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  1. John_Mc

    Tractor related spam email?

    Does TBN rent or sell its email list? Lately, I've been getting inundated with tractor-related spam email. I'm not sure what touched off this recent wave. Just thought I'd ask.
  2. John_Mc

    Engine block heater malfunction on TC33D

    The latest issue with my TC33D: the engine block heater now trips the GFI outlet in my garage any time I plug it in. I have not yet even looked to see where this is on the engine. I'm hoping it's not a big deal to get to. As far as I know, this was a factory installed item (could have been a...
  3. John_Mc

    Honda Pioneer 520 resources?

    Well, I ended up buying a used Honda Pioneer 520 from a guy about an hour away from me. Seems to be in good condition, and has 1000 miles on it. I have been keeping my eyes open for a smaller SXS for a while now. Are there many Pioneer 520 users on here? Do you have any recommendations on a...
  4. John_Mc

    Fair price on almost new tractor chains?

    I have an almost new set of V-bar Duo Grip tractor chains and the chain tensioner devices. (I used them less than one winter season). A friend is interested in buying them from me. New price for the chains and tensioners would be $715. Neither of us is looking to take advantage of the other, we...
  5. John_Mc

    Pros & Cons Kawasaki Mule SX vs Honda Pioneer 520

    I'm looking at small UTVs to be used for working in the woods - especially when things are a bit too soft/wet to get out there with my tractor. I'll bring chainsaws and associated gear in the bed or in a small trailer. Occasionally might tow a 750# log splitter. I'd like engine braking - which I...
  6. John_Mc

    NH TC33D Transmission Range Safety Switch Problem

    For some time, I could not start my tractor with the range selector in the neutral position between 1st and 2nd range, but the other neutral worked normally. Today, it stopped working all together. Fortunately, it waited to fail completely until after I got the tractor home from an afternoon of...
  7. John_Mc

    Bad news on my TC33D

    I got some bad news about my NH TC33D yesterday. Two weeks ago, I was out working on the far corner of my property when I heard a POP! Engine was still running fine, but I lost all power to the wheels. Shifting into various ranges did nothing. I decide to push myself backwards enough to get the...
  8. John_Mc

    Difference between Honda Pioneer 700 and the Deluxe model?

    I've been keeping my eyes open for a Honda Pioneer 520 - either new or used in very good condition. I think the smaller size would suit my needs better (when doing heavier work, I'd probably be on my tractor). However, I'm also considering the Honda Pioneer 700 models. I doubt I'll go that big...
  9. John_Mc

    TC33D transmission/hydro issues?

    I was out working in the woods this afternoon and early evening in my TC33D (hydrostatic transmission). I thought I'd pull up a small stump in the middle of one of my trails, figuring it may have rotted enough to pop out by now. I was working one of the lower tines of my forestry grapple under...
  10. John_Mc

    Can-AM Outlander Max 500 value?

    A friend of mine is moving and selling his 2007 Can-Am Outlander Max 500. He's an older guy and has not worked it hard. He's also someone who takes good care of his machines. It had not run in a couple of years (mouse chewed wiring and fuel line). That is being repaired. The machine LOOKS great...
  11. John_Mc

    TC33D throttle friction adjust?

    The friction on the throttle on my TC33D just loosened up. What is the easiest way to get to it behing the dashboard to see what I need to do to tighten things back up again?
  12. John_Mc

    Polaris Ranger 800 EFI 4X4 value?

    My neighbors inherited a 2014 Polaris Ranger 800 EFI 4X4. Power steering, manual dump bed, 750 miles. Not a scratch on it, starts and runs well. (no winch or other accessories) I'm thinking of buying it from him. Any idea of a fair value for it? Neither of us is looking to make a killing here...
  13. John_Mc

    Username change?

    I just noticed that I can edit my user name. If I change it from its current "John_Mc" to "John Mc" (change the underscore to a space) will the change show up in my past posts, and will my stats still be the same as they are now, or do I lose my history and my posts reset to 0? For some reason...
  14. John_Mc

    Storage/tool box for chainsaw related items?

