 speed. About the only thing it hauls these days is me with a big grin on my face.
  4. joemd11

    Model A Ford.... I keep threatening.....

    Gotta love the old trucks! That truck deserves better than to be wasting away in a gravel pit. Do you recall the manufacturer of the dump body?
  5. joemd11

    Model A Ford.... I keep threatening.....

    The tag on the glove box door says 12,500 GVW and the truck weighs about 5300lbs.
  6. joemd11

    Model A Ford.... I keep threatening.....

    A little bigger and newer than a Model A. Took several years to restore but was a fun project. Driving it is like stepping back in time.
  7. joemd11

    Heat pumps

    Question for you guys versed in the HVAC realm. First, my system is totally electric forced air with heat pump and air handler. Is it normal for my 16 seer(sp?) heat pump to run when the outside temp is below zero? I thought that these things were only good down to about 32˚ or so and then the...
  8. joemd11

    Rope suggestions and help

    This was a tall (60-90ft) Tulip tree I had taken down by a local company. I had used this company before and was pleased with their work. The tree was about 15 feet from my house and several large branches hung over the roof. The plan was to use the bucket truck and a nylon rope, run thru a...
  9. joemd11


    Man recovering after getting chainsaw lodged in neck | Another reminder to be careful out there!
  10. joemd11

    Dog pics

    These two have had enough of winter! Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
  11. joemd11

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    I think it gives a slightly better cut than a bush hog. My flail is considered a rough cut model as it only has 56 knives as opposed to the finish cut model which has 88 knives. Never used a bush hog so I can't give an accurate comparison. The flail works fine for my needs. Sent from my iPad...
  12. joemd11

    PICTURES ONLY thread

    Mowed the clearing for the first time this year. I think it's time to sharpen the knives on my flail mower - not looking forward to that job. Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
  13. joemd11

    X-Country Skiing

    Anyone out there into X-country skiing? I've been thinking of buying some skis and giving it a try. Seems like it would be a good workout and a nice way to enjoy the outdoors during winter. The local ski shop has a package deal for just under $300. We have some areas close by that might be good...
  14. joemd11

    ATV Snowplow?

    This is what I use and it works great. Grizzly with a Rhino snow plow. Just plowed after an 8" snowfall with no problem. Easy, fast, and doesn't hurt the blacktop drive.
  15. joemd11

    Got to Plow Some Snow

    We got about 8" out of Wednesdays snow storm and I got to use the atv for the first time. It did a great job and was fun to do. I push all the snow to the low side of the driveway and build a little snow ramp. The more snow we get, the longer the snow ramp gets. Looks like the forecast calls for...
  16. joemd11

    What ATV, side by side or UTV do you have.

    Moved up from a Yamaha Kodiak to this Grizzly. I really like the bigger engine and the fuel injection. Use it to plow the drive and pull a little dump trailer for yard work. And it's fun just to bop around the property. I think a utv would be overkill for me, but an enclosed cab would be nice...
  17. joemd11

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Here is what I use for snow removal. It's a Yamaha Grizzly 550 with a 48" plow. It's bigger than the Kodiak I used previously and it has a winch instead of a lever to raise/lower the plow. Now if we would just get some snow so I can try it out!
  18. joemd11

    What kind of dogs do you own?

    Our current posse consists of a Collie, a Sheltie, and a German Shepherd. All great dogs with unique personalities.
  19. joemd11

    What kind of dogs do you own?

    We currently share the house with this crew. The sheltie and the collie were from breeders. We got the shepherd from someone who had rescued her and 3 of her litter mates. All are great dogs with their own personalities. We also have 3 cats - all strays. Ya, we are hard on vacuum cleaners.
  20. joemd11

    Flail Mower Caroni Flail Roller Bearings

    Well guys, I backed the mower into the shop today to inspect the roller bearings and they seem ok to me. Both bearings had grease and seem to turn freely and the circlips were fine. The axle stubs look good with no signs of wear. I cleaned everything as best I could and reassembled the roller. I...
  21. joemd11

    6 power plants closed

    I heard about these plant closings from my nephew who is a lineman for a power company. Seems they are older, coal fired plants that can't pass new EPA pollution regs. The plants are in Pa, Oh, and Md. This can't be good for electric power rates. Might need to stock up on candles:D...
  22. joemd11

    LS R3039 PTO Problem

    I've got just about 50 hours on my tractor now. I was doing some mowing today and when I turned the pto switch off, the pto remained engaged:mad:. I tried cycling the switch off and on and even shut the engine off and cycled the switch with just the ingition on. Still the pto remained engaged. I...
  23. joemd11

    R3039 Draft control ???

    Operating under the assumption that the only dumb question is a question not it goes. When I mow with my flail mower I have been putting the draft control lever(I think that is what it is called) in its mid-range position and everything seems to work fine. I've read the manual...
  24. joemd11

    Mowing Caroni Flail

    Yesterday they delivered my new Caroni TM1900 flail mower. Just getting it off the truck was a real circus. First, the trucking company assured me they were sending a straight box truck. Well, they sent a tractor-trailer which had no chance of getting in my driveway. Ok, we will unload it on the...
  25. joemd11

    Box Blade ?

    I've been looking for a box blade and not quite sure on what width to get. The rear tires on my R3039 (38 hp) are 68" wide. I like the box blade that Everything Attachments carries (United) as it seems like a good blade for the money. Would a 72" blade be too much for my tractor? The next...
  26. joemd11

    R3039 is in!!!

    Well I went to the dealer today to see my new tractor. It was in the shop being prepped for delivery so I couldn't drive it around. It was still an exciting day even though I could only sit on it. Now if I can just figure out how to post these...
  27. joemd11

    Lima Sierra(LS)R3039 on the way!

    I finally got off the tractor shopping merry-go-round and ordered a new LS R3039. It is a brand new model and I think it will be a good fit for my application. This forum is an invaluable source of information when purchasing a new piece of equipment and I want to thank all of you for your...
  28. joemd11

    Hello from W.Pa

    Just wanted to say hello and say that this is a very informative site. I want to purchase a CUT in the near future and have found some very good info here. Happy New Year to all !!!!!!!