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    World Ag Expo aka: Tulare Farm Show February 14-16

    West coast ag expo next week:
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    Clevis or hammerstrap for drawbar on M7040

    I just bought an M7040 and wanted to add the clevis strap to the drawbar to pull my disc with a single tongue drawbar, but Kubota doesn't show one for the M7040. Does anyone know if the M7030 drawbar has the same hole spacing to bolt the one for that tractor onto the M7040?
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    Try this again

    I am reintroducing myself because I apparently was "advertising" on the first intro., oh well. Anyway, I have 35 years experience in Ag, Industrial and Consumer tractors, mostly with Ford, New Holland and a little with John Deere. I work on tractors on the side when I am not selling ON Target...