    For years, I've used an old plastic storage bin/tool box for storing the odds and ends of my woodcutting gear. It was a hardware store find, 30"x18"x14". I kept in it: a metal 50 cal ammo can with small tools and supplies (chainsaw sharpening tools, bar rail dresser, various hand tools & ax for...
  15. John_Mc

    TC33D fuel gauge problem

    The fuel gauge on my TC33D stopped working. It shows empty when off, and full any time the power is on. I've been having issues with the instrument cluster for some time - the fuel gauge would stick at empty when powered up. A smack on the the cluster would free it up and it would work...
  16. John_Mc

    "Stay logged in" not working?

    For some reason, I am no longer staying logged in from visit to visit, even though I have the "Keep logged in" box checked when I log back in. It's a bit of an annoyance, since when I click on the link in one of my notification emails, it decides I'm not logged in and takes me to the first...
  17. John_Mc

    Price on a used L2800HST?

    What ballpark price range is reasonable for a 2005 L2800HST with FEL in the Vermont/New York area. It's in good running order, with about 500 hours. I realize this depends on a lot of things. I don't have a lot of info on the tractor yet, just trying to help a friend who is looking get an idea...
  18. John_Mc

    Brush hog size for MF 1528 tractor

    A friend is looking at purchasing a used MF1528 tractor with hydrostatic transmission in great condition (I know the current owner). Will the 1528 (28.4 gross HP, 22.3 PTO HP) handle a 5 foot brush hog OK? A 4 footer will not quite cover his tracks. I run a 5 footer on my NH TC33D (33 gross...
  19. John_Mc

    X570 seat switch too sensitive

    We just bought a JD X570. Love the way it handles, but the seat switch is far to sensitive: if I shift my weight slightly to one side, it shuts down. Sometimes if I lean forward to duck under a tree branch (with my butt still planted in the seat), it shuts down. I don't want to simply bypass it...
  20. John_Mc

    When was TBN started?

    When was TBN started? I've looked on the home page, thinking there might be some history or statistics, but didn't see anything. Tried a couple searches, but haven't found a search term that returns anything useful. I joined in 2001, and think I recall seeing some folks with join dates in the 1990s.
  21. John_Mc

    An future end to DPF Diesels?

    Well, maybe there is hope: If I can make my current tractor last long enough, maybe this technology will be in play before I have to buy again, and I won't have to mess with DPF. Can Diesel Finally Come Clean? article appearing in Scientific American
  22. John_Mc

    Forestry mods

    In another thread in the NH Owning/Operating section, wolfie1959 asked about the forestry mods I've done to my tractor. Rather than drift way off that topic, I've started a new thread here. Most of this is already up here on TBN somewhere. I'd love to hear from others what they've done to their...
  23. John_Mc

    Snow plow size and chain all 4 wheels on a TC33D?

    I have a 2001 TC33D that is mostly used for small scale forestry/logging work. In the winter, it often does snow removal work. I used the loader and box blade for years (our driveway which we share with a neighbor and short section of road which the town does not maintain totals a little over...
  24. John_Mc

    Heat Treating Steel

    In the Harbor Freight Tools That Don't Suck Thread, member 3Ts responded to a basic description by member 5030 of the heat treatment necessary to harden steel. He requested more information on heat treating. I spent most of my working life working for a company that buys steel rod, draws it to...
  25. John_Mc

    Receiver hitch sticking

    Anyone have any good magic tricks for fixing a sticky 2" receiver hitch? When I put an insert in the receiver, it slides almost all the way in, then sticks. I can just see the edges of the insert's hole starting to appear when I look through the pin hole receiver. I've scraped, spayed with...
  26. John_Mc

    Seat Repair/Replace options

    The seat on my 2001 NH TC33D has a couple of big tears that have opened up (6" long x 1/2"-3/4" wide). Is there an easy & durable way to repair this, or should I be looking at replacing the seat? If a replacement is in order, can someone recommend a good one that fits well (and still allows the...
  27. John_Mc

    Good deal on large capacity Milwaukee M18 Cordless tool batteries

    For anyone using the Milwaukee M18 system of cordless tools, Home Depot has a sale going on. You can get a M18 12 AH battery, an M18 6 AH battery and one of their rapid chargers for $249. Both batteries are the newer, high-output style, so tools which can take advantage of it can draw power at a...
  28. John_Mc

    Ironton 220# 240# hoist info?

