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  1. Texasmark

    Round Bale Weights?

    That event, especially in the spring trying to get Rye grass baled, drove me to depend on a tedder. Money well spent but still a tricky operation. I can't imagine what a farmer goes through in Northern States in an attempt to accomplish the above.
  2. Texasmark

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Those work too to clean plowed grass and such out of a freshly plowed field.....sometimes fingers and spikes do too good of a job doing the above.
  3. Texasmark


    Well I can do that too but cracking the gate lets too much out. I have adjustable flow valves on my MOCO to compensate for different loads on the pair of springs. I am amazed at hot little hyd pressure/flow it takes to move the carriage from limit to limit. There is always the disc flow...
  4. Texasmark

    Diesel oil or not.

    Numerous sources mention that initial startup, oil starvation is the most destructive time of engine operation. Low W ratings are your friend! I am a holdover heavy oil preferrer guy. Used to be I ran15W-40 in my 5 liter '88 Ford P/U. If the truck sat for awhile, upon start up, I'd hear...
  5. Texasmark

    Will narrower tires than stock flatten out?

    I like/run some Kendas. With 6 plies you will probably have good flat contact.....control your air pressure....pump up to max rated and then bleed off while watching the outer tips of the tread on a flat surface (concrete). When the outer edge of the lug just touches the ground, stop bleeding.
  6. Texasmark

    Round Bale Weights?

    All other things being equal I agree....butttttt being equal is the problem in my opinion. Course this past year, with the long drought we had, getting any hay was the task, regardless of the size/price.
  7. Texasmark

    branson 3510H Cummins or kukje crank

    I have a Cummins licensed engine in my 6530. Its made by Komatsu in Japan. Other Cummins licensed engines are made by Kukje in S. Korea. Only differences in Cummins built and licensed engines would be the place of manufacture I would guess if model numbers are the same.
  8. Texasmark

    Brake Rod Seal on Ford 3910, Gear Oil

    3910s have wet brakes which is one of the requirements for Premium Trans-Hydraulic-Differential fluid. J-20C spec in the specs called out on the rear of the container is what I look for.
  9. Texasmark

    Buying parts off ebay

    Usually you get the shipping charges when you go to the order compilation site. If freight isn't posted as free you input your Zip. for the site to compile your shipping charges. I would expect that if you show a Canadian Zip and the seller is in the US the computer will add any import duties...
  10. Texasmark

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    I use the teeth pointing forward to drag material to the disposition site. I drag numerous loads to the site. Then I turn the blade around so that I can push the material backwards into a pile.....piece of cake. Then torch the pile and be done with it.
  11. Texasmark

    By-Passing Seat Safety Switch On MT342

    Some designers fix their seat switches so that you can't easily disconnect them. Having had that experience, when I disconnected mine, I removed the switch from the seat and taped a coin over the button. The original tape type didn't last so I upgraded the tape and haven't had any problems since.
  12. Texasmark

    LS MT225 weird motor problem

    I have a 225s and don't have that problem. Had it for a couple of years now, <than 300 hrs. Only problems I had was a left rear light assy where some LEDs were acting replaced, and I modified the seat, removing the seat switch so that I could get off and on without the thing...
  13. Texasmark

    To top/clip or not?

    My experience just happened a few days ago. I have Tall Fescue coming up as it is basically Spring here. I have one spot that I can't bale so I decided to mow it for a couple of reasons. Clipping it returned it to the growth mode and its almost as tall as it was a few days ago prior to...
  14. Texasmark

    Round Bale Weights?

    On bale weight, I have a JD 375. 5' long x 4' diameter bale maker. I was making sloppy bales and thanks to a comment by Tx, Jim, I installed a pressure gauge monitoring my bale forming cylinder and it was only registering around 1000#. I replaced the pressure regulator valve which forced the...
  15. Texasmark

    Round Bale Weights?

    I had a similar problem with Yesterday's Tractors. Did contact a rep. and they combined my old posts and new posts with the same log-in ID. Really appreciated that. Didn't have to start over after a couple of years of activity.
  16. Texasmark

    Hydraulic oil

    On the subject, I find PS fluid interesting for example. Depending on the machine and mfgr., it varies from actual PS fluid to Ford tranny fluid, to XW-30 motor oil and who knows what else. My take is that lubricants are basically lubricants of different base stocks. Additives however are...
  17. Texasmark

    Diesel oil or not.

    Mobil 1 markets 0w-XX synthetic oil. What that means is that it stays fluid at any temp down to some level. The XX is for the high temp operation which is important to the engine design which, depending on things like manufacturing tolerances to use the thinner (more efficient) oils, so today...
  18. Texasmark

    Diesel oil or not.

