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  1. sengli

    Non warranty Parts

    I accidentally broke the lens on one of the lights. I ordered a clearance light from my local RK store 8 months ago. Still waiting, no call back or any communication from them at all. I had called and inquired several times over the last few months, as to where that part was. Pretty...
  2. sengli

    Bring on the snow

    Well I have been using the rear blade to push snow in the years past. Got this snow push last year, and I cant believe I didnt have one of these before. This unit works so much easier than the blade. I have a gravel driveway and this surprisingly doesnt bother the gravel very much at all when...
  3. sengli

    Glow plugs?

    I have had my RK55 for about a year now. It is stored in a building when not in use, so it doesnt just set outside. Anyway, even when its been cold out, dont know that I have ever seen any idiot lights or anything showing me that the glow plugs are in use. SOB tractor, the key would click to...
  4. sengli

    Trans-Hydraulic fluid

    So gathering fluids and filters for my maybe, not so soon 50 hour service. The traveler trans fluid they used to recommend in the service manual at RK, has now been discontinued? So this is what they are telling me is the replacement. I cant find any API info on this stuff, which makes me...
  5. sengli

    RK74 are being dis-continued

    Looking at their RK tractor site today. On the face book portion thread. The RK74 is only available to the end of this year.
  6. sengli

    My first leak at 21hrs

    Well my RK55 only has 21hrs on it. Used it quite a bit this winter to push snow. Everything worked great, now I have a hydraulic leak. Looks like it leaking between the tranny , and the mid transmission case? Guess we shall see where this goes from here. Contacted my local store where I...
  7. sengli

    Dealer Where did you buy that thing?

    Well my local mahindra dealer calls me from time to time. I was in to his dealership last spring looking at tractors. He didnt have anything in the size I was looking for, so I moved on. Ended up buying the RK55. So he calls the other day to see if I had ever bought anything. So I told him...
  8. sengli

    Rear three point settles

    So on my last tractor the rear three point would just stay where I left it, no matter how long it sat. My new 55RK, the rear three point , after a day or so settles hydraulically and is all the way down no matter if the implement is on or not? Should I be concerned seeing its only three...
  9. sengli

    Remove the loader

    On my new RK55, there wasnt any OJT offered when I picked up the tractor. I had a bobcat tractor before, and used to pop off the loader a lot, for mowing. I did get the loader off the RK55 today for the first time, but it was a lot harder to accomplish. The large pins wouldnt easily come out...
  10. sengli

    Shakes like crazy

    So first time running with my brand new RK55HSC. I have like 6 acres to mow. The three point lever, and the rear aux controls are shaking so badly due to the rough ride of the tractor they are rattling? The lever actually moved lowering the mower deck, on its own because of the vibration...
  11. sengli

    DPF problems?

    So I have a 2010 CT335, super low hours runs great. Looking at a CT5550 with a cab to replace it. All these new tractors have DPF filters in the exhaust. So like on my diesel pickup, it must have to regen every so often. Those things get smoking hot doing so. Any feed back from anyone with...
  12. sengli

    Tractor Newbie

    Just moved out to the country and got 12 acres. Going to do some snow plowing, mowing and drive way maintenace. Am looking at the bobcat CT335 HST. Really don't know anything about tractors. Seems like descent unit from what I have read and the local dealer is pricing them right $16K new...