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  1. WesKootenay

    Question on BCS 2 wheel tractor cost

    Yes. It gently 'stirs' the soil at a shallow depth, unlike a tiller that brings the weed seeds to the surface. We are trying 'no till' farming using heavy compost mulch to control weeds, but you still have to loosen the soil for planting of course. If you haven't been there already, lots of...
  2. WesKootenay

    Question on BCS 2 wheel tractor cost

    Good plan. We have had our 732 for about 10 years, the same model our co-op rents out - bullet proof. Bought that model as it was the suggested minimum to run a rotary plow. Also, we rarely use the tiller, the Rinaldi power harrow works a lot better for weed control.
  3. WesKootenay

    Question on BCS 2 wheel tractor cost

    Hi! Bit late to the party. Looking at the used equipment at Earth Tools, KY, I'd say that 716 price is high. There is a very nice 725 with a new Honda engine and 20" tiller for $1350 obo - of course it is in Utah :)
  4. WesKootenay

    Need buying advice on an old BCS 745 ...

    Welcome! We have a 732 with 26" implements - BCS tiller and Berta flail mower. I rent a 30" Rinaldi power harrow and rotary plow as needed from our local Farm Co-op. You should have no problem running any of these attachments. Cheers!
  5. WesKootenay

    Freeing up BCS 605 steering column

    I don't see any seals or plastic parts in that area so it should be OK. I'm surprised there don't seem to be any grease points?
  6. WesKootenay

    Freeing up BCS 605 steering column

    Not familiar with this model but, looking at a parts blowup, I'm guessing the 'steering column coupling #65' has seized in the housing?
  7. WesKootenay

    Which cable part number is the proper replacement for my worn BCS tractor / tiller control cable?

    Just saw this, thanks! I now have spare cables for our 732. I also have rolls of cable and ends, so this will help.
  8. WesKootenay

    Newbie: Never Cultivated Densely Packed Up To 3 Inches Topsoil

    We have a BCS 732 tractor that I use with a rotary plow to break up new ground. It does a great job because it ejects rocks and chops small roots as it plows. Also, great for building raised beds for garlic, potatoes, etc, that need good drainage. We have a local Farmers Co-op that rents out BCS...
  9. WesKootenay

    What is this thing on my chipper? (newbie BCS owner)

    I believe it is for use with a quick hitch. Check out this video (fast forward to 6:03)
  10. WesKootenay

    BCS 732 clutch repair

    A BIG shoutout to Earth Tools in Kentucky. I was flail mowing when I encountered some hidden, 50 year old, fencing wire - that stuff doesn't give!. Managed to clear the mower but discovered I had no clutch. Got the machine back to my workshop and pulled the clutch (hoping it was just stuck) it...
  11. WesKootenay

    Considering new BCS

    The 739 appears to be similar to our 732 with the addition of an extra gear and 'power safe' clutch. Ours came with a rototiller and plow about 7 years ago, we have added a Berta flail mower and a trailer hitch. We were going to buy a rotary plow but our local farm co-op has a rental unit...
  12. WesKootenay

    1815 rear tire chains

    Got a foot of the white stuff two nights ago, forcing me to install the new rear chains. Looked pretty simple but I soon realized that I didn't have a clue so off to YouTube for help. I wasn't sure what to do with the rings and D-shackles - I think this is correct? Anyway, they are installed...
  13. WesKootenay

    T1460 engine oil leak

    Anybody familiar with this Kawasaki 12.5HP FC401V engine? Noticed a slight drip while doing a belt change. The leak isn't easy to find as I haven't power washed it yet. The exploded parts diagram on-line doesn't show a gasket between the crankcase 'halves'. May have to wait until Fall, then...
  14. WesKootenay

    Inner tube woes

    So, the new tubes showed up from an on-line motorcycle supply place - apparently this size is very common for European scooters like Vespa, Lambretta etc., around $13 CAD. This is one of my original tubes, always slightly over-inflated but still ready to rip off. And this is the new tube...
  15. WesKootenay

    Inner tube woes

    Got an unexpected flat tire yesterday. The valve had ripped right off the tube, apparently this is a common problem since BCS switched to tires and tubes made in China. My problem is finding a 4.00/4.50-10 tube with an offset valve stem (right now I'm using a 4.00-8 wheelbarrow tube :)), anybody...
  16. WesKootenay

    How your Mahindra earns it's keep?