    Diesel engines ignite by "compression". They require the additives in "C" rated oils, not "S" only which is for "spark" ignited systems. Diesels run higher compressions and have higher wear potentials and need the extra additives. Usually C rated oils are also rated for S service but not...
  19. Texasmark

    octane and 2-strokes

    Well I was fed the burn faster theory on lower octane when I was growing up. Now that I qualify as an 81 year old senior citizen, I find that my 2 stroke 115 Hp outboard and my little 2 stroke farm implements and my 4 stroke machines run better and start faster and easier on the higher octanes...
  20. Texasmark

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    Find a local GASOLINE dealer and fill up with their premium 91 octane. Your little darlings will love you for it....and add your additives if you like. I like 91 as my equipment starts easier and runs better regardless of all the data out there identifying the differences in regular and...
  21. Texasmark

    How do I remove rimguard beet juice?

    I had the local tire shop do my tires when buying new on one of my tractors. Here in N. Tx., he put in 6 gallons of AF to 50 gallons of water in each 13.6x28. Never had a problem. Besides, slush doesn't pose a problem. Freezing solid does!
  22. Texasmark

    spacer Question

    I took an 8" diameter piece of pipe and 1/4" flat plate steel and made my 4" spacers for my 24 hp tractor. I had a machine shop do the plate cut outs and drill the 8 bolt pattern holes to match the pattern in the wheel. I used through bolts matching the diameter of the original bolts to attach...
  23. Texasmark


    Problem with a drum mower is that in the mow position and elevated (off the ground) the left front wheel is usually too light to keep it on the ground. I would suggest front weights in addition to any tire changes you are contemplating.
  24. Texasmark

    New tires, change size???

    R1s are narrower and have softer sidewalls, better ride for a given pressure and for a given ply rating, and as a result tear up turf more. R1s are made for plowing primarily and suffer more tread wear on hard surfaces....roads. R4s with a 4wd machine seem to do pretty well in general purpose...
  25. Texasmark

    Will narrower tires than stock flatten out?

    "I doubt if you will notice any 'real world' difference." Well sir, for a guy that runs 5 PSIG in his ATV 2 ply tires to get a soft ride, stiff sidewalls makes for a rough ride....there IS a difference! In answering the question, 2 ply bias bulge at the top and flatten on the bottom even at 5...
  26. Texasmark

    Curious about using hydraulic oil other than Kubota brand

    Read the label on the container. Most premium oils have the applications on the back of the container and specify JD J20C (my watch for) or Kubota UTD fluid. Tractor mfgrs. aren't in the oil business....they are in the specification for their equipment business.
  27. Texasmark

    hose size and type

    Replace with the existing diameters. You don't want a lot of flow in the FEL ckt as it can make it hard to be spot on in your controlling the position/tilt at PTO RPMs.
  28. Texasmark

    Pallet forks

    I bought the QD 48" 4000# and use them on my 25 and 65 HP tractors. Bought the longer ones for more surface contact on wide items. Very handy when you need such an implement.
  29. Texasmark

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Over some 40+ years of attempting to learn how to farm, I scoffed at 6', 3 pt mounted rakes that can be multi positioned and 360 degree rotated to pull or push debris, as I felt they were essentially useless (dumbass thought). This neighbor that cleaned up his Locust trees had tree parts...
  30. Texasmark

    Best way to clear unwanted trees from pasture

    I just helped a neighbor clear out some Locust trees and stumps but they were not as dense as you suggest. The solution was to cut the stumps at ground level, haul off the brush and apply Glyphosate (stump killer...paint on with a brush) to the stump. Let it sit till the stump rots.....less...
  31. Texasmark

    Best way to clear unwanted trees from pasture

    A competent dozer operator with a D9 can work wonders on land clearing and for nominal by the hour pricing..... your best value....BTDT On the holes roots might leave, have him smooth it out, or you come back with tractors and implements and condition the soil (which you will be doing anyway)...
  32. Texasmark

    Buying Kioti CX2510 or LS MT225s

    I started looking at 25 HP Bransons in 2021 and had some trades. As a result of wanting to trade, I wound up with an LS dealer who took trades. I wanted old school technology but the owner of the business said that I would be happier with the MT2-25s model which is hydro and full of whistles...
  33. Texasmark


    High GPM on the loader isn't necessarily a good thing. My 2009 Branson 6530 is relatively slow on the lift, even at PTO RPMs. That's not desired some times but the flip side is that there is precise positioning and control. My 2021 LS MT 225s has a high rate hyd pump and the FEL moves way too...
  34. Texasmark

    Comparison Kubota L6060 Air Ride Seat

    I bought a different brand tractor and thought the ARS was a great idea so that was included in the purchase. Over the years I found that it wasn't all that great of an idea for several reasons. Today my choice is (and that tractor is equipped with) a mechanically adjustable seat with about 4"...
  35. Texasmark

    Would this be worth buying? Need a 4wd mower and sofar it's far cheaper than buying a new lawnmower

    I personally shy away from MMMs because they are in the way when you are doing normal tractor chores and to clean out the deck during the wet grass season is a king sized PIA. I buy tractors to do tractor jobs and mowers to do mower jobs.....FYI, I use one of my tractors to lift the front ends...
  36. Texasmark

    Moving and need to buy a new TLB next year.