    A little off the topic of tractors, but I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with: I recently purchased a second-hand, but unused Ironton 100VAC electric hoist: Ironton Double Line Electric Hoist 220-lb. Single Line/440-lb. Double Line Lift Capacity Northern Tools Item #48304 The...
  29. John_Mc

    Thread locker on fuel tank?

    Does anyone know if Loctite Blue 242 thread locker is OK to use on fuel systems? I'm replacing the fuel shut off on my generator. It screws into the bottom of the tank. I used to have some thread sealing tape that was approved for fuel system use, but can't find it. I'm hoping the Loctite stuff...
  30. John_Mc

    Install brake controller on my NH TC33D ?

    I'm going to be installing a trailer brake controller on my TC33D tractor to run the electric brakes on my Metavic M95 log forwarding trailer and on my dump trailer. The tractor is set up for working in the woods, and I do have hills and paces where traction is not the greatest. The trailer...
  31. John_Mc

    Tag a user?

    Is there a way to tag a user in a post, so they get an alert that they have been mentioned?
  32. John_Mc

    Remote control electrical outlet recommendation?

    For the past few years, I've been using a "dongle" that I plug into an outlet in my garage and is controlled by a remote control (similar to a garage door opener remote). In the winter, the preheater for my tractor gets plugged into it, so I can start it preheating without going out to the...
  33. John_Mc

    Hud-son sale on Uniforest Logging Winches

    I just got an email informing me that Hud-son is has marked down Uniforest Logging Winches substantially. Savings range from around $900 on their smaller winches to $2000 on their largest. (I have no connection to Hud-son, other than the fact that I bought Uniforest 35E winch from them years ago...
  34. John_Mc

    64" snowblower on a NC TC33D

    I own a NH TC33D (33HP, 27 HP at PTO, HST, filled rear tires, OFA Eko studded chains on the rear). I've been debating buying a snowblower for years, but have not been able to justify the cost. A friend is selling his Provnost Puma (rear mount) at a price that is just too good to pass up. The...
  35. John_Mc

    Winch and Battery on antique ATV/UTV

    I have old Coot ATV/UTV. That I would like to install a winch on. I've got a 2" receiver on the back, so will probably make up something to have a 2" receiver on the front as well to have the ability to swap it back and forth. I'm wondering about the battery: The Coot is powered by a 16HP...
  36. John_Mc

    DuoGrip vs diamond pattern chains

    I just ordered a set of studded Duo-Grip chains for my rear tires (15-19.5 R4 style) over the holidays. I had been using studded 4-link ladder style for the past 10+ years, and wanted to upgrade to something with better lateral traction in the woods. The Duo-Grip chains certainly do have better...
  37. John_Mc

    Street Elbow ok in Hydraulic application?

    I recently had a log grapple added to my FEL. This required plumbing a hydraulic line from one of my rear remotes to operate the grapple. I asked of they could put some kind of elbow on the quick disconnect from the new hydraulic lines, so they would stick out too far to the rear (I was...
  38. John_Mc

    2001 TC33D battery corrosion: known issue?

    I'm having trouble with severe battery terminal corrosion on my 2001 NH TC 33D as described in the Best Tractor Battery / charging system issues? in the Parts/Repairs subforum. It has corroded away the lug on my positive battery cable twice (maybe 3 times, I can't remember). Is this a known...
  39. John_Mc

    Best Tractor Battery / charging system issues ?

