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    John Deere 1050 loaders: why does a 75 have more lift than an 80?

    We've got a 1985 John Deere 850 with a 75 loader, but my dad's "Holy Grail" tractor is a 1050. We found a 1985 JD 1050 for sale with an 80 loader and not only does it look more rugged and stout than the 75, the spec sheet also shows this, too. Except for one important category: lift capacity...
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    Looking for fender decals/stickers for 1985 JD 850

    The left fender of my dad's 850 was bent all out of shape when he bought the tractor almost two years ago. We took it off this week and stomped, hammered, and pressed it back into shape and it actually looks pretty good now. After sanding and painting, it almost passes for new. What we need now...
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    Anybody ever see a 3pt attachment that did the following....

    A. had both gooseneck and regular Reese hitch capability B. Could mount skid steer fork tines when needed After researching, I have not found anything like it and may have to start with the backing structure of pallet forks (not the fork tines themselves) and modify it to add the gooseneck and...
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    Thinking about a 100% custom trailer idea for my construction company

    I do concrete foundations and everything I use to do them (footing planks and wall panels) is towed to jobsites on trailers behind my F-350 and Dodge 3500 dually. Some trailers are traditional bumper pull and some are gooseneck. My 8' tall panels are towed on a gooseneck 12,000lb GVW tandem...
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    Made lifting boom(s) for skid steer and tractor

    For years, we've been using a home made hook that slid over a set of forks to load and unload cages of panels for doing concrete foundations. The heaviest cages weigh one ton. It worked well enough, but it was heavy, the hook was low, forcing us to raise the loader as high as possible to carry...
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    New welding table I made

    Our family farm and my concrete business generate a somewhat regular need for welding stuff, so after years of welding on makeshift tables made out of sawhorses and plywood, my dad and I finally made a dedicated welding table. You can see on the front corner where there is no wood under the...
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    We have a 9N, 8N, Jubilee, and NAA. Are interested in a Workmaster and what came after a Workmaster

    We're not sure of the year of the 9N and we think the 8N is a '46. Of course the Jubilee is a '53 and the NAA is a '54. The two older tractors aren't used, but are inside a barn under cover. The Jubilee has a loader and backhoe and is used about once every week or two. The NAA is used every...
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    What options are there for installing a cab on an open station 1643?

    I have a potential buyer for my 1643 Hydro, but they're wondering if it's possible to retrofit some sort of cab or wind/snow barrier to it. Anyone ever heard of something like that?
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    2013 Massey Ferguson 1643 Hydro GONE

    Better than excellent condition. It's almost "like new," as much as a piece of equipment can be with 520 hours on it. Always garaged and well maintained. Cosmetically 99% (very minor paint wear and scratches). Has DL120 loader, rear work lights and loaded tires (non-corrosive). No DPF, no...
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    Is there a place here to list a tractor (my Massey) for sale?

    I am planning on buying a new 4707 and decided to sell my 2013 1643 Hydro. Not sure if it's against the rules to list things for sale here, so I won't do that. However, here are some pics of my Massey. It's in better than excellent condition, always garaged and taken care of. Except for a few...
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    Made a new attachment for my Massey so it could lift cages of concrete forms

    We've used our 2001 CAT 262 skid steer to lift and load/unload cages of concrete forms for years now. Wanting to ease up on the hours on that machine, my dad and I made an attachment to use the MF 1643 to load and unload our lighter cages that hold 4' panels. These particular cages weigh about...
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    What's the difference between the 1700M and 1700 Premium?

    After going to Massey's website, I still can't figure out what differentiates them. Can someone kindly fill me in?
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    1643 gelled up....

    Just before the really cold temps hit us a couple weeks ago, I fueled up (from cans that have been sitting for a few weeks under cover) and added Power Service white bottle to the tank. I put in slightly more than the bottle recommended. About a week ago, my dad was using the tractor in 5...
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    Opinions on the L5460?

    I've been looking at adding a tractor to the farm. We've got an '88 70hp Belarus/loader that's under the weather right now with a head gasket leak, an '80 John Deere 850 2wd (no loader), and a '13 Massey Ferguson Hydro 1643 with loader. Specifically, I'm interested in a tractor around the...
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    Price check on a new 4608

    Dealer quoted me $40,275 for a new 4608 cab with loader, 3rd function kit for loader, and loaded rears AFTER the Equine Savings Program. "Sticker" price was right around $52,000 for the same tractor with the same upgrades. Does this sound kosher?
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    For kicks and giggles, I looked at a few new Masseys today (4608 & 1758)

    I thought I might be able to get into another tractor through the Equine Savings Program for less than I'm paying now. No dice. However, while I was at the dealership, I looked at a new 4608 with a cab and 250 loader and a 1758 cab (no loader). A few observations: The 4608 was a really nice...
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    New 1643 on the farm. Couple questions/observations

    First off, this is the second Massey I've owned. The first was an '07 1540 Powershuttle. Loved that tractor. Had to sell it when the economy crapped the bed. A few weeks ago, I purchased a new 1643 Hydro and have 11 hours on it so far, mostly loader work. While I'm a "gear" guy and miss the...
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    Dealer I saw a 1540 at the dealer with the new style loader

    Interesting how MF is shipping 1540s with the new loader instead of the 1525 now. The new style loader is good looking and completely different than the 1525 it replaces, but strangely the specs are the same. I'm left wondering what the whole point is if it doesn't offer any improvement in...
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    Tried out a 4320 this weekend...are these loud tractors?

    Or is it just me? We've got all sorts of equipment here on the farm and I don't think anything we have is as loud as that 4320. Anyone care to chime in?
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    Help a brother out: Is e-Hydro safe for haying operations?

    I've heard rumors here and there that hydro transmissions aren't very good for haying, as the constant "same speed" towing for hours can hurt the hydro transmission. Is this true...or is the JD e-Hydro developed enough (and stout enough) to handle haying for hours? I have a twinkle in my eye...
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    First time haying with new 1540

    Everybody loved it. Smooth as silk, quiet, good gear selection (PowerShuttle), comfortable. All we need now is the canopy to keep the sun off us. Didn't do so good on the bale count, though.
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    My local dealer confirmed MF has twin-pedal Hydro

    Yep. Heard it here a week or two ago and I asked my dealer about it. He confirmed that all new Hydro Masseys are being shipped with twin pedal hydro, not the rocker pedal setup. Very good news. Twin pedal is much better.
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    Massey 1500 Series...what's next?

    I really like my 1540. After looking at a friend's 1440, I realize just how much thought went into the 1500 series. It's a much better tractor than the 1400s. Makes me wonder...what will the next series be like? Will Massey call it the 1600 series? What improvements will be implemented? When...
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    What's the general consensus here about the 4000 Twenty Series?

    I've done some research on them, but haven't bumped into anyone who actually has real-world experience with them. What do you guys think of them? What's good? What's bad? On paper they certainly look impressive.
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    New member here, owner of 233, quite the little machine

    Very pleased with the tractor itself. Great visibility using the loader, digs like a raped ape (ok, so the bucket is small), and the twin-touch HST pedals are fast, fast, fast. My only two complaints are 1) The dealer blows: Not long after buying the tractor, they dropped the TYM line and they...