    Only owned my 1815 for a couple of months. I know it's only 18 HP, but it's my first 'real' tractor with a FEL so I plan to use it for turning compost, grading our gravel drive, skidding dead-fall out of our forest, towing my DR chipper around, maintaining our deer fence, snow removal and just...
  17. WesKootenay

    Spring Pictures

    Exactly southern neighbor! That could be our place, snowing hard as I type this. EDIT: I know this thread is for happy Spring pics, but it may be time to put the chains back on??
  18. WesKootenay

    Spring Pictures

    Getting there! :) Stay safe.
  19. WesKootenay

    Spring Pictures

    It will be a while yet. Warming with rain in the forecast. Staying home, following tractor forums :thumbsup:
  20. WesKootenay

    Battery size for 853/948

    BCS service bulletin shows Interstate battery #s. Hope that helps?
  21. WesKootenay

    Chains Wheel spacers?

    Glad you brought this up, I hadn't thought to check clearance before ordering rear chains :rolleyes: My 1815 doesn't appear to have this problem, lots of room front of tire to frame and about 1 1/4" rear of tire to 3-point turnbuckle. I have ordered these ATV chains ATV Twist Link Tire...
  22. WesKootenay

    1815 rear tire chains

    My 'new to me' tractor came with V-bar chains on the front tires, I would like to find some for the rears. The tires are Industrial 27x12.5-15. I have looked all over the 'net but can't figure out what size I need. :confused: Got really lost on so I e-mailed them for help, the...
  23. WesKootenay

    2008 1518 - first 'real' tractor

    New to this Mahindra forum. Spent a lot of time in the 2-wheeler area. My first tractor with a FEL and 3-point hitch - I'm pumped! The guy I bought it from is a maintenance fanatic, I like that. Edit: Can't change the title, should be 2008 1815.
  24. WesKootenay

    Help removing the clutch on Bcs 720.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with this. Probably too late now but, did you try a hand held impact driver, like this: Mine has got me out of a lot of trouble. Hope things work out.
  25. WesKootenay

    BCS blues

    I feel your pain! My parts arrived yesterday in a BIG box - I never think of EarthTools as a 'big box store' :laughing: I bought a new PTO shaft and seal just in case, didn't need them but I may one day. Took a while to clean things up so the lever was free to turn. Coated everything with...
  26. WesKootenay

    BCS blues

    Well, I tried! The shaft almost came out, then I decided to give it a little help by twisting it - just a bit - SNAP! New parts ordered today. I never know what day it is but, to those of you not retired, have a great weekend. :drink:
  27. WesKootenay

    BCS blues

    The saga continues. Two 1/8" pin punches and raised blood pressure later, the pin is out!! However, the rotating shaft doesn't :mad: I'm listening to the forum's advise, so it's heat, spray, tighten the puller, heat, spray, tighten the puller - etc. I did try pounding on the bottom of the shaft...
  28. WesKootenay

    BCS blues

    Setting up my new 26" Berta flail mower today. As I don't have any other front mount implements, I have been bitten by the PTO rod rotation problem - it is seized solid! Found the BCS service bulletin 2-24 that shows how to repair it. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you what size punch you need...
  29. WesKootenay

    Utility Trailer Question

    This is my 'economy' setup. Hope this helps you? Have a great Spring.
  30. WesKootenay

    Pasquali XB40 (CBS 740) Photos

    Congratulations Tandem. Looks like a nice setup. We just bought a 26" Berta flail mower, haven't had a chance to use it yet. I don't think you can engage the Power Safe clutch while not in use? This only applies to the cone clutch like on our 732. I found out the hard way!!