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    Freezer alarms that are good?

    Anybody have a freezer alarm that they can actually recommend. I have one on the upstairs freezer but the alarm on it is useless. We just lost the freezer in the basement so I want an alarm that is loud enough to hear and or wifi. Everything on Amazon ~$30 I really don't trust but I can't...
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    Hsv6 3rd function divert valve review

    Here's my review of the $120 3rd function divert valve. Being that it's the only thing remotely reasonable in price, the next valve up is at least $400. There's 2 different valves that you need to figure out which one you want when ordering. 1 has -10 orb the other has British pipe. Read the...
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    Backhoe compactor stanley hs6000

    I got a plate compactor that came with the machine when I bought it. It's just sitting around and I don't have any idea what I would use it for. Anybody have intresting uses for one to justify keeping it. Garage addition is already built and driveway to long to use it on that