    I've had a problem with my NH TC33D tractor almost since the day I bought it (it's a 2001, if I recall correctly). The battery terminals - mainly the positive one - corrode up constantly. I've tried all sorts of sprays, treated felt washers, greases, etc. nothing seems to make much difference. I...
  40. John_Mc

    Used Mahindra 3510 w/ 3 pt backhoe ?

    A user on another forum is considering purchasing a used 2007 Mahindra 3510 with 700 hours, along with its 3 pt backhoe. What should he be looking at to assure that the 3 pt backhoe has not damaged the tractor? I know Mahindra warranty does not cover damage from use of a 3 pt backhoe. Warranty...
  41. John_Mc

    Larger tires on Craftsman GT5000

    I just bought a 5 year old Craftsman garden tractor, a GT5000 (25 HP Kohler motor). The tires are significantly smaller on it than on my old Craftsman tractor. I'd like to bump up the tire size a bit to get more ground clearance. What is on there now is 23 x 10.5-12 tires on the rear, and 16 x...
  42. John_Mc

    Ground Pressure / Compaction

    A friend and were discussion soil compaction during small-scale logging operations -- using a compact tractor, vs using a mini tracked skidder. The two were approximately the same weight. Obviously, the skidder exerts less PSI on the ground than the CUT, due to the skidder's hugely greater...
  43. John_Mc

    Brush Hog Gearbox

    Does anyone know if Brush hog gear boxes are a 1:1 reduction, or is there some speed reduction there as well? I'm looking for a cheap way to turn the PTO output 90 degrees, and hopefully slow it down at the same time. An old gearbox from a brush mower gets me the turn, but probably not the...
  44. John_Mc

    Time to Brushhog a meadow

    Does anyone have any "real-world" times to brushhog a meadow? I've been asked to help a neighbor with a wildlife habitat practice where he needs to brushhog a meadow once every 2 years. We've already cleared the random rocks, logs, etc. which would be a hazard to mowing. The area is still fairly...
  45. John_Mc

    Fransgard V-4000 winch on TC 33D?

    I have the opportunity to get a used Fransgard V-4000 logging winch (8800# pull) for a decent price. Is this too much winch for a NH TC 33D? I won't be using it to make a living, just some light logging in my own woods and for my neighbors. John Mc
  46. John_Mc

    Mix oils in Kohler engine

    I've got a Kohler 22 HP engine in my Craftsman Garden Tractor. After changing the oil, I always have an odd 1/2 or 2/3 quart left over. I'd like to use these up, but half of what I have is 5W-30 and the other half is 10W-30. Are there any problems with mixing these? When mixed, do the properties...
  47. John_Mc

    Electric Logsplitter?

    OK, mabe this isn't really an attatchment, since I'm looking for a stand-alone unit, but... I'm looking for an electric logsplitter. I live not far from the Country Home Products plant in Vermont, so have seen plenty of the DR electric splitters. I need something a bit more heavy duty. I had...
  48. John_Mc

    Woods XT 160 brush mower

    Anyone know anything about the Woods XT160 brush mower? How does this compare to the Woods BB60? I can't find anything about the XT 160 on Woods' website. I own a BB60, and have a friend who's in the market for a brush mower. He was quoted a price of $850 for an XT160 (don't know if this had a...
  49. John_Mc

    Poison Sumac on my Chainsaw

    OK, I'm finally recovering from the poison sumac on my hands (took about a 6 weeks) from clearing some trees and brush to make room for the finish grade around a new pond. That will teach me not to wear gloves. Now that I can bear the thought of picking up some tools again, I'm wondering what is...
  50. John_Mc

    Electric Log Splitters?

    Has anyone here used one of the electric log splitters? I specifically interested in the Omega Splitters . They advertise here on TBN. I'm looking for something a little heavier-duty than the DR Splitter. I do have access to my neighbor's 3PH splitter (homebrew from an old bulldozer hydraulic...