    Neighbor has a 474 with cab and FEL, no BH. Likes it fine. However for what you are proposing, you need to get up in the heavier machine with more HP. 60 HP range would be a better investment over the long haul for you.......if you disagree and stay with the lower HP model, trading in on a...
  37. Texasmark

    MT2 ESC Resume Switch

    Curious as to what does it do and what kind of problem it could cuse if inop. Thanks, Mark
  38. Texasmark

    2016 JD 4052 Emission Problem

    Found the JD online parts site and found the PB for the tractor. I had all the parts (filter elements in the canister in the exhaust line containing the exhaust filtration) ID'd and was going to call JD this AM to check on price and availability. Got an email from neighbor and he said that he...
  39. Texasmark

    2016 JD 4052 Emission Problem

    Helping a neighbor. Stop light on the dash came on indicating that the exhaust was sooted up and the operator initiated cleaning process (found in the owner's manual) was unable to effect the repair. As defined in the manual apparently the soot is of sufficient volume to cause the engine...
  40. Texasmark

    R4 Tire Pressure

    For a softer ride I adjust tire pressure to the point where the tires bulge slightly with the maximum load they encounter. R4s have a stiff sidewall (mine do) and have rated pressures 3-4x the total weight of the machine. One of my pet peeves with tractor designers.
  41. Texasmark

    Stop light

    No sir. I'm out and have customers that will be in need before their winter pasture gets established. Everything is dried up around here...even Johnson Grass is struggling. I have cracks in my Houston Black Clay that you can get your foot hung up. Last year I went searching and found some...
  42. Texasmark

    Stop light

    Neighbor has a very low hour, used for moving hay and mowing, 2016 JD 4052 and the "STOP" light came on. Got out the manual and it said the exhaust needed cleaning. Recommendation was to send the tractor to the dealer for repair. Decided to get out the manual and do it themselves. The self...
  43. Texasmark

    Kubota L3430 want to trade R1’s for turfs or R4’s

    If I didn't add this earlier, prepare for a stiff ride with your proposed changes and don't think turfs are comfie......quite the contrary. I bought a set of 12x16.5 4 ply turfs from Carlisle and they would hold the rear of my M2 25s rear without any my dismay I expected turfs to...
  44. Texasmark

    Identify Hydraulic Fitting Type

    McMaster Carr is a good place to search. They have a tutorial that goes with the different connectors.
  45. Texasmark

    Has anyone built a hydraulic chainsaw?

    I have a Limbsaw brand I think boom mounted chain saw that is hydraulically driven. Its on the end of a 20' give or take boom that you attach to the bucket on your tractors FEL giving you roughly 30' of height for trimming trees. The mechanism is very small considering the cutting ability and...
  46. Texasmark

    Tar River Manufacturing

    I have 2 of their implements: A 185 6' double drum mower and double basket Tedder. Both bought new, used enough to comment on quality and functionality and are excellent products. Actually I like their Drum Mower over the other popular brand. I think they are Italian imports but not...
  47. Texasmark

    Rotary Cutter Overrunning Clutch

    Last time I checked, an overrun clutch made for an early Ferguson 3 pt equipped tractor did not have an over torque capability...meaning that if you put too much HP to it or it hit something, it wouldn't disengage in the drive direction. I don't understand your comments about "First I prefer...
  48. Texasmark

    ford 3000 3 point hydraulics not working

    As I recall the flow valve all the way in is the closed position. I have a 3000 and have mine cracked about 1/4-1/2 turn for the drop speed I like. I don't recall if on that tractor both up and down are controlled by that valve.....with the way Ford plumbed it I think it does affect both and...
  49. Texasmark

    Cab tractor for around the home?

    I have numerous tractors, one of which has a cab and it is used to do the big work and work required in hot, dusty, conditions, with long seat time periods. It is not a hop on hop off machine in what it is intended to do. My best companion is an LS M2 25s which is a 25 hp stout diesel made by...
  50. Texasmark

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Why worry about service capabilities if you are assuming for warranty repairs. Forget that. Excellent machine in design and construction. Mine is a year and a half old now.